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Who I am
: Joined Steam Since 2010 / 11
: Have +111 games
: Steam Lv. +65

| steamname: MonoPoly
| steam3ID: [U:1:73851902]
| steamID32: STEAM_0:0:36925951
| steamID64: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198034117630
| customURL: http://steamcommunity.com/id/MNPY
| steamrep: http://steamrep.com/profiles/76561198034117630

1. Your steam account must be minimum 9 months old.
2. Your First Send offer (Key)
3. I pay fee if needed.
4. Your PayPal account must be verified.
5. You must not be a scammer.
6. I send the money as a gift with a note "This is virtual item trade.I (http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198034117630)am purchasing [Amount of] keys, and will not chargeback or dispute under any circumstances."
Can go first if you are trustworthy person
Taking offers on this Circling Heart Attendant

Price: 50 keys pure

Send me a trade offer: http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=41035001&token=mbZFJKZI

I take buds as 9 keys each
Accepting CS:GO offers too
[PotatoBot] Tanyu is buying STRANGES .
His profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198202633344/
Auto add link: steam://fri...33344/

How to trade with my bot?
1. Add it
2. Send a trade request or type "trade"
3. Put your stranges
4. Wait for the bot to add the metal and accept

Not paying extra for parts, paints, killstreak kits or spells!

Strange Chargin' Targe - 1.33 refined metal
Strange Private Eye (Craftable or Uncraftable) - 3 refined metal
Strange Gloves of Running Urgently - 1.22 refined metal
Strange Natascha - 1.33 refined metal
Strange Brass Beast - 1.66 refined metal
Strange Fur-lined Fighter
- 3.33 refined metal
Strange Bomber's Bucket Hat - 3.33 refined metal
Just because these hats are low tier, doesn't mean I'm quickselling them.

Sola: 12 Keys
Sober: 18 Keys
Geisha: 12 Keys
Tricorne: 16 Keys
Glove: 16 Keys
Pith: 25 Keys
Tree: 19 Keys
Baker: 18 Keys

If offering cash, take my price in keys and multiply by 1.80 USD. I only deal with paypal.

Unusual offers must be overpay.

Add me only if paying b/o. ADD ME ONLY IF PAYING B/O, THAT MEANS PURE.


If you add me and lowball, I'm just going to block you. I hate when people waste my time.

Do NOT offer me your 2013 effect/killstreak/collector's/vintage cancer.

If I'm not online and you agree to my price, send a trade offer:


Selling lots and lots of Killstreak kits!

All are 2 keys each.

Check out my profile for more Prof, Spec and regular Kits for sale! : http://www.tf2outpost.com/user/142112

PLEASE DO NOT ADD ME. I do not mean to be antisocial but I have limited space on my friends list, and I receive so many phishing attempts every day that I don't accept invites from people I don't know. Please send a trade offer by clicking [⇄]

Many thanks! :)

Strange Part: Damage Dealt - 3 key 8 ref
Strange Anger - 14 ref
Strange Antarctic Researcher - 2 key
Strange Deep Cover Operator - 1 keys + 10 ref[/colror]
Strange Sight for Sore Eyes - [color=orange]2 keys + 10 ref

Strange Cute Suit - 2 key
Strange Heer's Helmet - 1 key 8 ref
Strange Dark Falkirk Helm - 1 key

Not paying extra for colors, killstreakes, special levels, craft numbers!

Buying Australium weapons for the following prices:

Ambassador = 10 keys
Axtinguisher = 4 keys
Black Box = 14 keys
Blutsauger = 6 keys
Eyelander = 32 keys
Flame Thrower = 10 keys
Force-A-Nature = 8 keys
Frontier Justice = 7 keys
Grenade Launcher = 14 keys
Knife = 16 keys
Medi Gun = 20 keys
Minigun = 18 keys
Rocket Launcher = 38 keys
SMG = 4 keys
Scattergun = 26 keys
Sniper Rifle = 26 keys
Stickybomb Launcher = 10 keys
Tomislav = 5 keys
Wrench = 18 keys

Prices are subject to change frequently.
I can pay extra for pro. KS (price depends on the sheen/effect), don't expect much extra for spec KS.
Not paying more for parts or "normal" KS !!!
1 key each for these, nothing but 1 pure key each.

Note the strange parts on these items. These are all priced under backpack.tf values (unless they have killstreaks, which backpack.tf doesn't give a value to). All price comment spam will be reported and you can join the now 5 users who have been banned or temp-banned for spamming my trades!

Trade offer here for faster service: http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=33518359&token=C-uXsjez
Clean. Only ones on market - the owner of the other one hasn't had it up for trade in 4 months. 7 buds each or Unusual offers. Please write your offer here or send a trade offer.
These hats are already on sale. These prices are not negotiable.

Please send me a trade offer if anything peaks your interest.

I do not accept anything except for $/Keys. Prices are firm.

