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5 keys

overpay in items!
Soda Popper for 6.33 ref.
Bushwacka sold for 3.77 ref.
Loch-n-Load for 2.66 ref.
Tomislav for 1 ref.
Gloves of Running Urgently for 1.55 ref.
Strange L'Etranger for 2.11 ref.
Spy-cicle sold for 3 ref.
Dead Ringer for (1 key + 1 ref / 8.66 ref).
This is a 1 of 1 G fetti Impaler

Really nice looking hat!

Looking for good offers, wouldn't mind keeping it

Absolutely no Bp.tf prices

Do not add me please

Previous offers :
Ghost Phantom
Ghost lid(Lowball)
Poisioned Shadows Stormin' Norman if I add 4 buds
Roboactive robo billy(Trade server)
Anti-Freeze Timeless Topper:

-Fairly Short history

-Awesome High Tier Effect

-1 of 2 in existence

-Halloween: Corpse Gray Footprints (spell only active during event)

Taking offers!

Absolutely no bp.tf prices

Rejected offers :
Expires 4/22/14
Chemistry Set for 4 Ref or other offers
7 Keys Each, Add me only if you agree.
I accept 8 DotA2 Keys as well for a copy.

For other offers please send me a trade offer instead, do NOT add me to offer.
Degreaser for (2 keys / 15 ref).
Flare Gun for 5.66 ref.
Powerjack sold for 2.44 ref.
Rainblower for 2 ref.
Lollichop for 1 ref.
Frontier Justice for 2 ref.
Jag for 3.33 ref.
Taking offers on this amazing LIMITED effect all-classes hat

No B/O set

1 on the market

100% Clean

Do not add me please

Absolutely no bp.tf prices

Thanks and have a wonderful day!

Previous offers :
Misty Skull Private eye or Moon Dapper + Smoking Chef hat(Trade offer, User banned [A magical Lobster])
Disco beat down tree(GRAM_GRAM)
Misty Skull AA(Ron Burgundy Private add)
Miami Nights Human Cannonball(xDerpedDirtx ⇋HG-S⇌)
Chiroptera venenata practitioner + DBD Katyusha + DBD Gurdian (sleep in feaces)
Vivid Buto + Heart Whoopee
Cloudy Moon Hound dog + sweets
Letz play starbound !!

Starbound = 4 Keys + 2 Ref.
Starbound 4 Pack = 14 Keys.

Cheapest Possible in TF2 Outpost, make the trade if you agree :)
I only accept those 4 kind of keys on the right, mixed or 4 of the same i don't care.

** You can UnPack a 4Pack and add the game to your library with ONLY 3 Keys !!

The unpacking steps are :

- You must not have the game in your game library.
- I trade you the 4-pack and you trade me 14 Keys as collateral for Starbound (If you don't have enough keys i could accept items/games worth that value). You do not have to provide collateral if you have very high rep.
- You unpack the 4-pack which adds 1 copy to your game library and gives you 3 copies to your inventory.
- You trade me the extra 3 copies back for your 11 Keys.


Please make sure your account is able to sell items to the Community Market in order for the extra copies to be tradable after you unpack. If the copies become untradable i am keeping your collateral.
Post an offer below.
Do not ADD ME, will be ignored due to phishers adding me everytime a bump happens
Hello, I am selling Lime and Pink paint for 7 Refined (0.33 off regular price!)

Lime : 1
Pink : 1

Don't add me, use the "Trade Offer" Button.

Accepting ONLY Keys.

Skyrim: Legendary Edition [ROW - WW] = 17 Keys

Price is firm, add me or send me a trade offer.
Welcome to my Assassino Collection :

Selling for keys and keys only !
I respect and accept offer, but please send them as trade offers, do NOT add me to offer.

Assassin's Creed = 2 Keys
Assassin's Creed: Revelations = 3 Keys
Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood = 3 Keys
Assassin's Creed 2: Deluxe Edition = 2 Keys + 3 Ref
Looking for offers, don't add me for an offer. I will ignore
Post offers below
2:1 add me or post here

offers are welcomed aswell.
Looking For Multiples of all of these in ANY CONDITION

Post here or Add me.
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We run ads to help cover the costs of running TF2 Outpost! Don't let us down!