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Leon the Professional
Power of LOVE.
Pretty referenced/themed hat here.

80 keys or Unusual OVERPAY

use Trade Offers.
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Took Me 254 Rainy Day Cosmetic Cases... Cloud 9 Archer's Sterling. Taking Offers!

Swapping Mann Co. Supply crate keys for other keys(except tough break keys and end of line keys) 1:1.

Prefer trade offers.
taking offers on painted cock
Selling for 15 keys and also taking unusual/mixed offers (Footprint Spell included). If you want to negotiate add me. I will accept ASAP.
Trade offer link:

Unusual Brotherhood of Arms - Something Burning This Way Comes
1 of 2
Retired Halloween effect

500 Keys
More in item offers (don't bother with BP price, it is FAR under-priced)

Notable Offers:
$900 | https://i.i...xs.png (Currently taking time to see if he can gather more cash for the trade)
Sunbeams Chill Chullo + 17.3 keys | https://img.../tRrk9
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Unusual Team Captain - Anti-Freeze
1 of 4 (2 with collectors)

Notable Offers:
(TC) Circle Heart Head Warmer + Green Energy Dead Cone | http://img.../3kFhm
(TC) Green Confetti Noh Mercy + Scorching Flames Charmer's Chapeau | http://img.../mqJDC
(TC) Scorching Flames Cotton Head | http://img.../zEnXp
(TC) Circle Heart Head Warmer + Haunted Ghosts Modest Pile of Hat | http://img.../b10zd
(TC) Burning Flames Tough Stuff Mufs | http://img.../E4Lvb
(TC) Haunted Ghosts Lightning Lid + Burning Flames Dr's Dapper Topper + Anti-Freeze Armored Authority | https://img.../A1tWm
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Sunbeams Noh Mercy
-1499 keys

Arcana Hustler's Hallmark
-139 keys

Burning Flames Nanobalaclava
-59 keys

It's a puzzle to me B'aaarrgh-n-Bicorne
-38 keys

Circling TF Logo Wraith Wrap
-34 keys

Showstopper Taunt: Disco Fever
-49 keys

Fountain of Delight Taunt: Results Are In
-39 keys

-Pure is preferred, overpay in mixed/unusual offers
-Max/Buds/Keys for upgrades
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Selling these items for pure/slight overpay in items:

Vintage Backburner: 0.88 ref
Vintage Homewrecker: 1 ref
Vintage Blutsauger: 0.88 ref
Festive Jag: 16 ref (Festivizer doesn't show up here)

Please send a trade offer @

Enjoyed the trade? Leave a +rep on my profile and/or heart on outpost. Do let me know and I'll do the same back.
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0.66 ref each or overpay in items
Selling these fabricators for pure/slight overpay in items:

Sandman: 7 ref
Holiday Punch: 4 ref
Shovel: 2.66 ref
Freedom Staff: 2 ref
Apoco Fists: 1.66 ref
Syringe Gun: 1.44 ref
Scottish Handshake: 0.44 ref

Please send a trade offer @

Enjoyed the trade? Leave a +rep on my profile and/or heart on outpost. Do let me know and I'll do the same back.
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1 scrap or 2 weapons each. Overpay in items.
1.33 ref each or overpay in items.
1.22 ref each or overpay in items.
Tesla Coil Towering Pillar of Hats
40 pure
50 in offers

Hey, I'm buying any quick sells with 16 keys pure and 110 ref send me an offer if you want to trade!