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10 keys pure

STILL waiting for an offer that's in PURE

Add me if interested: steam://fri...759357
0.11 each, or 2 clean weapons.

Add me or send me an offer with this link:
Interested in making a trade for another unusual, prefer nuts and bolts, but open to others.

Willing to add some keys for more expensive hat.
2.66 ref each send me a trade offer as I cannot accept invites currently due to computer issues.
**Prices are listed below and are non-negotiable
**Overpay in items (20%)

**I can provide change for keys
**Since I'm available on mobile most of the time, I prefer using trade offers.
**If you add me without reading the notes of the trade, you'll be deleted/blocked.
**Any price related comment will be reported. check outpost rules before posting spam in my trade

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I'm becoming more and more reluctant to accept friend requests due to increasing amount of phishing, so please USE TRADE OFFERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Uncraft Safe'n'Sound (An Extraordinary Abundance of Tinge): 1 key + 1.66 ref
Desert Marauder (After Eight): 1 key
Hustler's Hallmark (Australium Gold): 3.33 ref
Uncraft Hustler's Hallmark (Australium Gold): 3 ref
Combat Medic's Crusher Cap: 3 ref
Strange Fists: 0.66 ref
Strange Eyelander: 2 ref
Hong Kong Cone: 3.33 ref

You can send me a trade offer even if we're not friends, using the link below or the '⇄' next to the 'add friend' button

trade offer link: http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=55610524&token=efxVzipm

Thank You

Selling this australium black box for 23 keys.

Earbuds accepted as 17 keys.

Feel free to add me or send me a trade offer if interested!
Burning Tam O' Shanter = 5 buds
You can replace 1 buds by 17 keys

Price is firm. I accept only buds (or keys equivalent)!!!
Add me ONLY if you pay my price.
Also my trade offer link:
2 keys

Trade offer me.
Taking tf2 and Cs:Go offers.

Profesional Killstreak Collectors Market Gardener - 10 keys
Profesional Killstreak Ubersaw Kit - 5 keys

If paying in pure, keep it in tf2 keys.

Add me or send me a trade offer.
1 key each

Trade offer me.
Bp.tf price

Send trade offer only, I ignore all adds.
You can offer unusuals but please don't add me to do so - do it here or leave a trade offer.

Just 15 keys if in keys which is cheapest on the market.

i'm quickselling this unusual for the price listed below!

Nuts n' Bolt Helmet without a Home: 12keys!
Nuts n' Bolt Fez: 12keys!
Nuts n' Bolt Rubber Glove: 12keys!
Nuts n' Bolt Nappers: 14keys!
Nuts n' Bolt Ushanka: 12keys!
Nuts n' Bolt Milkman: 13keys!

Prices here are firm!

Dont offer unusuals with no prices.
Dont offer killstreak items or craftnumber items.
250% overpay with new/robo unusuals and effects.

Non-duped Max's Severed Head as 60 keys
Duped Max's Serverd Head as 55keys!
Buds as 17 Keys
Bill's Hat as 5.5 Keys

If offering in items and unusals im looking for an overpayment of 15%.

Nice Effect

Selling this kit for 18 Keys

Add me if you got my price

As Picture shown....... Just accepting pure keys offers !

PLEASE READ ! ! ! ! ONLY PURE KEYS!!! Don't ADD ME or else will result of an automatic blocked. Just send me a trade offer of keys for my games!

Strange All-Father (Black) w. Fires Survived + Freezecam Appearances = 6 keys

Strange FDU (Gold) w. Fires Survived + Kills = 4 keys + 4 ref

Strange Sight for Sore Eyes w. Fire Survived = 3 keys + 4 ref

Strange Teddy Roosebelt = 4 keys

Strange Villain's Veil (Pink) = 4 keys + 4 ref

Prices are firm. Pure is HIGHLY prefered.
20%+ overpay if offering items (only interested in easy to sell items)

I prefer trade offers, but you can add me if I'm online. Of course if I'm offline, send me a trade offer.
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - 5 TF2 or CS:GO Keys

Send trade offer here: http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=92544443&token=_Te3C0Ry

Game is available on my 24x7 online automated trading bot. - http://dispenser.tf/trade/132008/
Selling these sexy hats!

Stunt B/O: 3 buds

Dovakin B/O: 4.5 buds

Nappers B/O: 4.5 buds

Beak B/O: 10 buds

Muffs B/O: 4 buds

Attendant B/O: 1 bud

Ushanka B/O: 9 buds

Milkman B/O: 11 buds

Unusual overpay!

Offer below or add me :D
Strange Part: Cloaked Spies Killed : 1.66 ref
You can pay in items other than keys and metal, but you will have to overpay a lot.

Big Elfin' Deal: 1.33 ref
Shotgun with Airborne Enemies Killed: 1 key + 2 ref or 10 ref
Jarate: 0.33 ref
Neon Annihilator with Submerged Enemies Killed: 0.33 ref

It is faster to trade offer me than it is to add me and manually trade. Just click this link to trade offer me: