We have some pre-prepared questions and answers to common problems on Outpost. If you don't find the answer you're looking for then please file a support ticket using our on-site ticketing system.
Someone is insulting me. What should I do?
First of all, do not reply! Press the report button on the post and fill out the form provided. After you've sent the report, you can block the user by visiting their profile and pressing the small block icon at the top right of the header bar. This will prevent the user's posts and trades from showing up on the website for you. If the user added you on Steam and sent you abusive messages then unfortunately we cannot do anything about this.
Why can't I have a private profile on Steam?
In order to trade, you need to have your privacy settings set to public for your profile and inventory. If you have your profile set to 'Private', 'Users Only' or 'Friends Only', then Outpost cannot fetch your inventory from the API.
Someone didn't read my trade, and isn't offering to the standards I've set. Can I report them?
No, you may not. We don't take any action on posts that don't break our rules. If you don't like an offer somebody has made, then please just hide the post yourself. If the post is in violation of the rules, then you may use the report system to have a moderator deal with the matter.
Someone has hacked my account/stolen my items!
First of all, read this page on the Steam Support Knowledge Base. Provide them with all the information you can. Once you’ve filed your report with Steam, create a new ticket here by pressing the button at the bottom of this FAQ so that we can ban your account. When you have your account back, please take screenshots of the support ticket you created with Steam and post links to those screenshots in your ban appeal on-site.
How can I add videos to my trades?
You can't. This ability is reserved, and will stay reserved for site admins and moderators only. You can, however, add screenshots of the items you are selling by clicking the paperclip symbol beneath the note editor when creating a new trade. Make sure that none of the images contain nudity, as that is against the rules.
What is Premium?
We now offer a subscription-based premium service which provides exclusive access to extra features. For a small fee per month, you will receive extras that are highly desired within the Outpost community. When you purchase a subscription, your account will automatically be given the rank giving you instant access to all of the features listed on the premium page.
How much does a Premium subscription cost?
The current price of premium is $4.99 per month. You can subscribe to auto-renew your payments every month using your credit card, or you can pay for X months Premium credit using Paypal. If you use your credit card, your subscription will automatically auto-renew as per our Terms of Service.
So can I use auto-renew with Paypal?
No, Paypal does not support auto-renew.
How do I cancel auto-renewal?
If you do not wish for your Premium subscription to automatically renew, then you need to go to the premium page and press "Cancel Subscription". You will have the Premium rank until the period that you've paid for has elapsed, which is shown in green near the top of the page.
I paid for Premium but it hasn't been added to my account.
Don't panic! Please create a new support ticket using the button above, explaining the situation. We'll review the ticket and manually kickstart your Premium experience!
I want a refund.
We do not offer refunds, sorry.