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Selling key for offers
add me or send me trade offers!
Buying everything (taunts,stranges,hats,weps,miscs...)
Stocks: 29 ref
just send me trade offers or add me!
(I don't pay more for paints! maybe I can pay 1 ref more)
(I don't pay price or higher!)
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looking for sp ks festive knife. send offer or add me on steam
Buying craft hats for 1 REFINED!!

Will pay 9.55 Refined for 10 hats!
Trade Link:
Buying a clean, craftable Crone's Dome for 1.66 refs.

Do not add me, send me a trade offer! ---->
1.66 refined

Do not add me, send me a trade offer! ---->
10 ref. . add me or send offer
Buying a Vintage Killer's Kabuto for 1 key!

Send me a trade offer! ---->
Im looking for spy knife offers. Add me on steam or send offers. thanks
45 Keys Pure | 52 Keys overpay
Buying a Vintage Troublemaker's Tossle Cap for 1 key!

Send me a trade offer! ---->
I want offer for this key. (No low offers, fair price from the holy bibble)
If you wish buy the key for metal, add me. (No trade hold).
Some nicely leveled items:

Lvl 69s - 5 ref each
Lvl 99 - 2 ref
Stomper - 2 ref (Priced 1.77)
Level 100 Unusual Headless Horsemann's Headtaker

Got it for a pretty good deal, looking to see if its still worth as much as it used to be.
Not expecting much for it just looking for offers only atm.

Fun fact: These used to go for probably more than 10 keys years ago, along with lvl 31 and lvl 69.
Most have probably also died in collectors' backpacks.

B/o - 4 keys
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