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trading hats, offer away, if your offer interests me i will trade you
link to my other trade with hats:
SF Axtinguisher (Crit Kills, Demo Kills, Soldier Kills) - 2 keys
SF Mackerel (Airborne, Engineers killed, Revenges) - 3 keys
Flamethrower (Allies Extinguished, Projectiles Reflected, Posthumous) - 1 key
Flamethrower (Dominations) - 1 key
Silver Flamethrower (Robots Destroyed, Posthumous kills, Cloaked Spies Killed) - 1 key
Flare Gun (Airborne, Posthumous, Cloaked Spies Killed) - 1 key
LochNLoad (Heavies Killed) - 10ref
Grenade Launcher (Scouts killed) - 1 key

send me trade offer
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Scatter (Airborne, Dominations, Crit Kills) - 2 keys 10 ref
Scatter (Heavies killed, Scouts killed, Point blank) - 1 key
Shotgun (Scouts, Pyros, Heavies killed) - 1 key
Reserve Shooter (Scouts killed) - 1 key
SF KS Ambassador (Snipers killed, Airborne Enemies killed) - 7 keys
Black Box (Gib Kills, Buildings Destroyed) - 2 keys
KS Rocket Launcher (Gib kills) - 1 key 5ref
Degreaser (Projectiles reflected, Pyros killed, Revenges) - 1 key 15 ref

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1 key 4 ref pure. Mobile confirmed only. Do not add me. Use URL:
Pure or Overpay in Unusuals from 20%+ depending on hat and effect/gen.
I would also prefer it to be recently updated

Offers that have merit will be discussed (by which I mean if you arent giving a good amount of all pure then you better be overpaying) - can lower prices for all pure offers but not quickselling

SBTWC Bear Necessities (only one on the market) 120 keys

Flaming Lantern Tree (Nightmare before Christmas themed) 100 keys

Arcana Brown Bomber - SOLD

Misc offers will be valued above all others the likes of Arcana, Cloudy Moon, Darkblaze, Secret etc (ones that go well with Spellbound)

Do Not Add Me!!!!
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Sellings bits and bobs. Massive item overpay expected if not pure.

Wild West Waistcoat sold for 3 ref
White Russian sold for 3 ref
Scattergun sold for 10 ref
Woodsy sold for 6 ref
Minigun sold for 3 keys

I decline trade holds

Shotgun = 2 keys
Dreams Sticky = 10 ref
Sandstone = 3 ref

Do Not Add Me!!!
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Did somebody say skins? No?
Alright I will sit back down in a corner then :/

Shell Shocker sold for 14 ref

Factory New Strange Torqued to Hell Wrench (Commando Grade) looking for 25 keys.

Do not add me
Have a nice day ^_^
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2 keys for a set of 9 (Engi Wrench is included)

Update 01/19/2016 (or 19/01/2016) Selling as set only now.

A Silver Mecha Set.
Do Not Add Me. Use Trade Button Below

Sets sold: 5
Sets Available: 1

Why you bookmark and view, but no offer
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(ノ ゜Д゜)ノ ︵ ┻━┻
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ ︵ ╯(°□° ╯)
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50 keys or 55+ in offers. Add me or send a trade offer if interested :) Trade offers will be accepted faster than friend requests however as I do those with ease on my phone but either one works :)
24x7 Trading Bot
Look at the prices and send me an offer

Prices ➤
Trade link ➤

Item offers require at least 30% overpay

Looking to quicksell an item/unusual? ▼
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24x7 Trading Bot
Look at the prices and send me an offer

Prices ➤
Trade link ➤

Item offers require at least 30% overpay

Looking to quicksell an item/unusual? ▼
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1:1 for any craft hat ever.
Send me a trade offer, please try not to add me regarding this specific trade.

Hi and Welcome to my Shop!

Lord Cockswain's Novelty Mutton Chops and Pipe (painted Muskelmannbraunn): 3 ref.
Genuine Distinguished Rouge: 2.66 ref
Vintage Soldier's Stash: 11.44 ref
Festive Sapper: 5.66 ref

Genuine Backbitter's Billycock: 8.77 ref
Bunsen Brave: 2.44 ref
Officer's Ushanka: 2.44 ref
Strange Killstreak Cow Mangler (spell Exorcism: worth 2.5 keys!): 1 key.
-This is a huge quicksell.

Things to Note:
-Trade offers and adding me are welcome.
-I do not accept skins, or count parts and paints if you are paying with item overpay.
-Price will be 1.5 keys higher if you have escrow (trade hold) that is longer then 15 days.
-If you are paying with a third gen effect and/or a robo hat, overpay is 50%
-Overpay is negotiable

Thanks and happy trading!
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Strange SPECIALIZED KILLSTREAK Sniper Rifle for:
2.00 Mann Co. Supply Crate Keys
This Strange SPECIALIZED KILLSTREAK Sniper Rifle has ~4.7 Keys worth of Parts ATTACHED!

PURE (Metals/Keys) or Massive Overpay in Items
I do NOT value: Paint / Levels / Craft# / Parts / Spells if you are overpaying in items.


I can ϟAUTO-ACCEPT-TRADESϟ (if you paid the right price) during the following Hours:

Monday to Friday:
5:00 AM - 11:30 AM [UTC]

Saturday to Sunday:
12:30 AM - 12:30 PM [UTC]

(You can type 'UTC Clock' into Google and it will show you the time!)

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orbitals and all classes

feel free to offer
Buying any low-tier effect of the hats listed above for the following prices, including duped ones:

Caribbean Conqueror ----------- 13 keys
Cloud Crasher ----------- 10 keys
Chieftain's Challenge ----------- 10 keys (9 keys for N&B)
Stainless Pot ----------- 9 keys
Defiant Spartan ----------- 9 keys
Full Metal Drill Hat ----------- 9 keys
Helmet Without a Home ----------- 8 keys
Conquistador ----------- 8 keys

- As i said above, i don't care if your hat is duped.
- Not interested in paying more for mid-high tier effects unless you are discounting them by at least 40-50%.
- I won't trade with scammers/alts/private-profiles.
- I'm also buying other unusuals, check them here:

Send a trade offer and i will respond as soon as possible. Have a nice day!
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Hi and welcome to my Autralium Buying Shop!

I am buying 6 Strange Australium Weapons for some of the best prices on tf2 outpost!

I pay more for Professional Killstreak, but not for Specialized or normal killstreak. (I mainly focus on buying non-killstreak Australiums but I accept killstreaks)

Price: (price I pay without killstreak / price I pay with proffesional killstreak)

Force of Nature: 10 keys / 11 keys
Tomislav: 10 keys / 11 keys
Axtinguisher: 6 keys / 6.5 keys
Blutsauger: 8.25 keys / 8.75 keys
Frontier Justice: 8.25 keys / 8.75 keys
SMG: 6.25 keys / 6.75 keys

Trade Offer Link:

My Steam Profile (I welcome adds):

My Backpack (I am selling everything except for my Kunai and Ambassador if you are intrested):

Happy Trading!

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Hi friends! Trading this beautiful burning flames combustible kabuto for 260 keys in unusuals! Pure price is negotiable! This is a very rare and high tier pyro hat, this particular effect only has 3 in existence! It is also only a 2 man history! It also has a G L I T C H E D E F F E C T! When u don't adjust it the propane tank lights on fire, and when it is adjusted at all the effect goes back to normal! Wow! Feel free to add me or send me a trade offer! NO SCSAMMERS!