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Buying Dota 2 Items with TF2 Metal/Keys! Looking for the Items stated above, as well as items I don't have yet. Check my BP to see if I already have the item instead of adding me to ask.

Commons : 1 Scrap

Uncommons : 3 Scraps

Rares : 1 Refined

Mythical : 2.33 Refined

Stranges : You Offer

Dota 2 Keys : 5.33 Ref

Bessy : 3 Keys

Silent Ripper : 1 Key

Red Talon Hood : 1.33 Ref

Legs of the Brood Queen : 1.33 Ref

Strange Fireborn Odachi : 2 Keys

Strange Spinal Slicer Off-Hand : 1.33 Ref

Strange Hood of Endless Intellect : 2 Ref

Strange Runed Ailettes : 1.33 Ref

Strange Runestaff of Veroidicia : 0.66 Ref

Strange Luxuriant Chin-Foliage : 0.66 Ref

Strange Cape of Verdant Dreaming : 0.66 Ref

Sanguine Moon Patch : 2.66 Ref

If individual item prices are not listed, refer to general pricing above.

Prices for Expensive Items (>1 Key) are Slightly Negotiable. Add Me on Steam for Fast Trade!

C/O - power surge doc's sack
Selling all weapons on pages 1-10 for 1 scrap each.

Leave a message here or add me on Steam to trade!
Looking to swap for LEVEL 71 ONLY.

My hat + metal for your level 71 version of that hat --> easy profit for you.

Will add 2 scrap for each unique hat, 4 scrap for each vintage hat (and more for painted).
NOT ACCEPTING any hats that are uncraftable or have craft numbers (unless #71) or gifted by tags.
I'm only taking the same quality of item as I own.

For my painted hats, I'm basically only looking for level 71 versions that are also painted the same way (I already have an unpainted 71 v camera beard).


Looking for any craft #71 items as well, see: http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/5767058

I'd also do similar swaps with my unusuals (for the same unusual level 71). Please post or add me if you own or know of a level 71 version of any of my unusuals.

Level 1 Jarate wooo

Offer up. It's a bit rare lol.
Selling a level 0 hat.

They are worth a bit, there's less that 55 in the world.

offer up
Doctor whoa craft #15 level 15
b/o 2 buds pure or equal key
(no unusual if you don't want to overpay)
Feel free to offer on site.

N.B. I really like this item, so this don't go for low.
http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/10524229 <- all c/os are written here

All proceeds will go to buying games

Dont add me just offer here

Sold items are non-refundable. Unrelated post such as commenting on prices shall be hidden. Unusuals are not included with batteries and no warranty shall be issued.I will not use backpack.tf for my leveled items or # items as its very inaccurate.
**NOT FOR SALE GENERALLY** The items above are NOT FOR SALE unless you're willing to pay 1 buds for each and buy all together. I do not expect to be offered the aforementioned price, it is listed merely because it is required. The items shown are just there to illustrate that I collect #71.

I collect craft #71 items!

If you have #71 items or know of #71 owners who don't have their items listed on trade sites like this one, let me know :)
I really appreciate it.


Current Collection (x144 Craft #71s):

