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Sell>>> Strang Anger 115 Keys Pure More in Unu . Its Clean Short Story . TAKING OFFERS ;0 tradable 5 juillet
3 ref

I am buying ALL unusuals for a 40-50% discount.
*Post your offer below and send me a steam offer with your backpack.tf link.
Please leave a +rep on my profile if you enjoyed trading I rly appreciate it.
Current stock 21keys.
Looking Offers Juste . Thx dont low ball AND Shit effect Thx Its 1of1 in the Wolrd!
Looking to trade this minigun for a Max's severed head along with some keys. I would also be willing to take a full key payment of 50 keys. This means that, if offering along with the Max (with a price of 24 keys according to tf2 backpack), you will be paying me 26 keys also. This price is negotiable, but probably not by much.

Please take into account the strange parts, killstreaker, sheen and halloween spell on the minigun before making offers.

1 key
Im buying following stranges for these prices:

Jarate: 2 scrap each.
Stickybomb Launcher: 1 reclaimed each.

dont add.
Please leave a +rep on my profile if you enjoyed trading I rly appreciate it.
2.77 ref
Hello I am buying the following taunts for the following prices:

Conga: 10Refined
High Five: 6Refined
Rock Paper Scissors: 5Refined
Square Dance: 5Refined
Rancho Relaxo: 6Refined
Schadenfreude: 8Refined
Skullcracker: 3Refined
Alert: 10Refined
Please leave a +rep on my profile if you enjoyed trading I rly appreciate it.
Note: I will NOT pay extra for paint, killstreaks etc. Do not add me if possible!
Level 100 Hornblower
15 Ref OBO

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ϟ Purple Energy Copper's Hard Top for 40 keys
ϟ Purple Energy Buckaroos Hat for 30 keys
ϟ Green Energy Détective Noir for 60 keys
ϟ Green Energy Coupe D'isaster for 30 keys
ϟ Purple Energy Little Buddy for 50 keys
ϟ Eerie Orbiting Fire Little Buddy for 22 Keys
ϟ Death at Dusk Barnstormer for 100 Keys
ϟ Morning Glory Hotrod for 70 Keys

I can accept the following items at listed price:
Earbuds = 2 Keys
Max's Head (Clean) = 17 Keys
Max's Head (Duped) = 11 Keys
B.M.O.C. = 1.5 Keys
Bill's Hat = 1 Key
Big Kill = 3 Keys
Key = 21 ref

If u want to offer, you should know that your offer have to be overpriced by 30% and higher of my asking price.. Mostly prefer Australiums and Unusuals.. Analytically, i prefer pro Killstreak Australiums & Unusual Hats with following effects : 1st , 2nd gen & Halloween Effects.. If you offer me Unusuals with 3rd gen effects or Robo Unusuals you should overpay more than 60% of my asking price..

Also i can accept payment through Paypal

▼▼ Payment via Paypal "RULES": ▼▼

YOU have to be Patient and Polite
YOU have to go First regardless your "Rep"
YOU must have verified Paypal
YOU have to pay all fees [If Any]
YOU have to send payment as Family and Friends / Gift ┅┅ [IMPORTANT]
YOU have to comprise the followings at Subject section: "Type the full name of the item you want to buy" for Team Fortress 2
In the notes of the paypal you must include the following (copy and paste, then edit italicized text):
"This is payment for virtual/intangible goods within Team Fortress 2 © 2012 Valve Corporation. Physical shipment is not required. Due to the nature of goods, I (PASTE FIRST & LAST NAME ON PAYPAL ACCOUNT) (paste SteamID64 and ID32 link here), waive the option to chargeback and return."
You must have at least one of the following:
Multiple games and lots of played hours
High level, many trades made, many market transactions
A lot of rep on SteamTrades/SourceOP or any other legit trading site

▼▼ My Personal Details: ▼▼

| steamname: SkuLLeyes -|- the Boogeyman
| steam3ID: [U:1:49192594]
| steamID32: STEAM_0:0:24596297
| steamID64: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198009458322
| customURL: http://steamcommunity.com/id/John_Wick_the_Gentleman
| steamrep: http://steamrep.com/profiles/76561198009458322

Informations: I can accept 2$ or 1.8€ in place of a Key.

Note: I have the right to refuse the transaction with you, if i understand that something goes wrong with you or if i don't want to trade with you.

Note: Perhaps our transaction take 1-2 days until my bank confirm the transfer of money.
Hello I am buying the following paints for the following prices:
A Deep Commitment to Purple: 8 ref
Australium Gold: 7 ref
Mann Co. Orange: 7 ref
Color No. 216-190-216: 4 ref
Aged Moustache Grey: 6 ref
Indubitably Green: 6 ref
A Color Similar to Slate: 5 ref
Noble Hatter's Violet: 5 ref
The Color of a Gentlemann's Business Pants: 5 ref
Zepheniah's Greed: 4 ref

Please leave a +rep on my profile if you enjoyed trading I rly appreciate it.
Note: I will NOT pay extra for paints on cosmetics, killstreaks etc. Do not add me if possible!
specialized killstreak, 1 key
Bolt Boy
+ Australium Gold Paint
+ Level 100 (only one on Outpost)

Selling for 1 Key pure.
Level 100 Boston Breakdance
(Only one on Outpost)

Selling for 3 keys pure