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Selling each of these and anything else in my backpack that I have more than one of. Just send me a trade offer and I'll get to it when I can.
a well wrapped hat - 7,11 ref.
The birdman - 1,55 ref.
Antarctic parka - 10,11 ref.
The virtual - 1,44 ref.
Fricking sweet ninja hood - 3,22 ref.
Night terror - 1 key + 17 ref.
Forest fire - 2,66 ref.
Sniper rifle - 1,88 ref.

Use the trade offer or add me.
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Buying quicksell unusuals for a cheap price.

Fell free to offer or add me!
Keys stock - 19 k.
Strange Specialized Killstreak Degrease 2 key EACH

Paymant in pure should auto accept.

This is pure price, in items i expect overpay (depends on item). If you want pay in item: part,paint, spell,attached to your item have no value.
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Looking for quicksells.

Have about 10 buds pure. Offer me.
specialized killstreak kits

auto accepting correct offers:

rocket launcher kit .........emerald ............. 3 keys 10 ref
scattergun kit #1 ............. daffodil .............. 3 keys
scattergun kit #2 ............ violet .................. 3 keys
grenade kit #1 .................. daffodil .............. 3 keys

grenade kit #2 ................. manndarin ........ 3 keys
sniper rifle kit #1 ............. mean green ..... 2 keys
sniper rifle kit #2 ............ manndarin ........ 2 keys
medi gun kit ..................... daffodil .............. 3 keys
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Bill's Hat painted A Distinctive Lack of Hue 2 keys 9 ref

All-Father painted Balaclavas are Forever 1 key 8 ref

Doublecross-Comm painted After Eight 2 keys

Bruiser's Bandanna painted Team Spirit 1 key 7 ref

Summer Shades painted The Bitter Taste of Defeat and Lime 2 keys

Graybanns painted An Extraordinary Abundance of Tinge 1 key 3 ref

Macho Mann 6 ref

Bot Dogger 4.66 ref
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Looking for unusual offers that are war pig or rack
Send me an offer and ill get back to you asap!
The Birdman - 6,22 ref.
Medics killed - 16 ref.
War pig - 17,33 ref.
Mutton - 16,66 ref.
Freelance factory new launcher - 17,11 ref.
King of the jungle - 4,44 ref.
Liquidator - 1.77 ref.
Carrion - 3,88 ref.

Offer here or send trade offer.
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Buying these hats with these effects:

Nuts n' Bolts · 10 keys
Orbiting Planets · 10 keys
Bubbling · 10 keys
Steaming · 10 keys
Smoking · 10 keys
Aces High · 10 keys
Dead Presidents · 10 keys
Massed Flies · 10 keys, 9 ref
Orbiting Fire · 10 keys, 9 ref
Blizzardy Storm · 10 keys, 9 ref
Stormy Storm · 10 keys, 9 ref

Dupes are equally as beautiful
Current info about trading with me can be found on my Steam profile:
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(Bookmark this trade!)

I'm selling keys for $1.9 USD each
Stock: 419 (some of the keys are in alt accounts, i can get them whenever anyone wants to buy them

About me:
- My cash trading rep:, have made a few giant sales/buys on there, and many medium sized trades
-Closing in on 6 years on steam, 2000+ tf2 hours
-my profile: https://rep...615020
-Donator on, premium on outpost

1) You go first, exceptions to this will be made at my own discretion.
2) You pay the fees, if any.
3) If I feel anything about you is shady i.e: low hours, pending reports, etc assume I wont trade
4) Rep is required, i will decide how many keys im willing to sell based on how trustworthy i think your account is

Now, granted all that if you are interested in buying any keys please, post below!
I'll get back to you asap after I check on your rep, history and account.

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Please send me trade offer instead of offering here...

For Prices & More Items:


Want to know how much i value your hat(s) or do you want to sell your hat(s) to me? Check out my quickbuy pricelist (currently working on it to expand)

* Not interested in cheap stuff (every single item must worth at least 2 keys) and tf2 skins.
* CS:GO knives and expensive skins accepted. Small overpay required.
* I can sell my items through Steam Community Market if you provide the fee (%15)

Trade offer is fastest and easiest, always comment on my profile before adding me.

Feel free to offer
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2 keys for a Strange Mann of the Seven Sees
Hello All

I'm buying some items today so you can get metal and keys fast!

I do buy Painted items but I normally never pay more than the price listed Below!

I update my prices daily! :D Prices updated 4/23/16

The Nunhood - 4.44 ref

Fortunate Son - 4.77 ref

The RoBro 3000 - 4.77 ref

Siberian Sweater - 4.77 ref

The Triggerman's Tacticals - 5.11 ref

The Dogfighter - 5.11 ref

Pyromancer's Mask - 5.11 ref

Medical Monarch - 5 ref

Do Not Add me! Send a trade offer here


If your offer was declined then my bot did because the refined was used so dont feel discouraged, just re send it! :D

Have an amazing day! :D
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Buying These Cosmetics!

Pounding Father- 2 ref
Big Daddy- 2 ref
First American- 2 ref
K-9 mane- 2.33 ref
Pilotka- 2.33 ref
Person in the Iron Mask- 2 ref
Fortune Hunter- 3.33 ref
Janissery Ketche- 2.33 ref

Not paying for paint.


If your trade gets canceled, send another, the ref you used was likely traded!

Mobile Auth Enabled! Not accepting trades with a trade hold!
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Buying These Cosmetics!

Gilded Gaurd- 2.33 ref
Doe-Boy- 2 ref
Awesomenaut's Badge- 2.33 ref
Russian Rocketeer- 2.33 ref
Last Straw- 3 ref
Wilson Weave- 2.33 ref
Geisha Boy- 3.33 ref
Vox Diabolus- 2.33 ref

Not paying for paint.


If your trade gets canceled, send another, the ref you used was likely traded!

Mobile Auth Enabled! Not accepting trades with a trade hold!
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buying regular killstreak stranges and regular ks kits

Strange Killstreak Wrench: 8 ref
Killstreak Wrech Kit: 4 ref

Strange Killstreak Minigun: 14 ref
Killstreak Minigun Kit: 8 ref

Strange Killstreak Widowmaker: 1 key
Killstreak Widowmaker Kit: 3 ref

Strange Killstreak Medi Gun: 1 key
Killstreak Medi Gun Kit: 1 key

Strange Killstreak Eyelander: 14 ref
Killstreak Eyelander Kit: 8 ref

Strange Killstreak Awper Hand: not buying
Killstreak Awper Hand Kit: 10 ref

Strange Killstreak Ambassador: 10 ref
Killstreak Ambassador Kit: 4 ref

guaranteed prices!

trade offers please
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A Distinctive Lack of Hue - 2 key
An Extraordinary Abundance of Tinge - 2 key
After Eight - 1 key
A Mann's Mint - 1 key
Name Tag - 7 ref
Gift Wrap - 14 ref
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Hello, I'm selling following stuff:

You can add me, send me a trade offer, or use my 24/7 online

Pink as hell paint: ....................................2 keys 4 ref (40 ref)..........................(or 2,5 keys in items)

Bitter taste of defeat and Lime: ........2 keys 4 ref (40 ref..........................(or 2,5 keys in items)

I have mobile auth (= instant trades) but I'm ok with waiting 3 days if you don't.

I have large stock and I restock frequently.
(this trade autobumps even when I'm offline)
I accept items as overpay :)

I'm adding for (counting):
specialized/professional killstreaks
Not adding for applied (not counting): basic killstreaks, paints, strange parts, desc + name tags, halloween spells, craft numbers etc.

Offer here, add me or send me a trade offer =)
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