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4keys for S. Original... plz add me:>
Selling for 1.33 little overpay with items
Selling Unusual Virtual Reality Headset w/ Disco Beatdown effect for 2 buds and 5 keys pure or overpay in unusual offers.
I am also selling a Pro K.S. Australium Axtinguisher with Sheen: Hot Rod, and Killstreaker: Firehorns
and a exorcism halloween spell for 12 keys pure or overpay in low tier unusual hats.
Add me or send me a trade offer, which ever you prefer!
Hey guys !
Just send me a trade offer on steam :D ! ~ Accept within 30 minutes max !

Tropico 4 Collectors Bundle ROW ~ 1 TF2/CSGO keys

hi there! Selling this black painted brawlings buccaneer!
Price: 1 key only!

add me or send trade offer!
Trade offer:

Have a nice day!
Conjurer's Cowl: 2 ref
Physician's Procedure Mask: 2 ref
Professional's Panama: 1.22 ref

Add-me or send me a Trade Offer:
Hi there! selling these two lime soldier items!

Lime Antarctic Parka- 1 key and 3 refined (or 13 refined)
Lime Ground Control- 6 refined

add me or send trade offer!

Trade offer link:
spec kit 1 key
axtinguisher 2 ref
key 1:1 normal key
strangifier 4 ref
ticket 4.66
fez 1.66
lady 2 ref
soldier soul 1 ref
Selling specialized Australium tomislav for 13 keys
Selling strange festive specialized maquerel for 5 keys
Selling Connoisers cap for 23 keys
spec sniper : 1key
spec rocket : 1 key
killstreak rocket : 3 refs
crit cola : 1 rec
pistol : 0.44
buff : 2 ref
solemn : 1 rec
killstreak back : 1 rec

Taking offers in keys or Pro killstreaks etc.
If you want this amazing hair 4 scout add me
Hi there! Selling these two all-class items!

Bruisers Bandana- 1 key!
Genuine Black Painted Robot Chicken- Also only 1 key!

Add me or send me an trade offer!
Trade offer:

Have a nice day!
black paint 2.2 keys
slouch : 4 refs
essencial : 3 keys
flip flops : 5 keys
duck : 3.66
desert : 3 refs
veil : 6 ref
swagman : 4 ref
Selling this for 2 key trade me
ellis cap : 1 key
voodoo : 5 keys + your wrap
ts summer shades : 4 keys + your wrap
black summer shades : 5 keys + your wrap
modest : 5.33 refs
noble : 4 refs
bandana : 1.5 keys
graybans : 1.5 keys

Add me only if u are paying the price!

Also im selling all mi inv for key/metal
Mandarin Flamehorns and the Shields makes it so both eyes light up green it matches the eyelander. Offers
Noh Mercy: 3.33 ref (LVL100)
Escapist: 1 ref
[PAINTED] El Jefe: 1 key 2 ref
[PAINTED] Brush with death: 8 ref
[PAINTED] Physician procesure mask: 7 ref
Add me
i want buy a special kit for the grenade luncher for 1 key
add me
selling these weps for a scrap each