Something Burning This Way Comes Metal Slug-(39 keys)/$74.10
Scorching Flames Timeless Topper-(55 keys)/$104.50
Kill-a-Watt Anger-(49 keys)/$93.10
Flaming Lantern Le Party Phantom-(108 keys)/$201.40
Chiroptera Venenata Bonk Leadwear-(70 keys)/$133.00
Time Warp Triboniophorus Tyrannus-(90 keys)/$171.00
Terror-Watt Familiar Fez-(30 keys)/$57.00
Selling Unusuals


Bubbling Cadaver's Cranium: 14 Keys

Bubbling Electric Escorter: 14 Keys

Bubbling Glengarry Bonnet: 16 Keys

Orbiting Planets Tavish DeGroot Experience: 16 Keys

Orbiting Fire Otolaryngologist's Mirror: 16 Keys


Send a trade offer. (Use the ⇄ icon)
They may be on the Steam Community Market. Leave a comment or add me.
Li'l Snaggletooth #100 (Untradable)- 8 keys+Gift Wrap
El Jefe #21- 16 keys
Fancy Dress Uniform #97- 16 keys
Market Gardener #87- 8 keys
Bubble Pipe #98- 4 keys
Moonman Backpack #57- 3 keys


My trades auto-bump so I may not always be online. Feel free to add me, or send a trade offer using the ⇄ button.
Flared Frontiersman #83- 3 keys
Whirly Warrior #28- 3 keys
Captain's Cocktails #46- 3 keys
Fortified Compound #96- 8 keys
Fortified Compound #46- 8 keys
Fortified Compound #57- 8 keys
Surgeon's Side Satchel #7- 8 keys


My trades auto-bump so I may not always be online. Feel free to add me, or send a trade offer using the ⇄ button.
Buying Pristine Robot Currency Digesters and Brainstorm Bulbs for 0.44 refined each.

Note: This trade autobumps, please send me a trade offer if I'm not online. Thanks!
Selling several Professional Killstreak Kits for keys, prices below.

Nessie's Nine Iron Kit (Singularity, Manndarin): 3 keys
Solemn Vow Kit (Incinerator, Hot Rod): 3 keys
Unarmed Combat (Incinerator, Villainous Violet): 3 keys
Short Circuit (Flames, Hot Rod): 3 keys
Postal Pummeler (Hypno-Beam, Deadly Daffodil): 2.5 keys
Diamondback (Tornado, Hot Rod): 4 keys
Righteous Bison (Fire Horns, Agonizing Emerald): 5 keys

Note: This trade autobumps, please only add me if I'm online. If I'm not online, please send me a trade offer!
High / Low First Gen Unusuals.
100% Clean & Short Histories.
Pure / First Gen Mixed Offers.
I'm looking about 20 on the Degroots, 30 on Pipe and Gibus in Unusuals / less in pure!
Not selling for less than what I paid.
Selling my Stranges!

Strange Specialized Killstreak Loose Cannon (Team Shine)

~ 4 keys // $7.20 Sold

Strange Professional Killstreak Soda Popper (Incinerator + Villainous Violet)
"Double Nuka-Quantum Blaster 2000"

~ 5 keys - $9.00

Strange Specialized Killstreak Air Stroke (Deadly Daffodil)

~ 1 key - $1.80

Strange Killstreak Shotgun (w/ Exorcism spell)

~ 1 key // $1.80

Strange Killstreak Reserve Shooter (w/ Airborne Enemy Kills part)
"Splooge Shooter"

~ 1.5 keys // $2.70

Strange Professional Killstreak Scotsman's Skullcutter (Singularity + Deadly Daffodil)

~ 5 keys // $9.00

Strange Specialized Killstreak Sydney Sleeper (Manndarin)

~ 1.5 keys // $2.70

Strange Specialized Killstreak Frying Pan (Manndarin)
"Eggscalibur" (I swear I didn't name this)

~ 11 keys // $19.80


0.1. You MUST speak English. Not only that, you must speak UNDERSTANDABLE English. I'm not going to waste an hour of my life trying to communicate with someone that types along the lines of "steam i take key 10 immediately PayPal 1,79usd email tf2." Also, I won't waste time with people who don't know how to convert their obscure foreign currency into USD. Learn how to use Internet monies.

1. You WILL go first. No exceptions.

2. You must sent as Friend/Family, and you pay fees.

3. If anything sketchy or otherwise suspicious comes up during our chat or trade, I will cease any and all negotiations/deals with you. Every detail is screenshotted and/or on video capture. I accept newer dealers, but I can still choose who I'm going to trade with. I reserve the right to deny service with anybody I don't want to trade with, or anybody I don't like.

[Why should you trust me?]

Steam Member for 3 Years
3,000+ hours on TF2
Fairly high-value backpack
Almost 100 games, nearly all of which were paid-for games.
Numerous trading threads on TF2Outpost dealing with PayPal
TF2Outpost Donator
Significant amount of PayPal-related rep that can be found on my Steam profile.


Any questions or comments can be asked below, or you can add me. <3
Frontier - 1 key + 15 ref
wrangler - 2 keys
4 keys.Only pure.