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Hello I'm selling this clean Holy Grail High Five for 100 keys pure or 110+ in item overpay.

Add me, leave an offer here, or send a trade offer, thanks.
Super sweet taunts and best effects imo!
Showstopper Yeti Punch and Hellish Inferno Zoomin!
Add me or Steam offers
Some rare Unusuals with Spells!
Halloween or First Gens offers.
Prices negotiable.
Add me or Steam offer.
i am selling my key for Dead of night, Antarctic Parka, War Pig, The Danger and, Juggernaut Jacket (all item)
Send offer
and have fun with your key ;)
these hats for 1.33 ref each
send offer
and enjoy ur hat ;)
Conga s>24.66ref b>18.66ref
Deep Fried Desire s>7.33ref b>4.33ref
Oblooterated s>9ref b>6ref
Kazotsky Kick s>2key6ref b>1key27ref
Mannrobics s>1key10ref b>1key1ref
Pool Party s>3key15ref b>2key27ref
The Boston Breakdance s>26ref b>19ref
The Killer Solo s>1key1.66ref b>27.66ref
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Rock, Paper, Scissors s>20ref b>14.66ref
Skullcracker s>13.33ref b>8.33ref
Party Trick s>7.33ref b>4.33ref
Fresh Brewed Victory s>10.33ref b>7.33ref
Spent Well Spirits s>5.33ref b>2.33ref
Rancho Relaxo s>23ref b>18ref
I See You s>5.33ref b>2.33ref
Battin' a Thousand s>6.33ref b>3.33ref
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Most Wanted s>19ref b>14ref
The Box Trot s>33ref b>24.33ref
The Proletariat Posedown s>25.33ref b>18.33ref
Bucking Bronco s>1key3ref b>28ref
Burstchester s>3key15ref b>2key27ref
Bad Pipes s>32ref b>23.33ref
Zoomin' Broom s>2key b>1key21ref
Soldier's Requiem s>1key5ref b>1key
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Halloween Spell: Exorcism

Selling for 10 Ref

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Festive Killstreak Kritzkrieg

Selling for 1 Key

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Sell Paint
Team Spirit 1key
Operator's Overalls 20ref
Waterlogged Lab Coat 20ref
Balaclavas Are Forever 1key
An Air of Debonair 20ref
The Value of Teamwork 1key
Cream Spirit 20ref

Sell The Conscientious Objector 1.66ref

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Buy Paint
Indubitably Green 8ref
Zepheniah's Greed 3ref
Noble Hatter's Violet 4.66ref
Color No. 216-190-216 5.33ref
A Deep Commitment to Purple 9ref
Mann Co. Orange 6ref
Muskelmannbraun 1.66ref
Peculiarly Drab Tincture 2.66ref

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