Hey there!
Welcome to the deluxe trading experience, crafted just for you.
Buying these hats for the listed prices! I am only buying craftable versions of these hats, do not offer anything else. You can either add me or send a trade offer.

Anger - 3 ref
Dread Hiding Hood - 2.66 ref
Ghastlierest Gibus - 3 ref
Hero's Tail - 2.66 ref
Hong Kong Cone - 3 ref
Killer Exclusive - 2.33 ref
Noh Mercy - 2.33 ref
Troublemaker's Tossle Cap - 2.33 ref
Selling my stormy attendant

Buds and shotgun are for sweets only


No robo hats or effects
Yes these spells can still be added!!!
You have to be in game, at the game menu. After the trade is done; search your inventory for the items and apply before entering a game or exiting TF2. It's really simple!!!

Die Job: 1key
Putrescent: 11ref
Sinister: 11ref

weapon spells:
squash rockets:2 keys
gourd grenades: 2keys
Sentry Quad pumpkins:2 keys
Spectral flame 1 key+ 11ref
exorcism: 1key
Voice spells:1key

I have footprints also but those run 6 keys each. Feel free to ask!

I have more spells available so just ask!

Offer here or on steam or add me !!!

Spells sold for those keeping track : Die Job x 5, Chromatic x6, sinister staining x6, Spectral flame x3,Squash rockets x8, gourd grenades x4 ,Exorcism x22, grayfootprints x4(at 2keys), horseless x1 @ 6keys, voices x10. Still many more in stock
offer on this pro three run blade kit
Buying any of your craftable hats for 1.22 ref each!
You can either add me or send a trade offer.
Set of #64's - 12 items in all, rest in http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/23621502

Will sell them all as a set for decently cheap, or individually
high backpack.tf price
Greetings, I'm a KeyBanking bot :)

- Add me to friends.
- Send trade request.
- Add your keys.

Currently I'm buying keys @ 16.33 ref each
Hey all. Selling both of my unusuals.

Burning Flames Whoopee Cap - 5 buds + 8 keys OR £110 PayPal
Circling Heart Stainless Pot - 4 buds OR £70 PayPal

Additional information:
I will only be accepting pure (earbuds, keys, metal, Maxs)
I will only trade via PayPal with reputable individuals (I will go first)
PayPal is preferred
Buying these for :
Vintage Modest Pile Of Hat - 7 ref
Genuine Killer Exclusive - 6 ref
Haunted Crones Dome - 4.33 ref
Trade Offer : https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=168828850&token=pl3X2j1b
Thanks and enjoy :D
unboxed by me 1of1
looking for 400 keys or unusual offers in 1st gen
rare glitched items.

only four lvl 3 cloak and dagger exists http://sta...Dagger

only five lvl 4 sydney sleepers exists http://sta...leeper

only seventeen lvl 2 reserve shooter exists http://sta...hooter

sydney sleeper sold for 5 keys
Selling this clean spy unusual for 2.6 buds or unusual offers.
Add me or send a trade offer!
Selling this clean 2nd gen spy unusual for 1 buds or unusual offers.
Add me or send a trade offer!

Selling this awesome Stange Professional Killstreak Gold Botkiller Rocket Launcher Mk.I
Sheen : Deadly Daffodil
Killstreaker : Incinerator
w/ Kills While Explosive-Jumping
w/ Gib Kills
w/ Airborne Enemy Kills
Spell : Exorcism

I sell it for :
2 buds 3 keys pure
3 buds overpay in ususuals

Add me.
Selling this clean pyro unusual for 1.2 buds or unusual offers.
Add me or send a trade offer!
Selling for 5.8 keys or item offers.
Add me or send a trade offer!