Hey there!
Welcome to the deluxe trading experience, crafted just for you.
1 key for each!
Price is firm and pure only!
Send a trade offer!


ONLY ADD if you got PURE.

Use trade offers if you are paying with items ! ( icon with 2 arrows in the top right corner of this window). Thank you.

Orbiting Planets Engineer's Cap - 14 keys
Haunted Ghosts Copper's Hard Top - 19 keys
Flaming Lantern Copper's Hard Top - 15 keys
Disco Beat Down Gridiron Guardian - 14 keys
Orbiting Planets Napper's Respite - 14 keys
Gaelic: 1 key (providing 6 refs in change)
Buying for the below prices. If an item is grayed out, i'm not buying atm

!!Please remove the crafter's name from the items, i really dont like that tag!! thanks

Strange Quick-Fix: 6 ref
Strange Loch-n-Load: 9 ref
Mann of the Seven Sees: 5.33 ref
Thirst Blood: 2.66 ref
Strange Thirst Blood: 9.66 ref
Chronomancer: 4 ref
Marksman's Mohair: 5 ref
Deep Cover Operator: 6.33 ref

Don't add me (all frind requests will be declined) / no need to comment, it will just take up space. Please send a trade offer using the link below or the '' next to the 'add friend' button or the link from my steam profile (in case you cannot use steam offers in browsers)

trade offer link: http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=55610524&token=efxVzipm


All items listed in this trade are painted white.

The price for each item is 1 key + 2 ref each

Chieftan's Challenge
Cobber Chameleon

Eliminators Safeguard

Executioner (Uncraftable)

Furious Fukaamigasa
Gentleman's Gatsby

Gold Digger
Hat with No Name

Heavy's Hockey Hair

Ornament Armament
Prince Tavish's Crown

Rogue's Col Roule
Sergeant's Drill Hat

Scotsman's Stove Pipe
Teddy Robobelt

Vintage Merryweather (Uncraftable)
Whiskey Bib

Wilson Weave (Genuine)

I am NOT accepting items.
Prices are firm.

I prefer trade offers, but you can add me if I'm online. Of course if I'm offline, send me a trade offer.
Moving on from TF2. Selling these wonderful Unusuals.
This isn't a quicksell trade, keep your ridiculous lowballs to yourself.

PURE prices (Paypal price is key price * 1.80 USD, fees on you):

Cowl - 100 keys
Kabuto - 190 keys
Merryweather - 22 keys
Mountain Cap - 55 keys
Noble - 100 keys
Stahlhelm - 45 keys
Ushanka - 65 keys

Highly uninterested in unusual offers.

I know the noble is duped, but the others should be clean.
That being said; if you care about dupes, CHECK BEFOREHAND.

Do not add me unless paying my price in pure / paypal.
Simply post below, or send a trade offer.

Thanks, happy trading.
Need 1 of each of these. CLEAN CRAFTABLE ONLY !!!

Willing to wait a bit to see if they drop any more but, here is what I am offering for a BUY IT NOW price.

Marsupial Muzzle....................1 key
Mr. Juice................................6 refined
Mr. Mundee's Wild Ride........3 keys
Vampiric Vesture..................1 key
Vampyro...............................1 key

If you expect more, please make the offer HERE, please do not add me to discuss a price. Thank you.

I also buy ANY trading cards & any strange weapons for 1 scrap each.

Up for sale are these 2 professional fabricators.

Conga - 1 key and 2 ref
Flippin - 7 ref and 1 rec

Send me a trade offer using the button in the upper right.


I'm an old man with a family, career, and a dog. I'm not always online, but I do check steam every day. Please be patient.
Taking offers on this Circling Peace Sign Bolted Bicorne

B/O: 17 keys (currently on SCM, message me here)

Send me a trade offer: http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=41035001&token=mbZFJKZI

I take buds as 9 keys each
Accepting CS:GO offers too
Looking for Buds and Keys ONLY!

3 Buds + 6 Keys for Paintedz

3 Buds + 5 Keys for Unpaintedz

All Clean
7 Ref

Use the Trade Offer.
Engi stuff:

Mining - 15
Ge Festivizer - 4
C.Bubbles Pencil - 8
EoF Festivizer - 2
BS Pencil - 2
VRH - 5
Topper - 5
Barn - 7.5

Overpay in unusuals !

Same gens for older or same gens only !
Looking for 1st gen only quick sells, state your price! Mostly appealing to people who are cashing out or looking to buy a computer, I will not trade for scammed unusual, so don't try. (comment before adding me)
2 scr. or 4 craftable weapons each <-- read

add me to fast trade , thx

if i am offline or u will offline , u can click the link below to sent me offer 
Clean. 1 of 2. 7 buds or Unusual offers. Please write your offer here or send a trade offer.
Looking for 20 keys for this sexy unusual

Pure is for upgrades only.

I have alot of other hats for upgrades and I can get buds if needed.

Offer below please

Or click two arrows things in the top right to send me a trade offer
Selling these items for the prices below. Add me only for these trades at these prices, or send an offline trade request below. This trade is autobumped, send trade offer if offline.

Strange Amputator w/Critical Kills ---- 1 key
Strange Eyelander w/Critical Kills + name ---- 1 key
Strange Scottsman Skullcutter w/Critical Kills ---- 1 key
Strange Equalizer w/Critical Kills + Dominations + Kills While Low Health ---- 1 key 6 ref

Strange Tribalmans Shiv w/Critical Kills ---- 1 key
Strange Bat w/Critical Kills ---- 1 key
Strange Scorch Shot w/Damage Dealt + Taunt Kills ---- 1 key
Strange Neon Annihlator w/Critical Kills ---- 1 key

Send an offline trade offer here:

BP.tf link (stranges w/critical kills, damage dealt or robots destroyed pages 3 4 5 6, hats page 7)

Most of these items available for automatic purchase via backpack.tf automatic bot:

I'm Buying Cosmetic Items.
Prices Below, all firm:

Team Captain- 4 ref
Lumbricus Lid- 3.33 ref
Anger- 3.33 ref
Archimedes- 3 ref
Hero's Tail- 3 ref
Killer Exclusive- 2.66 ref
Fancy Fedora- 2.33 ref
Winter Wonderland Wrap- 1.66 ref

I'm only buying clean items
Taking offers on this sexy Circling Peace Sign Hot Dogger
B/O: 27 keys

Amazing SFM by Vast: http://img...VBZs5D

- 1 of 2 world
- Nice looking first gen effect

Past/Rejected offers:
- blizzardy whirly warrior + sweets

Happy trading
Selling this sexy Arcana Bonk Boy *Past offers were made on my last trade*
Amazing SFM by Vast: http://img...VBZs5D

C/O on Bonk Boy:

Past/Rejected offers:
- Scorching pyromancer + pro ks aussie flamethrower +pro ks aussie axtinguisher (private offer)
- Morning glory Brainiac (~22-25 buds) + pro ks aussie flamethrower + 5 buds
- Hell fire Das Hazmattenhatten (trade server)
- Burning Hive
- Steaming Virtual Viewfinder (10.5) + Circling Heart Dark Falkirk Helm (8) + Circling Heart Whoopee Cap (3.5)
- Duped burning anger
- Logo antlers
- Secret Tyrants + pro killstreaker for the splendid screen + stuff worth 2-3 keys
- Frost bite hong kong cone (trade offer)

Happy trading