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30 keys

Price is negotiable !!!!


Add me and also comment below with your offers :)
Looking for offers !
Please do NOT add me.
Comment below !
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4 pure or unusuals worth ~5

Selling this fantastic unusual!
Great for pyro!
Nice effect!
B/o 2.5 buds
C/o none
Please keep offers above 2 buds
Offer below if you have an offer other than B/o
Add me if you will pay B/o
B/o 6 Pure or 6.5 in unusuals (preferably solly)

painted after eight
Noir - 2 ref (100lv + gold paint)
Blood Banker - 1 key (tf2 or cs:go)
Charmer - 2 keys (tf2 or cs:go)
Dr. Whoa - 1.66 ref
Billycock - 1.33 ref
Boston basher - 1.33 ref

add me

Offers for knife here
by Slurgi
by stabby
Hey there!

I am buying every craft hat except Robot Hats and Genuines for 1 Ref each!
Add me for a fast trade!
Or just send me a trade offer using this link: http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=100281322&token=9x0t6M21

Note: I'm bumping this trade manually so I'll be online if the trade gets bumped!!
I am paying 3 keys for the Professional Killstreak kit Axtinguisher.

ONLY want this effect and sheen:
Cerebral Discharge ( Hot Rod )

Don't offer me others kits.
Add me.
B/o 1 bud
C/o none
Offer below
Selling --->
S.Blackbox - 1 key !
/lime/ Fast Learner - 1 key !
Smock - 1,66 !
Hi, i am selling this cute unusual Scout hat <3

The history......No RED, no scammer c: WOW

About the links phishings -. For safety i will accepted invitations but if you don't write nothing i will take you as a bot...Thanks
Pishers: "Gream" http://puu.../83lkJ
"Rimg3" http://puu.../83lkZ

I accept 2 buds or 39 keys or overpay in unusual offers. (No robo hat,robo effects)

I Take in unique offers
bills: 5 keys
B.M.O.C: 9 keys
Jujus (no gifted): 10 keys

Great hat
Great effect and 1gen

B/O:2 buds

C/O: N/A

Triboniophorus Tyrannus.-stormy storm
http://puu...VB.png LOW~~~~
Trilby.-orbiting fire
http://puu...jM.png TOO LOW!
planets noble amassment LOW
Killstreaks weapons
http://puu...qj.jpg definitely LOW
Prof Killstreak Australium Flame- Not interested
Orbiting fire.-Liquidator's Lid LOW

Add me or send me a trade offer, only add me if you pay pure.

Offer below overpay in unusual or items.(2.2 buds)


Screen: soon
Offer below
Dont add
add me to trade
Unusual Magnificent Mongolian - 19 keys or 1 buds.
Effect: Circling Heart.
Painted: Pink as Hell.
Selling These Lovely Items

Crate: 1 ref Sole Mate: 3ref Leftover: 3 ref or Offers
I have 24 keys pure, about 29 with metal, looking to buy a cheap low-teir unusual for any class.

bp.tf prices

i dont care about paint, so I won't charge extra for it

add me

Am I Offline? Trade offer me here: http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=23431325&token=PG7M0bQp

Any weapon on page 1 of my backpack - - - > your 1 scrap or 2 craft weapons


Add me for that quick and easy trade I'm known for!

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We run ads to help cover the costs of running TF2 Outpost! Don't let us down!