The Hero's Tail #71
The Front Runner #71
The Digit Divulger #71
The Bigg Mann on Campus #71
The Cool Cat Cardigan #71
The Delinquent's Down Vest #71
The Southie Shinobi #71
The Red Socks #71
Sign of the Wolf's School #71
The Tomb Wrapper #71
The Caffeine Cooler #71
The Soda Popper #71
Baby Face's Blaster #71
The Back Scatter #71
Unarmed Combat #71
The War Pig #71
The Caribbean Conqueror #71
Soldier's Slope Scopers #71
The Rebel Rouser #71
The Federal Casemaker #71
The Helmet Without a Home #71
Lord Cockswain's Novelty Mutton Chops and Pipe #71
Soldier's Stogie #71
The Shogun's Shoulder Guard #71
The Kringle Collection #71
The Founding Father #71
The Man in Slacks #71
The Compatriot #71
The Beggar's Bazooka #71
The Burning Bandana #71
The Pampered Pyro #71
The Smoking Skid Lid #71
The Cotton Head #71
The Centurion #71
Employee of the Mmmph #71
The HazMat Headcase #71
The Last Breath #71
The Breather Bag #71
The Soot Suit #71
Rail Spikes #71
The Lunatic's Leathers #71
El Muchacho #71
The Steel Sixpack #71
The Senguko Scorcher #71
The Backpack Broiler #71
The Infernal Orchestrina #71
The Burning Bongos #71
The Scorch Shot #71
The Third Degree #71
The Glasgow Great Helm #71
The Stormin' Norman #71
The Tartan Spartan #71
The Razor Cut #71
The Black Watch #71
The Bearded Bombardier #71
Blind Justice #71
The King of Scotland Cape #71
The Whiskey Bib #71
The Gaelic Garb #71
The Gym Rat #71
The Bear Necessities #71
The Pounding Father #71
The Katyusha #71
The Sandvich Safe #71
The Cuban Bristle Crisis #71
The Big Steel Jaw of Summer Fun #71
The Bolshevik Biker #71
Heavy's Hockey Hair #71
Weight Room Warmer #71
The Heavy-Weight Champ #71
The Red Army Robin #71
The Barnstormer #71
The Pardner's Pompadour #71
The Last Straw #71
The Danger #71
The Brainiac Hairpiece #71
The Grizzled Growth #71
The Gold Digger #71
The Special Eyes #71
The Level Three Chin #71
The Egghead's Overalls #71
The Lonesome Loafers #71
Endothermic Exowear #71
The Tools of the Trade #71
The Trash Toter #71
The Builder's Blueprints #71
The Pocket Purrer #71
The Beep Boy #71
The Dry Gulch Gulp #71
The Flared Frontiersman #71
The Eureka Effect #71
The Weather Master #71
Das Hazmattenhatten #71
The Slick Cut #71
Das Ubersternmann #71
Baron Von Havenaplane #71
A Brush with Death #71
The Medicine Manpurse #71
Doc's Holiday #71
The Fruit Shoot #71
The Anger #71
The Swagman's Swatter #71
Wet Works #71
The Stovepipe Sniper Shako #71
Villain's Veil #71
The Koala Compact #71
Li'l Snaggletooth #71
The Birdman of Australiacatraz #71
The Chronomancer #71
The Criminal Cloak #71
The Triggerman's Tacticals #71
The Harmburg #71
L'homme Burglerre #71
The Belgian Detective #71
Hat of Cards #71
The Blood Banker #71
The After Dark #71
The Frenchman's Formals #71
The Distinguished Rogue #71
Escapist #71
The Rogue's Brogues #71
The Spy-cicle #71
Wanga Prick #71
The Quäckenbirdt #71
The Red-Tape Recorder #71
The Brütal Bouffant #71
The Cockfighter #71
The Crosslinker's Coil #71
Antlers #71
Graybanns #71
The Macho Mann #71
The Marxman #71
The Mutton Mann #71
The Balloonicorn #71
The Teufort Tooth Kicker #71
The Deadliest Duckling #71
The Mark of the Saint #71
The Atomic Accolade #71
The Baronial Badge #71
The Conscientious Objector #71
The Freedom Staff #71
The Bat Outta Hell #71
The Ham Shank #71
Power Up Canteen #71

Special Bonus:
The Front Runner #7171 (Level 71)
The Hive Minder #7171
The Team Captain #7100
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Metal in stock
Refined: 1
Reclaimed: 1
Scrap: 0

Press Ctrl+F to search for vintages I've bought/still buying

Buying your vintage weapons for 2 scrap each! Here are the rules:

