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Welcome to the deluxe trading experience, crafted just for you.
I'm looking for offers on these unusuals!

Overpay in unusuals!

Please DO NOT add me

Offer here!
spycicle - 6.5 keys
pomson - 5 keys
black box - 18 keys
Need to finish your Fabricators? Come to my Reinforced Robot Part Shop

Have plenty of ALL THREE: Humor Pump, Emotion Detector, Bomb Stabilizer

1 Scrap or .11 Each - Deals on orders over 5

Trade offer me http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=23826254&token=YomQ7R7_
Selling some special items in my backpack, they are fittingly painted with Halloween spells by myself.

Killer Exclusive - Spectral Spectrum
Graybanns - Spectral Spectrum
Teufort Tooth Kicker - Sinister Staining
Filamental - Die Job
Weight Room Warmer - Craft #62
Chronomancer - Signed by it's creator
2 buds pure/unusual all class hats
3 buds for non all class hats
Massive overpay in hats that are duped, gifted, and have 3rd gen effects
Some hats that im looking for:
fancy fedora: purple confetti and stormy storm
Charmer's Chapeau: purple confetti
L'homme Burglerre: cloud 9
Glasgow Great Helm: stormy storm
Bonk Boy: blizzardy storm, stormy storm, and orbiting fire
El Jefe: purple confetti
company man:stormy storm and blizzardy storm
Dont add me
Rocket Jump Like a BOSS.

Collector's Gardener's start at $12 on the Market

Completed Kits start at $20

Interested in Australiums, Primary weapon Fabricators, Keys

Offer accordingly. Listed on Market
billy - 15 keys NO LESS if in items overpay (:
harmburg - 3.5 buds NO LESS if in items overpay(:
ks strange rocket launcher with dominations and soldiers killed- 1 key
strange liberty launcher with scouts killed- 4 ref
strange black box with buildings destroyed, gib kills, and posthumous kills- 1 key
spec ks strange loose cannon with exorcism spell- 3 keys 6 ref (sold)
Use the trade offer button only
high end backpack.tf price
+50% paint price
dont add me
Hello~ Today I'm selling a nice hat :)

Purple Energy Honcho's Headgear
-1st gen effect.
-High Tier Soldier hat.

Will 1:1 with a GE Honcho's or downgrade to a GE AA if you add a bud.
These will take priority over everything else.

I am NOT interested in 3rd gen effects AT ALL. These include (Miami Nights, Dead Presidents, Aces High, Kill-A-Watt, Terror-Watt) although Halloween effects are OK.
This hat is clean, and I'm fine with just keeping, and I'm not letting it go cheap.

B/O is 7 buds

Post below, and please don't add me unless you're paying the B/O or offering the priority hats above
Buying Robot Parts in these quantities only.

50 Parts for 1 Key = .15 ref per part @ 7.44 - Battleworn

90 Parts for 1 key = .082 ref per part @ 7.44 - Reinforced


Parts bought at this price: 690

Trade offer me http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=23826254&token=YomQ7R7_
As per above :)) uncraftables are ayt with me. as long as it's all class

Add me or send a trade offer

If the trade has been bumped 30 minutes ago or less i guarantee a fast trade
buying essential accesories for the following prices and no more (:

unpainted - 2 keys
bad paint - 2 keys 1 ref
normal paint - 2 keys 2 ref
good paint - 2 keys 4 ref

B.M.O.C (Renamed) = 13 keys
Bill's (White) = 6 keys + 6 ref

Lucky #42 = 1 bud + 15 keys ----or---- 34 keys
Voodoo Juju (Uncraftable, Orange) = 7 keys

Essential Accessories (Black) = 3 keys + 5 ref
Essential Accessories (Cream Spirit) = 3 keys + 2 ref

Keys valued at 7 ref each.

Prices are firm. Pure only.

I highly prefer trade offers, but you can add me if I'm online. Of course if I'm offline, send me a trade offer.
on back pack price
item deal just 1.5~2 x over pay
Backpack.tf + 1/2 value S. Parts
If theres a price range on Backpack.tf, higher price goes
PLEASE calculate total before adding!

You can add me :)
Selling the stuff above for bp prices
Black Exothermal
Back paint
State your price in the comments I will add you!
Selling Weapons

All For 0.11!

Trade Me!
Level 100 Lollichop & Level 69 Beggar's Bazooka for offers
Genuine Specialized Killstreak Machina = 2 Keys or overpay by 3 Keys
Low-craft Bolshevik Biker = 3 Refined/offers