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Collector's Professional Killstreak Gloves of Running Urgently
Price: 4 Keys


You may make a Trade Offer here: http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=112796322&token=9bX2HvIQ

Buying pyro unusual quicksales. Just name your hat and I'll hit you up with a price.
Current stock: 16 keys

- I'll pay arround 60% off the price if your hat is duped
- You can offer your robo-hats, but expect a huge disscount
- I do not accept gifted hats
- You can offer other hats not shown here

- If your hat is priced in buds, I'll price them at 15 keys

Send me a trade offer if you want, but expect a counter-offer
Everything listed is a tradable Steam gift ROW

Shadowgate---2 keys
Chivalry: Deadliest Warrior-----1,5 keys
Chivalry: Medieval Warfare-----1,5 keys
Chivalry: Medieval Warfare 4 Pack-----4 keys
BattleBlock Theater-----1 keys
BattleBlock Theater® - Ultra Baby's Co-op Chaos Pack-----2 keys or Unpack/Split 1 key (2 Collateral)
Pool Nation----1 keys
Pool Nation & Bumper Pack Bundle----1 key

Add me for fast trade here: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Quold

No Offert, No CD-key. No items.

Accept TF2/Dota2/CS:GO keys. 0.5 keys is 1 tour of duty ticket or 1 Capsule Key

If you havent change dont worry i can give you change.
27 keys

add me please
Looking for offers on these sexy bubbling hats :) tf2 and cs:go are fine, pure is always cool, money can be taken via paypal assuming you're reputable and going first.

Noir: 15 keys
Crasher: 24 keys
Bonk: 46 keys
OMA: 26 keys

Feel free to add me to offer, or alternatively send me a trade offer :)
Buying Max Heads with paypal.

$75 USD for ANY max head

Rules :
1. You will go first. No exceptions.
2. Clean steam rep.
3. I cover fees

Add me or if you wish : Send me offer along with your paypal info and i will accept + send money ASAP ( On my mobile.)

Buying Strange Misc!
Strange Villains Veil for 3 keys 2 ref!
Strange Law 1 key 2 ref!
Strange Anger 1 key 2 ref!
Strange Cute Suit 2 keys 2 ref!
Strange Hunt's Man Essentials 1 key!
Strane Dough Puncher 8 ref!
Strange Ground Control 1 key 2 ref!
Strange Deep Cover Operator 3 keys 2 ref!

*This trade autobumps, so I may not be here when you add me, therefore I prefer that you trade offer me*
Trade offer me In case I'm offline! http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=124772420&token=voLZC_ST
2 Keys each

(TF2 or Any CSGO Key except Capsule)

.5 of a key is 5 Refined Metal or a Tour of Duty Ticket + 1 Refined Metal

All games are ROW. Prices are firm. I may accept overpay in items but prepare to pay 1.5x the price unless using Bills, Buds, Etc.

The best way to trade is to send me a trade offer: http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=10889595&token=qoy407Q9

You can add me as well.
3 Keys each

(TF2 or Any CSGO Key except Capsule)

.5 of a key is 5 Refined Metal or a Tour of Duty Ticket + 1 Refined Metal

All games are ROW. Prices are firm. I may accept overpay in items but prepare to pay 1.5x the price unless using Bills, Buds, Etc.

Available 24/7 from my dispsender bot: http://dispenser.tf/id/76561197971155323

You can add me as well if you would like to trade that way.
Hey ladies, how's it hangin'?

Good? Great. :D

I'm looking to buy some cheap COLLECTOR'S chemistry sets for pure keys + metal.

I'm looking some good cosmetic ones, and am willing to pay a couple keys for them.

I'm not really looking for weapons though, I just don't find them
sexy enough.

Send me a trade offer and tell me why you believe that your chem set is worth what you're trying to trade me it for.


Again, I'm looking for CHEAP chemitry sets.

Hopefully you can take advatage of my addiction!

Be sure to send a trade offer and stay sexy!
Taking offers.
No 3rd Generation Effects!

- B/O 3,5 Buds Pure.
Nuclear Throne — 3.5 keys
Due to new Steam policy http://steamcommunity.com/groups/tradingcards#announcements/detail/163582965920702191 only trading through http://dispenser.tf/eu1e or for gifts in stock.
If you can't use a bot for some reason but you see that the bot has the gift, add me.

Deathtrap – 5 keys | http://dispenser.tf/trade/131768/
SUNLESS SEA – 4 keys | http://dispenser.tf/trade/131766/

Transformers: War for Cybertron – 3 keys | http://dispenser.tf/trade/131761/
Transformers™: Fall of Cybertron™ – 3 keys | http://dispenser.tf/trade/131761/

ENSLAVED: Odyssey to the West Premium Edition (tagged RU/CIS; no region-lock) – 3 keys | http://dispenser.tf/trade/131761/
Looking for around 9 buds for this sexy unusual

I have some unusual for upgrades and I can get buds if needed.

Pure is for upgrades only

Offer below please
Mafia II - 3 keys

Only keys

Thank you =)
Listing my Unusual Reggaelator with Cloud 9 for 4,5 buds pure.
I am NOT interested in cash at all.
Unusual offers are welcome too.
I prefer Soldier, Demoman, Sniper and Medic if you want to offer unusuals.
I'm not interested in 3rd gen effects or robot hats.

I won't write down C/O's, I'll take the offer if I like it.
The B/O is 4,5 buds, but as written above feel free to offer.
1 key each.

add me
Steaming AA:

Bubbling Bloke's:
-Not duped
-Clean history (no scammers)
-Painted a high-tier paint
-Sniper hat

B/O: 11 keys
C/O: Ultimate Twelvie's BP (12.5 keys according to backpack.tf)