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Selling these unusuals for keys (or) cash

Infernal Flames Taunt: Fresh Brewed Victory B/O: 39.5 keys

Poisoned Shadows One-Man Army B/O: 70 keys

Strange Infernal Flames Taunt: Burstchester B/O: 60 keys

Infernal Flames Taunt: Bucking Bronco B/O: 50 keys

Hellish Inferno Shred Alert B/O: 80 keys

Kill-a-Watt Das Hazmattenhatten B/O: 40 keys

Infernal Flames Taunt: The Schadenfreude B/O: 78.5 keys

Screaming Tiger Taunt: Rock, Paper, Scissors B/O: 150 keys

All unusuals available on

Pure or unusual overpay!
Add me or post below
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For prices please check my page here:

Post your offers here or send them directly, thank you.

Got no Prices for unusual weapons, so looking for offers.
Ok Ladies and Gentlemen.

I have the COMPLETE COLLECTION of EVERY Strangifier up for trade. (Roughly 100 of them) Yes, some of them are cheap dogs but, some are quite rare and quite expensive.

Anyways, on to my rules for this trade:

DO NOT add me to discuss this trade. If you have any offers, post them here.
Pure is KING but I will entertain any and all offers.
Lastly, I am NOT going to part this collection out so please don't ask for just some of these. I am selling them as a COMPLETE COLLECTION.

So, offer accordingly and, thanks for viewing my trade.
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Some things I crafted, pt. 3
In case you need this clarified: I am not trading all of these for one refined. Stop wasting my time.
Selling these unusuals for split (or) pure

Dead Presidents Caribbean Conqueror B/O: 21.5 keys
https://mar...;5;u60 - 10% off with cash

Poisoned Shadows Nunhood B/O: 237.5 keys
https://mar...208497 - 10% off with cash

Strange Massed Flies Villain's Veil B/O: 175 keys
https://mar...trange - 10% off with cash

Molten Mallard Horrific Headsplitter B/O: 108 keys
https://mar...;5;u88 - 10% off with cash

Circling Heart Bonk Boy B/O: 140 keys
https://mar...;5;u19 - 10% off with cash

Frostbite Spook Specs B/O: 200 keys
https://mar...;5;u87 - 10% off in cash

Vivid Plasma Merc's Mohawk B/O: 240 keys
https://mar...132390 - 10% off with cash

Smoking HazMat Headcase B/O; 175 keys
https://mar...315860 - 10% off with cash

Add me or post below
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Thanks for all those who've helped 29/31 collected, just 2 to own with 1 already in my sights and 1 mission impossible

SWAP/BUY for LEVEL 66 Haunted - SWAP & I ADD 2 ref or I BUY ( price) & I ADD 1 REF
Abhorrent Appendages - - ❓❓❓3*L66 leads, not looking good :(
Archimedes the Undying
Burny's Boney Bonnet
Cap'n Calamari
Carious Chameleon
Chicked Kiev
Dark Helm
Das Blutliebhaber
Ethereal Hood
Grisly Gumbo
Grub Grenades
Hair of the Dog
Haunted Hat
Horned Honcho
Horsemann's Hand-Me-Down
Last Bite
Magical Mercenary (TS Footprint Spell) - - Dead-end
- - - - - - -Search for me:
Pocket Horsemann
Polly Putrid
Scorched Skirt
Second Opinion
Shaolin Sash
Spellbinder's Bonnet
Transylvania Top
Unidentified Following Object
Up Pyroscopes

All Haunted Items 2011/2012/2013 now owned, some still need converting to Level 66
0 items to level : 2011/2012 Halloween Haunted Level 66
2 items to level : 2013 Halloween Haunted Level 66

FREE REF JUST FOR FINDING MY MISSING Haunted Level 66's (2011-2014)!

Not looking to pay much extra for used spells, paints, glitches or anything else!

