Hey there!
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Selling that really beautiful unusual
Prefer pure keys offer
B\O : 93 keys or 3 clean max`s heads + 12 keys
Do not add me! Offer here and i will respond
These 2 hats are selling together for 35 keys
Looking for 1 scrap for each weapon!
Send me trade offer! All weapons are clean!
Taking offers on my HKC Kill-a-Watt! But i will most likely keep it if i don't get a really good offer!
It is a
Clean hat. What more can you look for xD

No B/O set, cause im just looking for offers... And just don't lowball. To many lowballs and i will most likely close the trade and keep it myself
Currently taking offers

1 of 2 Stormy Storm Law (1 of 1 on Market!)
I'm the only owner. Extremely clean

Looking for 170 keys pure
190 Unusual Overpay.

Last one sold for 9 Buds back in September of last year. (Approx 168.75 keys) I won't accept anything lower than this.

Don't waste my time.
looking for 2 spec ks weps i need the cheapest price

feel free to add me or offer down
Buying all duelling minigames with 5 uses for 1 rec each not those 1 scrap low ballers!

I am Cashing Out Of TF2 for CS:GO so please offer PURE Only!

Add me or send me a trade offer

I am Cashing Out Of TF2 so please offer PURE Only!
Pain goes 50%
Add me or send a trade offer
Hello Boys and girls.
Today i am selling these fine items.
Payment: Pure keys or HUGE ITEM OVERPAY!

AWPER 23 keys
Sniper 18 keys
Minigun 17 keys
Eyelander 9 keys
Gunslinger 8.5 keys
Baby Face 7 keys
Grenade 15 keys
Sticky 14 keys

You can start offering.
Hello everybody!!!
I sell hats with cool paint and strange rifle with nice part...
Send trade offer!

Have a nice day!
selling Steaming Bullet Buzz for 17 keys. only one exist in tf2

Pure or overpay in offers

I am Cashing Out Of TF2 so please offer PURE Only!
Pain goes 50%

Add me or send a trade offer.

I am Cashing Out Of TF2 for CS:GO so please offer with PURE only.
Pain goes 50%

Add me or send trade offers
Robot Running man: 1.55 ref

Spec Killstreak Festive Uber Saw (Hot Rod) w/ Exorcism: 2 keys

Spec Killstreak Sniper Rifle (Emerald): 3 Keys

Strange Part: Kills With a Taunt Attack: 2 Keys

Strange Spec Killstreak (Hot Rod) Festive Hollloween: Exorsism Force of Nature 3 Keys 5 Ref

Strange Killstreak Festive Holy Mackerel 3 Keys 5 Ref

Spy-Cicle Killstreak kit 3 ref

Flare Gun Prof. Killstreak kit Villainous Violet 8 Keys

Stickybomb Launcher 2.5 Keys

Post here or add me to discuss

Prices are Firm Overpay in items.
Selling These Items For These Price;

S. Coldsnap Cap ~ 18.66 or 1 key
Backpack Expander ~ 8 ref
S. Homewrecker [w/ Sappers Removed Part] ~ 6 ref
Sneaky Spats of Sneaking ~ 3 ref

30% Item/Mix Overpay
Add Me or Send Trade Request!