Hey there!
Welcome to the deluxe trading experience, crafted just for you.
1:1 if you own both of them i would like to look in-game to see which i prefer
9inch snasuage
scop: 3 ref
snow: 12 ref
bills: 3 keys
outback: 8 ref
triad: 2 ref
flippin: 6.33
conga: 8.33
laugh:11 ref
I'm paying 1.22ref for any craftable hat.

I'll also pay 1 key for any 13 craftable hats.

Trade Offers Only
Selling these items.

Villain's Veil (Australium Gold) - 9 ref
Graybanns (Australium Gold) - 13 ref
Napper's Respite (Halloween Spell - Spectral Spectrum) - 10 ref
War Pig - 3 ref
Strange Specialised Killstreak Carbonado Botkiller Scattergun Mk.1 (Sheen - Villainous Violet) - 2 keys 8 ref
Strange Specialised Killstreak Eyelander (Sheen - Team Shine) - 2 keys
im buying horribly renamed unique/vintage/stock weapons
no ironic memes or anything, it has to be genuinely terrible

just putting this up since valve gave out untradable name tags this year

send a trade offer for a few keys and the items, and I'll send a counter offer for it's weight in irony

Trade Offers Only
bp.tf or whatever

don't add me
Selling :
Strange Professional Killstreak Grenade Launcher - 10 keys (in pure)
!!! ADD me for fast trade !!!
Selling this CLEAN Aces High Counterfeit Billycock for only 17 keys or item overpay!
Negotiations are allowed!

Send me a trade offer if you agree with the prices, add me if you want to discuss, and post below if you have an offer!

Have a nice day!
Selling :
Masked Mender Medi Gun - 10 keys (in pure)
- Strange
- Specialized Killstreak (Villainous Violet)
- Minimal Wear
- $22.50 USD in market
!!! ADD me for fast trade !!!
Selling this specialized killstreak kit for 10 Keys or 12 keys overpay

This specialized killstreak kit can be applied to any weapon/hats/keys or almost any item in TF2. This is a rare kit.

Trade Link: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=197111866&token=OPG56aoU
Prize Plushy - 2 ref
Cool Cat Cardigan - 6 ref
Texas Half-Pants - 2.66

Tools of the trade - 2 ref

Mister Bubbles - 2 ref

Pure or Item Overpay, add me or send trade offer
Selling these items!

Bill's Hat (Team Spirit) - 2 keys 12 ref
Essential Accessories (Team Spirit) - 1 key 8 ref
Essential Accessories (Australium Gold) - 1 key 4 ref
Bruiser's Bandanna (Australium Gold) - 1 key 4 ref
Value of Teamwork paint - 1 key
Cold Snap Coat - 1 key + 1 ref
Thermal Insulation Layer - 6.66 ref
Last Breath - 7 ref

Send over a trade offer or add me if I am online! Item overpay is required if you don't have pure.
Selling :
Civil Servant Medi Gun (Factory New) - 2 ref (in pure)
!!! ADD me for fast trade !!!
Medi-Mask - 3 ref

Pure or Item Overpay!

Send me a trade offer only!
Offers on this generic Pro & Spec KS kit. Offer here.

Pure is preferred.

B/O: 80 keys

C/O: Cloud 9 Soldered Sensei + 15 keys for Pro KS.

Selling for bp.tf prices. Send a trade offer, add me or offer here.
Quickselling this DBD Feds' for 30 pure.
Is that a Backburner with projectiles reflected on it?
You bet it is.

Sexy as FUCK.
Who doesn't want to reflect kill a soldier and have him cry because you used a Backburner?
Raises your power level.
Instantly grants you massive biceps.
Makes Senpai notice you.

Anyway, for the low low price of 2 Keys pure, this monumental piece of TF2 weaponry can be yours!