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Cross-Game Trading

Trade items between multiple games in the Steam Economy with zero hassle.

Random friend requests are ignored, so don't add me please.

* PLEASE NOTE: The hats may not be in my inventory, but they can be retrieved at any time. If you want to buy the item for keys, post your trade offer link and I will send you a trade offer.

Purple Energy Company Man
Excellent all class hat with a very bright and vibrant effect.
Price: 180 keys, or buy it https://mar...;5;u10 on for PayPal/Credit Card/Bitcoin instantly.

Circling Heart Whoopee Cap
Popular scout hat here with a collectors effect.
Non duped:
Price: 50 keys

Purple Confetti Villain's Veil
The original sniper misc, with a classic 1st gen effect.
Price: 150 keys

Purple Confetti Cosa Nostra Cap
Extremely rare to see this stylish spy hat for sale. Currently, and for a long time now, no others have been for sale, so don't miss your chance on this one.
Clean history:
Price: 80 keys

Blizzardy Storm Antlers
No equip region! That means this can be worn with any other cosmetic, even more antlers. Limitless potential for combos!
Non duped:
Price: 220 keys

Australium Professional Killstreak (Agonizing Emerald, Singularity) Knife
Price: sold

Australium Specialized Killstreak (Hot Rod) Ambassador
Price: sold

* PLEASE NOTE: The hats are not in my inventory, but they can be retrieved at any time. If you want to buy the item for keys, post your trade offer link and I will send you a trade offer.
* If you don't have the price in pure keys/buds, POST your offer on this trade. Random friend requests are ignored, so don't add me please.
* Statements made about an items cleanliness are only preliminary observations, not absolute guarantees. If you truly demand that the item be clean, do your own research on the item before offering.
* I am mainly looking for keys, earbuds, or Australiums. Any offer that doesn't contain this will have to be substantial overpay. Unusuals will likely not be accepted if they're not 1st gen.

Random friend requests are ignored, so don't add me please.
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Always Actually Buying
Fast read. 1key 14 ref. 4 keys. 3 keys & 10 refined. 6 keys & 12 refined. 7 keys & 5 refined .6 key , 11 keys.

Strange Disciplinary Action - 1 key & 14 refined Strange Professional - 3 keys & 12 refined

Genuine Grandmaster - 4 keys

Vintage Luger - 3 keys & 10 refined Professional Luger - 5 keys & 8 refined

Strange Pan - 6 keys & 12 refined Strange Professional Pan - 10 keys & 10 refined

[color]Strange C.A.P.P.E.R [/color] - 6 key & 10 refined

Strange Morning Star - 7 keys & 5 refined

Towering Pillar of Shades - 11 keys

because it is most simple send trades/offers
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Craft #40000, taking offers for now.
Don't be that guy and offer 4 refined,i won't accept.
Hi everyone!
Currently BUYING these awesome

I'm buying these items for this price:

My prices are FIRM and NON-NEGOTIABLE.
Use trade offers for instant trade.
Add me ONLY if you agree with the price!

»TauntRancho Relaxo = 9 ref
»TauntConga = 6 ref
»TauntThe High Five = 7 ref
»TauntRock, Paper, Scissors = 5 ref
»TauntSquare Dance = 4 ref
»TauntFlippin' Awesome = 4 ref
»TauntSkullcracker = 3 ref
»TauntFresh Brewed Victory = 3 ref

Send me an offer here:
NOTICE: I check offers through browser even when I'm offline in steam!

Don't forget to bookmark my trades so you could easily get fresh prices!

FAIR prices
FASTEST deals ever possible
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Buying earbuds for 2 keys each

Send me a trade offer if I'm offline:
Selling all these nice hats for pure or overpay in unusuals/items!

Preferably looking for pure or overpay in hats, leave me an offer here please. DO NOT ADD ME!

PS: If this trade is open then I still have the items even if they're not in my inventory!

Keys > Unusual overpay.

Post here or use trade offers ⇄

Buying Haunted Minsk Beef @ not buying atm
Buying Haunted Claws And Infect @ 1 Key pure
Buying Haunted Freedom Feathers @ 1 Key pure
Buying Haunted Idiot Box @ 1 Key pure

Buying Haunted Ghoul Gibbin' Gear @ 14 Ref. pure
Buying Haunted Crone's Dome @ 14 Ref. pure
Buying Haunted Facepeeler @ 12 Ref. pure
Buying Haunted Forgotten King's Pauldrons @ 13 Ref. pure

- i am not paying extra for Paints, Spells, Strange Parts, Standard Killstreak, Specialized Killstreak -

Please send a TRADE OFFER [⇄]

IMPORTANT, Trade Holds:
Guys, please remember: You do not only have to have that Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator enabled, you also NEED to have "Confirmation of Trades" enabled, otherwise there WILL be Trade Holds. You can enable Trade Confirmations in your Profile Privacy Settings.

