Hey there!
Welcome to the deluxe trading experience, crafted just for you.
Do not add me please.
Buying cheap CSGO skins!

Using every vintage weapons I have in my TF2 backpack!
Offer here or add me to offer and trade!
Looking for good offers in these low craft #'s

- The Trencher's Tunic #7
- The Backpack Broiler #7
- The Fashionable Megalomaniac #8
- The Bear Necessities #9
- Heer's Helmet #10
- Stylish DeGroot #10
- Bullet Buzz #13
- The Heat of Winter #16

Dont add me, please.
Offer here or Send me a trade offer!
Sims 3 + All DLC (not all pictured here check my inventory I have EVERY DLC) - 125 Keys or Equivalent
Lowest I am going period or it's going to rot away in my inventory.
Do not bother offering anything lower.
I am willing to take items also, but only for tf2.

Post offers below, or send a trade offer do not add please.
It's A Secret To Everybody Chieftain's Challenge
- 100% clean
- God tier effect
- High tier hat
- Super rare hat / effect combo
- Sexy as hell
- #DreamHat
- Not in a rush to sell at all

B/O : Just looking for offers. Try and base your offers from the offers listed below.
C/O : ?

Declined Offers
Terror Watt TC OR Harvest Moon Flamenco = both ~15 each ( sold the Menco before I could take it, from MvM B-ri )
Scorching Pardner's + GE Bone Dome if I add 2 buds ( ~14-15 )
Demonflame Bubble Pipe + Stormy Bicorne = ~13-15 buds ( offer in other trade )
Roboactive Tartan Spartan + Bubbling Dragonborn + 10 keys = ( ~13 buds, a bit low )
Cloudy Moon Shako + Planets Cannon Ball + Steaming Stovepipe + Overclocked Gentleman's Ushanka + Vintage Pro KS Luger + Pro fab kit for Fan O' War ( Via trade offer ) = ~12-13 buds
GE Whirly + 3 buds OR Clean Max's Head = ~11 buds mixed
Cloudy Moon Tree + 1 bud = ~10 buds mixed

NO new effects / robo hats / unusual taunts

You may offer 1st gen, 2nd gen, and old/new Halloween effects.

Just so you know, a mixed offer is your best bet of getting this from me.

Offer away!
Couple thangy thangs first.
1. These are miscs
2. These are rare miscs
3. They are clean, some extraordinarily so Duped version of my bonk mysteriously came around last month so the bonk is no longer clean I'm afraid.
4. I am not an idiot
4. Okay I totes am :D
5. These hats will get you all the girls
6. These hats will make all your wildest dreams come true

Strange Bonk Boy- 9 buds
Large Lucha - 7 buds
Le Party Phantom - 7 buds
Pencil Pusher - 7 buds
** SPECIAL DEAL -- All 4 for 28 buds **
Yes, I know buds are dirt right now. Thats why this is a STEAL.
Thanks for looking!
Paying 1.11 for any clean craft hat whose base price ISNT 1.11.

If your hat is base price 1.22 or 1.33 with no range of price. I will pay 1 ref

1.33--1.66 hats are fine because there is range in price.

I dont buy Ellis Caps or robo hats

So price check before adding or sending a trade offer

Holy crap.....1000+ views and 10+ bookmarks....on a craft hat trade.... LOL

I have a lot of metal right now so help me use it!
2 Buds 4 Keys

Trade offers would be swell.
0,66ref each add me
#14 Menpo
- Craft number below 15
- Very rare
- Multi class misc
- Will not go cheap

8.5 keys pure ( 7.5 keys base price + 1 key for the white paint ) or 12 keys in good items

I paid 7.5 keys pure.

Offer away!

Trade Edit
- Is now painted white as of 11/19/14
Offers here! Unusual offers!
If you prefer you can also send me a trade offer.

- I got 4 bills to trade.
Can do any kind of unusual deal, from 1:1 to 4:1!
#38 Shogun's Shoulder Guard
- Craft # below 40
- Sought after misc
- Part of the Kabuto / Menpo / Shoulder Guard set

4 keys pure or 5-7 keys in items ( overpay depends on the items )

Send me a trade offer or add me if you wish.

Offer away!
Strange jarate :2,33 ref
Allies Extinguished
Strange Stickybomb Launcher 1,44 ref
Pumpkin Bombs
Strange Huo-Long Heater: 2. ref
Medics Killed That Have Full ÜberCharge
Long-Distance Kills
strange fire axe :1,66 ref
soldiers killed
Burning Flames Defiant Spartan
- God tier, sought after, 1st gen effect
- Mid tier hat
- Slightly themed
- Probably the most underrated burning flames Soldier hat in the game
- I really don't have a problem keeping this.

B/O : 95 keys ( ~7.5 buds ) pure or 115+ keys ( ~8.5 buds ) in 1st gen, 2nd gen, or old / new Halloween effects
C/O: ?


Notable Offers
Time Warp Sola Topi + Stormy Storm Pencil Pusher + Purple Energy Dead Cone + B.M.O.C + Spec KS Strange Original (~7.5, in server offer from -pg- I am a QT on PPM)
SBTWC Djustice for the Spartan + my SF Pro KS RL (RL isn't for sale, not interested, proof of offer is in previous trade)
'72 Flippin' Awesome Taunt + clean Max's Head (I hate unusual taunts, not interested, proof of offer in previous trade)

Add me, send a trade offer, or leave your offer here. Any one of those works just fine.

Good luck, and start the bidding.
selling professional killstreak black rose kit (killstreaker singularity , sheen team shine) for 6 key pure.
add me
Offers here! Promos and unusuals!
If you prefer you can also send me a trade offer.

- 1 of 1 Sulphurous Kiss King

Looking for good pure offers, but feel free to offer unusuals.

C/O: None

Past offers: 12 buds (said that was collecting but nothing yet)

Hide = No thanks.
Offers here! Promos and unusuals!
If you prefer you can also send me a trade offer.

- Flaming Lantern
- Sulphurous

- Strange Disco Beat Down Napolean

- Cloud 9 Cadavers Cranium

- Miami Nights Mann of Reason

- Terror-Watt Waxy Wayfinder

- Kill-a-Watt Dragonborn


Collectors Festive Jarate


Hide = No thanks.
Selling my Disco Beat Down Whoopee Cap for a Team Spirit Max's Severed Head (Please not duped) and 2 End of the Line key!


Add me for a fast trade!

*EDIT*: I have no idea why the Team Spirit color circle is blue. At least on my computer it is.