Hey there!
Welcome to the deluxe trading experience, crafted just for you.
Selling these two low and cool craft number hats.
The shades are also level 99. The Weight Room Warmer is level 91.
I'm taking offers, add me or comment down below please.
I am not selling these for less than backpack.tf price! Offer at least a little more than backpack.tf price.
Trade offers are not prefered, but if you don't want to add me then I suppose you may send one.
My trade link: http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=107529985&token=TCubV1F3
Demo offer, pls.
3 keys--Vita-Saw
Killstreaker: Hypno-Beam
Sheen: Hot Rod
pure only thanks, send via trade offer

3 keys--Cleaner's Carbine
Killstreaker: Cerebral Discharge
Sheen: Manndarin , use trade offer
taking offers on these nice items!

add me for a quick trade or offer below guys
Please post your offers here or use trade offers.
spell grandmaster
offer plz

non dupe

C/O none
Welcome to my cosmetic shop ~

- Sammy Cap : 2.33 refined
- Tide Turner : 0.11 refined
- Deus Specs : 1.66 refined
- Gaiter Guards : 1.66 refined
- Itsy Bitsy Spyer : 1.33 refined
- Stylish DeGroot : 1.66 refined
- Gone Commando : 2 refined
- Half-Pipe Hurdler : 2 refined

All are extremely cleans, you will be the second owner for the most of them!!

If I'm not online, you can send me a trade offer by clicking the [⇌] above.
Unusual Brown Bomber W/ Demonflame Effect

God Teir All-Class Hat W/ Limited Effect

* The only Level 10.
* 1 of 5 (1 duped) in total
* Shortest history, no scammers
* The only clean one (non-duped) on market.

Full item information on PasteBin:

B/O = 25 Buds | 410 Keys (+30 Buds in Unusuals/Items) 100% firm, take it or leave it.
C/O =
Vintage Pro. Killstreak Lungermorph (Community) ~20 Buds (very low, declined)
cloudy moon stahlhelm + Spellbound valley forg (very low, declined)
Terror Watt KE ~22 buds (new effect and low, declined)

Note: Price is 100% firm, please don't waste both our time with bullshit. I don't give a single fuck what you think or what ANYONE says, my price is 25 buds min FIRM. Take it or GTFO. I'm not desperate to sell, I'm a collector and wouldn't mind keeping it. Thank you!

Note 2: I know shitpack.tf price because I voted yes on it, not to mention half the shit there is false. If you want bp.tf price, go somewhere else (not that many places to go though) and don't waste my time.

!!!!!! If you're not serious and 100% sure, don't offer/add. Do your research before you offer.

Send Steam Trade Offers:

Screenshots Below:
17 Keys ONLY, PRICE IS FIRM. Send Trade Offer.
Axtinguisher : 2 keys
Sticky : 5 refined
Shotgun : 6 refined

If I'm not online, you can send me a trade offer by clicking the [⇌] above.
B/O: 20 keys
Will also consider a scout or sniper unusual.
Dont want highest prices

Tropico - 1 key each

Max Payne 3 complete -2 keys 2 ref

VINTAGE - 13 keys

I dont selling Unique
9 :1