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Aussie Rocket with quality strange parts!

64 keys!

No I don't want your unusual! Add me or use the trade offer ⇄ link!
taking offers on my scout set

not only interested in solly and demo unusuals

order of payment i prefer

unusuals > promos > australiums > strange festives > pure

yes, this is the correct order, pure last.
Lord Cockswain's Novelty Mutton Chops and Pipe 4.33

Gentleman's Gatsby 2.00

Das Gutenkutteharen 2.00

The Killer's Kit 4.33

Some extra stuff i have

offer here, add me, whatever works.
Mainly trying to sell as a set :D
Willing to keep, not looking to quick sell
1:1 outpost

Lowballs = block

Treasure Hat - 6 keys + 10 refs (wrapped)

Bounty Hat - 3 keys (wrapped)

Summer Hat - 6 keys

Send a trade offer here


I don't accept adds unless you can't send trade offer and you should type a comment so i can accept you !
1:1, it's as simple as that

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Selling the following items for the following prices

Profesional killstreak Vintage Lugermorth
Killstreaker: Tornado
Sheen: Team shine!
Killstreaks: Yes

Price: 10 Key's pure or 12 in items

I am online infrequently. Trade offers are better
Strange specialized killstreak rocket launcher (Manndarin)- 2 keys + 3 ref

Press for an automatic trade, trade auto accepts for amount listed in pure :]
Don't add me

I'm taking offers on these hats. The condor is currently 1 of 1 in the world with super short history, sold previously for scorching spook specs.
Tower is duped if that matters to you.

Pure/promo items HIGHLY preferred. Also taking PayPal offers if you've got the rep, otherwise you'll have to get keys.

Condor B/O: 400 keys
Tower B/O: 150 keys

Post your offers here or just send me a trade offer.
QUICKSELLS!!! All are the cheapest on the whole market!!!

1) go here https://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198177195049
2) start typing item name in the "search" field
3) get amazed by my low prices!

DON'T ADD ME! Even if you want to overpay with items send me an offer at the link below
NOTICE: Pure offers are accepted automatically even when I'm offline in steam!


Unusual offers: I expect at least 30-40% overpay depending of effect
Reservation: I can reserve the item for 2 ref per day OR if you pay 20% now.


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FULL OWNERNERSHIP DISCLOSURE PRINCIPLE: Owner's steamID64: 76561198067445373
PLEASE Do not add my main account. I will add no one. For all negotiations add bot's page
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Hello All

STOCK: Tons of refs

I'm buying some items today so you can get metal and keys fast!

I do buy Painted items but I normally never pay more than the price listed Below!

I update my prices daily! :D Prices updated 7/28/15

The Dark Age Defender - 4.11 ref

The Heavy Lifter - 5 ref

The Hornblower - 4.66 ref

Die Regime-Panzerung - 5 ref

Soldier's Stash - 4.88 ref

Blighted Beak - 4.44 ref

The Hero's Tail - 5.33 ref

Skullcap - 5.33 ref

Do Not Add me! Send a trade offer here

Have an amazing day! :D
Non-Craftable Gun Mettle Campaign Pass - 3 keys

Non-Craftable Flip-Flops - 3 keys + 4 ref ( team spirit painted ) SOLD
Buying Stranges for the Spy!!

Send me a trade offer!! https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=78831114&token=WjUM_A4O

S. Conniver's Kunai: 3.77 ref
S. Diamondback: 2.44 ref
S. Enforcer: .33 ref
S. Knife: 1.77 ref
S. L'Etranger: 2.44 ref
S. Revolver: .11
S. Spy-cicle: 3.77 ref
Buying Stranges for the Pyro!!

Send me a trade offer!! https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=78831114&token=WjUM_A4O

S. Axtinguisher: 1.33 ref
S. Back Burner: 2.11 ref
S. Flame Thrower: .44 ref
S. Lollichop: .33 ref
S. Rainblower: 2.33 ref
Taking offers on these nice medic unusuals signed by ArraySeven from Youtube!

GE Berliners Helm
-Nice 1st gen medic hat

Pro K.S. Australium Blutsauger
Effect: Singularity
Sheen: Meen Green
3 strange parts!
- SOLD for ~16 keys

I have no B/O for this set, so please leave your offers down below!
No set B/O for each. Just send a trade offer or put your offer in the comments.



If it's not in my inventory, I probably sold it.