(i may also buy craft #66 items if the price is about 1 key and i like the item)
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i might as well keep these items
please take in acount the spells where aplicable

metal or keys ONLY!
please send a trade offer using the button below items
feel free to post a offer in this post

cash rules are:

1. You must go first unless you are a very well know trader, i will look into your profile... hours, source, alts, scammer friends, all that good stuff...if we get to a point and you dont have proper rep, we will go the middle man route
2. Payment will be as a paypal Family/freind only!(you MUST be verified)
3. You pay ANY and ALL fees that occur
4. i reserve the right to stop or reject any offer/ trade at any point
5. if you look sketchy, im out!!!
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Please note: untradable items can no longer be wrapped (but already wrapped untradable items can still be traded). Therefore these are for collectors who want an ultra-rare already wrapped untradable item, something that is impossible to do now and forever.

Already wrapped lime dangeresque, too? demo misc! - 23 keys
Already wrapped vintage untradable concheror! - 55 keys
Proof it's untradable:
Already wrapped vintage untradable professional killstreak fan o war! - 35 keys
Proof it's untradable:
Already wrapped lime untradable spine-chilling skull - 15 keys
Proof it's untradable:

If you know someone selling cheaper let me know and we might be able to work something out :).
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Only accepting trades with other people who have mobile authentication, otherwise you MUST offer MASSIVE overpay.

Low crafts are where the craft number is #100 or lower. What makes these special is said craft number actually shows up in the title of the cosmetic in-game. That's why these are in fact worth keys, and if you still don't believe me then find a craft #32 cosmetic/weapon and I'll pay you 3-4 keys for it :).

Prices are firm, if you offer items you must overpay. I don't want other low crafts unless it's a lower number of the same hat that I have here for sale and is clean. If the crafter is Johnny that's my alt.

Also buying any and all craft #32s!

#7 Napoleon complex - 6 keys
#9 Huntsman's essentials - 6 keys
#9 War goggles - 6 keys
#11 Big daddy - 6 keys
#12 Bushi-dou - 6 keys
#16 Sangu sleeves - 5 keys
#19 Gilded guard - 4 keys

Also selling many other low crafts, check my trades!
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Mobile Authenticator enabled on this account.

0.33 "each" not 1 rec. for three lol

add me or sent me trade offer below,thx

link :
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Buying for the below prices. If an item is grayed out, I'm not buying atm
Escrow-free account - if you enabled mobile auth and have trade confirmations on, there will be NO trade hold.

!!Please remove the crafter's name from the items, i really don't like that tag!! thanks

Lone Survivor: 8.33 ref
Lady Killer: 16 ref
AWPer Hand: 3 ref
Sharp Dresser: 2.33 ref
Three-Rune Blade: 3.66 ref
Brotherhood of Arms: 6 ref
Filamental: 11 ref
Antarctic Parka: 6 ref

Don't add me (all friend requests will be declined) / no need to comment, it will just take up space. Please send a trade offer using the link below or the '' next to the 'add friend' button or the link from my steam profile (in case you cannot use steam offers in browsers)

trade offer link:

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1 rec per saxton

Don't add me, use trade offers.

Currently buying *If I only have refs post here and I'll smelt some ref into rec*
Buying any craftable hats/miscs for 1 refined. My price is firm.
Selling TF2 items

All clean

Smoking Horrific Headsplitter
For 21 keys

Dead Presidents Exquisite Rack
For 40 keys

Bubbling Modest Pile of Hat
For 19 keys

Interested in any TF2 & CS GO offers
Trade link:
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hello am selling this unusual for 18 keys

or 20 in unusual offer
add me if interested!
Hello I am selling this unusual for 15 keys
or 18 keys in unusual offers
add me if interested!
Professional, Specialized and Killstreak

My Price and more KS items =>
>>Auto Trade<<
Send me offer =>
Pure - auto-accept
Items/mixed - overpay 20%
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My Price =>

...:::==>> Auto Trade <<==:::...
Send me offer =>

Pure trade offer => instant auto accept your offer (~15-20 sec)
In Items and mixed(ref/keys + items) => overpay 20% and manual accept
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My Price =>

...:::==>> Auto Trade <<==:::...
Send me offer =>

Pure trade offer => instant auto accept your offer (~15-20 sec)
In Items and mixed(ref/keys + items) => overpay 20% and manual accept
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