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Selling spy weapons 1 scrap each . Add me
clearing out backpack,
backpack.tf or offers

add me if interested
Circling Heart Waxy Wayfinder 45 keys
Orbiting Fire Soldered Sensei 25 keys
Phosphorous Swagman's Swatter 55 keys
Electrostatic Large Luchadore 32 keys
Burning Flames German Gonzila 55 keys
Arcana Soviet Gentleman 50 keys
Green Confetti Heavy Duty Rag 12 keys
Time Warp Big Country 40 keys
taking offers on this clean unusual
Need one goldy for 28 keyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!
selling weps 1 scrap each . add me
has damage dealt strange part!

b/o: 2 keys or item offers :)

Miami Nights Bunsen Brave 20 keys
Steaming Surgeon's Stahlhelm 13 keys (duped)
Smoking Master's Yellow Belt 17 keys
Green Confetti Brigade Helm 18 keys
Something Burning This Way Comes Sultan's Ceremonial 32 keys
Purple Confetti Tyrantium Helmet 18 keys
Vivid Plasma Stately Steel Toe 14 keys
Green Black Hole Samur-Eye 70 keys
Selling this sticky jumper for 1 scrap. Add me
Selling for PURE (bp.tf) price . ADD me
Selling for pure (backpack.tf) prices . Add me
What up doe
Specialized Killstreak kit!

Looking for offers!

You can apply this to any item in the game!
Looking for Offers on this sweet SPECIALIZED KILLSTREAK CONJURER'S COWL.

Specialized Killstreak Conjurer's Cowl!?!?!??! Yes! Specialized Killstreak Conjurer's Cowl! It's a Killstreak Cosmetic!

Currently looking for offers, Tradable July 11th.

14 Ref
All I am asking for is 11 Ref PURE,


12 Ref Overpay


I can ALWAYS negotiate prices

Send me an offer
13 Keys Pure

Feel Free To Offer!!

Cheapest on the market