Hey there!
Welcome to the deluxe trading experience, crafted just for you.
Str. Loch-n-load: 2.66
Str. Market Gardener: 1
Str. Persian Persuader: 0.33
Str. Grenade Launcher: 6
Str. Stickybomb Launcher: 1.22
Str. Bottle: 0.33
Str. Direct Hit: 2
Str. Scotsman's Skullcutter: 0.33

If I don't respond in 5min then I must be sleeping or AFK! No worries! Create a trade with me:

+++++Notes!+++++:Please!Send me a trade offer rather than waiting to get accepted on my friend list

=====>TRADE OFFER<===== http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=91765894&token=lQyH1nEN

Swapping my painted cosmetic for another painted or non painted cosmetic!

How to trade!?!?!?!?!?!?
If my hat or misc is= 1.33 + 1.33(paint) <>you only need to pay<> 1.33(hat or misc) + 0.66(metal)+1 scrap
......................................................................................................... or
.................................................................................................1.33(hat or misc) + 1.33(paint)+1 scrap

THE PRICELIST! http://backpack.tf/pricelist or http://backpack.tf/pricelist/spreadsheet
***Paint is cut by the half of the price***

Well there you go! real easy!

If there any question,please post a comment below and make sure you post before adding me :)

Add me: steam://fri...031622
Trade offer: http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=91765894&token=lQyH1nEN

Strange Degreaser - 4 ref
Strange Shotgun - 4 ref
Strange Minigun - 4 ref
Strange Your Eternal Reward - 4 ref

Strange Dead Ringer - 4 ref
Strange Flare Gun - 2 ref
Strange Grenade Launcher - 1 ref

Add me for a quick trade!
Quick add: steam://fri...650623
If I'm offline you can send me a Trade Offer at this link bellow:
S. Gold Scattergun - 2 keys + 4 ref
S. Gold Sniper Rifle - 2 keys + 1 ref
S. Gold Rocket Launcher - 2 keys + 1 ref
S. Gold Minigun - 1 keys + 3 ref

S. Gold Knife - 1 key + 1 ref
S. Gold Medi Gun - 1 key + 1 ref
S. Gold Stickybomb Launcher - 1 key + 1 ref
S. Gold Flame Thrower - 1 key + 1 ref

Add me for a quick trade!
Quick add: steam://fri...650623
If I'm offline you can send me a Trade Offer at this link bellow:
Selling most of my backpack, feel free to look at the entire thing. Leave an offer below or add me and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Vintage Pyrovision Goggles are lvl 100.
Buying Dota 2 Items with TF2 Metal/Keys! Looking for the Items stated above, as well as items I don't have yet. Check my BP to see if I already have the item instead of adding me to ask.

Commons : 1 Scrap

Uncommons : 3 Scraps

Rares : 1 Refined

Mythical : 2.33 Refined

Stranges : You Offer

Dota 2 Keys : 5.33 Ref

Bessy : 3 Keys

Silent Ripper : 1 Key

Red Talon Hood : 1.33 Ref

Legs of the Brood Queen : 1.33 Ref

Strange Fireborn Odachi : 2 Keys

Strange Spinal Slicer Off-Hand : 1.33 Ref

Strange Hood of Endless Intellect : 2 Ref

Strange Runed Ailettes : 1.33 Ref

Strange Runestaff of Veroidicia : 0.66 Ref

Strange Luxuriant Chin-Foliage : 0.66 Ref

Strange Cape of Verdant Dreaming : 0.66 Ref

Sanguine Moon Patch : 2.66 Ref

If individual item prices are not listed, refer to general pricing above.

Prices for Expensive Items (>1 Key) are Slightly Negotiable. Add Me on Steam for Fast Trade!

™☆╠╦╩╣Welcome to Kucing's Hat Exchange╠╦╩╣☆™

This is my hats&miscs exchange trade,
So i will trade my Craft hat/misc for your Craft hat/misc
To do That you only need to follow this Simple instruction!

█ NOTES: █
I may not have the items above so please go to my backpack
And i'm Not selling my vintage and retired hats/misc!

PLEASE!Send me a trade offer while im not around,instead of waiting me Online: http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=91765894&token=lQyH1nEN



▲ How to Exchange! ▲

Trade me your craft hat/misc for any craft hat/misc of mine
In every exchange service there will be 1 scrap fee
If my hat/misc is more valuable you need to add the difference +1scrap
if your hat/misc is more valuable the fee will be unecesarry
if YOUR / MY hat/misc have range in price use the HIGHEST price

★ if you want to trade your "ranged" hat/misc for my non "ranged" you need to add 2 scrap ★
★ 2 scraps fee only apply if the Highest range of your hat/misc have the same value of my NON Ranged hat/misc ★
★ Example:1.66-2 for 2 refs / 1.33-1.66 for 1.66 refs etc. ★

And If it's to confusing just add me :) steam://fri...031622

use this to know the price:

http://backpack.tf/pricelist or http://backpack.tf/pricelist/spreadsheet


i will not accept uncraftable hat/misc
i will not add for the difference price between your's and my hat/misc
i'm not accepting any strange hat/misc
if your hat/misc are painted i will not add for the paint
and i'm not gonna add more for your odd lvl hat/misc
there also some hat/misc that i don't accept :
Paper Hat,Ellis Cap,Superfan,Athletic Supporter ,hatless hats and uncraft achievement hats/miscs
new released hat/misc will be count as 1.33 until the price is stable

