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Factory New Strange Shot to Hell Scattergun - Last SCM sale was at 44$, fairly pricy scattergun.
Price: 20 keys OR more in unusuals.

Disco Beat Down Stainless Pot - Party Pot, Soldier unusual, nice effect.

B/O: 34 keys pure OR more in unusuals.
C/O: 30 pure http://img.../OQou5
Previous offers:

SOLD for about 40~ in items.

Orbit Fire Maddendoktor - Nice Medic hair unusual, 2nd gen effect, clean history, 1 of 5 in existance, 1 of 1 on the market!

B/O: 30 keys pure OR more in unusuals.
C/O: None yet
Previous offers: None yet

Sold for 30 pure

Miami Nights Cyborg Stuntman - Robo hat, Nice looking effect (Miami's been gaining some popularity recently), Demoman unusual, 1 of 1 on Outpost.

B/O: 15 keys pure OR more in unusuals.
C/O: None Yet
Previous offers: None yet

Steaming Noir - Nice looking spy unusual, 2nd gen effect, 1 of 1 on the market.

B/O: 16 keys pure OR more in unusuals.
C/O: None yet
Previous offers: None yet

SOLD for 15 pure.

Steaming Conjurer's Cowl - Demoman unusual, fairly popular style of hat, 2nd gen effect.

B/O: 16 keys pure OR more in unusuals.
C/O: None yet
Previous offers: None yet

Sold for a Stormy Napoleon Complex

Professional Killstreak Festive Scattergun
Price: 10 keys pure OR more in unusuals.

Strange Invisible Watch
Price: 2.5 keys pure

Send me a trade offer or comment below please!
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Think it's time to part with my fetti collection. Hats kind of just collecting dust since I don't really play the game much anymore.

Paid good keys for these hats, not going cheap. Don't like my prices? Don't offer. I have no patience for lowballers.

Big Country: 24
Tossle: 36
Honcho: 24
Attendant: 22
Hat of Cards: 50
Trophy Belt: 40
Madden: 50
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Buying keys for 23 refs
Stock metal: 1500 refs
Bought: 300
Just because these hats are low tier, doesn't mean I'm quickselling them.

Spartan: 26
Toque: 15
Hustler's: 18
YWN: 75
Fire Tree: 25
Planet Tree: 20
Fro: 12
Reg: 17

CHECK IF A HAT IS DUPED BEFORE OFFERING IF YOU CARE. I couldn't care less about low tier duping and DO NOT give discounts because of it.

Don't like my prices? DON'T OFFER. I know perfectly well what I can get for these.

If offering cash, take my price in keys and multiply by 1.80 USD. I only deal with paypal.

Unusual offers must be overpay.


If you add me and lowball, I'm just going to block you. I hate when people waste my time.

Do NOT offer me your killstreak/collector's/vintage/etc. cancer.

If I'm not online and you agree to my price, send a trade offer:

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Selling this Eldritch Flame Hellmet

B/O: 70 keys

Send me a trade offer:

I am currently selling Refined Metals for the following price (Paypal only):

Refined Metal: $0.10 USD - Minimum purchase: 20 ref

PAYPAL CONDITIONS (Subject To Change):

1. Your payment WILL be sent as a Gift
2. You WILL pay all transaction fees (if any)
3. You will have to include a note stating: "I, ________, am using this money to be sent to _________ for virtual in-game items that I have received and will not chargeback under any circumstances (insert your SteamID here)."
4. You must not be tagged as a scammer under any site. I will also not trade with you if you're under trade probation from Steam.
5. Rep is necessary (SourceOP preferred). I will not go first.
6. I reserve the right to decline any trade which I find suspicious.

If interested, please post a message here saying 'added' and state the amount of refined metals you wish to purchase. I'll get back to as soon as possible.

My trust page:
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Strange Toowoomba Tunic: 4 keys.
Strange Sheriff's Stetson: 2 keys 16 ref.
Strange Degreaser (Spies Killed | Allies Extinguished): 3 keys.
Strange Force-A-Nature (Critical Kills): 1 key.
Strange Specialized Killstreak Baby Face's Blaster: 11 ref.

Feel free to add me or send me a trade offer:
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Selling for prices. Do not add me. You can post below or send a trade offer. Thanks!
buying for 7 keys

please do not add me - send me a trade offer
Taking reasonable offers on my spare level 100 haunteds. I'll update info when I get a chance :)
Selling these two fro's.

Clean Beams - 90 ------------------------- PURE KEYS ONLY PRICE.

