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Cross-Game Trading

Trade items between multiple games in the Steam Economy with zero hassle.

Taking offers on these fine and rare unusuals. Please read the wall of text below so things are easier for both of us.

Prices (in keys)

Ubersternmann - 100
Hiveminder - 100
Combover - 140
DCO - 210
Front Runner - 80
Waxy - 85
Tyrants - 85
Bonnet - 40

Overpay in anything else than pure is obvious.

Somethings must to remember before offering :

✔ I would be mainly keen in 1st or 2nd gens at most. Old halloween effects maybe acceptable depending on the hat/misc you offering.
✔ Mostly interested in pure/promos/Australiums or Unusuals as mentioned below.
✔ In case of making an offer with items which are neither pure nor promos prepare to overpay.
✔ No 3rd gens AT ALL. I don't want any new summer effects at all not even as sweets. Robo effects like AF, RA are exceptions depending on the hats/miscs offered.
✔ Don't add me for offering. Either offer here or send me a trade offer.

Mention "panda" in your comments so i know that you actually went through my wall of Text.


About me :

2k+ hours on Tf2
250+ games in my steam account
Level 100 on my steam
Premium User on TF2OP
Top 30 TF2 backpacks
Steamrep GoV Community Admin and Donor :
My rep thread :

Rules for cash trade :

1. Mode of payment would be either Paypal.
2. Must have a verified Paypal and a decent rep thread.(Steam profile rep doesn't counts)
3. I won't go 1st at all.
4. I would verify your background, in game time/number of games and your rep before going for the trade.
5. You will cover the fees.
6. Don't add me directly without posting here.
7. You will add a note with the payment : "I am purchasing virtual goods, and will not chargeback or dispute under any circumstance. I understand that this is a non-refundable transaction. My SteamID: <your steamID64>"
8. I reserve the rights to decline a trade if it doesn't feels right

Offer pure only if you HAVE it with you. Don't make posts like "i dont have now il get later" or something like that. I will prefer to negotiate on a price only if you have PURE in your backpack or you have enough credibility that you will get pure immediately once we come to a deal. Also i won't reserve items unless a down-payment is made. Any user who makes tentative/collecting offers will be hidden immediately. I'm sick and tired of hearing shitty excuses and pulling out of offers after I accept them. I won't keep my items on hold just coz you are trying or collecting for it. The amount of down-payment will vary depending upen on the items.If you really want me to hold items for you , you will have to pay a part of the payment as advance and in the decided period you will have to pay the remaining amount.

~ GroovyPanda
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Hey there! :)

I am looking to trade these Engi unusuals:

✿ Bonzo Braniac Hairpiece! – 300 Keys or offers!
✓ Clean Misc!
✓ Awesome very limited Halloween effect!
✓Happy to discount for pure – can (almost always) guarantee lowest price on market – just add me to discuss!

Feel free to add me or send a trade offer!
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I'm buying the items listed above :

Strange Black Box - 10.66 Refined
Strange Tomislav - 7.66 Refined
Strange Powerjack - 3.77 Refined
Strange Phlog - 3.11 Refined
Strange Crusader's Crossbow - 15.33 Refined
Strange Spy-Cicle - 12.66 Refined
Strange Ubersaw - 13.66 Refined
Strange Cloak and Dagger - 7.55 Refined

I am not paying extra for strange parts, sorry!
You can send a trade offer or add me ^^
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Buying Vouchers for 13.66 Ref Each!

You can send a trade offer or add me ^^
Looking for offers on this "STRANGE" Neutron Star Crone's Dome...... CLEAN....SECOND OWNER.......One of Two that exist.

Price: 250 keys or overpay......... Dsicounted for cash via PayPal - Trustworthy buyers ONLY.
Only one available.

35 KEYS pure price.
45 in offers.

Will only consider unusual offer if I like the hat.

Feel free to send a trade offer.
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Selling this Waxy Wayfinder for pure/unusual overpay! Looking for a fast sale

Preferably looking for pure or overpay in hats, leave me an offer here please. DO NOT ADD ME!

Leave whatever pure offers you have and I will consider them!

PS: If this trade is open then I still have the item even if it's not in my inventory!
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Looking for pure or overpay in items.

Strange Backstabber's Boomslang: 3 keys.
Non-Craftable Troublemaker's Tossle Cap: 13 ref.
Foster's Facade: 1 key.
Deep Cover Operator: 7 ref.
Gentle Manne's Service Medal: 2 keys.
Caped Crusader: 1 key 14 ref.
Genuine AWPer Hand: 20 ref.
Strange Specialized Killstreak Powerjack: 1 key.

Feel free to add me or send me a trade offer:
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🔥 Unusual Trade! 🔥

Looking for offers on this unusual freshly unboxed by me!

Looking for pure or unusual offers!

Green Confetti Tipped Lid
B/O: 120 keys pure - 180 keys in unusuals

This unusual has/is:
Unboxed by me!
Cleanest on the market!
Pretty neat looking!
A pretty cool effect!
Level 1 (for those who care)
One a person history!


Trade offer link:

Happy trading!
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Looking to buy unusual quicksells (30% off)

It can be unusual hats or unusual weapons

Send me a trade offer if its a really good deal

Stock: 17 keys
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Buy Outs!
Allbrero: 60 Keys
Hermes: 70 Keys

Offer accordingly!
1:1 swap

please dont add me
~Apollo's Awesome Headwear Boutique!~
Hearts Galore

Cloud 9 Towering Pillar - 35 keys

Fountain of Delight Rancho Relaxo - Sold

• Pure > Mixed > Unusual Overpay
• Real World Cash has a few options.
➞ Bitcoin

Please comment either here or on my profile before adding me!
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Buying the following Cosmetics for 8 ref each!

Not buying uncratable ones and will not add if its painted.

This is a quicktrade, either add me or trade offer, thanks ;-)
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Buying the following Cosmetics for 1.33 ref each!

Not buying uncratable ones and will not add if its painted.

This is a quicktrade, either add me or trade offer, thanks ;-)
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Hello i'm looking for pure/unusuals

Here are my price :

Translator nebula : 265 keys
softcap beatdown : 21 keys
Aces high pullover : 90 keys
zoomin broom spectral : 130 keys

Don't be afraid to offer but you must overpay, offer are welcome but i have right to decline if i dont like it :)
Add me if u want to discuss :)
Trade offer link = >>>>
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Interested in unusualifiers at good prices. I'm able to offer pure keys and cash via Paypal.

» 800+ different people I've traded with via Paypal:
» YouTube Partner with 69k+ subscribers. https://www...strife
» Twitch Partner with 21k followers https://www...strife
» 11 years on steam & level 111 profile.
» 6666+ TF2 hours
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Just because these hats are low tier, doesn't mean I'm quickselling them.

Tossle: 22
Soldier's Requiem: 35
KaW CM: 32
Fed: 40
Reggae: 20
Crocleather: 12
Cold Killer: 20
YWN: 18

CHECK IF A HAT IS DUPED BEFORE OFFERING IF YOU CARE. I couldn't care less about low tier duping and DO NOT give discounts because of it.

Don't like my prices? DON'T OFFER. I know perfectly well what I can get for these.

If offering cash, take my price in keys and multiply by 1.80 USD. I only deal with paypal.

Unusual offers must be overpay.


If you add me and lowball, I'm just going to block you. I hate when people waste my time.

Do NOT offer me your killstreak/collector's/vintage/etc. cancer.

If I'm not online and you agree to my price, send a trade offer:

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1 of 2 RA Softcap

I am looking for 140 keys pure, nothing else.


This is a take it or leave it trade, please do not offer unusuals or other items.
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