The deluxe trading experience.

Cross-Game Trading

Trade items between multiple games in the Steam Economy with zero hassle.


✔ Caribou: 30 Keys
✔ Holiday Headcase: 10 Keys
✔ Fireproof Secret Diary: 13 Keys
✔ Big Kill: 6 Keys

✔ G.Grandmaster: 3.5 Key
✔ G.Robo Sandwich: 17 Keys
✔ G.Horace: 5 Keys
✔ G.Doublecross-Comm: 3 Keys
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Please do not add me.

Cleanest and shortest-story burning tossle on Outpost and probably even in existence!
I won't let this one go easily and please do not waste my time by offering the usual duped-burning-tossle-price, be it in pures or unusuals.

B/O: I'm mainly looking for interesting scout-/soldier-/multiclass-hats or pure key offers. No fix price.
C/O: -

Have a nice day! ;)
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Post below if you have 1 and what you are looking to get for it.
3 your tickets for 1 key

Send me trade offer

Thank you
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Looking for offers on these low craft numbers! Pure only!

Do not add me!
I cannot rightfully call my Pyro collection complete without having these 4 Collector's quality items!

And stop selling these sets to any random profit-seeking mutt that will only make the Collector's item to resell for profit >.<
I want to make my own, get the Original ID.

tl;dr: Here's a list of what I need:
Collector's Respectless Rubber Glove Chemistry Set
Collector's Degreaser Chemistry Set
Collector's Flare Gun Chemistry Set
Collector's Axtinguisher Chemistry Set
192 Respectless Rubber Gloves
200 Degreasers
200 Flare Guns
200 Axtinguishers

I can pay in Keys, Metal, PayPal money, Steam games, random items I have for sale, etc.

My trades are usually quite extensive (i.e. a lot of text), but this is necessary when you're buying non-ordinary items,
so please read carefully what I'm after in each trade! In the long run it's a big time-saver for both of us :) Thanks for reading!!
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In addition to my Halloween 2013 trade (, this is my trade for those items that can't be painted, yet have a paint applied to it nonetheless! I call them painted unpaintables :)
Here's a list of all existing ones, and which colours I currently own:

Halloweiner - Have Australium Gold painted

Freedom Feathers - Have Muskelmann painted
Hardium Helm - Have Operator's Overall painted (+ Level 31, painted Ye Olde Rustic Colour as extra!)
Faux Manchu - Have Dark Salmon Injustice painted
Jupiter Jumpers - Have Zephaniah's Greed painted
Lieutenant Bites the Dust - Have Dark Salmon Injustice painted
Space Bracers - Have Peculiarly Drab Tincture painted

Crispy Golden Locks - Have A Distinctive Lack of Hue painted
Mucous Membrain - Have Ye Olde Rustic Colour painted
Raven's Visage - Have TS painted
Spectralnaut - Have Noble Hatter's Violet painted
Death Support Pack - Have Color 216-190-216 painted
Hollowhead - Have Australian Gold painted
Maniac's Manacles - Have A Color Similar To Slate painted
PY-40 Incinibot - Have Australium Gold painted
Scorched Skirt - Have An Extraordinary Abundance of Tinge painted

Transylvania Top - Have Noble Hatter's Violet painted
Horsemann's Hand-Me-Down - Have After Eight painted
Lordly Lapels - Have Bitter Taste Of Defeat And Lime painted

Chicken Kiev - Have A Color Similar To Slate painted


Medimedes - Have Aged Moustache Grey
Trepanabotomizer - Have Indubitably Green painted
Lo-Grav Loafers - Have Ye Olde Rustic Colour painted
Ramses' Regalia - Have A Deep Commitment to Purple painted
Second Opinion - Have Pink as Hell painted (and Level 99!)
Surgeon's Space Suit - Have Radigan Conagher Brown painted
Vicar's Vestments - Have Drably Olive painted

Hallowed Headcase - Have TS painted (+ Level 31, painted Zephaniah's Greed as extra!)
Sir Shootsalot - Have The Color Of A Gentlemann's Business Pants painted

Foul Cowl - Have Pink As Hell painted

Baphomet Trotters - Have Peculiarly Drab Tincture painted

I'm trying to get paints which I don't have yet, which is all team colours except Team Spirit and Operator's Overalls!
Prices are negotiable, as there's too many variables to put a specific pricerange on each item =p

Want to see more Halloween-themed trades?
Check the red part of this trade!:

My trades are usually quite extensive (i.e. a lot of text), but this is necessary when you're buying non-ordinary items,
so please read carefully what I'm after in each trade! In the long run it's a big time-saver for both of us :) Thanks for reading!!
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Finally finished it. Yay :)

Taking offers on my Dixie collection - 100 Madame Dixies levelled 1-100 - in various paints and name tags.

Best offers to date:
60 keys
2 buds + bills
Every single non halloween effect dixie (Don't offer me anything under a burning dixie)

Think I'm in the running for oldest trade on outpost.

Will take steam wallet, not Paypal.
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Looking for offers on these rare blank killstreak kits. You can use them on almost anything as far as I am aware. People have used them on crates, paints, unusuals, weapons and more.

Professional Killstreak Kit
(Killstreaker: Hypno-Beam, Sheen: Villainous Violet)

Specialized Killstreak Kit
(Sheen: Deadly Daffodil)
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Hi, I buy these specialized strange weapons and their kits for pure :) ! I accept any sheen but I don't offer any sheen bonus or bonuses for strange parts.
I only buy STRANGE weapons
I do NOT buy gifted or botkiller weapons

Sniper Rifle:

Specialized Kit ----- --- 10 ref
Specialized Strange Weapon ----- 12 ref

Rocket Launcher:

Specialized Kit ----- 1 key + 3 ref
Specialized Strange Weapon ----- 1 key + 3 ref


Specialized Kit ----- 1 key + 2 ref
Specialized Strange Weapon ----- 1 key + 3 ref


Specialized Kit ----- 1 key
Specialized Strange Weapon ----- 1 key + 4 ref

Thanks for checking out my trade!
I prefer trade offers but if you are having issues feel free to add (if I'm online its actually easier to add me... lol). You should also check my pure stock in case I'm out of pure.
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Looking for keys/offers.

purple energy counterfeit billycock: 45 keys reserved for id/datdankdark/
subatomic head full of hot air: 40 keys
sunbeams nanobalaclava: 45 keys sold for 45 pure
searing plasma voodoo juju:: 65 keys

I prefer trade offers, if you really need to add me please comment somewhere first. You can also offer here I check fairly regularly.
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selling this clean , soon to be all-Class hat!
I currently have no set price , so offer away!
Hello everybody today i am buying your items with pure keys.
Price depends on hat/items
Also willing to buy your unusual for 30% off price.

I am also selling a Super clean lvl 1 max head for offers.

Keys in stock: 40

Send me a trade offer or post here.
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Clean Max's Head!

►Max's Head
- Clean, All Class, painted.

Price : 29 Keys Pure or More In Offers
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SELLING This 1 of 1 in tf2 unusual hat
WTS For 30keys or unusual overpay
Escrow free!

Scattergun - 0.55 ref
The Freedom Staff - 0.44 ref
Shotgun - 0.55 ref

Only offer:
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lol purple energy i guess
I like signs.

Due to this trade being months old, most of these signs represented here do not exist in my backpack. Any of them can still be remade upon request.

If you are selling me a sign of yours for over 1 rec, I will reject it if it is not full color.

Another trade, follow the same guidelines as here:
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