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Selling Zephenia's Greed for 1.88 refined. Add for fast trade. :)
Hello everyone.
I am selling this clean, second generation high tier medic unusual for 2 buds pure, or 2.8 in unusual overpay. More in unusuals that are robo-hats or have 3rd generation effects.
Proof that this hat is clean: http://backpack.tf/item/1341057337
This hat is one of two on the market, and a very popular medic hat.
All offers are welcome, but pure offers must be above 25 keys and any kind of item offer must be over 2.3 buds for me to consider.
Have a good day, and happy trading.
Looking for quicksells for the following items. If you dont know what a quicksale is, move on; dont shitpost. Or add me to sulk.

(Apparently the number of people who dont have common sense is too damn high because i've received a shitton of adds from people looking to buy items. This is a quickbuy trade. That means I'M the one looking to BUY with pure. YOU want to SELL. Not the other way round)

Prices as follows:

1. Flare gun - 1.88 ref
preferred parts - snipers killed, burning enemy kills, scouts killed
2. Powerjack - 1.33 ref
preferred parts - none
3. Spy-cicle - 1.66 ref
preferred parts - pyros killed, medics killed, heavies killed
4. Eyelander- 1 ref
preferred parts - taunt kills
5. Ubersaw - 3 ref
preferred parts - spies killed, low health kills, taunt kills
6. Minigun - 5 ref
preferred parts - kills while ubered, dominations, damage dealt, crit kills
7. Sniper Rifle - 1.88 ref
preferred parts - headshot kills, snipers killed

I WILL add for the strange counters that you may have on your weapons. . This will depend on how suitable the part is, and how much i like it. Usually the parts add 50% value; this being a quickbuy trade, 33% seems reasonable. I've mentioned some parts for the weapons that i personally prefer, which is by no means the end-all.


Send me a trade offer if you find the prices agreeable. If you have multiple items and want to be paid in keys, i can do that, provided you supply change if any. Key's valued at their current backpack prices.

Have a good one.

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Buying robot parts for:
Not buying reinforced ATM
1 scrap per battle-worn
.44 per pristine
My prices are firm, add me or send a trade offer.
Haunted Ghos

Unusual Vintage Tyrolean http://prn...4r1bqp
crystal clear
6 buds pure more in unusual only 1st gen offers
Unusual Heavy Duty Raghttp://prn...3l6nct
1 of 1 on outpost
35 key pure more in unusual only 1st gen offers

do not add me if I do not agree with your offer
Thank you.

private offer http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=94497794&token=ZH38pXqF
Looking for offers on these limited items.
Past offers on strange bear: 1 key.
Unique unshaved Bear, after eight pickelhaube, grey gold digger, marshalls chops.
Selling the following Team Shine Kits for a key each. All match the weapons' team colours and look great. Please pay in pure unless big overpay. Add me for fast trade.

*Add me or better, send me a trade offer if you can*
Selling and buying some stuff. Please read the notes before doing anything.

1. TF Logo Buckaroo's - Looking for Offers, probably at 18
1 of 3, second owner.
Previous offers : 16 keys (didn't work out)
15 keys, twice (declined both)

Very interested in : Aussie sticky, Aussie knife, Aussie wrench

2. Blizzardy Storm Brim full of bullets - 2 buds pure, 2.5 in first gen unusuals, 3 in second gen, 3.5 in third gens
1 of 1 in the world.

Very interested in : SF Medi gun, S kritzkrieg, SF scattergun. Aussie scatter

3. Earbud - 16 keys 3 ref
I'm also open to item payment for the bud, but with reasonable overpay. I probably would 1:1 with one of the australium weapons shown to the right.

4. Rest of the stuff - backpack prices

Have a good one

1. When i say offers, it means i'm either looking for backpack prices or more in pure, not less
2. If you're offering items, please don't be that cunt who tries to match the normal price in items instead of pure. Item overpay is expected; if it's the items i've mentioned above, 1:1 will be enough. If not, please pay more.
3. I would rather you comment below or send me a trade offer. Especially prefer the trade offer method - keeps everything simple.
4. I don't mind you adding me to offer, but don't do it to waste our times

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Hello everyone. I am selling robot parts for 1 scrap per reinforced, 2 scrap per battle-worn, and 2 reclaimed per pristine.
My part stock is currently:
16x Humor Suppresion Pumps
13x Robot Emotion Detectors
14x Bomb Stabilizers
0x Taunt Processors
0x KB-12's
0x Money Furnaces
0x Brain Bulbs
2x Currency Digesters
Item overpay by .66 refined is accepted.
Prices are firm, add me or send a trade offer.

Unusual Mining Light http://prn...4r8qpy

slot misc engi
crystal clear
1 of 1 on outpost
1 of 5 in TF once and forever

I accept only pure offers Unusual offerings only 1st gen offers and with a very large overpayment
C/O you may see the current offers below
B/O ~

rejected trade offers http://prn...4n4ncv 4 buds pure : http://prn...3qshtj Darkblaze Powdered Practitioner : http://prn...4n4mvo Misty Skull Tavish DeGroot Experience backpack.tf: 4.5–6 buds : http://prn...4n4paj Flaming Lantern Large Luchadore backpack.tf: 6–6.5 buds : http://prn...4q2ukl Unusual Taunt: The Schadenfreude Skill Gotten Gains: http://prn...4rcif5 Galvanized Gibus with Electrostatic.

do not add me if I do not agree with your offer
Thank you.

private offer http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=94497794&token=ZH38pXqF
Hello. Selling my Tyrant's Sexy.
Clean. http://backpack.tf/item/1341147412

B/O-13 buds pure. 15 buds in 1 generation. 16+ in 2 generation.
Past offers:


Good luck.
your quicksale unusual Scout 1st gen my 2 buds pure

do not add me if I do not agree with your offer
Thank you.
Backwards Ballcap for 6.55

Pampered Pyro for 1.55

Remember to smelt your metal if you have to! :D

*Add me or better, send me a trade offer if you can*
Dread Hiding Hood for 3.66

Respectless Rubber Glove 1.33

HazMat Headcase for 1.66

Ground Control for 3.00

Remember to smelt your metal if you have to! :D

*Add me or better, send me a trade offer if you can*
item overpay or pure
add me or trade offers
Im looking for offers for nice #53 Gaelic Golf Bag
B/O-5 keys
Hide=No thanx
Have a nice day
starting offers no lower than 1.8 buds for this fine ass painted hat, looks kinda insane in game.
Selling a Professional Phlogistinator Kit.

Sheen: Deadly Daffodil

Killstreaker: Singularity

Effect looks like sunrays coming from the eyes, very neat to see and goes well with any shiny unusual effects.

Selling for 7 keys. Pure is strongly preferred unless you have an amazing item offer I couldn't refuse. Add me for fast trade or offer below.