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Hello im buying ANY Strange weapon for a scrap so 0.11 if you have a weapon that i like i can do 1.5 (scrap and weapon) maybe i can do 2 scrap.

If i am on my phone USE trade offer.

Add me or send a trade offer if im on my pc.

Bought so far: 16

Wow 600+ views :D

VIOLET - 1.66 refined each
PURPLE - 2.66 refined each
#216 - 1.66 refined each
GREEN - 2.33 refined each
GREED - 1.33 refined each
SLATE - 2 refined each
PINK - 6.33 refined each
LIME - 5.66 refined each
1 Scrap or Any 2 Normal Weapons Each for any Unique Weapon in my Inventory
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Selling a stormy storm Tavish Degroot Expierence. Not in a rush to sell it so don't bother with offers like 1 bud.

Smoking Kabuto (if I add 3 keys) - Niick
Planets Conjourers cowel + sweets - dong.Potet
Looking for offers on my Pyro set. Definitely in no rush to sell it, but it couldn't hurt to see what I could get it.

Degreaser has Violet spec on it, S.F. Flare Gun has Hotrod, S.F. Axtinguisher has Team Shine and the Powerjack has Mean Green with Cerebral Discharge. The Degreaser also has some strange parts on it.

Also, I'm selling as a set, so don't offer on any individual items.

Offer here, don't add me.

Scorching Hard Top - [CK]#YOLO Hoovey
Something Burning This Way Comes Hetman's + Genuine Pro Freedom Staff - Hyrar

Pictures of the set:
Buying Cases 1 Scrap Each
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Selling this Unusual Timeless Topper.

Effect: Green Black Hole

Just looking for Offers.

C/O: Kill a Watt Large Luchadore
9 Keys
Im selling Specialized Killstreak Medi Gun Kit (Sheen:Mean Greem)!
His normal price is 3 keys pure,but i accept items but you must OVERPAY!
I don`t count paint,killstreak and other stuff.
If i hide your offer that means no thanks!
Have a nice day!
Buying Any and All Trading Cards for 1 Scrap Each
MINT reggaelator 5 ref
1 key + your wrap or 2 keys and my wrap EACH

Add me
Buying any of these stranges for 1 scrap (0.11) each. Not paying more for parts, descriptions, name tags, KS etc. Trade offer me (preferred) or add me.
Track Terrorizer: 2.33 ref
Birdman: 3 ref
Casemaker: 1.66 ref
Selling these items for pure or item overpay.

Frying Pan: 0.22
Objector: 0.33
Ham Shank: 0.55
Bat Outta Hell: 0.22
Freedom Staff: 0.33
Wanga Prick: 0.33

Send me a trade offer (preferred) or add me.
Buying Decal Tools for 0.66 each pure. Send me a trade offer (preferred) or add me.
Buying these weapons (craftable only)

Frying Pan: 0.11
Objector: 0.22
Wanga Prick: 0.22
Bat Outta Hell 0.11 NOT BUYING
Ham Shank: 0.33
Freedom Staff: 0.22

People who think that 1 rec = 0.22: 1 (funny conversation link, if you need a laugh: http://pas...YPmAAq)

Not paying more for names or descriptions.

Use the trade offer button (preferred) or add me if you absolutely have to.
Hat: Grimm Hatte

Effect: Smoking

I prefer the amount of unusuals over the effect

B/o: 2 buds


Previous offers:
24 keys
Aces High Metal Slug
kill-a-watt sober stuntman
Dead Cone Effect:Electrostatic

add me if you are paying b/o
Professional Killstreak Boxing Gloves: 3 keys
Specialized killstreak Baby Faces Blaster: 2 keys