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offer...dunno what i want. will consider unusual weapons as well.
Please dont add before comment. I wont accept
have a nice day
Pure or Overpay in Unusuals from 20%+ depending on hat and effect/gen.
I would also prefer it to be recently updated

Offers that have merit will be discussed (by which I mean if you arent giving a good amount of all pure then you better be overpaying) - can lower prices for all pure offers but not quickselling

SBTWC Bear Necessities (only one on the market) 120 keys

Flaming Lantern Tree (Nightmare before Christmas themed) 100 keys

Arcana Brown Bomber - SOLD

Misc offers will be valued above all others the likes of Arcana, Cloudy Moon, Darkblaze, Secret etc (ones that go well with Spellbound)

Do Not Add Me!!!!
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Did somebody say skins? No?
Alright I will sit back down in a corner then :/

Shell Shocker sold for 14 ref

Factory New Strange Torqued to Hell Wrench (Commando Grade) looking for 25 keys.

Do not add me
Have a nice day ^_^
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Offer here or send trade offer thanks.
-Gov- traders need not offer. I will check and comment accordingly if you are a member
Buying Unusuals!
Quicksells only!

Keys in Stock: 52

Make offers of a real Quicksell price.
Buying unusual quicksells for 30%-50% off low end price (based on hat and effect)
Read below for details of where your effect may fit

Negotiable depending on hat and effect

1st gen: 30% discount
2nd gen: 35-45% discount
3rd gen: 40-50% discount
Scream Fortress 2013: 30%-40%
Spectral Halloween Special: 30%-40% (Includes Cloudy Moon)
Very Scary Halloween Special: 35%-45%
Scream Fortress 2014: 40%-50%

Scream Fortress 2015 will be discussed if offered
Not interested in Invasion hats unless nebula and even then the offer has to be good

"This hat is going to go all class" = not interested unless spellbound

Duped? Not keen but might consider.

If I don't agree with the suggested trade I won't decline, I will send you a counter offer!
I'm not paying any extra for paints, and dupes will be priced at considerably less.

Bookmark this trade to future use!

You Go First
No Robo Hats (unless spellbound)
If your hat's price is outdated then we shall discuss
I wont buy from marked scammers
If your hat is unpriced then still give it a go and we will discuss.
I have the right to decline any offers

Have a nice day ^_^

Please offer below.
Do not add me!
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Prices above.

Selling the kits in my bp pages 27 (completed kits) and 28 (fabricators)
Selling these STRANGE Weapons!

Prices are listed on the righthand tab in Refined Metal, prices will also be V Below V

Strange Black Box: 8.66 Refined
Strange Equalizer: 1.44 Refined
Strange Carbonado Botkiller Wrench Mk.I 5.33 Refined SOLD
Strange Mad Milk 5.33 Refined
Strange Hitman's Heatmaker 5.00 Refined
Strange Scattergun 5.33 Refined SOLD
Strange Spy-cicle 6.66 Refined
Strange Knife 3.33 Refined SOLD

Mobile Authenticator=Active, I only accept Pure.
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Hey, you there! Need some quick pure? Don't mind selling your items for a discount?
Well You're in luck!

I got 1 key, and 19.33 refined to buy Items listed below for a 20-30% discount!

I'm buying Unique, Strange, Genuine and Vintage Items!

Unique Buying: Cosmetics, Tools, Taunts, Festive Weapons.

Strange Buying: Cosmetics, Festive Weapons, Botkillers, Weapons.

Genuine Buying: Cosmetics, Weapons.

Vintage Buying: Cosmetics, Weapons.

I will NOT pay extra for: Parts, Paints, Killstreaks, Spells!
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2 keys for a set of 9 (Engi Wrench is included)

Update 01/19/2016 (or 19/01/2016) Selling as set only now.

A Silver Mecha Set.
Do Not Add Me. Use Trade Button Below

Sets sold: 5
Sets Available: 1

Why you bookmark and view, but no offer
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
(ノ ゜Д゜)ノ ︵ ┻━┻
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ ︵ ╯(°□° ╯)
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Heyllo there!

I'm selling this glorious 1:1 Cloud Crasher. But first, lets go over some stuff :D .
POST here first or ADD me after commenting on my Steam Profile. DONT send random trade offers.
DONT bother scamming me! I've seen too many scammers, been in quite some unusual trade and rejected every scammer without fail.

-------------------------------------------The Hat-----------------------------------------The Hat---------------------------------------------------------

This is an Unusual Circling Peacesign Cloud Crasher.

