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Please use trade offers.
Prices are firm. Super massive overpay in items.

S. Targe - 2 ref
S. Resistance - 1.66 ref
S. Launcher - 1.66 ref
row, and buy from uk

don't accepted dota 2 keys and misc, sorry
trade offer link
or clickor click the double arrow butten on the right of my post
1 refined for any Robo-Hat

Add me for a fast trade

If my name has TRADE OFFERS in it, send a trade offer! I'm probably at work or asleep.

Also buying normal Craft-Hats. See my other trades!
Selling These Collectors Level Items:

Level 0 Vintage Ubersaw = 6 Keys
Level 100 Vintage Pyro Beanie = 4 Keys
Level 100 Vintage Weapons = 3 Keys Each

Also Considering Item Overpay Offers.

Not Looking To Negotiate on Price.
Add Me Or Send A Trade Offer If Interested.

1 ANY CS:GO Key = 1 TF2 + 2 Ref -> [Dispenser BOT - http://dispenser.tf/trade/97991/ ]

I accept 9 Ref instead of a TF2 Key as well.

-For any other offers, please send me a trade offer, do NOT add me to offer.


Make sure your keys are tradable, or the BOT will not be able to find them.
The BOT might be out of stock, but i will re-stock to it A.S.A.P.
If you have problems trading with the BOT you can then add me, else its way quicker with the BOT ;)
Taking offers!
Manndarin cerebral discharge effect.
Wolfenstein: The New Order ROW = 25 TF2 keys / CS GO Or 1 bud + 6 key ( Work Any Country Except Germany, Austria )

Wolfenstein: The New Order Pre-Purchase ROW = 40 CS GO / TF2 keys Or 60 Dota 2 keys

Pre-Purchase Offer

- 2 exclusive Wolfenstein TF2 items along with access to the upcoming DOOM Beta when available on Steam.

2- Wolfenstein TF2 Items:

-Die Regime-Panzerung
-Der Maschinensoldaten-Helm

MY Trade Offer link : http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=116293121&token=TNdckwyZ
I'm buying quicksale FIRST GEN unusuals only of any hat, so offer your price here, or send me a trade offer.

I have tons of keys, only looking for quicksales.


Green Confetti
Purple Confetti
Haunted Ghosts
Green Energy
Purple Energy
Circling TF Logo
Massed Flies
Burning Flames
Scorching Flames
Searing Plasma
Vivid Plasma
Circling Peace Sign
Circling Heart

If you can't read, don't offer, don't trade.
superstylish demo loadout

prolly won't sell separately

>>>> please don't add me <<<<
Buying these items, offer here or send me a trade offer.
▶ Insurgency 4 Pack Split - 1.5 Keys

`**How the 4pack splitting works** `

+ I will trade the 4 pack for the listed price + a collateral
+ You activate the 4 pack and the game gets added to your library and 3 extra copies in your steam inventory
+ You trade the extra 3 copies for your collateral back

***Collateral will the cost to cover the price of the full 2/3/4pack***

*If you have a good steamtrades account / blue+ sgsflair , the collateral wont be needed*

(Note: I value ToD as - 3 ref)

**How to check whether you are eligible for unpacking a 4pack**

First and Foremost, You MUST NOT own the game in your library
Second, Follow these steps

+ Go to the steam store mainpage.
+ Add any game into your cart
+ Select Purchase as a gift

Your steam account is not eligible to open a 4pack if the page looks like this - http://i.i...bt.jpg
Normal Steam account with good standing will be directed to a page like this - http://i.i...pE.jpg


Add Me if you agree to this.
->super clean/1st outpost owner
1of2 on the market- the other one only selling as part of a set with total price of 5 buds
->outdated price -> tf logo priced at over 2 buds

Toque = 1bud+6keys
Tyrolean = 1bud+5 keys

pure only - trade offers only
White Doublecross-Comm - 3 keys 3 ref
Slate Essential Accessories - 3 keys
Genuine Shred Alert - 2 keys
Strange Blood Banker - 2 keys
Sub Zero Suit lvl 42- 2 Keys
Value Of Teamwork Veil - 1 key 4 ref
Kringle - 6 ref
Genuine Menpo - 2 ref

overpay if offering items
3 Keys, 2.77 Ref

My trades auto-bump so I may not always be online. Feel free to add me, or send a trade offer using the ⇄ button.
Selling some sexy as hell hats. ALL CLEAN!!!

Scorching Flames Brigade Helm

B/O - 12 Buds

C/O - n/a

Rejected Offers (from http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/21312063, http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/21352765)
Cloudy Marauder
GE Samureye + 1 Bud

Sunbeams Marauder (first one from http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/21352765)

B/O - 10 Buds

C/O - n/a

Rejected Offers
Secret Gentleman's Ushanka + sweets
Time Warp Anger + 1 Bud + more (Just_Blue_Myself)

Sunbeams Sola Topi

B/O - 3.5 Buds

C/O - n/a

Rejected Offers (some offers from http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/21371185)
Miami Brigade (Juan Free Free Seven)
Ghosts Snaggle
DBD Capo Capper + Australium Tomislov (Fresh)

Every one of these hats speak for themselves, so please offer accordingly.

Pure > First Generations > Mixed > Second Gens > Everything else

Offer below, happy trading!!!
Upper bp.tf prices

send a trade offer if you agree!
2keys EACH

add me