Hey there!
Welcome to the deluxe trading experience, crafted just for you.
Looking for reasonable offers... Thanks!
Selling Camera Beard for 1.55 ref
Selling Aged Moustache Grey Delinquent's Down Vest for 5 ref
Selling Graybanns for 8.22 ref
Discounted Prices!
Pure only.
If interested add me! :)
Orbiting Fire Milkman 27 keys

Stormy Storm Defiant Spartan 27 keys

Blizzardy Storm Hound Dog 24 keys

Circling TF Logo Brain Bucket 1 buds

Orbiting Planets Helmet Without a Home 1 buds

Bubbling Bloke's Bucket Hat 14 keys

feel free to add me or leave offer below
Hi there!
I'm buying listed items for the following prices:

Ninja Cowl - 1.33
Razor Cut - 2.33
Sangu Sleeves - 1.33
Rogue's Robe - 3.66

Add me or send me a trade offer, if you agree with my prices. :)
Buying all of these for 1 ref each, price is flat.
If interested add me! :)
••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••SELLING STRANGE WEAPONS !••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
Send me a trade or add! → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → ⇪
Strange Market Gardener = 1.33
Strange Sydney Sleeper = 0.33
Strange Mildly Menacing Shorstop = 1.0
Strange Silver Botkiller Stickybomb Launcher Mk.II = 2.33
Selling for backpack.tf prices
note: I value painted items at the item price+half of the paint's value

Add me or send me a trade offer:http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=149582006&token=sP0uiB2v

If you add me make sure to comment on this post first, as a precaution for phishers
Selling Number Painted Troublemaker's Tossle Cap for 4 ref
Selling Sharp Dresser for 2.33 ref
Selling Brotherhood of Arms for 8.33 ref
Pure please
Add me if interested! :)
Hi there. :)
I'm selling some steam games over here:

Sine Mora - 4 keys / 34 ref
Forge - 2 keys / 17 ref
Giana Sisters - 3 keys / 26 ref

I'd like to be paid in these two kinds of TF2 items only, meaning, I will not accept anything else, including offers even when they're overpay.

Add me or send me trade offers and have a nice day~
Selling some halloween items for cheap prices:

Steel Pipes - 1 ref
Shoestring Budget - 1 ref
Last Bite - 0.66
External Organ - 0.66

Add me or send me a trade offer. :)
Selling this Smoking Killer Exclusive

B/O - 5 Pure
B/O - 7 in Unusuals

I am welcome to all offers except ones that include - Collectors items / Robo hats / Summer effects
DO NOT ADD ME - Offer here first
Sharp Dresser for 2 ref
Looking to buy a strange toowoomba-tunic for 2 keys.

Add me or send me a trade offer. :)
3.33 pure ref only please!

add me for quick trade!
I am selling the following items for 1 KEY EACH - no items just a key
1 x Strange Minigun

If you would like to buy any of these for 1 key each then add me for a fast trade
Selling the kit for 6 ref.
The Bargain itself is not for sale.

Add me or send me a trade offer, if interested. :)
Strange Silver Botkiller Sniper w/ Strange Parts Offer me
Strange Killstreak Sniper Rifle Offer me
Strange Fists w/ Strange Part Offer me
Strange Gone Commando 7.66 Ref (TOO LATE)

Killstreak Rocket Launcher Offer me

Add me for Discuss :3
Selling a Bruiser Bandanna for 1.7 keys
Add me or send me a trade offer