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Selling this slick soldier unusual!

High tier hat
Mid-tier effect
Very few on the market

Looking for offers around ~3 buds
Also i'm mostly looking for SOLDIER unusual offers, but feel free to offer anything
Please offer below, add me / trade offer if you think you've got a good offer
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Black Knight's Bascinet - 1.44 ref [2 IN STOCK]
Strange Festive Bonesaw - 6 ref
Festive Bonk - 0.55 ref (1.66 rec)
Uncraftable Pyro's Beanie 0.66 ref (2rec) sold
Storm Stompers - 1.33 ref
Snow Stompers - 1.33 ref
Strange North Polar Fleece - 1 key sold
Insulated Inventor - 2.66 ref

+++ also selling +++
Courtier's Collar - 4.66 ref
Old Man Frost - 1.33 ref
Bomber's Bucket Hat - 1.22 ref
Festive Chargin Targe - 0.77 ref (2.33 rec)

Pure or item overpay (1 ref for overpay, unless the item is below 1 ref, in that case 1 rec is enough.)
I'm willing to forgive 1 ref-ish from the price unless it's <=3 ref.
Trade link: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=157374109&token=G_J-w_Zg
This is a Level 100 Boxcar Bomber.
I have no idea how much Level 100's can go for, but I'm not willing to chance it for anything less than a key.
Throw your offers/advice and I'll give them some consideration.
Hey guys,
Selling this rad pyro unusual!

Clean, pretty short history
Great effect
Decent hat

Keep offers around 3 please
Add me if you wish
Bp.tf prices

Add me / Trade offer

Got a great scout unusual for sale
High tier effect
Mid-high tier hat

Keep offers at or above 8

Scout unusuals preferred
Halloween effects preferred, feel free to offer anything though
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Please send a trade offer
Send a trade offer

Buying: 16.44 Refined (Metal Stock: 60+)
Selling: 16.66 Refined (Key Stock: 30)

Note: These probably aren't up to date. Check my backpack for realtime updates.

Trade offer: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=94365137&token=KsU1oAyK
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Hey there! I'm the pain train collector!

NEWS: If anyone could get me any Pain Trains signed by famous/important people (I'm too shy to do it myself), i'll pay top dollar for them!
Leave your price below!
Pain Trains in my collection: 1,270!

Special/Rare Pain Trains in my collection:
Level 7 Pain Train (ONLY 2 EXIST!)
2 level 2 Pain Trains (10 exist)
3 level 1 Pain Trains (48 Exist)
Pain Train crafted by the creator (Only one that i know to exist)
"The Community Train"- A Pain Train 'signed' by tons of people from the community (I tried to make it the longest history Pain Train ever)

! If you use this trade to make profit off of me i will block you !

Buy prices:
UNIQUE- 1 weapon/ 0.05, can discuss more for bulk deals (One trade per person, per month)
UNCRAFT- 2 rec/ 0.66
VINTAGE- 2 scrap/ 0.22
STRANGE- 1 scrap/ 0.11
COLLECTOR'S- NOT BUYING, sorry but i get an add a day for these
KILLSTREAKS- Depends on the sheen, don't buy many of these

Check my backpack for my current collection status!
Add me / Trade offer
Ex-Pain Train Collector RuoS has donated 400 Pain Trains of different qualities. I cannot thank you enough, seriously. Holy cow.
Oh my god, someone else did the same thing, PokeyTheCactus is quitting TF2 and gave me his collection of 120 pain trains! Thank you so much Pokey, wow.
Thanks to "gubulls" for his donation!
Thanks to "{fgt} Sam I am" for his donation as well! Go check out his Killstreak kit trade!
Slowbro_51 tried to donate, i gave him a hat
Slowbro_51 donated a second time! What a swell guy
relavi | 欲 Dezidonated!
Jesus Riding a Raptor donated! Thanks!
[◊KPS◊] Kingpikmin6799™✿ crafted one just for me! Real swell :)
pepermuntbal4 donated! Wished me luck too, thanks!
Dr4cki donated a vintage! Thanks!
ThatPotatoNinja donated! Legit!
› Bobcabun donated!
UngratefuL ♫ donated a Pro killstreak!!! Ungrateful THE KING and I LOVE HIM AND I WISH HE WILL BE MY KING (Literally copy & pasted what he wanted me to say)
FriendlyMilkman donated a vintage! Awesome :)
Caliscrizle donated!
GeT_MoLeSteD donated!!
Pepermuntbal4 donated! Thanks!
Big Fat Penguin donated a strange!!
☁TTT☁ Nyivi gave me one for free! Wow!
Holy crap Dragonwiz [TFTRG] donated 4!
My good friend jam-o'-lantern donated 4!!! And that SFM!
Dragonwiz [TFTRG] donated another strange! Thanks dude!
quickselling somehow found out my old "community pain train" experiment and wanted to sign it. He then donated a pain train and a rec! Thanks so much dude!
[WD] The Moderino donated an uncraft Coffin Kit, not a pain train but wow thanks!
El Shadoll Nephilim donated a TON, and is a super nice dude!
My good friend En1gma donated a strange!
CatchyUsername donated one! Thank you!
someone. donated!
HighwayStar donated a strange! Big ups, thanks!
Littlemidget donated a unique one, along with some kind words! Thank you!
Maybe donated a strange! Really nice guy, thanks!

bp.tf moderator A Cashew gave me an uncraft + 3 strange! Thanks a bunch!
My friend Armadillo has donated more than i can count, and a collector's! Thanks so much! D:
A great guy by the name of Gryffindor has donated lots to me, and a game! Can't thank you enough man!

I have NEVER and will NEVER ask for donations, these people are just very kind. Thanks, all of you!

Fan art! (Thank you so much for these, they mean a lot!)
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1 scrap or two craftable weapons each
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I am currently:
Buying keys for - (check price in name bot).

Check my BP - http://www.tf2outpost.com/backpack/378761
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My owner - http://www.tf2outpost.com/user/194896
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Selling For Metal On Backpack.tf prices

Reinforced Robot Humor Suppression Pump - 0.11ref
Reinforced Robot Emotion Detector - 0.11ref