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Selling this nice Level 69 Pyro hat!

Offers are welcome.
Selling This Awesome Unusual


Stormy Storm Steel Shako
For 2 Buds (Keep Offers Above 1.5 Pls)

Pure > All Class Unusuals (Interested in Burning Tree/Or High Tier-ed Tree (Treated as Pure/Very little overpay if you offer them)) > Soldier Unusuals > Strange Festives/Australiums (No 2013) [Looking For a Aussy RL]> Others.
I Can Add Some Sweets If Needed :P - Have Around 2.2 Buds Pure Now (Offers With My Pure Must Include At least One of My Unusuals) (Clean Maxes Treated As 3.3 Buds)

Note: I Prefer 1st Gen and Maybe 2nd Gen Effects. Summer Effects Maybe With Quite Alot of Overpay!

Check Out My Other Trades (Willing to Do a 1:1, 2:1, 3:1 ... etc.)

Green Black Hole HWNN - http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/23022142
Phosphorous Swagman's Swatter - http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/23120122

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Trade Offer Link:
The Next Big Thing - 3k
Game of Thrones Bundle - 3k
Cities XL Platinum - 4k
Of Orcs And Men (RU) - 3k
Tomb Raider Collection (RU/CIS) - 4k
Tomb Raider GOTY Edition (RU/CIS) - 3k
Tomb Raider: Survival Edition (RU/CIS) - 2k
Left 4 Dead 2 - 3k
2 Keys

Strange part included: Critical Kills (2.45 Keys)

Botkiller Rocketlauncher: 5 ref

→You saved 1 Key!

Add me.
1 Scrap each.

Trade offers only
- Haunted One-Way Ticket for 3 ref
- Haunted Macabre Mask for 3 ref
- Haunted Accursed Apparition for 2 ref
- Haunted Ivan The Inedible for 3 ref
- Haunted Creature From The Heap for 0.66 ref
- Haunted Voodoo-Cursed Soldier Soul for 2 ref
- Haunted Voodoo-Cursed Engineer Soul for 1 ref
- Haunted Mann-Bird of Aberdeen for 1 key

50% OVERPAY IN ITEMS EX. 2.66 ref = 4 ref in items
1 KEY = 9 REF

Happy trading,
- Genuine Companion Cube Pin for 0.88 ref
- Genuine Ham Shank for 1 ref
- Genuine Pip-Boy for 2 ref
- Genuine That '70s Chapeau for 3.33 ref
- Genuine Awesomenauts Badge for 1.33 ref
- Hair of the Dog for 0.33 ref
- Hurt Locher for 2.33 ref
- Letch's LED for 1.66 ref

50% OVERPAY IN ITEMS EX. 2.66 ref = 4 ref in items
1 KEY = 9 REF

Happy trading,
All pro ks im looking for good offers in games or keys
1 Rec per 1 Conscientious Objector

Can give better price is when bought in bulk(10+)

This is a summer adventure item,the pack goes for 2 keys and im preety sure its the only one in the world,item offers are welcome
Buying almost everything item, at a QuickSell price!
Offer me

I will sell keys at 10 ref each

I will not pay extra for levels, ks or parts.
Offer me items, don't say "Look in my bp"
And please offer a base price or I'm going to offer low

Stock: 12 Keys (can get more keys if needed)

Happy trading,
Hey There Mate . Selling Desert Marauder Painted with Mann Co. Orange --->> 3 Ref or Item Overpay //// Tough Stuff Muffs Painted with Australium Gold --->> 2.66 Ref or Item Overpay //// Rail Spiker Painted with Mann Co. Orange --->> 3.66 Ref or Item Overpay //// Strange Unshaved Bear --->> 6.66 Ref or Item Overpay //// Leftover Trap Painted with Australium Gold --->> 3.33 Ref or Item Overpay //// Classified Coif --->> 4.33 Ref or Item Overpay //// Pocket Heavy --->> 1.33 Ref or Item Overpay //// Killstreak Frying Pan --->> 6 Ref or Item Overpay . Thanks for Reading . Take Care and Enjoy . Add Me for a Quick Trade or Send Trade Offer : http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=111635006&token=t73PkMDq
Don't add me please, iLevel 69 and Craft number 69, very rare occurance only happened once before this.

