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Welcome to the deluxe trading experience, crafted just for you.
Genuine Merc's Pride Scarf = 1 key + 8 refs

Genuine Shred Alert = 1 key

Genuine Three-Rune Blade = 10 refs

Genuine Apoco-Fists = 2 ref

Genuine Dragonborn Helmet = 14 refs

Genuine Sharp Dresser = 2 keys + 2 ref

Genuine Friends Forever Companion Square Badge = 4 keys + 2 ref

Genuine Grandmaster = 4 keys + 2 refs

fast trade

add me or

PRESS [⇄] or use this to offer a trade:

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Buying these stranges for the following prices:

Strange Festive Scattergun - 17 keys + 9 refined
Strange Festive Medi Gun - 18 keys + 14 refined
Strange Kritzkrieg - 13 keys + 10 refined
Strange Gunslinger - 17 keys + 9 refined
Strange Machina - 11 keys + 1 refined
Strange Ullapool Caber - 12 refined
Strange Huntsman - 3 keys + 4 refined
Strange PDA - 8 keys + 10.11 refined

Add me or send me a trade offer: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=31658745&token=dLjHk0Z4
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Misty Skull Bonk Boy: 200 keys
Sunbeams Buccaneer's Bicorne: 100 keys
Strange Roboactive Teutonic Toque: 90 keys
Scorching Flames Ol' Snaggletooth: 55 keys

Cloudy Moon Hetman's Headpiece: 50 keys
Kill-a-Watt Killer Exclusive: 86 keys
Burning Flames Madame Dixie: 50 keys
Bonzo The All-Gnawing Defiant Spartan: 100 keys

[ Trade offers are very much preferred but you can still add me to discuss, thanks! ]
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---------------------✿ Welcome Team Fortress Community✿
-----------------------------------------------ツ ッ γ‚·

----β—˜ I'm SELLING all those items and MORE on Backpack.tf :

- My Classified Listing : http://backpack.tf/classifieds/?steamid=76561198033694310
- My Backpack : http://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198033694310

---β–² Steam Guard Mobile ON β–Ό Use Trade Offer [⇄] for an INSTANT TRADE ! AUTO-ACCEPT + AUTO-CONFIRM

Escrow Users ACCEPTED !

β†’ OVERPAY 20-30% ←
β†’ OVERPAY 20-30% ←
β†’ OVERPAY 20-30% ←

(NO extra for paint, KS..)

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Send me trade offer.
Send me trade offer.
Hi traders !

Selling these items and many other in my bp (about 1800 !!)

ONLY bptf prices ! ONLY need pure !

Send me a trade offer if interested.

Add me for more informations.

Check my bp as well ;)


EDIT: For the stuff painted, with strange parts or kill streak: You have to add to the price of the item, half the price of the parts/paints/killstreak.
Description tag and name tag doesn't count ;)
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Selling these Demo unusuals! Prices listed are negotiable, and open to unusual offers!

Burning Reggaelator – 240Keys

Searing Plasma Hustle’s Hallmark – 60Keys

Send me a trade request here: http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=83670600&token=IiZNbwav
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Taking offers on these fine unusuals. Please read the wall of text below so things are easier for both of us.

Now the prices for these beauties:

HWNN - Taking offers
Marauder - 155
Billycock - 90 keys
Law - 80 keys
Belt - 30 keys
Taunt - 80 keys

Overpay in anything else than pure is obvious.

Somethings must to remember before offering :

βœ” All 100% clean and non duped.
βœ” I would be mainly keen in 1st or 2nd gens at most. Old halloween effects maybe acceptable depending on the hat/misc you offering.
βœ” Mostly interested in pure/promos/Australiums or Unusuals as mentioned below.
βœ” In case of making an offer with items which are neither pure nor promos prepare to overpay.
βœ” No 3rd gens AT ALL. I don't want any new summer effects at all not even as sweets. Robo effects like AF, RA are exceptions depending on the hats/miscs offered.
βœ” I don't want any kind of gifted unusual hats unless they are like 90% off their values.
βœ” Don't add me for offering. Either offer here or send me a trade offer.

Mention "panda" in your comments so i know that you actually went through my wall of Text.

[ NOTE :
Offer pure only if you HAVE it with you. Don't make posts like "i dont have now il get later" or something like that. I will prefer to negotiate on a price only if you have PURE in your backpack or you have enough credibility that you will get pure immediately once we come to a deal. Also i won't reserve items unless a down-payment is made. Any user who makes tentative/collecting offers will be hidden immediately. I'm sick and tired of hearing shitty excuses and pulling out of offers after I accept them. I won't keep my items on hold just coz you are trying or collecting for it. The amount of down-payment will vary depending upen on the items.If you really want me to hold items for you , you will have to pay a part of the payment as advance and in the decided period you will have to pay the remaining amount.

~ GroovyPanda
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Discounted Flaming Lantern Vintage Tyrolean

B/O:80 Pure is negotiatble for lower. Other sellers want around 100+

Feel free to offer.

Note: some item has paints and stuff.

Pure metal/key offers in most priority
Item offers require serious overpay.

Do not add me - use steam offer system
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Kill-a-Watt Das Hazmattenhatten - 42 Keys
Selling the Hats above (on the LEFT) for the prices also mentioned above (on the RIGHT).

My prices are firm. At the moment I'm only looking for Pure, so if you REALLY want to pay with items, you'd better make it an overpay offer I absolutely cannot refuse.

Trade offers are preferred; if you have to, you can add me though.

Happy trading!
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Selling this Killstreak Grenade Launcher with Damage Dealt Strange Part for 4,5 Keys (that's 4 Keys and 9 Refined).

Either add me or send me a trade offer (the latter is preferred)
No Trade Delay. Will decline any trades the result in a 3 day delay.

Shooting Star W/ Parts - 15 Keys
Diplomat - 2 Keys
El Patron - 8 Refined
Siberian Sweater - 1 Key
Specialized Killstreak Bazaar Bargain W/ Headshots Part - 1 Key
Ambassador W/ Headshots Part - 1 Key 8 Refined
Cowmangler W/ Robots Destroyed Part - 3 Keys
Specialized Killstreak Axtinguisher - 6 Refined
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Morning Glory Tartan Spartan - 100 Keys pure or offers

Send me a trade offer if interested.

metal or keys ONLY!
please send a trade offer using the button below
feel free to post a offer in this post
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Note: some item has paints and stuff.

Pure metal/key offers in most priority
Item offers require serious overpay.

Do not add me - use steam offer system
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Vivid Plasma Stove Pipe
35 Keys
45 in unusual offers
Hello traders of TF2 world !

I'm taking offers on these really beautiful hats :)

I would obiously prefer pure offer, but i can concider items offers !

I'm not in a hurry, and not quickselling ;)

Have fun trading !

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