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SELLING and BUYING keys for paypal money.

READ MY STOCKS, before adding please

Selling: 1.89 USD each
Buying: 1.76 USD each

Minimum per trade: 1 key

Please add me and post here

110 TF2 keys (may not always be 100% updated, check for more accurate key stocks)
100ISH USD (enough for [54-55] key(s) depending on fees)
Currently not selling CSGO keys for cash, rarely have some anyways

Sold yet:
1800+ keys

Bought yet:
1500+ keys

Actually lost counting, just guessing now ^^

You go first. Don't ask me to go first please
You send payment as "friends and family"
Paypal only. Not interested in Bitcoin or any other payment services.
You cover fees if you are buying my keys, i cover fees if i buy your keys (basicly what happens when you send via friends and family)
I do NOT trade with anyone marked on steamrep, outpost,, has negative trust or are trade banned by valve
Prices are firm
Your Paypal account must be verified
I still have all rights to decline any trade, most likely due to very low amount of hours or reputation.
I am NOT accepting trade holds anymore.
If any questions about the rules, please ask before trading with me. I do NOT chargeback / refund
I require full payment before sending you the keys. Not sending as friends and family means fees, which means i will not recieve enough money. Please be aware of that.

4 years on steam
Public profile
1800+ hrs in TF2
Verified paypal
40+ positive trust ratings
BP value of 450+ USD (not a lot, but whatever)

| steamname: [S.A] Phoenix
| steam3ID: [U:1:100162486]
| steamID32: STEAM_0:0:50081243
| steamID64:
| customURL:
| steamrep:
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I buy up this items(1 - N quantity)

7.66 ref for Genuine Tyrant's Helm
7.66 ref for Genuine Hero's Hachimaki
2 ref for Genuine Brain Bucket
7.66 ref for Genuine Battle Bob
4 ref for Genuine Cross-Comm Crash Helmet
4 ref for Genuine Chief Constable
2 ref for Genuine Stahlhelm
2 ref for Genuine First American

My profile link:
My steam trade offer link:

*I do not pay for extra paint and parts in items!!!
*Steam Mobile Authenticator - WORKING
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taunts: 160/70/40/40 keys or stuff easy to sell for that amount

try to avoid adds pls, use trade-offers or comment here
Send me a trade offer -

-Open to all offers
-Please check my other trades

-Open to ALL offers and LOVE to negotiate

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Send me a trade offer -

-Open to all offers
-Please check my other trades

-Open to ALL offers and LOVE to negotiate

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vivid snaggle (18 pure keys or unusuals/items easy to resell for this amount)
overclocked fez (18 pure keys or unusuals/items easy to resell for this amount)
dp aa (18 pure keys or unusuals/items easy to resell for this amount)
miami head lamp (17 pure keys or unusuals/items easy to resell for this amount)
overclocked eye (17 pure keys or unusuals/items easy to resell for this amount)
gfetti thirst (17 pure keys or unusuals/items easy to resell for this amount)
peace crown (17 pure keys or unusuals/items easy to resell for this amount)
heart boron (17 pure keys or unusuals/items easy to resell for this amount)

pure or item-offers

not too interested in:
games, money, collectors-stuff, unusual taunts and weapons, low craft-numbers or special levels, not really keen on robo hats too

preferably send me trade-offers or post your offers here

clean max = 19 keys
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1 key + 3 ref each

Stock 10 (0 Tradable)
Selling for keys or good overpay. Use trade offers

Executioner (Cloud 9) · 50 keys
Powdered Practitioner · 30 keys
Team Captain · 90 keys
Brainiac Hairpiece · 36 keys (discounted)
Crone's Dome · 90 keys
Executioner (Miami Nights) · 38 keys
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I don't bite, I appreciate all offers and will respond politely to all.
If I like the offer, but it's just not enough for me, I will send you a counter offer.
I almost never instantly decline an offer, and if I do, feel free to send a better offer.

I prefer trade offers, so please refrain from adding me.
This way, you get the fastest response from me.
Feel free to add me though, and if you do, please comment on my profile with the reason as to why.
This will give you a better chance of me accepting your request.

Looking for offers on these Unusuals.
Pure>Australiums>Unusual Hats>Unusual Weapons.

