Hey there!
Welcome to the deluxe trading experience, crafted just for you.
4 buds pure, 6 buds in unusuals
add me with teh pure
1 scrap, or 2 weapons each add me for quick trade :)
looking for a scrap, or two weapons each
Chucklenuts: SOLD
Fedora: SOLD
I will accept item overpay.
Selling the Ornament Armament For 2.66

And the genuine Deadly cone for 1.33

Send me a request and you must be online for me to accept
Takeing offers on my one of a kind Bear necessities #17

Send a friend request if necessary :D
Taking offers-no taunts pls
Not interested in terror watt, kill a watt, aces, dead presidents
I am selling this sexy hat AND for only 1 key (pure) it can be yours
4.33 ref for the cream tough guys toque

5 ref for the green batters helm

Add me!!!
Hey guys im looking to sell some games ive got in my inventory

I dont really have a set price and im looking to sell them really cheap

So just add me of you want im sure we can work something out

Jericho is really the only one i have a price on

Add me or send a trade offer!!!
Seeing if anyone wants this badboy ;P
Just offer below or send me a trade offer.
Please don't add me!
Thanks for reading :D
Taking PURE offers and unusual offers if they are not robo or summer effects

Unusual offers must be at least 2.5

Probably will not sell for less than 2 buds pure

c/o 31 keys
Wanting to trade 1:1 for a pro shotgun with hot rod and tornado(or fire horns), or 1 bud pure.

I have hot rod& incinerator.
Taking offers- no robo effects unless roboactive or anti freeze

Decent offers I have received-
purple energy charmers
miami ke
cloudy moon lucky shot+1 pure
secret guad+1 pure
Only 1 key 5 ref for this beautiful bird

It has a halloween spell

Add me or send a trade offer!!!
Taking offers on my nuts & bolts liquidators lid

I will take overpay in unusuals

B/O: 14 keys

C/O none
Taking offers- Mo summer or robo effects unless roboactive or anti freeze

If offering in unusuals, no offers below 3.5

I have already been offered 2 buds pure many times, which is quite low

I do not plan to trade this hat unless I come across an exceptionally good offer
1 ref or item overpay