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Specialized Killstreak AWPer Hand Kit (Team Shine) - 1 keys + 12 ref
Unusual Ol´ Snaggletooth

Effect: It´s A Secret To Everybody

100% clean and nice Halloween Effect

B/O: 75 keys


! Offers below !
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Strange Professional Killstreak Ambassadore (Manndarin + Singularity + Parts) - 7.5 keys
Unusual Copper´s Hard Top

Effect: Circling Heart

1st Gen and 100% clean

B/O: 20 keys pure or unusual / item overpay


! Offers Below !
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Unusual Sultan´s Ceremonial

Effect: Burning Flames

100% clean and 1st Gen Effect

B/O: 72 Keys pure or unsual / item overpay


! Offers below !
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KS Shooting star - 1 key 8 ref (10 ref off!)
S Mistaken Movember - 1 key 8 ref
Rancho Relaxo Taunt - 14 ref
S Vascular Vestment - 7 ref (S Part - No Crit or Mini Crit Kills)
The Wide Brimmed Bandito - 3 ref
Large Luchadore - 1.44 ref
The hero's tail - 5 ref
The Level Three Chin - 5 ref

Send me a trade offer if interested-I will get back to you as fast as I can.
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Taunt is tradable now + level 100~

b/o: 100 k

Offer away.
Birdman of Australiacatraz - 2.66 ref
Taunt: Spent Well Spirits - 2.33 ref
A Hat to Kill For - 7 ref
Chicago Overcoat - 10 ref
A Well Wrapped Hat (Painted Black) - 19 ref
Festive Brain Candy Rocket Launcher - 7 ref or offers
Festive Strange Nutcracker Scattergun - 8 ref or offers
Festive Earth, Sky, and Fire - 5 ref or offers

I am taking offers on every item, item overpay, and of course pure.

Send me a trade offer if interested-I will get back to you as fast as I can.
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Tradeable now.

Hat looks baller.

b/o: 120 k

offer away~
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I am buying quicksells for as low as only 2 scrap off. (For Ex: reg price 3.66 , ill buy for 3.44)

I have 110 ref in stock, u can offer anything you want.

I do not give more for parts and rarely do i give more for paint.

Dont try to make me pay I price I wont, if you dont like what i offer, find someone that will.

Send me a trade offer if interested-I will get back to you as fast as I can.
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2 ELITE grade skins
The ThunderBolt (sniper rifle) BS - 2.5 keys
The Liquid Asset (stickybomb launcher) FT - 1.4 keys

Item Offers can be accepted! Price can be negotiable!

Send me a trade offer if interested-I will get back to you as fast as I can.
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Bruiser's Bandanna- 15 ref
The Horn Blower- 3.66 ref
Dead of night- 21 ref
SPEC KS Strange Sandman (TeamSpirit) - 20 ref
The Graybanns - 6.33 ref

Send me a trade offer if interested-I will get back to you as fast as I can.
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Shot to Hell Pistol (MW) - 8.33 ref
Festive SMG - 1.66 ref
Rogue's Col Roule - 2 ref
Hong Kong Cone - 5 ref
The Triggermans's Tacticals - 5 ref
The All Father - 11.33 ref
The Nabler - 2 ref
The Trash Toter - 2 ref

Send me a trade offer if interested-I will get back to you as fast as I can.
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Looking for 45 keys.
Pretty much pure only, will look at good 1st gen offers.

^Looking to sell these cosmetics for pure metal or item overpay!^ Prices are below!
Spec direct ~ 22.00 ref
Rocket with parts ~ 3 keys
Spec ks rocket ~ 3 keys
Spec ks rocket ~ 4 keys
Ks scatter ~ 22.00 ref
Ks scatter ~ 16.00
Spec ks shotty ~ 1 key
Spec ks shotty~ 24.00 ref

Paints, desc tags, and other things similar to that do not add value for you.
Add me or send me a trade offer, trade offers work best!
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Starstorm insomnia KE!
Looking for ~250 on this beauty. My offer ballpark is based on the previous SALES below

This KE has sold for:

