Hey there!
Welcome to the deluxe trading experience, crafted just for you.
Hello welcome to my level 100 shop! Selling these items for 2-4 TIMES of bp.tf prices! Accepting Item Offers with HUGE OVERPAY

Take Care and have a great week ahead :)

Freaking Sweet Ninja Hood sold for 9 Refined
Snow Scoper sold for 1 key
Bushi-Dou sold for 1 key 2 refined
Hey man!

I am selling all my ref for USD. I accept $0.15 in smaller trades.

$0.14 in bulktrade. I accept PAYPAL money. I have never been reported. Add me plz
Hello m8!

Unusual Bombing Run - 20 Keys or 30 Keys In Items
Professional Killstreak Festive Scattergun - 10 Keys or 15 Keys In Items

Feel Free To Add Me or Send a Trade Offer!
Please leave a comment before adding

Have a Nice Day/Night!

If you dont see it in my backpack so is it probably on the community market, but I can take it back anytime
I don't accept people with private profile!
looking to swap this #96 for other low crafts, preferably items of the scout class. looking for pure offers too
20 buds pure

offer overpay

prefer 1st gen
not robo, please
HELLO, I'm here to buy all dem thirst bloods, prices are below. They can be subjected to change at anytime. I am open to FAIR negotiations


Stormy storm: 13 keys
Disco Beat Down: 15 keys
Cloud 9 (The main effect i'm looking for) : 18 keys
Kill and Terror watt : 16 Keys
Blizzardy storm: 15 keys
Other effects: (You make the offer)

Buying all trading cards for 1.5 scrap each!

Add me or send a trade offer --> https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=206931483&token=-fbJLY25
Add me for a fast trade
selling these unusuals
if not paying in pure overpay in unusuals

searing plasma jumper's cap: 1.8 buds

aces high galvanized gibus: 5 buds

aces high tavish's crown: 1 buds

Disco beat down samur- eye: 4.7 buds

Miami nights data mining light: 1.5 buds

storming storm your worst nightmare: 2 buds

smoking thirst blood: 1.4 buds

smoking killers exclusive: 4 buds

DO NOT ADD ME thanks :D
hide offer = sorry no thank you
Key Bank

Not selling keys for metal. Not accepting any item worth less than a key.
Stock: 28
Read this before you add me. Thanks.

Need keys?

I'll buy all your hats, weapons, quality items, promo items, unusuals and other tf2 related at max. 70% of market value (backpack.tf)
I'll also pay for your steam Games, or swap them with games i have in stock.

Feel free to add me to discuss.
Feel free to send me a trade offer.

I don't value paint, level numbers or craft numbers.
Not selling keys for just metal.
My bubbling TC + 5 keys for a clean max head , add me ONLY if you have it and want to trade
5 buds :>
thanks c:
Sell Duck Journal for 7.33 ref! Please send me offline trade!
Sell gifts

The Binding of Isaac Collection1 key
Grand Theft Auto Complete Pack6 key

Only keys! Please send me offline offers!
1 Refined metal each

Add me on Steam to trade or send me a Trade offer
Hey guys! Im going to start key banking! PLEASE READ!

Buying keys at 13.66 ref

Selling keys at 14 ref

Key stock: 1

Ref stock: 24

Add me!
5 ref each! Send me offline offers!