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I would like to trade this unusual I uncrated for an AK VULCAN Factory New. If you offer a different condition you must add.

i find myself playing csgo much more often than tf2 but was very lucky to uncrate this on christmas.

it's valued at 35 keys

thank you
Strange Festive Shotgun = 4 Keys

Strange Festive Black Box = 3 Keys

Strange Festive Sapper = 2 Keys

Strange Festive Eyelander = 2 Keys

Also Excepting Item Offers With Overpay

Add Me
Looking for offers

Duped, but has 2 spells, i payed 20+ in 1st gen for this keep that in mind
Very unlikely i will sell for 20 in 2nd gen or 3rd gen
your best chance is 20 in 1st gen or 20 in 1st gen mix, or a all pure offer(can be slightly discounted)

Do not add me to offer, comment all offers below
Willing to downgrade to either a ge or pe modest+pure
NOT 1:1



C/O: Eerie Orbitijng Fire KE(have proof if needed, via trade offer)

Stormy storm antlers+hearts attendent

Stormy Storm antlers+5 buds
Selling this for 3.11 refs

Send me trade offers, I accept them automatically 24x7

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looking for offers

i'll put it in community market for sale
so offer here in comments
Selling these fine and clean solly unusuals for either TF2 or CS:GO stuff!

Stare From Beyond Hat With No Name - 7 Buds http://backpack.tf/item/3136056367
Green Energy Hat With No Name - 10 Buds http://backpack.tf/item/1326683115
Frostbite Hat With No Name - 10 Buds http://backpack.tf/item/3271472746
Burning Flames Hat With No Name - 35 Buds http://backpack.tf/item/962984746
The Ooze Spook Specs - 20 Buds http://backpack.tf/item/3125757235

~~ Use Trade Offer ~~
Send me a Trade Offer if I'm not online: http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=45101813&token=DQzvShvp
(Please let me know you've sent it.)

Festive Sapper - 3 ref
Festive Sandvich - 4.66
Strange Fur-lined Fighter - 5.33

I'm mainly interested in metal! Expect at least a ref overpay if paying with items. Killstreaks, parts and paints don't add value. Accepting item offers depends on whether I like the item(s) or not.

My trades auto-bump so I may not be here even if it's just been bumped, but I'll try to respond as soon as I can. Happy Trading!
Taking offers on this clean short history Stormy Ushanka

Looking for about 20 keys pure, more in unusuals

NOT interested in the following:
Robo-hat unusuals
2013 effect unusuals
2014 H'ween effect unusuals

Offer below!!

Thanks :)
High backpack.tf prices please. Overpay in items

BFB with parts: 1 key 2 ref
Pink Blind Justice: 1 key 1 ref
Rust flamethrower with reflect kills: 1 key
SF spec. KS Axtinguisher: 3 keys
Any unique weapon in my backpack (NOT new ones): 1 scrap or 2 clean weapons each

Offer in items below, or add me ONLY IF YOU'RE PAYING THE PRICE IN PURE!!!

Thanks :)

Looking for Offers on these items!

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Send me a trade offer by clicking https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=179146081&token=w3xuhpKV

selling these for pure or item overpay. correct pure trade offers are accepted automatically if i am online.

Vintage Physician's Procedure Mask - 1.2 keys
Vintage Physician's Procedure Mask painted An Extraordinary Abundance of Tinge - 2 keys
Vintage Troublemaker's Tossle Cap painted An Extraordinary Abundance of Tinge - 2.7 keys
Genuine Wilson Weave painted Australium Gold - 4.66 ref
The Dashin' Hashshashin painted A Distinctive Lack of Hue - 2 keys
The Surgeon's Side Satchel painted Operator's Overalls - 8 ref
The Liquor Locker painted An Extraordinary Abundance of Tinge - 1.1 keys
The Mann of Reason painted An Extraordinary Abundance of Tinge - 1.2 keys

ps: look at my other trades! i sell more cosmetics, stranges, festives, ks stuff and unus. i also buy quicksells and backpacks. private profile -> block.
Painkiller Hell & Damnation------------------------------------------------------ 1 key http://dispenser.tf/trade/150555/
point blank kills - 3.33
posthumous kills - 1.66
projectiles reflected - 2 keys and 7 ref
pyros killed - 5 ref
revenge kills - 1.33 ref
robot scouts - 0.33
robot spies - 0.33
robot destroyed during halloween - 10 ref

offer - https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=143245395&token=eXik7Lrc
RU+CIS - not ROW version, game can be activated by Russian IP
No region lock for play, lock only for activation.

According to changes to gift tradability on Steam, gifts can be traded until 30 day after purchasing. Unfortunately, that means that in some cases common trading can't be done. Immediately gifts could only be sent as a gift without trading. So, to be procteted of scammers, I send you gift only after getting the keys.

- Resident Evil / biohazard HD REMASTER : 4 keys

I can sell all games on demand .

My profile info:

- Member of Steam since : 2014-04-09
- My steamID64 : http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198132457586
- My steamrep : http://steamrep.com/profiles/76561198132457586
selling these for pure or item overpay. correct pure trade offers are accepted automatically if i am online.

Taunt: Rancho Relaxo - 9 ref
The Bruiser's Bandanna - 1 key
The Anger - 3.33
Vintage Physician's Procedure Mask painted A Deep Commitment to Purple - 1.2 keys
The Extra Layer - 2.33 ref
The Sub Zero Suit - 1 key
Genuine Lone Star painted Drably Olive - 3 ref
Strange Killstreak Huo-Long Heater - 5 ref

ps: look at my other trades! i sell more cosmetics, stranges, festives, ks stuff and unus. i also buy quicksells and backpacks. private profile -> block.
Selling the following bill's hat
black--------------------------3 keys + 8 ref
white--------------------------3 keys + 8 ref
team spirit--------------------3 keys + 6 ref

I take 15 ref = 1 key. Bear this in mind and don't add me and say 1 key = 14.33 ref
If u think 1 key=14.33 ref, feel free to go buy 1 key for 14.33 ref and send me a trade offer. I am willing to accept your offer !

Send me trade offers, I accept them automatically 24x7
Note that many have nice killstreaks, parts, and halloween spells. CHEAP PURE PRICES!!

S. Spec Ks Rocket launcher 3 keys
S. Spec Ks Scattergun 2 keys

DO NOT ADD ME. Send me a trade offer (⇄) or comment below!
I am giving one Team Fortress 2 key for one Counter Strike: Global Offensive Key.
One Tour of Duty Ticket for one Capsule key.

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Well Today, I Am Selling

My Clean Beautiful Lovely 1st Gen Thirst Blood! No Longer Available To Unbox
Looking For 6 Buds Pure Overpay In Unusuals! No Current Offers :c
Thanks For Reading Ladds And Lasses Leave An Offer Below! All Offers Are Considered! And Thought About!

Thanks Everyone For Reading!!! Enjoy Whatever I Sold To You And Dont Forget Im Buying Anything Reduced! (Link Above)