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Saints Row IV: Game of the Century Edition - 5 keys (http://dispenser.tf/trade/122858/)

~~ Please use my 7/24 bot for buying games.~~

Too many fake profiles add me so use my bot..

Note : Don't add me for offering items,games,cards... Only want pure KEYS!
looking for some offers on these, not interested in unusuals unless big overpay.

NO 3rd gens unless they are Quicksells (i dont care what price backpack.tf says, if theres somebody selling the same hat for lower here, classifieds or someplace else thats how ill price your hat at best)

SFM RENDER BY VOLT: http://puu...uv.png http://puu...1E.png
Screenie: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=323444116
Valve Complete Pack - 12 keys

Includes 24 items: Counter-Strike, Counter-Strike: Condition Zero, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Counter-Strike: Source, Day of Defeat, Day of Defeat: Source, Deathmatch Classic, Half-Life, Half-Life 2, Half-Life 2: Deathmatch, Half-Life 2: Episode One, Half-Life 2: Episode Two, Half-Life 2: Lost Coast, Half-Life Deathmatch: Source, Half-Life: Blue Shift, Half-Life: Opposing Force, Half-Life: Source, Left 4 Dead, Left 4 Dead 2, Portal, Portal 2, Ricochet, Team Fortress 2, Team Fortress Classic

You can use my 24/7 Botshop : http://dispenser.tf/bond

How to use botshop:

1. Choose game, choose keys that you have.
2. Click 'Proceed' and bot will send you a trade offer.
3. Accept offer (in browser). Try to accept the offer until such time when green notification will disappear in steam.

u can also send trade offer here : http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=124152910&token=hHvfhiY6

add me as friend http://steamcommunity.com/id/bond08/

Games list i sell: http://www.tf2outpost.com/user/464390
Buying the following stranges:

Strange Frying Pan: 6 keys + 3 ref
Strange Construction PDA: 6 keys
Strange Original: 4 keys
Strange Invis Watch: 3 keys
Strange Disciplinary Action: 1 key
Strange Caber: 5 keys
Strange Huntsman: 3 keys + 4 ref

not paying extra for killstreaks/parts.

Prices might be outdated and are subject to change.

100 keys
1:1 for case keys.

Send trade offers.


Buying Key

REF ⇄ KEY: 14.00 ref each! (I Pay)

Better if you send me Trade Offer - Click on the ⇄ or

Notice (me senpai!)
Autobump enabled on this trade

Danke, Kamerad!
I am offering 1 scrap for any strange weapon. As I am crafting them, strange parts added don't help me so, I won't pay more for them.

Add me or send a trade offer.

Also, I buy ANY trading cards for 1 scrap each.
Witcher 3 [Pre-Purchase] = 21 Keys. | [Dispenser BOT - http://dispenser.tf/trade/115173/ ]

[ROW Copies - Worldwide playable - TRADABLE]
- Last copies in stock ;)

I accept only TF2//CS:GO/DOTA2 Keys. Please use my Dispenser Bot for a quick trade.
* * Still buying [update 09november 2014] * *

Taunt: Rancho Relaxo 5 ref
Genuine Buck Turner All-Stars 1key+7ref
Buck Turner All-Stars Unique 9.33ref
Egghead's Overalls3ref
Taunt: Rock, Paper, Scissors 5 ref
Cute Suit 6.66ref
Graybanns 5.66ref

NOT PAYING EXTRA FOR PAINTS, Description tags or name tags

all prices are firm

add me or send me trade offer
Gold Botkiller Knife Mk.I 2 keys + 6 ref
Gold Botkiller Rocket Launcher Mk.I 3 keys + 4 ref
Gold Botkiller Minigun Mk.I 3 keys
Gold Botkiller Medi Gun Mk.I 2 keys + 4 ref
Gold Botkiller Scattergun Mk.I 3 keys
Gold Botkiller Stickybomb Launcher Mk.I 2 keys + 4 ref
Gold Botkiller Sniper Rifle Mk.I 3 keys + 4 ref
Gold Botkiller Wrench Mk.I - 3 Keys + 2 ref
add me
Send a trade offer if you agree with my prices
Strange Festive Frontier Justice = 1 keys + 6 refs

Strange Festive Holy Mackerel = 2 keys + 2 ref

Strange Festive Grenade Launcher = 5 keys + 1 ref

Strange Festive Huntsman = 6 keys

Strange Festive Sandvich = 4 keys + 1 refs

Strange Festive Ubersaw = 3 keys + 5 ref

Strange Festive Axtinguisher = 1 keys + 1 ref

Strange Festive Ambassador = 4 keys

fast trade

add me or

PRESS [⇄] or use this to offer a trade:

Buying Dota 2 trading cards to craft badges. 1 scrap each.