Post them offers here thanks
Looking for some offers on these hats, preferably brown bomber unusuals and tough stuff mitts unusuals or pure.

Offer here, don't add me thanks.
Feel free to add me if your offer is exceptional. I accept Paypal, Bitcoins, Square Cash and Amazon gift cards.

Secret Samureye C/O
Cloudy Moon Ballcap + Cloudy Moon Waxy
Sunbeams Cloud Crasher + Purple Energy Panama (or Peace Gilded Guard)
Cloud 9 Hong Kong Cone + Scorching Bat Charmers + Professional Australium Flamethrower (Cerebral Discharge /Team Shine)
Roboactive Muffs
KaW Viewfinder

Cloudy Moon AA C/O
Cloud 9 Kiss King
Spellbound lid + Stormy storm barnstormer + bmoc
Something Burning Cannonball
Harvest Juju
Memory Leak Crone
KaW Brother of Arms
Cauldron Modest

Cauldron Samureye C/O
Knifestorm Bicorne + Clean Black Juju
Vivid Cowl + 2 Earbuds
Power Surge Crown + Cauldron Bubbles Mullet

Flies Fedora C/O
smoking backbiters + orb fire ketche
Flies Attendant
Green Energy Ketche
Flies Noir + Festive set worth 13 keys

Flies Grimm Hatte C/O
Flies Steel Toe + Flies Frenchmans beret + Flies Ye Old Baker Boy
Roboactive Steel Shako
Burning Sack

Eerie Luchadore C/O
Arcana Fruit Shoot
Disco Spartan
Selling some mvm stuff! I might get new parts, fabricators as I play mvm! Look in my backpack

Fabricators 1 scrap each:
Hitman's Heatmaker -Agonizing Emerald
Direct Hit -Mean Green
Manmelter-Deadly Daffodil
Amputator-Deadly Daffodil
Big Earner Kit-Team Shine
Southern Hospitality-Deadly Daffodil
Pomson 6000 Kit Fabricator-Mean Green
Back Scatter-Team Shine

Professional Fabricators 2 ref each:
Pretty Boy's Pocket Pistol
Sheen: Team Shine
Effect: Fire Horns

Specialized Killstreak kits
Spy cicle-Mean Green
Manmelter-Team Shine

Flying Guillotine
Hitman's Heatmaker

Flare Gun
Scottish Resistance

Robotparts 1 scrap 1 wep each part: !Buy 5 get 1 free!
Humor Suppression Stock: 0
Bomb Stabilizer Stock: 0
Money Furnace Stock: 3
Emotion Detector Stock: 0
KB-808 Stock: 0
Taunt Processor Stock: 0

5 scrap each
Brainstorm Bulb Stock: 1
Currency Digester Stock: 0

Offer on the kits!
Add me or send trade offer! ^^
Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons - 2k
Painkiller Hell & Damnation - 2k
The Swapper - 2k
The Darkness II - 3k
Darksiders - 2k
Zombie Driver HD - 1k
Overlord Complete Pack - 3k
Colin McRae Rally - 2k
1.33 ref
Birdman: 3 Refined
Sub-Zero Suit: 1 key, 3 ref
Head Warmer: 3 Ref

Add or send offers!

Selling these items for keys or metal but also taking item offer overpay

warsworn helmet (black) 1 key
strange overdose: 0.66 ref
strange cleaner's carbine: 0.55 ref
hot dogger: 1.22 ref
vive la france: 2.33 ref
towering pillar of hats: 1.55 ref
unidentified following object: 1 key
strange loose cannone: 2 keys + 1 ref

add me or send a trade offer if interested!