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Looking to buy Unusual Runner's Warm Ups. I believe sunbeams and knifestorm have not been unboxed yet, but when they do I will be highly interested in them. The less of the specific effect the more I will be interested in them. I do not use bp.tf prices for the most part on the warm ups, I will use my prior purchases of other effects to compare prices.

Ones I have bought already:
Darkblaze- 65 keys
Morning Glory- 53 keys with him adding a white fast learner
Ghastly Ghosts Jr.- 30 keys
Time Warp- 24 keys
Nuts and Bolts- 9 keys
Blizzardy Storm- in a bulk deal with other unusuals
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Selling at 1 ref under bp.tf prices

Botkillers in my backpack have different levels than the ones seen here

Send trade offer P:
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Buying craft hats @ 1.33ref each
No Ellis plz

Use link or ⇄ instead of adding me:
Looking for offers on this lovely Hot Strange Forest Fire (Minimal Wear). I bought this from the unboxer, so it is only a 2-person history. I don't plan to let this go cheap, so offer accordingly! Strange unusual weapons are rare, and this one is minimal wear to boot!

-Themed...? Yes!
-A cheaper alternative to strange unusual weapons that are factory new...? Yes!
-A great effect for pyro...? Yes!
-Will it help you with those difficult airblasts...? Quite possibly!

Prior Offers~

Do NOT add me. Comment below or if you are offering something incredible and an offer I could not refuse, send me a trade offer.
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Selling this unusual for 19 keys. 1/1 on market. Send a trade offer/add me for pure, but please post below with any unusual offers, thanks.
Putting up my collector weapons on to the market! I am looking for PURE*** offers only. The weapons have buy outs, kits do not(working on the cloak and dagger one, kritzkrieg one only needs one left and I can provide it)

Professional Collector's Huntsman (Emerald+Flames) : 25 keys

Professional Collector's Axtinguisher (Daffodil+Singularity) : 6 keys 10 refined

Collector's Red Tape Recorder : 3 keys 9 refined SOLD

Collector's Cloak and Dagger Kit (currently 98 left) : Offers! B/O would be 8 keys
Prior Offer- http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/26845965

***Pure= Keys and Australiums. Note Austaliums MAY recquire slight overpay and I DO NOT use bp.tf prices for killstreaked australiums due to them not taking the 15% off from scm sellers before pricing.
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Looking for offers on this haunted heavy mask. I can provide wrap if necessary. Please offer below =^.^=

1 of 2 currently on outpost. (64 exist as of posting this) https://sta...y_Mask

*Note one has recently sold for 2 keys (not including 1 key for the wrap) http://backpack.tf/vote/id/563a699bba8d888c71a94a63
selling this Amazing Minimal Wear Assassin Grade Unusual Sticky Launcher (Sudden Flurry) With Energy Orb =3

B/O: 150 keys (Monstrous Overpay if offering sniper/spy hats)
C/O: none

Notable (declined) offers: Cauldron Kabuto + 12 pure (Low), 100 keys pure (low)
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Brokering this CLEAN Stormy Storm Mongolian. The B/O for this hat is 13 keys
Owner is mainly looking for pure/ other unusuals.
Post offers below please. Do NOT add me.
Looking to sell these two fine spy unusuals

Morning Glory Detective Noir
1 of 4
1 of 1 on outpost
Clean and short history
B/O:~38 keys pure or ~55 keys in unusuals

Cloudy Moon L'Inspecteur
1 of 3
1 of 3 on outpost(Chepaest by 5 keys)
Clean and short history
B/O:~63 keys pure or ~85 keys in unusuals
C/O: None

L': http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=564325427
Detective: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=564325387

Additional Notes:
Not in my inventory? They are on SCM, just ask me to remove them for you.
Unusual Offers>Aussie Offers.
If neither are in my inventory, they may be on SCM.
Post here or add me to offer.
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Hats for sale! Hats for sale! (and bread)
Viking Bradier (painted Team Spirit) = 8 refined metal
Killstreak Bread Bite (lvl 69) = 6 refined metal
Crones Dome = 4.66 refined metal
Juggernaut Jacket = 3.22 refined metal
I do take in items, they just have to include overpay and not be a steaming pile of crap.
Send an offer
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Like the look of this one.
Selling this Clean Cloudy Moon Defiant Spartan 1 of 1 on the market
I am selling it for a total of 110 keys pure.
Open to item offers, but of course, overpay is needed. Keep offers at 135 keys+
Wouldn't mind trading for another soldier unusual. (If it's a solly unusual price is 118keys-ish.)
Effects I like = DBD, SF, Frostbite, GE, PE, Anti-Freeze, Spellbound, Darkblaze, C9, Searing Plasma, Time Warp, Green Black Hole and Phosphorus. (Basically if your effect is this it will have a higher chance of being accepted especially if its a decent soldier hat)
Clean : http://backpack.tf/item/1257466388 (Had 7 owners and one must have spammed SCM with it)
Send an offer, or add me if you have to.
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looking for 6.33

may accept items

thanks :)
Selling this Team Shine Spec Ks kit for the Grenade Launcher.
And its for a total of 3 keys.
Overpay will be considered (must be over 1 key in overpay [4keys])
Send an offer
QUICKbuying any heavy unusual for 7 pure keys
6 if its duped/gifted
send trade offer

Strange Spy Cicle: 5 Ref Pure Or 6 Ref Item Overpay
Sight For Sore Eyes: 4.33 Pure Or 5.33 Item Overpay
If You Agree With My Prices Send Me A Trade Here: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=132799124&token=mnTbrmTk
Strange Woodys Widowmaker SMG: 4 Ref Pure Or 5 Ref Item Overpay
If You Agree With My Prices Trade Me Here: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=132799124&token=mnTbrmTk
Strange Bat: 1.66 Pure 2.66 Item Overpay
If You Agree With My Prices Trade Me Here: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=132799124&token=mnTbrmTk