Vivid Plasma Dr's Dapper Topper => 54 Keys | 60+ in items.
Aces High Coldsnap Cap => 52 Keys | 55+ in items.
Strange Stormy Storm Pomade Prince => 45 Keys | 50+ in items.
Disco Beat Down Hustler's Hallmark => 37 Keys | 45+ in items.
Electric Hat Protector Phononaut => 30 Keys | 35+ in items.
Vivid Plasma Big Elfin Deal => 25 Keys | 30+ in items.
Infernal Flames Taunt: Spent Well Spirits => 22 Keys | 28+ in items.
Stormy Storm Bubble Pipe => 19 Keys | 22+ in items.

I'm very interested in downgrading to multiple cheaper Unusuals.
Not really interested in upgrading, unless it's significant overpay.

Also buying 11,000+ different Unusuals.
Check my Steam Profile for a pricelist.

- I will only trade with you if you have the Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator enabled.
- I'm not quickselling, unless stated otherwise.

Send me a trade offer: Profile:
Steam Profile:
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Send a trade offer :D

No lowballs please.
Send a trade offer :D

No lowballs please.
current event (fn): 7 keys
purple range (fn): 7 keys
torqued to hell (fn): 2 keys
purple range (ft): 1 key

red bear (ww): 1 key
sweet dreams (ww): 12 ref
airwolf (ww): 4 ref

My bot is auto accepting correct offers:
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spells, parts, specialized killstreak

knife: 2 keys each
ambassador: 2 keys each
scattergun: 2 keys
shotgun: 1 key 10 ref
sniper rifle: 2 keys

My bot is auto accepting correct offers:
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Basic Killstreak Kit: Scattergun

Selling each Kit for 16 refined each.
OR 2 for 31.00

Have 8 in stock as of posting time.

Send an offer > Add me. Either one is okay though. Thanks! =)
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Buying these items for the following prices:

Starduster - 2 keys + 15 refined
Strange Frickin' Sweet Ninja Hood - 2 keys + 21 refined
Strange Brotherhood of Arms - 2 keys + 15 refined
Strange Flamboyant Flamenco - 2 keys + 16 refined
Strange Cuban Bristle Crisis - 2 keys + 16 refined
Strange Golden Garment - 2 keys + 14 refined
Strange Air Raider - 2 keys + 10 refined
Strange Cold Killer - 2 keys + 9 refined

Add me or send me a trade offer:
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Vivid Gibus - 320 keys
Beams Dragonborn - 220 keys
Beams Swagman - 90 keys
Burning Tyrant - 220 keys
Holy Grail High Five - 180 keys
Gains Conga - 190 keys

feel free to offer

please dont add me
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Mobile Authenticated ✔ I Pure Only ✔ I Automatic Trading ✔

Please send me trade offer instead of offering here...
(Please do not add me, send a trade offer to my bot instead. The items listed in this trade are not on my main account.)

Strange Professional Killstreak Wrap Assassin (Killstreaker: Flames - Sheen: Villainous Violet) 1 key + 9 ref
Strange Professional Killstreak Beggar's Bazooka (Name: "The Decider" - Killstreaker: Hypno-Beam - Sheen: Agonizing Emerald) 1 key + 17.66
Professional Killstreak Festive Stickybomb Launcher (Killstreaker: Cerebral Discharge - Sheen: Hot Rod) 6 keys
Strange Professional Killstreak Crusader's Crossbow (Killstreaker: Hypno-Beam - Sheen: Hot Rod) 6 keys + 16 ref
Strange Professional Killstreak Huntsman (Killstreaker: Cerebral Discharge - Sheen: Team Shine w/ Dominations & Headshot Kills) 8 keys

Other items for sale:

Trade offers are the fastest and easiest way. Pure trade offers will accept automatically unless the API is down.

Buying any KS item at a discount. Send a trade offer to my main account to negotiate the price.
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**Escrow-free account - if you enabled mobile auth and have trade confirmations on, there will be NO trade hold. Prices are listed below and are non-negotiable
**Items Overpay is accepted, but you'll need to add 20% to the listed prices

**I can provide change for keys
**Any price related comment will be reported. check outpost rules before posting spam in my trade

Don't add me (all friend requests will be declined) / no need to comment, it will just take up space. Please send a trade offer using the link below or the '' next to the 'add friend' button or the link from my steam profile (in case you cannot use steam offers in browsers)

The Quäckenbirdt: 3.33 ref
Lady Killer: 23 ref
Sharp Dresser: 4.33 ref
Party Phantom: 4.33 ref
Taunt: The Box Trot: 25 ref
Chicago Overcoat: 15 ref
Snack Attack: 1 key
Strange A Hat to Kill For: 21 ref

trade offer link:

Thank You
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