#2. No I will not pay 1 rec, they're 2 scrap and they'll stay that way for around 2 more years
#3. No collectors vintages (ullapool, luger, brass beast, ect.) I will only be taking a vintage loch n load if you're selling for extremely cheap (like around 1 ref)
#4. Tell me down here what you're selling before you add me (Example: "I have a vintage flare gun, added you")
#5. I will not be doubling over on vintage weapons, I will be taking ONE OF EACH (and currently I only need 2 more)

vintage items bought:

[x]Vintage Force-A-Nature
[x]Vintage Bonk! Atomic Punch
[x]Vintage Sandman
[x]Vintage Direct hit
[x]Vintage Buff banner
[ ]Vintage Gunboats
[x]Vintage Equalizer
[x]Vintage Pain train
[x]Vintage Backburner
[x]Vintage Flare gun
[x]Vintage Axtinguisher
[x]Vintage Homewrecker
[x]Vintage Scottish Resistance
[x]Vintage Chargin' Targe
[x]Vintage Eyelander
[x]Vintage Scotsman's skullcutter
[x]Vintage Sandvich
[x]Vintage Dalokohs bar
[x]Vintage Blutsauger
[x]Vintage Kritzkrieg
[x]Vintage Übersaw
[x]Vintage Frontier Justice
[ ]Vintage Wrangler
[x]Vintage Gunslinger
[x]Vintage Southern Hospitality
[x]Vintage Huntsman
[x]Vintage Razorback
[x]Vintage Jarate
[x]Vintage Tribalman's shiv
[x]Vintage Ambassador
[x]Vintage Dead Ringer
[x]Vintage Cloak and Dagger
[x]Vintage Escape Plan

-the reason I left out Natascha and KGB is because I already have odd-leveled versions of those
- the reason the escape plan is at the bottom is because I just recently added it.

Unlisted items bought for very cheap:
-vintage untradeable Fan O War (I provide wrap)
-vintage untradeable Brass Beast (He provides wrap)
-vintage buffalo steak sandvich
-vintage bills for freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! (Thanks Cat!)

Offering a Ref for Every Craft Hat. Add me on Steam.
Strange Mutated Milk - 1 Key + 4.33 Refined

Strange Self-Aware Beauty Mark - 2 Keys

Strange Snack Attack - 4 Keys

Strange Festive GRU - 1 Key

Pure only - no items.

Please use trade offers; I accept them way faster than if you add me. Thanks ツ!
Selling 6.00 ref pure metal ADD ME OR SEND A TRADE OFFER

Selling this nice clean orb. Planets jefe

Very clean short history

25 keys or overpay in unusuals

rock paper scissors for one key. Trade offer only, dont add me.
Hello everyone....

Selling this awesome M9 Bayonet - Urban Masked !

Has Minimal Wear looks!

Want 3.5 earbuds pure and around 4.5+ in unusuals
Selling that awesome Hearts Set for Engineer !

Selling as a set : Circling Hearts Buckaroos + Circling Hearts Pencil Pusher + Cloud 9 Braniac : 15 Pure buds - 255 keys

By the way, the Pencil Pusher is a misc.

'72 Flippin' Awesome : 6 buds / 102 keys

Skill gotten gains Rancho Relaxo : 4 Pure buds / 68 keys

Fountain of Delight Rancho Relaxo : 7 Pure buds / 119 keys

Holy Grail Rancho Relaxo : 7 Pure buds / 105 keys

Strange Violet Fire Horns Shotgun : 20 keys

Screenshots of the taunts : http://img.../TBMqR

Keys > Buds > 1st gen > Rest

Rejected offer on the Pencil Pusher :
-GE data mining light or Vivid Thirst blood (Too low, don't want to break the set)
I am selling normally unpaintable items, that have been painted through a glitch however! But these are great collector items.

Look in wiki (is unpaintable) --> second link is existence in the world.


Exist 5 in the world
I have 2 (1 for sell)
1 is untradable
1 is of erico (another halloween collector)
Last (IDK)

Then is 1 of 1 of outpost.

B/o 6 keys.

black viking - 1 key
tc - 4.66 ref
gift wrap - 1 key
siberian - 3 ref
black liq - 1 key
greased - 2 ref