Still need:
Bounty Hunter x5
Phantom Lancer x5
Razor x5
Riki x3
Tidehunter x5
Tiny x5
Tusk x3
Vengeful Spirit x4

I can buy more cards for my friends!!!

add me, or send me a trade offer, if i'm offline/not responding:
Strange Bird-Man of Aberdeen = 8 refs

Strange Blood Banker = 6 ref

Strange Degreaser = 7 ref

Strange Loose Cannon = 1 keys + 1 ref

Strange Reserve Shooter = 4 refs

Strange Pomson 6000 = 4 refs

Strange Sight for Sore Eyes = 2 keys + 2 ref

Strange Splendid Screen = 7 refs


fast trade

add me or

PRESS [⇄] or use this to offer a trade:

Buying any FOIL trading cards for a 0.33 ref each!!

Also I'm buying any booster packs for a 0.33 ref each!

Can buy a lot! Got 50+ ref!!

Send me a trade offer!!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Jacob's ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~ weapon trading outpost ~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~ trading card swapping ~~~~~~~~~~~

ALL 134 regular weps in stock: 5+ (I'm restocking every day!!)
Looking for the regular weps for the chem set? THIS is the right place to get them ALL at once!!!
check my bp: http://tf2b.com/tf2/weaponry
I can help you to get all 200 weps to the COLLECTOR's!!!

NEW! Now I'm accepting also any trading cards as payment! You can replace each scrap with ANY card!!

Bootlegger - 1 scrap or 2 craftable weps
Ali Baba's Wee Booties - 1 scrap or 2 craftable weps
Scottish Resistance - 1 scrap or 2 craftable weps
Loch-n-Load - 1 scrap or 2 craftable weps
Loose Cannon - 1 scrap or 2 craftable wep
Sticky Jumper - 1.5 scraps or 3 craftable weps (determined by the high demand and low supply)
Killing Gloves of Boxing - 1 scrap or 2 craftable weps
Gloves of Running Urgently - 1 scrap or 2 craftable weps

If you are buying more than 1 wep, you can also use strange and vintage or even genuine weps as payment!!
Actually - u can pay with any clean item if I like it, just offer!!

With a KEY u can get 90 weps!!! (1 key = 10 ref = 90 weps)

Now also swapping trading cards!!! Check my trades for applicable games:

Just add me or send me a trade offer.
1 scr. each or 2 craftable weapons ( i also sell any drop normal weapon for 1 scr. )

the back scatter , air strike , tide turner are 1 rec. each <--- read

add me to fast trade , thx

after adding me be patient , i will online asap , except work and asleep @.@


if i am offline or u will offline , u can click the link below to sent me offer http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=38011714&token=mJYJhfaV
**Prices are listed below and are non-negotiable
**Items Overpay is accepted, but you'll need to add 30% to the listed prices

**I can provide change for keys
**Any price related comment will be reported. check outpost rules before posting spam in my trade

Don't add me (all friend requests will be declined) / no need to comment, it will just take up space. Please send a trade offer using the link below or the '' next to the 'add friend' button or the link from my steam profile (in case you cannot use steam offers in browsers)

Uncraft Brigade Helm (A Distinctive Lack of Hue): 1 key + 6 ref
Merc's Muffler (An Extraordinary Abundance of Tinge): 1 key + 8 ref
Filamental (A Deep Commitment to Purple) : 1 key + 4 ref
Filamental : 1 key + 1 ref
Uncraft Batter's Helmet (The Bitter Taste of Defeat and Lime): 6 ref
Strange Part: Buildings Destroyed: 1 key
Strange Revolver: 1 ref
Strange Killstreak Silver Botkiller Minigun Mk.II ("The End."; Full Health Kills): 1 key
Borscht Belt: 2 ref

trade offer link: http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=55610524&token=efxVzipm

Thank You
No unusuals

41 keys

bud = 12 keys

Cheapest on market

Trade offer if interested

No unusuals
These copies can be traded through steam. No gifting required.

Payday 2 = 6 keys each

The Ship 2-pack = 2 keys each

Add me anytime or send a trade offer.