-1:1 in EXISTANCE!
-1st Gen!!
-Rare unusual on the market
-Circling Peacesign is in my opinion one of the best soldier effects!

------------------------------------The Price---------------------------------------------The Price------------------------------------------------------

Since the hat is 1:1 in existance it is unpriced.
I will be making the price based on the sales in history on it and the prices of the other Cloud Crashers!

Priorities: Pure>Pure+Mixed>Soldier Unusual Overpay> Australium Soldier Items> Soldier Unusual Weapon Overpay (Shotguns too)>Godtier Stranges (Pro KS wont be valued too highly)> All Class overpay.

-B/O=45 keys. I will ALWAYS sell it if this amount of keys is instanly available.

-Offers: (Offer away! You can offer me anything appropriate!)

-I DO NOT accept "real life" currenties, so no Paypal or Bitcoin or Steam Wallet Coded
-I WONT be accepting Robo/Scream Fortress hats
-I WONT be accepting 3rd Gen/Low Tier Halloween/Robo/Steaming-Smoking-Bubbling Effects!
-I'm NOT in a rush to sell this unusual. I will only part it for a good offer!
-I will put EVERY offer in it. Even if it's hidden and I've rejected it. I will also put a general comment next to it like: "It's a
Good offer but I don't like the effect".

Happy Trading!
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Sellings bits and bobs. Massive item overpay expected if not pure.

Wild West Waistcoat sold for 3 ref
White Russian sold for 3 ref
Scattergun sold for 10 ref
Woodsy sold for 6 ref
Minigun sold for 3 keys

I decline trade holds

Shotgun = 2 keys
Dreams Sticky = 10 ref
Sandstone = 3 ref

Do Not Add Me!!!
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Selling these STRANGE Killstreaked Weapons!
They're either Killstreak or Specialized Killstreak, with Spec the sheen will be there.

Prices on the righthand tab are listed in Refined Metal or Keys. They're also listed below!
Some are more expensive due to parts!

Strange Killstreak Escape Plan: 10 Refined

Strange Killstreak Mercenary Grade Aqua Marine(Well-Worn): 1 Key

Strange Killstreak Frontier Justice: 8 Refined

Strange Killstreak Rust Botkiller Minigun Mk.I: 11 Refined

Strange Killstreak Mercenary Grade Lightning Rod(Field-Tested) (Burning Player Kills): 1.7 Keys (1 key, 14 Refined)CURRENTLY ON TRADE HOLD

Strange Spec Killstreak (Team Shine) Flare Gun: 15 Refined

Strange Spec Killstreak (Mean Grean) Degreaser (Projectiles Reflected): 3.6 Keys (3 keys, 14 Refined)

Strange Spec Killstreak (Deadly Daffodil) Blutsauger: 17 Refined

Mobile Authenticator is active! I accept Pure only!
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Already at the hospital I have ass cancer

Stop Freaken spamming Its really getting annoying.

nothing but 16 keys I know its much but i doubt you will find a Duped Gifted Long history N&Bs dread knot with lots of banned users this is a hard to find and hard to get hat.

If you offer lower that than the price i will report you as a spam alert.
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Lets start with some priorities, shall we?

PURE>Soldier unusual overpay>other currencies (max's, buds)>All class unusual overpay>Australium overpay

-Feel free to add me, BUT post here first!!


-Professional Australium Black Box (Celebral Discharge, Manndarin + Damage Dealt, Crit Kills).
----Good Parts
----Great Weapon
----NOT in a rush to sell this. I will only part this in a good deal!

----B/O = 34-42 keys
----Looking for about 36 keys.
----C/O: Roboactive Détective Noir, ~45k (If I would add some stuff).


-You can add me!
-No trade bans, not now, not ever.
-No lvl 0/Private profile
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1:1 strange in the world

90 pure more in unusuals
Selling These + Loads More Items!! - Check My Backpack If You Wish To View More:!


I follow prices: - Add me if inquiring about an item with paint, parts or killstreaks!




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1:1 in the world
All class

B/O: 110 pure

C/O: 105 in unusuals
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- Amazing all class hat.
- Beautiful effect.
- Two customizable styles to choose from.

Taking offers above 320 keys.

300 keys if paying pure.
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only on one that is ISO and Strange

Looking for 120 keys

Wear really looks like field tested
Willing to pay pure or money or high tier unusuals for a MW or even FN King of the Jungle Iso Strange WW is selling for 60 pure willing to pay 2 1/2 times more (about 140 or more)