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Hi guys im selling my STUFF PRICES below xD

Shotgun Skin 7.66 ref
S.Stickybomb launcher 1 ref
Rust Botkiller Minigun mk.| 4 ref if ur
interested JUST ADD ME FOR A QUICK AND FAST TRADE HELL YEAH and i have the mobile authenticator on

...Stupid EscroW !!!
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Like the look of this one.
Selling this Clean Cloudy Moon Defiant Spartan 1 of 1 on the market
I am selling it for a total of 108 keys pure.
Open to item offers, but of course, overpay is needed. Keep offers at 130keys+
Wouldn't mind trading for another soldier unusual. (If it's a solly unusual price is 118keys-ish.)
Effects I like = DBD, SF, Frostbite, GE, PE, Anti-Freeze, Spellbound, Darkblaze, C9, Searing Plasma, Time Warp, Green Black Hole and Phosphorus. (Basically if your effect is this it will have a higher chance of being accepted especially if its a decent soldier hat)
Clean : http://backpack.tf/item/1257466388 (Had 7 owners and one must have spammed SCM with it)
Send an offer, or add me if you have to.
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Selling this Team Shine Spec Ks kit for the Grenade Launcher.
And its for a total of 3 keys.
Overpay will be considered (must be over 1 key in overpay [4keys])
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Hats for sale! Hats for sale! (and bread)
Viking Bradier (painted Team Spirit) = 8 refined metal
Killstreak Bread Bite (lvl 69) = 6 refined metal
Crones Dome = 4.66 refined metal
Juggernaut Jacket = 3.22 refined metal
I do take in items, they just have to include overpay and not be a steaming pile of crap.
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Selling Taunts
Dun care if it isn't bp.tf price
Shred Alert = 1 key + 3 ref
Skullcracker = 5 ref
Pool Party = 3 keys + 5 ref
Kazotzy Kick = 2 keys + 2 ref
Fresh Brewed Victory = 5.22 ref
(LVL 100) Flippin' Awesome = 1 key
Killer Solo = 1 key + 4 ref
Square Dance = 6.33 ref
I generally accept pure, but I will consider items if the overpay is decent.
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2 keys 5 ref
17 keys or item overpay!
13 ref each! Trade offers are accepted instantly.
10 ref! Trade offers are accepted instantly.
7 ref! Trade offers are accepted instantly.
7 ref! Trade offers are accepted instantly.
30 keys or item overpay!
2 ref! Trade offers are accepted instantly.
1 key! Trade offers are accepted instantly.
2 keys! Trade offers are accepted instantly.
Selling all of this for 1 scrap EACH

Send me trade offers, I accept them automatically 24x7
Selling this for 7.22 refs

Send me trade offers, I accept them automatically 24x7
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If I am ONLINE you may add me
If I am OFFLINE you may send me a trade offer.

- Looking to BUY the following at a QUICKSELL price.

- 20 Keys - I pay 10 Keys

- 18 Keys - I pay 9 Keys

- 16 Keys - I pay 8 Keys

- 14 Keys - I pay 7 Keys

- 12 Keys - I pay 6 Keys

- 10 Keys - I pay 5 Keys

- 8 Keys - I pay 4 Keys

- 6 Keys - I pay 3 Keys

- 3 Keys - I pay 1.5 Keys


- I do not buy unpriced items.
- If you have a big package, I can pay through PayPal; with you going first.

- Stock: ~90 Keys

Hide = Not Interested.

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check for all the items i sell and at what prices, but feel free to offer