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Frickin' Sweet Ninja Hood [5.0]
Festive Huntsman [7.33]
S Festive Sapper [1 key 5 ref]
Skullcracker [5.33]
Flippin' Awesome [6.33]
Buy a Life [3.66]
Vintage Hotrod [9.66]
Antarctic Parka [10.33]

Accepting item overpay, depending if I fancy it (no paint, ks, parts, etc).
2keys+3ref for unpainted
2keys+4ref for any painted
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The Flamboyant Flamenco [4.66]
The Blizzard Breather [3.66]
Sub Zero Suit [15.66]
G. Dread Hiding Hood [7.33]
Merc's Muffler [5.33]
The Teufort Tooth Kicker [2.33]
G. Shred Aler [2 keys]
G. Tartan Shade [6.33]

Accepting item overpay of a few ref (no crates, kill streak or painted items, etc)
but doesn't mean that I'll always accept item overpay
Quickselling this RL-Kit for 33 keys

Please don't add me
Selling this items in a fair prices, please pay attention to the strange parts on those weapon and I will count 50%Bp price of the strange parts.

I can accept Australium weapon overpay or item need a huge overpay(dont accept unusual)

Black Box= 25keys

Beggar's Bazooka= 2keys+10ref

Stickybomb(2+7.33)= 9.33ref

medic gun= 3.88ref

Minigun(4.22+4.44+5.55)= 14.33ref

Spy cicle(10.66+5+1.77)= 17.33ref

Flame Thrower(3.11+2)= 5.11ref

Scatter gun(7.55+4+2.11)= 13.66ref

Just add me if you want to trade or discuss with me, I will accept you very soon. :)
Has green fire spell, selling for a key.

Send a trade offer.

0.22ref each , but sniper 0.33ref

Add me if you want to trade with me or you want to discuss with me, I will accept you very soon.
Anger 5 ref

Trade offer is faster http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=10157759&token=GTHgnQIR

or add if you have to.


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Here is a link to my other trades http://www.tf2outpost.com/user/748185
Selling this god-tier all class with a solid effect.

Looking for 51 keys/57 1st gen or 2nd gen/65 others.

I love the energy effects! Barely any overpay will be needed if your hat is a energy hat!

I am not very interested in duped/gifted items, 30% discount on duped, 50% discount on gifted.

Offer below, I won't bite.
Buying ticket = 6.88ref

Seling ticket = 7.55ref

Add me if you want to trade , I will accept you very soon.
Buying 3Reinforced= 0.11ref/1weapon
selling 1Reinforced= 0.11ref

Buying Battle-worn= 0.22ref/2weapons
Selling Battle-worn= 0.44ref

Buying Pristine= 0.33ref/3weapons
Selling Pristine= 0.66ref

Add me if you want to trade with me , I will accept you very soon. :3
Buying item:

War on Smissmas Battle Hood= 3.55ref
Festive Backburner= 0.33ref
Purity Fist= 1.44ref
Brainiac Hairpiece= 1.44ref
Weather Master= 1.22ref
Spent well= 0.77ref
I see you= 1.22ref
Buy a life= 2.11ref

add me if you want to trade , I will accept you very soon.
Comes with 3 parts

1 key or item overpay
Add me/ Comment here as the item is currently listed on the steam community market
Backpack.tf Price (Pure Only Or 4 Ref Overpay in items)
Looking for offers on this clean dead pres conquistador
buy out in pure would be 14 keys and around 23 in unusual/items
Leave offers here as the item is listed on the steam community market so not visable in my backpack If you want to see the item to prove it's clean, just let me know and I'll take it off the market :)
Looking for discounted ALL-CLASS MISC with decent effects
Stock: 190 Keys Pure
Backpack.tf Price (Overpay 4 ref in items)

Selling uncraftable weps for 0.11 Each
Stormy 13th Hour Sultan's Ceremonial

B/O:75 Keys, but feel free to offer anything.

C/O: {None Currently}

Accepting Unusual offers, And Australium offers, but don't waste my time on Killstreaks.

Themed? I guess it kinda looks like A Gypsy Fortune Teller, It's up to you. xD



✔️Nice looking effect
✔️Demo hat

Not in a rush to sell, I love this damn thing 💕