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Pure price: 170
Unusual price: 200

Trade offers only
looking for 100 keys on this gaben set

not really interested in unusuals at all but I will listen to some if they are quite a lot of overpay

please only offer here or send trade offers I do not wish to be added thank you
1.11 Per Hat

offer up
offer up
Do NOT add me

I am only looking for straight cash. This and all my other unusuals can be purchased via my marketplace shop.

Do NOT add me

I am only looking for straight cash. This and all my other unusuals can be purchased via my marketplace shop.

Ooze Frickin' Sweet Ninja Hood - 160
Hellish Inferno Kazotsky Kick - 120
Miami Nights Hat With No Name - 45

Prices are for pure. Unusual offers will need to overpay a bit. Not keen on unusual weapons, taunts or 2016 effects.

Get it right now by sending a trade offer with the pure amount listed. (Item offers will require overpay)

Looking to buy with cash? Check out my shop. ! I can list any item there upon request.

[b]To see what else I'm selling visit these links


Didn't find anything you liked? Why not check out my bots!
Zoidberg [⇄] Hats:
Hermes [⇄] Items:
Bender [⇄] Weapons:
Farnsworth [⇄] Unusuals/Aussies + More:

Questions or comments? Contact me!
It is best if you comment before adding me
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Buying above and most Unusuals for 8 key + 2 ref (any effect)
Send trade offer to my bot for instant trade (do not add me)

Full list of hats I'm buying can be found here,
- Skill Gotten Gains: Conga for 150 keys / 175+ items
- Fontain of Delight: Bad Pipes for 33 keys / 45+ items

Put exact amount of pure and offer will be accepted automatically!

Send me trade offer:

Aslo selling for PayPal. My rep :

Haven't found item you liked? Check out my bot's inventory


My marketplace shop https://mar...op/m9s
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thermal tracker 3.55
connoiser cap 1.44
meet the medic 3.44
war pig 3.77
mann co orange 9.66
cat cardigan team spirit 6 ref
blizzard 1.66
cross comm 3.11

item ovwrpay is welcome
trade offer only
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... For your convenience after an exchange or transaction you can leave your comment here: & here: & here at the buttom: & if you have time and want, you can press also the [SR+] button here: ...

💲💰💲 My Shop: https://mar..._death 💲💰💲

- Festivizer for 1 Key
- A Distinctive Lack of Hue [Black Paint] for 1 Key + 20 ref each [on, pm me & i will remove them]
or Discount 2x Black paints for 3 Keys
or Discount 5x Black paints for 7 Keys

- The Pardner's Pompadour (Lime) [#60] for 5 Keys [Low Craft Number, for Collectors]
- The Macho Mann (Pink) [level 100] for 2 Keys [for Collectors]
- The Doublecross-Comm (Black) for 2 Keys
- Vintage Texas Ten Gallon (Pink) for 2 Keys
- Genuine Professor's Pineapple (Pink) for 1 Key
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Last Breath: 6 Ref
Killer's Kit: 4 Ref
Hermes: 1.33 Ref
Doublecross-Comm: 18 Ref
Cosa Nostra Cap: 3 Ref
Awesomenauts Badge: 1.33 Ref
Stormin' Norman: 1.33 Ref
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Send TO - listed on line 1
Weapon 1-1 scrap
price below or overpay in items/unusuals!

white painted Trib (haunted ghosts) 27keys
Selling a lot of stuff. Pure or Item Overpay.

May have duplicates of certain hats, please select the last one available.

Double Dog Dare Demo Pants: 3.66 Ref
Texas Half-Pants: 1.33 Ref
Tartantaloons: 2.66 Ref
Man In Slacks: 1.33 Ref
Mann of The House: 1.33 Ref
Idea Tube: 2 Ref
Festive Huntsman: 11.33 Ref
Specialized Killstreak AIr Strike: 18 Ref
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Headless Horseshoes Footprints on these All-Class hats

B/O : 20 keys each Open to any offer

(Actually on SCM for 40€ , Pink Bill's hat sold for that amount with fees https://i.i...aZ.png
Actually have a TS HS Bill's on SCM for 40€)
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150 keys for all of them. 115 keys profit
The F2Ps dream? Maybe
But this us reality

- 1/1 On The Market
- Super underpriced, and when i say super i mean its 100 keys less than vivid? Lol nope
- (Even phos is worth 300+ keys)

My price is: 220 keys (the same asking price as vivid and obviously sulph is way more than vivid in effect tiers)

I will take offers
Prefer 1st gen for this
3rd+ gen will need alot of overpay
Taunts, robo hats, and unusual weps will need mass mass mass overpay

Offer away
Trade offers only please
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Buying Random Quicksells for a discounted price. Below prices.

Add me or send an offer with your price
Dont be afraid to offer. Most I will do is decline politely.
Item can be anything doesnt have to be what i posted. No parts, killstreaks and paint will be included in the price

NO TRADE HOLDS ACCEPTED, unless very good offer
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