I reserve the right to decline any Trade Offer that leads to a Trade Hold.
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If the items are not in my backpack, it's on the steam market

Strange Professional Killstreak Carbonado Botkiller Wrench Mk.I
Killstreaker: Cerebral Discharge
Sheen: Agonizing Emerald
Price: 10 keys

Strange Professional Killstreak Overdose
Killstreaker: Tornado
Sheen: Agonizing Emerald
Price: 3 keys

Strange Professional Killstreak Axtinguisher
Killstreaker: Tornado
Sheen: Hot Rod
Parts Attached: Burning Player Kills, Scouts Killed
Price: 3 keys

Strange Professional Killstreak Spy-cicle
Killstreaker: Tornado
Sheen: Villainous Violet
Parts Attached: Robots Destroyed
Price: 6 keys

Collector's Professional Killstreak Winger
Killstreaker: Incinerator
Sheen: Team Shine
Price: 12 keys

Collector's Professional Killstreak Short Circuit
Killstreaker: Flames
Sheen: Deadly Daffodil
Price: 12 keys
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Please DO NOT ADD ME - offer here only.

Looking for PURE OFFERS (keys) or interesting DISCO BEAT DOWN UNUSUALS only.

STRONGLY prefer to sell ONLY to craft number and weapon set collectors. Obvious resellers/quicksellers will have to pay extra.

B/O Prices:

Guillotine - 8 keys
Red Tape - 6 keys
Bazooka - 15 keys

I have an EXTREMELY low tolerance for trader shenanigans, and will BLOCK you EVERYWHERE if you're rude, insulting, or otherwise trouble.


Hide without comment == no thanks.

Thanks! :)
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I'm interested in purchasing entire backpacks. Do you not play anymore, or have friends who don't play anymore? I may be interested in buying everything you've got. I also buy DOTA, CSGO and Steam Community inventories and have made dozens of large-scale purchases previously.


Anyways! You've got to read the following if we are going to make a deal:

- I'm a trading site admin, and thus my reputation should be well established enough. You or your friends will be going first.
- I will be doing background checks. Any shenanigans or suspicious people will be permanently blocked.
- I do not always have cash on-hand and thus may not pay you immediately, but I do always pay out, it just may take a few days or more, depending on the size of the transaction(if you're looking to unload multiple significant items, like 500+ dollars each, it may take a while for me to get payment to you, but it will happen). I can call on plenty of members of the community to vouch for me if need be.
- I send payments via Paypal only. Sorry, no Google Wallet stuff yet or anything like that.
- No level 0-3 profiles, no private profiles, no profiles with less than ten games, this stuff should be obvious.
- If you are unsatisfied by my offer, please do not take offense. I aim to make a profit off of these transactions, and if you wish to maximize profit for your items, selling everything yourself, individually, is the way to go. But if you just want quick cash with zero effort, we can talk. I mean no offense with my offers, so please do not take any. I base my offers on the items in question and whether they're going to be easy to sell or not.
- Once we come to an agreement, I will send you a trade offer for the items I am interested in, you will need to accept it before I will send payment.

If you agree to the above, add me to discuss. If you do not agree to any of the above, please do not add me. :)

Backpacks purchased through this trade: 68
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Just got some more in-stock!
(Bookmark this trade for future reference!)

Welcome to my Key shop, I'm selling for $1.95 USD each
Stock: 3911 (restocking currently, check back often!)
Sold: 12,486
CS:GO Keys:

My Rep/Information:
> Top 10 BPs on, Well known Noh-Mercy Collector
> 6+ Years on Steam, Over 3,000 Hours on TF2:
> SourceOP Rep Thread:
> PPM:
> Harpoon Gaming Rep Thread: https://for...30113/
> Steam Rep:
> Paypal Verified

1) You go first, exceptions to this will be made at my own discretion.
2) You pay the fees, if any.
3) If I feel anything about you is shady i.e: low hours, pending reports, etc assume I wont trade you.
4) If for any reason I don't feel comfortable doing a trade, I may stop it at any time.
4.1) In the above case: If payment has already been made I will refund it.

Now, granted all that if you are interested in buying any keys please, post below!
I'll get back to you asap after I check on your rep, history and account.

