The deluxe trading experience.

Cross-Game Trading

Trade items between multiple games in the Steam Economy with zero hassle.

What I pay for each:

Top Row:
Gift Wrap - 8 refined each
Squad Surplus Voucher - 8 refined each
Tour of Duty Ticket - 5 refined each
Backpack Expander - 4 refined each

Bottom Row:
Name Tag - 4 refined each
Description Tag - 1 refined each
Decal Tool - 1 RECLAIMED each
Pallet of Crates - 6 refined each

You may make a Trade Offer here:
Or add me on Steam:
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Selling for paypal / btc :

* keys for $1.90 Stock: 0
* Ref for $0.10 Stock: 100+

You need go first.

My Sourceop rep:

-> Minimum $10 on keys/ref for operation.
-> You must be paypal verified. (MANDATORY)
-> You pay fees.
-> Your TF2 Account must have more of 1 year of created.
-> Your account must be your main account (I don't sell to idle account)
-> When you do the payment you need put this note: "Purchase of virtual online items. Will not charge-back under any circumstances"
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Read the notes before commenting, this isn't your average trade, thanks.

I am looking for something you will most likely never see people show interest for: gifted unwrappable items (such as tools, paints and action items).
There's almost nobody who is interested in them, so they aren't on trading sites often, and are therefore harder to get than the average item ;) That is why I decided to try and get people to find ME as well, hence this trade.

I'm not sure what they go for, because, how many times have you seen gifted tools/action/paints being traded, right? Not often, especially the paints. Note that I am only interested in owning each gifted item once, so no need to offer me a gifted Tool I already have (unless it's gifted from someone famous or something, that might interest me still). HOWEVER, I count crates by the series, so if you have a gifted crate, let me know. I can find out which series it is if you cannot :)

Highly interested in purchasing the following gifteds:
str.Part: Halloween Kills + str.Part: Robots Destroyed During Halloween

A list of all the gifted unwrappables I already have:
• Secret Saxton
• Description Tag
• Decal Tool
• Name Tag
• Duel (full 5/5)
• Fireproof Secret Diary shown in this trade as an example
• Barely-Melted Capacitor
• Strange Part: Full Moon Kills shown in this trade as an example
• Chemistry Set
• Collector's Chemistry Set
• Enchantment: Eternaween
• Giftapult
• Voodoo-Cursed Objects (all 7)
• Mysterious Treasures, aka Ashes (all 5)

• Deep Commitment to Purple
• Indubitably Green
• Aged Moustache Grey
• Mann Co. Orange
• Noble Hatter's Violet shown in this trade as an example
• Color No. 216-190-216
• Muskelmannbraun
• Ye Olde Rustic Colour
• Radigan Conagher Brown shown in this trade as an example
• Peculiarly Drab Tincture
• Zephaniah's Greed
• Australium Gold

• Pallet of Crates
• Series 50 Salvaged Mann Co. Supply Crate
• Series 57 Mann Co. Supply Crate
• Series 58 Robo Community Crate
• Series 60 Select Reserve Mann Co. Supply Crate
• Series 61 Summer Appetizer Crate
• Series 72 Fall 2013 Acorns Crate
• Series 73 Fall 2013 Gourd Crate
• Series 74 Spooky Crate
• Series 75 Mann Co. Supply Crate
• Series 78 Naughty Winter Crate 2013
• Series 79 Nice Winter Crate 2013
• Series 81 Mann Co. Strongbox
• Series 82 Mann Co. Supply Munition
• Series 83 Mann Co. Supply Munition
• Series 84 Mann Co. Supply Munition
• Series 85 Mann Co. Supply Munition
• Series 90 Mann Co. Supply Munition
• Series 91 Mann Co. Supply Munition
• Series 92 Mann Co. Supply Munition
• Mann Co. Audition Reel
• Mann Co. Director's Cut Reel
• Summer Claim Check

• RoboCrate Key
• Summer 2013 Cooler Key (all 8)
• End of the Line Key
• Duck Token

• Any suggestions for other gifted unwrappables? :)

Additional information about gifted Crates: The only Crates that are potentially gifted unwrappable Crates, are s50 Salvaged, and any Crate above series 55. ONLY if a Crate is not wrappable with the use of a Gift Wrap, is it considered "gifted unwrappable". Currently after gifted unwrappable Crates series: none
My old trade, which was sadly closed because someone felt like ruining my hard work, can be found here:
I've been against this decision since the day that rule was introduced, and a couple weeks later, outpost staff agrees. So my old trade is now (once again) within site policy. Alas, what's done is done, so it'll remain closed unfortunately.