I do not want to resell your hats without good compensation so DECENT overpay is required.
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Selling all for generally prices!

Bubble Pipe: 1.55 Ref
Pugilist Protector: 1.44 Ref
Rotation Sensation: 5 Ref
Bonk Batter's Backup: 4.33 Ref
Bonk Helm: 1.66 Ref
Argyle Ace: 1.66 Ref
2x - Vintage Stockbroker's Scarf: 1 Ref (each)
Cheet Sheet: 1.55 Ref

Please add me on steam or comment below for different offers! Not accepting lower prices than the ones listed, but will negotiate with item overpay!

Thank you, and have a good one :)
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Looking to buy TF2 keys via Paypal with $ (USD) and £ (GBP) only
I've done over 1000+ Paypal trades over the course of 3-4 years. Bookmark this trade for safe future key selling!

Price: $1.70 USD

Leave a comment on the trade or my Steam profile before adding me.
You will always go first, unless you have more recorded rep.
You cannot be marked on Steamrep, nor have pending reports.
I cover all fees if any. Unless your country doesn't accept 'family & friend' payments.

» 800+ different people I've traded with via Paypal:
» YouTube Partner with 69k+ subscribers. https://www...strife
» Twitch Partner with 21k followers https://www...strife
» 11 years on steam & level 111 profile.
» 6666+ TF2 hours

My previous 2 year old trade:

BEWARE OF IMPERSONATORS - a few people have been posing as myself and adding people from my trades.
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Buying Quicksell Professional Kits, Fabricators and Unusual Weapons

Key Stock - 175 Keys

Some people don't seem to know how to read, I'm buying QUICKSELLS ONLY
If you offer me full price, I'm instantly going to decline
I'm not paying more for colors or effects on Pro ks Stuff
For Pro Ks Stuff - I'm going by Steam Community Market Prices on the Pro Kits, Pro Fabricators and Pro Weapons, Vintage and Genuine Weapons may differ a bit as the Market Prices can be messed up for these specifically
I'm NOT going by's prices

For Unusual Weapons - I'm going by the LOWEST Seller/Sale, out of, Outpost and Steam Community Market
If your Unusual Weapon is Priced on I will also Consider that Price's Low End
The Stuff above is how I'm pricing your items BEFORE the quicksell discount, if what you offer me is full price or more than whats listed above, I'm instantly going to decline

I'm not going to offer on your Stuff, post your price, I may or may not counter offer

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Selling for prices. Do not add me. You can post below or send a trade offer. Thanks!
Taking offers on these fine and rare unusuals. Please read the wall of text below so things are easier for both of us.

Prices (in keys)

Ten Gallon - 110 keys
Crown - 95 keys
Guad - 85 keys
Tyrantium - 75 keys
Whopee - 80 keys
P eye - Taking offers (1 of 1)

Overpay in anything else than pure is obvious.

Somethings must to remember before offering :

✔ I would be mainly keen in 1st or 2nd gens at most. Old Halloween effects maybe acceptable depending on the hat/misc you offering.
✔ Mostly interested in pure/promos/Australiums or Unusuals as mentioned below.
✔ In case of making an offer with items which are neither pure nor promos prepare to overpay.
✔ No 3rd gens AT ALL. I don't want any new summer effects at all not even as sweets. Robo effects like AF, RA are exceptions depending on the hats/miscs offered.
✔ Don't add me for offering. Either offer here or send me a trade offer.

Mention "panda" in your comments so i know that you actually went through my wall of Text.

[ NOTE :
Offer pure only if you HAVE it with you. Don't make posts like "i dont have now il get later" or something like that. I will prefer to negotiate on a price only if you have PURE in your backpack or you have enough credibility that you will get pure immediately once we come to a deal. Also i won't reserve items unless a down-payment is made. Any user who makes tentative/collecting offers will be hidden immediately. I'm sick and tired of hearing shitty excuses and pulling out of offers after I accept them. I won't keep my items on hold just coz you are trying or collecting for it. The amount of down-payment will vary depending upen on the items.If you really want me to hold items for you , you will have to pay a part of the payment as advance and in the decided period you will have to pay the remaining amount.

~ GroovyPanda
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I don't even........

Prices :

KE - 7000 keys
View - 2200 keys
Conga 220 keys

Couple Facts :

Burning KE is rare to hit the market and has been sold recently for 6000 pure keys.
Scorching Viewfinder is the ONLY scorching all class misc in existence. No scorching polar or antlers.
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