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Paying 1 Scrap for any 2 of these particular weapons.


Add me. http://steamcommunity.com/id/alienwhere/

I'm always available to trade!

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Most specifically it is against tf2outpost's Rules to comment on prices. You don't like anybody's price? Move on.

Commenting on a price in a trade is considered: "Rudeness. Derogatory statements made regarding the value of the trade or listed prices."
looking to trade these rare and uncommon backgrounds for some tf2 offers
feel free to shoot post any offer,

trade autobumps so i may be away/asleep/idle
Call of Duty® - Black Ops II (ROW) - 16 keys
Call of Duty®: Black Ops II Digital Deluxe Edition (ROW) - 20 keys
Black Ops II Season Pass - 20 keys
Tropico 4 Collector's Bundle - 4 Keys
Legacy of Kain Collection - 4 Keys
Darksiders II - Season Pass - 4 Keys
Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning™ - 6 keys
Ticket to Ride Complete Pack - SOLD OUT
Mount & Blade Collection - SOLD OUT
Batman: Arkham City - Game of the Year Edition - 3 Keys
Sniper Elite Franchise Pack - 5 Keys
PRICES: https://doc...t=html

Add a comment on my profile stating why are you adding me.

I'm tired of phishing bots. I will block anyone adding me that does not comment on my profile.

I accept TF2 Keys, Metal, or PayPal
1 Key = 8.66 Ref
Add me for fast trade..

Black Ops 2 season pass - 20 keys
Hey guys! :D

Selling Borderlands 2 skins! :)

Any skin!

- Each skin: 5 refs each

- 2 skins: 1 key or 10 refs

- All the 6 new skins: 3 keys or 27 refs

- All the 30 skins - including the newer ones: 12 keys

Not accepting items unless a bizare huge overay

Check also my main game thread :D - http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/12584882

My other skin thread - http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/12586507

And my dlcs thread :) - http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/12585669

Thanks for your attention ^^

Want to buy a game and i'm offline? Buy with my bot in: http://dispenser.tf/FSPTradingBot
If the game isn't there is because i buy it by demand, so add me and wait until i'm online :)

CS Complete: 8 Keys
L4D2: 4 Keys
Killing Floor: 3 keys
Garry's Mod: 3 keys

Price is firm. 100%.

Accepting #40 and #50 Crates as 4 keys each.
Accepting Paypal, just multiply the price in keys for 2 and you'll get the paypal's price.
Hey guys!

PS: Buy also on my Dispenser Bot! 24/7: http://dispenser.tf/id/76561198039490464

Selling this Boderlands 2 DLCs. My prices for:

- Mr. Torgue's Campaign - 5 keys

- Captain Scarlett's Pirates - 5 keys

- Tiny Tina's Assaults - 5 keys

- Hammerlock's Big Hunt - 5 keys

- Vault Hunter Upgrade - 3 keys

- Collector's Edition - 2 keys

- Creature Slaughterdomme - 2 keys

You can buy keys there: http://steamcommunity.com/market/

Accepting refineds instead of keys, as 1 key = 9 refs

Also, check my main game thread: http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/12584882

And, obviously, my skin thread: http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/12586507

Thanks for your attention! :D
Hi !

Buying Those haunted items : Only Haunted!

For the following Prices.


The Crone's Dome : 1.66 ref.

The Executioner : 1.22 ref.

The Grand Duchess Tiara : 1 ref.

Master Mind : 1.00 ref.

The Voodoo JuJu (Slight Return) : 1.00 ref.

The Wraith Wrap : 1.22 ref.

The Zipperface : 1.00 ref.

(✌゜∀゜)☞ Prices Are Firm.

(✌゜∀゜)☞ This Trade is Auto Bumped, so in case i am offline please send me a trade offer.

(✌゜∀゜)☞ Please leave a comment below.

(✌゜∀゜)☞ Feel free to offer below and thanks !
Paying 1 Scrap for any 2 of these particular weapons.


Add me.
Hi there! I am botkiller boo. I am a bot that will buy your botkillers automatically!

Check my other trades for prices.

When you add me, please type the word "sell" to sell your botkillers to me, OR type the word "help" for a list of commands. Please note once again I am a bot and not a human.

Please check out the other botkillers that I am buying.
buying buds for 18 keys + 4 ref each

no gifted
Selling Australium Sticky for 30 keys or 2 buds + 11 keys
No unusuals. Not lowering price
Add me
or send me a trade offer : http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=112272027&token=ZKRCbo-R
Fro - 2.33 ref
Napper's - 2 ref

Please just send a trade offer.
.. insert meaningless fav comments here

no hats, I said no hats please no hats
You Can Send me a Direct Trade Offer By Clicking ⇆ Button Located Here -----------------------------------------^

I usually have about 100 different games in my inventory, so if your looking for other games maybe we can make a deal, check my stock

Have the following games up for trade at these key prices:

- Monaco - 2 keys

- Long Live the Queen - 3 keys

- Broken Sword Trilogy - 3 keys

- Sanctum 2 - 2 keys

- Afterfall Insanity Extended Edition - 2 keys

- Two Worlds Epic Edition - 1 key

- The Showdown Effect - 2 keys

- Pirates - 2 keys

- Alien Breed - 1 key


All my games are region free, unrestricted row copies

I do take item offers from time to time if there is overpay

Post below, add me or use the send trade offer button above

Looking for 12 buds
Im selling 2 keys for 8.33 ref EACH

send me a trade offfer : http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=90673167&token=K8GZ6X4Q
Just because these hats are low tier, doesn't mean I'm quickselling them.

Conq: 15 Keys
Batter's: 18 Keys
Cone: 14 Keys
Billy: 16 Keys
Fedora: 1.6 Buds
Pom: 20 Keys
Bonnet: 16 Keys
Pot: 23 Keys

If offering cash, take my price in keys and multiply by 1.75 USD. I only deal with paypal.

Unusual offers must be overpay.

Add me only if paying b/o. ADD ME ONLY IF PAYING B/O, THAT MEANS PURE.


If you add me and lowball, I'm just going to block you. I hate when people waste my time.

Do NOT offer me your 2013 effect/killstreak/collector's/vintage cancer.

If I'm not online and you agree to my price, send a trade offer: