Hey there!
Welcome to the deluxe trading experience, crafted just for you.
Hey all, Selling this stunning Soldier hat

- 1 of 6
- Clean
- God Tier Soldier Hat with Fitting effect

B/O= 180 in Pure/200 in Unusuals

Looking for Pure and Unusual offers

Prefer if you send me trade offer or offer here instead of adding me
***MAINLY looking for a diff pyro unusual***

ONLY clean one for sale, and quite clean if i say so myself.
Offer here or send a trade offer, pyro unsuals take priority

Fine with keeping but slugs arent really my thing.
Anything UNDER 150 keys will be instantly declined considered a longer history clean slug recently sold for 150 pure.
All clean
Lets set some prices

500 keys on TC
250 keys on beak
30 keys on private eye
25 keys on Trilby
16 keys on Engi Cap
SF scatter 17 keys
Voodoo JuJu 40 keys
Your best chance of getting the TC or Beak is to offer decent medic unusuals (scorching tyros etc)

All unusuals here are clean
B/Os have been updated to reflect recent changes
No 3rd gens, robo or generally crap unusuals
Dont add me
Hello everyone!

I am selling these fine items for you all to enjoy!

G. Anger - 8.66
Jungle booty - 8.66
Black V. proceudre mask - 2 keys
G. Purity Fist - 6.66
Black G. Bolgan - 18 ref
G. Red-Tape recorder - 2.33
S. Grenade Launcher - 2.44

anger 5
the paisly pro 2 ref
lubricus lid 4.33
lonestar 5.16
trade offers only.
Selling keys for PayPal only

Keys: £1.16/$1.80 each
Minimum 5 keys per purchase

Why you can trust me

1. Clean SteamRep
2. Backpack Worth Nearly £3000
3. Steam account created 18th April 2010
4. 5,600 Hours on TF2

1. You must pay all fees, if any.
2. I reserve the right to stop trades and refund the payment sent.
3. You will send the money as a gift with payment option friend/family
4. You MUST have rep

SteamRep http://steamrep.com/profiles/76561198024085240
Backpack.tf http://backpack.tf/u/76561198024085240
Rocket with DOMINATION PART ( 3 keys ) -> 1 key + 9 ref price.

add if u want
1 scrap each
add if u want or send trade offer
The new CS:GO update looks great.

Here's some stuff I found, offer if you'd like.
Hello everyone!

I am selling this amazing hat for you all to enjoy!

A Demonflame Nappers Respite!


90 pure or more in offers


Taking offers on this Strange Festive Chargin' Targe.
Taunt: Conga, in trade for 11.33 Refined Metals:

*Add me if you're interested! :-D

Huntsman: 8 keys
Atomiser: 5 keys
Boston: 13 ref
skins: idk offer
Viel: 10.66
Beard: 1 ref
1.5 key for a BLACK painted Puffy Provocateur
backpack.tf price or item overpay

add me if interested
has damage dealt strange part!

b/o: 2 keys or item offers :)