Thanks for reading and happy trading!
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Buying almost any SPECIALIZED Killstreak Kits (not fabricators) or SPECIALIZED Killstreak Weapons (not strange) for 7 refined

I don't care what weapon is it (or kit) I buying them for craft so don't ask me pay more than 7 refined I will not do that.

NO NEED Big Kill, Lugermorph, Unarmed Combat, Black Rose, Freedom Stuff, Maul, Apoco-Fists

You could send me trade offer

Thank you.
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Crafted this on my alt :) Looking for pure offers. DO NOT ADD ME!
Buying all your spare MvM robot parts.
Trade offers are magic:

I prefer to buy in bulk at 1-3 random weapons per part (or the equivalent in metal/items).
Comment below if you add me, please use trade offers otherwise!

2.5 scrap per battle-worn robot part
6 random parts for 1 refined (Battle-worns preferred)
1 Pristine parts for 0.44 refined

Mostly looking for Battle-worn parts!

I have a bunch of all class/craft hats I'm willing to trade as well.
~9 random parts for 1 craft hat
~3 Pristine parts for 1 craft hat
(check my backpack for the unique ones if you want a specific one! I don't have the KE anymore)

The Ellis cap is a place holder for other craft hats!
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Buying for:

Balaclavas are Forever14 refined
Waterlogged Lab Coat14 refined
The Value of Teamwork14 refined
Team Spirit16 refined
An Air of Debonair14 refined
Operator's Overalls14 refined
Cream Spirit14 refined

Mann Co. Painting Set20 refined

You can add me on steam or send me a trade offer.
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Looking to buy Mann Co. Keys for cash: $1.55 USD
Looking for a minimum of 10 keys per transaction.

• You will always go first, unless you have more rep.
• I will typically cover all fees, and if not it will be discussed upon transaction.
• I will not trade with Shady Accounts / Marked on Steamrep.


Rep Threads:
Sourceop Rep: Trust:

• TF2Shop Seller
• 3 Years on Steam
• Avid User of Sourceop / TF2Outpost

CS:GO Key Buying Thread:

Ref Buying Thread:

Tour of Duty Ticket Buying Thread:

Max Head Buying Thread:

BOOKMARK for further sales!
And feel free to add me :)
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* If paying in items, an item overpay is required *

* Cheap paints, parts, etc will not add any value towards your item *

Max's Severed Head w/ The Bitter Taste of Defeat and Lime & Halloween Spell: Headless Horseshoes - 40 keys OR 45 key item overpay [ Status: Clean & NOT Duped | History: ]
Vintage Tough Guy's Toque w/ The Bitter Taste of Defeat and Lime - 1 key
Vintage Master's Yellow Belt w/ The Bitter Taste of Defeat and Lime - 17 refined
Mishap Mercenary w/ The Bitter Taste of Defeat and Lime - 15 refined
Merc's Muffler w/ The Bitter Taste of Defeat and Lime - 14 refined
Non-Craftable Triboniophorus Tyrannus w/ The Bitter Taste of Defeat and Lime - 10 refined
Non-Craftable Fancy Fedora w/ The Bitter Taste of Defeat and Lime - 16 refined
Chicken Kiev - 5 keys

➨ Feel free to add me or use the ⇄ (trade offer) button down below, which ever you prefer!
➨ Feel free to view my other trades:
➨ Phishers/Private accounts WILL be automatically blocked!
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* If paying in items, an item overpay is required *

* Paints, parts, etc will not add any value towards your item *

Beep Man w/ Australium Gold & Halloween Spell: Bruised Purple Footprints - 10 keys
All-Father w/ Halloween Spell: Rotten Orange Footprints & Halloween Spell: Chromatic Corruption - 6 keys
Filamental w/ Halloween Spell: Rotten Orange Footprints - 5 keys
Bombing Run (level 100) w/ Team Spirit & Halloween Spell: Rotten Orange Footprints - 5 keys
Spooky Shoes w/ Halloween Spell: Bruised Purple Footprints - 6 keys
Fancy Dress Uniform w/ Halloween Spell: Die Job & Gangreen Footprints - 4 keys
Genuine Wilson Weave w/ Halloween Spell: Spectral Spectrum & Corpse Gray Footprints - 4 keys
Haunted Cryptic Keepsake w/ Halloween Spell: Corpse Gray Footprints & Voices From Below - 4 keys

➨ Feel free to add me or use the ⇄ (trade offer) button down below, which ever you prefer!
➨ Feel free to view my other trades:
➨ Phishers/Private accounts WILL be automatically blocked!
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