- Burning ballcap + screaming tiger battin (~300)!/compare/1477958400/1478044800
- PE menco + time warp HOC + 30 pure + infernal flames RPS (~200 + the RPS)!/compare/1478649600/1478736000
- AF Cball + Demonflame festivizer + strange tesla cloud crasher (~220 + the crasher)!/compare/1478822400/1478908800
- insomnia gibus (resold +10 for a beams lucky shot) + swirl fubar fanfare + insomnia salty dog + 15 keys!/compare/1478995200/1479168000!/compare/1479168000/1479254400 gibus reselling for lucky shot
~185 + dog + taunt
- Beams wrapped hat + insomnia falkirk?!?!/compare/1477785600/1477872000
Thats 500+ lol

Some offers:
- Infernal flames rancho + insomnia hwnn (around 200 ish I guess?)
- Tesla lil bitey + tesla toadstool + mw hot blitzkrieg smg (no idea how much but probably low)
- AF cball + demon festivizer + ~25 in Strange Festives (~250 ish) || Closest yet; would take if the offerer adds his DaD conquistador
- AF Cball + logo bomber + strange kritzkrieg (or this same offer but with 73 pure instead of the bomber)

Feel free to offer! Would love to downgrade into multiple smaller hats!

~Foamy :3
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★★★ Sweet mother of Sex Appeal ★★★

★ Circling hearts Killer Exclusive: 450 keys ||
★ Holy grail Rancho Relaxo: 180 keys ||

Both are clean. The rancho is the cheapest on the market and the asking price is in pure. For the KE its a mixed offer ballpark.
Trade offers preferred but you can also add me to discuss or comment below to offer!

Rancho got offered 153 pure within a day of listing

Some offers:
- 153 pure for the rancho
- Strange starstorm slumber KE + slumber hwnn (~370? ish total based on what the offerer bought it for) For the hearts KE (see trade comments)|| Too risky for my liking
- Electrostatic TC + secret dogger + strange bruisers Bedouin (~425 total) for the hearts KE || Id like to downgrade it but not really interested in either of those hats.
- Electrostatic TC + Secret dogger + vivid brigade for the hearts KE (~435) total, (same offerer as the one above) || Getting closer, but was still a little short of what I expected
- Strange slumber KE + slumber hwnn + insomnia nickel + 25 pure || Comment section || Better, but still slightly too low
- Tesla crones + 75 pure 100 pure || Client has no interest in tesla as effect
- Clean beams stahl (~580, thats high tho) || Owner bought another hearts KE with that
- Beams cosa + GE rotation + searing nunhood (all clean, ~470) || Pretty decent offer; would definitely have considered, but he bought something else before I saw the offer.
- Showstopper victory lap || Too uncertain of its values. allegedly 500, but the only sale I found on that was for a PE rifle + aussie wrench (~250 or so)

COs on the KE are 400 pure or slumber KE + slumber HWNN + insomnia nickel + 100 pure, offered by Gazt0n from the comment section. The hats were sold and the pure offer is realisticly too weak to hold as a CO (i.e Im not quite sure he'll actually collect that).

I am brokering these unusuals for this user:
If these unusuals do not appear in my backpack, they may reside in the original owner's backpack. Any contact regarding this trade will be done through me, as per brokering agreements.

~Foamy :3
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Selling a Basic Tomislav Kit for 12.66 Refined pure! Add or offer
Pugilist's Protector (Paint: Zepheniah's Greed): 6.11 ref
Strange Boston Boom-Bringer (Strange Parts: Fires Survived; Assists): 26 ref

Link to send me a trade offer:

Don't add me.
I don't accept underpay.
I accept 2 craft weapons for 1 scrap.
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Feel free to offer on anything else you might like| i'll consider if i'm interested in your offer

Infernal Smoke Party Trick - 30 keys pure/Mixed/Unusual offers (super nice)

Strange Cexy Beast - 9 keys pure/mixed/unusual offers if i like it.

Collectors L'etranger - 5 keys (5-6mixed)

Strange Professional Killstreak Beggar's Bazooka(FireHorns | Emerald) - 2 keys 10 ref

Strange Killstreak Gold Botkiller Stickybomb Launcher Mk.I - 2 keys

Strange Specialized Killstreak Festive Shotgun(Violet) - 2 keys 11 ref
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