Hey there!
Welcome to the deluxe trading experience, crafted just for you.

Selling my WHOLE Backpack for:

105 Refined Metal
13 Mann Co. Keys

If you are interrested, Add ME!
B/O on this clean trilby: 3.5 pure buds (4 in Unusuals)

C/O :
- Purple Energy Hot Dogger (★SorryCanadian★) (Trade Offer)
- Ghosts Platinum Pickelhaube (SWOOVY) (Trade)

Looking mostly for pure or a Max's + Sweets !
3 keys each copie, add me or use a trade offer link.
Not accepting any OFFERS!!!!!!!!!

Im looking for some cs:go skins.

Offer below.
Trading each weapon for 1 scrap each
Key - 8.44

Tossle cap painted purple - 4.88 ref

Gold Botkiller knife Mk.I - 2 keys and 6 ref

add me for a fast trade or we can disscuss about the price!
The ONLY ONE on Outpost
Make reasonable offers.
Has a GREAT killstreaker and sheen.
Considered is 1 Bud
Buyout is 1.5 Buds
2.66 for it or item overpay

add me or send trade offer
taking offers on this soldier set in pure i want bp.tf prices and 50% of the paint. overpay in items
Taking Offers On These Unusuals!

Unusual Belgian Detective!

Effect: Kill-a-Watt

Short History:

Offer Here!

Unusual Fed-Fightin' Fedora!

Effect: Orbiting Fire
Painted: An Extraordinary Abundance of Tinge

Offer Here!

Unusual Buckaroos Hat! Sold!

Effect: Orbiting Fire

Offer Here!

Unusual Eliminators Safeguard!

Effect: Cloud 9
Painted: Team Spirit

Short History:

Offer Here!

Unusual Reggaelator!

Effect: Orbiting Fire
Painted: Australium Gold

Offer Here!

Hide = Not Interested
Price as stated.

Engi Shrek set! It's never Ogre.
Hello and Welcome to my little Shop!
Selling These Cosmetic Items!
Pure Metal, OR Overpay In Items!

Items That I Have:

The Track Terrorizer Painted Australium Gold: 4.33 refined
The Track Terrorizer Painted Color no. 216: 3 refined
Backwards Ballcap: SOLD
Named and Desc. Tag Bolt Boy Painted Pink as Hell: SOLD
Fast Learner Painted Pink as Hell: SOLD
The Paisley Pro: SOLD
The Argyle Ace: 3.66 refined

War Pig Painted The Value Of Teamwork: 6.33 refined
Lumbricus Lid: 7.66 refined
All-Father: SOLD
The Brawling Buccaneer: SOLD
The Viking Braider: 4 refined
Hornblower Level 99: 3.66 refined

The HazMat Headcase: SOLD
The Sub Zero Suit: SOLD

Bearded Bombardier: SOLD
The Battery Bandolier Level 100: SOLD
Glengarry Bonnet: SOLD

The Big Chief: SOLD
All-Father: SOLD
The Viking Braider: 4 refined

The Pocket Purrer: SOLD
The Viking Braider: 4 refined

Taunt: Results Are In: SOLD
The Dough Puncher: SOLD

The Scoper's Smoke: 3.66 refined
Villain's Veil: 5 refined
Outback Intellectual: 3.66 refined

Hat of Cards Painted A Deep Commitment to Purple: 3 refined
The Dashin' Hashshashin: SOLD
Geniuine Distinguished Rogue: 1.66 refined
Charmer's Chapeau: 3.66 refined (got 2 of them)
Noh Mercy: 2 ref refined

Flippin' Awesome: 1 key 2 ref/ 10.33 refined
The Schadenfreude: 4 refined

All Class:
Champ Stamp: SOLD

I've Also Got Some Weapons.
Strange Killstreak Force-A-Nature w/ Dominations, Kills While Low Health: 1 key
Festive Flame Thrower: SOLD
Buying All the taunt the new taunt for 1 ref, Laugh and High five for 2 ref ea add me for a fast trade!
19keys for each copy
add me for fast trade
or send me trade offer http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=94601520&token=Wuvk5Xe6
taking offers on scarf strangifier.

offers below.

Wanna donate some items? Link: http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=57412016&token=KGd1dylj
Buying Unique Killstreak Weapons

1 Rec Each!

Add Me For A Fast Trade! :D