My trades are usually quite extensive (i.e. a lot of text), but this is necessary when you're buying non-ordinary items,
so please read carefully what I'm after in each trade! In the long run it's a big time-saver for both of us :) Thanks for reading!!
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Selling these cool items for these prices or offers (overpay in items)

The Bruiser's Bandanna: 1 Key and 5 Ref
The Hero's Tail: 15 Ref
The Hornblower: 17 Ref
Siberian Sweater: 23 Ref
The Brown Bomber: 25 Ref
The Cremator's Conscience: 20 Ref
Hat of Cards: 17 Ref
Rocket (with spell and several cool parts): 3 Keys (QS price)

Add me or send a trade offer :)
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Clean and short story, you won't find for lower price ;) I can accpet unusual or unique hats offers
21 key and 1 ref. clean
clean not duped with rare hallowen effect + free paint. 1/4 in world. only 1 in market ;)
Selling some sexy hats.

~ Haunted Ghosts - Siberian Facehugger ~ offers ~
1of1 forever, Glitched waist effect, recently sold for a Hot Blue Mew Rocket Launcher (Factory New)

~ Death at Dusk - Stormin' Norman ~ 45 Keys - 50 Unusuals

~ Disco Beat Down - Chieftain's Challenge ~ 60 Pure -65 Unusual Sold for 65 in unusual

~ Stormy Storm - Conjurer's Cowl ~ 20 Pure - 23 Unusuals Sold for 20 keys

Feel free to send me an offer trough steam or add me.

Happy tradings!
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Will update text later

Feel free to drop an offer below or on steam
Open to offers, keep 'em around price.

I love mixed offers & downgrades.

Scorching Headwarmer ~ 200
Scorching Barnstormer ~ 185
Scorching Airdog ~ 170 Sold

Happy tradings!
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Selling 3 rare, only clean one in existence, All-Class Hats.

~ The Ooze - Hong Kong Cone ~ 300
Discontinued effect - Previously sold with 20 in adds for a GBH Team Captain.

~ Green Energy - Well-Rounded Rifleman ~ 300
Recently been offered a strange Frostbite Law if I added 17.

~ Searing Plasma - Merc's Mohawk ~ 220
Recently been offered a Hellish Square Dance + 45 keys

Sold for 185 pure

Feel free to send me an offer trough steam or add me.

Happy tradings!
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Well, after 4 years of unboxing during Halloween I finally got my first unusual unbox (and second 2 crates later).

Taking offers on them, individually or both.

Sold my unboxed Neutron Robo Glove for 40 keys pure

Send me a tradeoffer or post below.

Happy tradings!
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Selling these sweet God tier All-Class miscs.
info /
Buying quicksells (25%-35% off)
Stock: 75 keys
professional killstreak weapons

huntsman: 7 keys
rescue ranger: 4 keys
classic: 3 keys
panic: 3 keys

pistol: 4 keys
revolver (fire horns): 3 keys
revolver (hypno beam): 2 keys
solemn vow: 2 keys

my bot is auto accepting correct pure offers:
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my bot is auto accepting correct pure offers:

conquistador: 55 keys
baron: 50 keys
western wear: 45 keys
hwnn: 70 keys

toe: 40 keys
elfin: 45 keys
shako: 40 keys
snaggle: 30 keys
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Trade offers only!

The Smock Surgeon - 1.33 ref
The Beep Boy - 1.33 ref
The Ham Shank - 0.66 ref
Seeing Double - 1.33 ref
The Coffin Kit - 1.33 ref
Six Pack Abs - 1.33 ref
Festive Bonesaw - 1.33 ref
Vintage Pyrovision Goggles - 1 ref

Overpay in items!
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Trade offers only!

Graybanns - 20 ref
Genuine Fear Monger - 5.66 ref
Highland High Heels - 1.66 ref
The Bruiser's Bandanna - 21 ref
The Merc's Muffler - 10 ref
Pip-Boy - 2.66 ref
The Rogue's Robe #94 - 22 ref
The Tools of the Trade #22 - 25 ref

Overpay in items!
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