And please post here before adding :)


I also buying all of the craft hat you have for 1,22 refs each(except:Paper Hat,Ellis Cap,Superfan,Athletic Supporter ,hatless hats and those uncrafts) and keys for 7,00 each.

my backpack:

add me for trade :D steam://fri...031622

THX for reading

Currently buying the items on the right for Paypal USD via Family & Friends. I pay all fees.
** My SOP Rep Thread: http://forums.sourceop.com/threads/34762-Yeow-s-Rep-Thread?p=333320
** Bazaar rep thread: http://bazaar.tf/thread/4543


Earbuds: $32.00
Keys: $1.75 (Minimum of 10 per transaction)
Refined: $0.22 (Minimum of 50 per transaction)
Max's: $90.00
Bills: $8.00
The Big Kill: $12
Vintage Lugermorph: $7.50

1. To agree to my prices, and to go first.
2. To not be marked as a scammer on any trading websites or SteamRep.
3. To have obtained any goods you want to sell me legally and fairly. If you're in possession of stolen or scammed goods, do not ask me to trade.
4. To have a reasonable steam account age, amount of friends, games owned, and hours played on TF2. (This is subjective and based upon the items you're selling)
5. I will not write any message in the note section that refers to a transaction or no charge back. However, I do post my SteamREP block of information.
6. No splitting of small transactions (e.g., selling 1 bud at a time).

Why should you sell to me?
** 7 Year old Steam Account with 2000 Hours in TF2 & more than 100 Games
** Reputable Trader with a rep thread 6+ pages in length dating back to 2011
grimm = 2 ref
tooth kicker = 3.33 ref
el muchacho = 3.66 ref
pomson = 3 keys

add me
Selling Assassin's Creed 4 Illustrious Pirates DLC for 3 ref each, or 5 DLCs for 2 key.
Add me at will.
Thank you.
3 keys each

AM I OFFLINE? USE MY BOT FOR TRADING 24 HOURS ONLINE http://dispenser.tf/trade/100925/

1. Select the game
2. Choose the keys you will use to pay.
3. Click "Purchase".
4. If dont work then try refresh page.

Ac3 + Season Pass - 12 keys or 7 keys each

Grand Theft Auto IV: Complete Edition ---> 5 keys http://dispenser.tf/trade/85345/

Grand Theft Auto Complete Edition ---> 6 keys http://dispenser.tf/trade/84371/

The Sims 3 ----> 10 keys

Far Cry 3 Deluxe Edition - 6 keys

Wargame Franchise Pack - 6 keys http://dispenser.tf/trade/84371/

Anno Complete Pack - 12 keys

use my dispenser bot for fast trade.
Offering 3 ref for SP: Sappers Destroyed parts

send me a trade offer; http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=85982664&token=5sRJ78ap
1 scrap each
Buying strange part: gib kills for 1.66 each
prices are firm
I want lots
send me a trade offer; http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=85982664&token=5sRJ78ap
noh mercy 2.66 ref
summer hat 11 keys
v.ushanka 1 key
v.camera beard 2.33 ref
g.cowl 1 key
g.samur 1 key
g.menpo 2 ref
rogue 2 ref

add me

trade offers : http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=73845892&token=j8Q7Rp9Z
Greetings gents and merchs.

Looking for fine offers on this one of a kind poisoned shadows Tough Stuff Muffs. Yes, currently NO OTHER POISONED SHADOWS MUFFS EXIST. (And it is extremely unlikely another one will appear all of sudden)

It is an incredibly good-looking hat and I already got complimented a lot on it.

Buyout is around 50 buds.

Offers can be posted below.

Due to the high amount of phising bots I instantly ignore friend adds by PRIVATE profiles and LEVEL 0 profiles. In case you are not a bot please leave a comment on my trade or set your profile to at least USER ONLY (you can leave the backpack setting at PRIVATE though if you want).
Selling this nice StatTrak P250 Hive Factory New for:

2 CSGO Keys
2 TF2 Keys

Not accepting offers. Add me if interested.

If it is not in my inventory, I probably still have it!
Looking for a specific knife.

StatTrak™ Karambit | Crimson Web (Factory new)
StatTrak™ Karambit | Crimson Web (Factory new)
StatTrak™ Karambit | Crimson Web (Factory new)

It must be this, exactly. If you know anyone with this knife, please link them to me. I'm very interested in it.
I've checked other sites too, like csgo lounge, but I can't find one. If anyone here can track one of these down, it'd be appreciated.

Darksiders II / 5 keys

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion® Game of the Year Edition Deluxe / 6 keys

Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit / 4 keys

Unreal Deal Pack / 7 keys

From Dust / 4 keys

LEGO Batman / 4 keys

Need for Speed: Shift / 4 keys

PAYDAY™ The Heist / 4 keys

add me or send trade offer http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=22455781&token=CW3yUXdX