The deluxe trading experience.

Cross-Game Trading

Trade items between multiple games in the Steam Economy with zero hassle.

Selling these Cosmetics for High End Prices

Keys are accepted at's low end price

You can offer items but you'll have to overpay
-----> I'm not counting the Prices of Paints, Parts, Spells or Basic/Spec Ks (Pro ks with be counted at a slight discount)

Trade Offers are Preferred

Hide = Nty
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1:1 with craftable version or offers
Mobile Trade authenticator enabled!

Selling this Specialized crossbow Kit for 20 refined!

The strange crossbow is only there to make searching for this kit easier!
Spook Specs 300 keys
Ballcap 200 keys
Samur-Eye 200 keys
Wet Works 100 keys

Mostly looking for pure or Scorching/Burning unusuals.
Any other offers will be considered as well, though overpay might be requared
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clean all class misc with cool effect.

100 keys
You want skins? I got them!

Trade authenticator enabled!

Selling these strange skins for pure keys or 20% overpay!

Note- if these aren't in my BP they are out on the Steam Community Market.

1-10 keys
2-23 keys
3-10 keys
4/5-2 keys each
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Buying cases
1 scrap each: Concealed Killer case, Quarantined collection case
2 scrap each: Gargoyle Case, confidential case,powerhouse case
1.55 ref each: Warbird case
5 ref each: Pyroland case
rocket: 45 keys also level 1

sniper (pro ks): 35 keys
Selling these sexy items!

Strange Sub Zero: 5 keys
Strange modest: 11.55 ref
Modest Scrap: 1.33 ref
Strange Dictator: 1 key
HWNN: 1.66 ref
Armament: 1.33 ref

Send me a trade offer!
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Man tesla is awesome :) taking offers on my new sexy tesla muffs

Feel free to offer below or send a trade offer, please do not add me. Thanks for looking and have a good one
Taking offers for now :) if not in my bp it's on the market. Thanks for looking and have a good one
Buying and of these items for quicksell prices. I am not payin regular prices. I am not interested in overpay for paints,parts,levels or someting like that but if you have a really good deal with paint(like gooc paints with low cost) I can think about it. I am payin pure metal and keys. I can change the offer if i dont like yours. Just use trade offers and dont add or right to me on here unless you got a huge deal.

I can also buy backpacks with good discount,unusuals(listed on my outpost),promos,cosmectis,botkillers,festives,vintages,stranges,tools,paints,tickets and trading cards.

Just use trade offers.
Hot Heels

Courier's Collar

Ninja Hood


Cadet Visor
3 ref


Courtly Courais
3 ref

Squire's Sabatons

Only accepting metal for these, no items
Trade offers only
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STRANGE Cloud 9 Fortunate Son
80 keys

Steaming Grenadier's Softcap
13 keys

Blizzardy Storm Gentlemann's Ushanka
28 keys

Pure prices are firm.

Open to unusual offers. That said though...
-Unless your unusual weapon has the Cool effect, I don't want it.
-The odds of me accepting an Invasion or Halloween 2015/2016 item are very low unless the overpay is substantial.

I will not offer my items to you if you come to me. Please state what you want otherwise there will likely be no deal.
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Looking to buy DBD QUICKSALES for at least 20%-30% off the original price or offer.
I'm only interested in the listed effect.

Things to keep in mind before offering:
β˜… All hats must be clean.
β˜… I don't trade with alt's or suspicious accounts.
β˜… You may not find keys in my bp but i can still get them in short time (from my storage accounts).
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Taking offers on this amazing unusual flame thrower with a fitting effect for the skin
[BUYING taunts] [Max stock limit 3, decline if full]
[Trade offer link]:

Taunt: Most Wanted - B> 9.33

Taunt: Conga - B> 9.33

Taunt: Rock, Paper, Scissors - B> 8

Taunt: Square Dance - B> 6

Taunt: Flippin' Awesome - B> 6

Taunt: Fresh Brewed Victory - B> 5

Taunt: Skullcracker - B> 5.33

Taunt: Oblooterated - B> 3.33

[Trade offer link]:

24x7 Trading bot |RESTOCKER|
Put exact amount in pure metal|
Use trade offer link for fast automatized trade|Do not add|
Overpay if in items or escrow|
Buy TF2 items for $$$:
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Kill-A-Watt Fed Fightin' Fedora - Scout unusual, clean history, 3rd gen effect but good tier looking hat.

B/O: 28 keys pure
C/O: None yet.
Previous offers: Overclocked Trilby (23~)
Morning Glory Oiled Baker Boy (30~) http://img.../kqNSD
23.5 in mostly pure http://img.../PsZfI
TF Logo Hat to Kill for + Strange Invis watch (24.5~)
Specialized Aussie Ambassador.... (16~)

SOLD for 25 keys pure.

Aces High Slope Scopers - Soldier unusual, clean history, nice looking hat.

B/O: 27 keys pure
C/O: None yet.
Previous offers: None yet

Orbit Fire Jumper's Jeepcap - Soldier unusual. 2nd gen effect.

B/O: 18 keys pure
C/O: None yet.
Previous offers: None yet

SOLD for 17 pure

Orbit Planets Bloke's Bucket hat - Sniper unusual, 1 of 1 on the market currently.

B/O: 15 keys pure
C/O: None yet.
Previous offers: Orbit Fire Steel Toe (10~)

Steaming Fruit Shoot - Sniper unusual, 1 of 1 on the market currently.

B/O: 15 keys pure
C/O: None yet
Previous offers: Terror-Watt Scotch Bonnet (14~)
Orbit fire Steel toe (10~)
11 keys pure + sweets
13.5 keys pure

Pink Painted Max's Head - VERY clean history
Price: 25 keys pure
(Ive already declined 24 pure for this several times, 25 is the price and thats final. Unusual overpays must be 33+)

Professional Strange Soda Popper
Price: 5 keys pure

Strange Part Transfer Tool
Price: 1 key + 4 ref

Either send me a trade offer or offer below in comments please. I take Australiums as full pure in current price at the moment!
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Looking Buying any - 10% - 30% OFF

Stock: -> + 200 keys

PRESS [⇄] or use this to offer a trade:
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