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Looking for metal only! NO TRADES.
Please do not add me!
Send me a trade offer for a quick process.

Area 451 - 1.66 ref
The DethKapp -1.22 ref
Nose Candy - 1.33 ref
T̶h̶e̶ ̶S̶p̶a̶c̶e̶ ̶D̶i̶v̶e̶r̶ ̶-̶ ̶4̶.̶8̶8̶ ̶r̶e̶f̶
The Lunatic's Leathers - 2.66 ref
Phobos Filter - 2.44 ref
The Last Breath- 5.44 ref
Taunt: Party Trick - 5.44 ref
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These items are on the MarketPlace. if you want to buy them for pure/offer/paypal post here and add me on steam.

How to buy from Marketplace
Click on item you liked, in a poped up window, click on "buy on marketplace".
You'll see how much i'm asking for it there.

Or just go straight to my shop: https://mar...op/m9s

How to buy for Pure/Items
If you want to buy item for pure/item go to:
There you'll see price in keys. ( if price not there just add me on steam)

After that, post here and add me on steam:


Aslo selling for PayPal. My rep :
IF YOU BUYING FOR PAYPAL 10% OFF ( I can refuse to do business with you, if i'll find your account suspicious )

For more items visit my backpack page


My marketplace shop https://mar...op/m9s
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20 Keys / 20 Keys / 30 Keys / 15 Keys / 11 Keys / 16 Keys / 5 Keys / 6 Keys
Unusuals require 50% overpay. (Degroot is an exception.)
Pure is prefered, item overpay is accepted too.
Сollectors 100LVL Оnly
Each 1 ref!
Steam Guard Mobile Authentified - no waiting time on trade offers
if you can't add to friends or if I'm offline you can sent me the trade Steam offer via link:
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Please do not add me, send a trade offer instead. If you need to add me, comment on my profile first.

Nebula Phononaut: 200 keys, a lot more in good offers
Nebula Universal Translator: 202 keys, a lot more in good offers
Blizzardy Storm Exquisite Rack: 69 keys, more in offers
Vivid Plasma Exquisite Rack: 89 keys, more in offers
Sunbeams Exquisite Rack: 295 keys, more in good offers
Orbiting Planets Pyromancer´s Mask: 44 keys, more in offers
Haunted Ghosts Pyromancer's Mask: 150 keys, more in offers
Green Energy Le Party Phantom: 100 keys, more in offers

I really like these hats so you´ll have to make good offers to get them.

I expect at least 15% overpay in items/unusuals. Not interested in taunts, unusual weapons or war paints, at all. Upgrading might be an option, but will require at least 30%+ overpay. Not trading more than two hats for one though.
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Visit My Marketplace Shop To Check Prices And Make An Instant Purchase - https://mar...ake_id

Do Not Add Me, Unless You Would Like To Use TF2 Currency - For TF2 Currency Divide My's Item Price by 0,06 and The Result Would Be How Much You Have To Pay in TF2 Currency. For Example: My's Item Price is $1,20 / 0,06 = 20 ref. For Payment with TF2 Currency - Make Sure To Post Before Adding Me
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Any reasonable offer will take these items(*reasonable = anything above curent highest buy order)

metal or keys ONLY!
please send a trade offer using the button below items
feel free to post a offer in this post

cash rules are:

1. You must go first unless you are a very well know trader, i will look into your profile... hours, source, alts, scammer friends, all that good stuff...if we get to a point and you dont have proper rep, we will go the middle man route
2. Payment will be as a paypal Family/freind only!(you MUST be verified)
3. You pay ANY and ALL fees that occur
4. i reserve the right to stop or reject any offer/ trade at any point
5. if you look sketchy, im out!!!
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Selling for 3 Keys, send me a trade offer please.
Buying Backpacks with Keys or cash!
Stock: 200+ Keys
Percentage depends on the backpack you are offering (10-50% off)
Backpacks bought: 2
Add me or send me a trade offer.
Item overpay accepted. Please just send trade offers:

My favorite killstreak sniper rifle with headshot kills part (cost 2.5 keys) and taunting player kills part 2 Keys + 10 Ref
For those looking for a sniper rifle to keep for life, you'll get the most bang for your buck with this thing.

Festive Shotgun 11 Ref
Genuine AWPer Hand 1 Key OR 28 Ref
Genuine Widowmaker 15 Ref
Genuine Freedom Staff 15 Ref
Genuine Machina 15 Ref
Genuine Short Circuit 15 Ref
Genuine Diamondback 15 Ref
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What's in the Team Fortress 2 Soundtrack Box? 12 Keys
End of the Line Key 1 Key + 18 Ref
Random End of the Line Key Gift 1 Key + 12 Ref
Duck Token 6 Keys
Genuine Killstreak Original 1 Key + 19 Ref
Scaly Scrapers 24 Ref

Item overpay accepted. Only TF2 Items. No skins. Prices are firm!
Don't add me, send a trade offer :
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1.48 keys (1 key and 17 refined).
Pure or item overpay; either is fine.

Send a trade offer.
Strange Private Eye
Effect: Dead Presidents

Parts Attached:
★ Assists

for 13 keys
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This is a FRESHLY UNBOXED 1 OF 1 Green Energy Bruce's Bonnet. High tier 1st gen and the first of its kind.

Tradeable: June 22nd, 2018.

Currently taking offers. B/O is 200 150 keys pure (purple energy was priced at 180 three years ago and is still a 1 of 1). Leave offers below in the comments. Friend requests will be ignored.
Trade offers only!

Looking to buy the following items:

Strange Construction PDA - 8 keys
Strange Frying Pan - 9 keys + 17 ref
Batsaber - 8 keys
Dead Head - 9 keys + 10 ref
Towering Pillar Of Summer Shades - 10 keys + 10 ref
Potassium Bonnett - 10 keys + 7 ref
Corona Australis - 8 keys + 24 ref
Strange Kritzkrieg - 13 keys
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Just prices, either just add me to trade or trade offer.

Have a good one.
Just prices, either just add me to trade or trade offer.

Have a good one.
Looking for pure or overpay in items.

Strange Professional Killstreak Purple Range Sniper Rifle (Minimal Wear): 25 keys.
Cool Specialized Killstreak Leopard Printed Sniper Rifle (Well-Worn): 25 keys.

Feel free to add me or send me a trade offer:
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