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Selling tons of hats for 1.33 each!
Kill-a-Watt Crone's Dome!

This is the only one with the Specialized KS Glitch (Villainous Violet).

B/O: 80 keys → More in unusuals.
Sick misco

Buyout is 45 keys, offer accordingly.

No unusual taunts/weapons.
I'm not interested in your common 30% quicksells on everything, I can buy plenty quicksales like this
I'm VERY picky in which unusual I will quickbuy, also DONT ADD ME (you can post your offer on my profile, in this trade or you can send me steam offer)

Effects I like: bat effects, arcana, spellbound, bonzo, blizzardy/stormy storm, and basically any cheap effect except NNB, and also first gens if they are not insanely overpriced
Hats I like: antlers, polar pullover and virutal viewfinder and other miscs (like rack, stash, pyromancer, etc.)

What I dont like: unusual taunts, expensive things (mostly interested in range of 10-100, but if it is antlers, pullover or vwf it can be more), overpriced/outdated prices and duped things. I'm also checking for how much are hats for sale on listings.
- this doesnt mean Im not accepting this, just discount has to be even more huge

Keys in stock: 1000
Writing it again, DON'T ADD ME - you can write here, on my profile or you can send me steam offer.
Blocked people so far who can't read don't add me: 2
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Young Donald Trump

Buyout is 60 keys, offer accordingly.
No unusual taunts/weapons.
Hello fellow outpost user :)

Looking to sell this rare Strange Elite Grade C9 Bomber Knight for offers
*Now painted Pink as Hell*

Some quick info about this incredibly rare hat:
[X] Only 6 Unusual bomber knights
[X] Best effect on all of the bomber knights
[X] Only Strange Unusual Bomber Knight
[X] With the effect it looks like the fuse has the effect coming out of it(100000% better cause of it)

Feel free to add me, send a trade offer or comment below. I am open all kinds of offers(my order of preference)
Pure keys > Aussies > Csgo knives & Skins > Unusual Overpay > Unusual Weapons> Unusual Taunts

If need be i can post my items on or Steam Community Market if you cover the fee/valve tax.

Also don't forget to check out my other items im selling :) listings -
tf2outpost listings -
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Check my for prices and more items! Also taking overpay, and can negotiate a deal on painted cosmetics. Just shoot me a trade offer.

Automatic trading ON!
Send me an offer with pure to be accepted automatically.
taking offers on these taunts
Welcome To My Unusual Trade! Use trade offers, adds will be ignored.

Trade Offer Link -

Click "Read More" For Prices

Sunbeams Tyrant's Helm -
- 175 Mann Co. Supply Crate Keys

Purple Confetti Das Ubersternmann -
- 50 Mann Co. Supply Crate Keys

Searing Plasma Lucky Shot -
- 90 Mann Co. Supply Crate Keys

Purple Energy Hound Dog -
- 50 Mann Co. Supply Crate Keys

Vivid Plasma Caribbean Conqueror -
- 40 Mann Co. Supply Crate Keys

Steaming Exquisite Rack -
- 45 Mann Co. Supply Crate Keys

Screaming Tiger Meet the Medic -
- 150 Mann Co. Supply Crate Keys

Fountain Of Delight I See You -
- 40 Mann Co. Supply Crate Keys
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24/7 Bot
Auto buying taunts
Taunt: Rancho Relaxo : 14 ref
Taunt: Conga : 13 ref
Taunt: The Balloonibouncer : 1 key and 5 ref
Taunt: The Table Tantrum : 1 key and 5 ref
Taunt: The Schadenfreude : 18 ref
Taunt: Didgeridrongo : 20 ref
Taunt: Bucking Bronco :15 ref
Taunt: The High Five! : 12 ref
Send a trade offer to my BOT !
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Cheapest prices on the market more often than not. If not, let me know! And I may be willing to go lower for pure.

* Steaming Executioner - 30 keys
* Blizzardy Storm Thirst Blood - 25 keys
* Green Energy Attendant - 60 keys
* Purple Confetti Human Cannonball - 68 keys
* Eerie Orbiting Fire Cosa Nostra Cap - 34 keys
* Sunbeams A Rather Festive Tree - 78 keys
* Circling Heart Madame Dixie - 70 keys
* Bonzo The All-Gnawing Honcho's Headgear - 75 keys

1) Pure - may discount even further
2) Mixed - big fan of mixed offers as well
3) Unusual/Item overpay offers are welcome too!

$ I can also sell for cash on, Steam Community Market, or privately $
Long line of cash rep -

Shoot me a trade offer -
Add me if you'd like to discuss

Check out my bp for more! -

I buy entire backpacks! I can pay with keys, cash, or even the unusuals you see above!
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specialized shop - multiple sheens - multiple in stock

rocket launcher: 2 keys
grenade launcher: 1 key 10 ref
stickybomb launcher: 1 key
scattergun: 1 key 15 ref

shotgun: 1 key
genuine awper hand: 1 key 15 ref
unique awper hand: 1 key 12 ref
unique sharp dresser: 1 key 10 ref

frequently restocking - feel free to bookmark

my bot is auto accepting correct pure offers:
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looking for overpay in items
feel free to offer below/send a trade offer/add me
Buying Unusual Hats.

Your hat worth [ 10 keys ] -> ( i pay ) [ 8 keys ]
11 -> 8 keys
12 - 9 keys
13 - 9 keys
14 - 10 keys
15 - 11 keys
16 - 12 keys
17 - 13 keys
18 - 13 keys
19 - 14 keys
20 - 14 keys
21 - 15 keys
22 - 16 keys
23 - 17 keys
24 - 17 keys
25 - 18 keys
26 - 19 keys
27 - 19 keys
28 - 20 keys
29 - 21 keys
30 - 22 keys

Send Trade Offer ->
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Welcome To My Bread trade! Use trade offers, adds will be ignored.

Trade Offer Link -

Click "Read More" For Prices

Strange Bread Bite -
- 1 Mann Co. Supply Crate Key and 20 Refined Metal

Unique Bread Bite -
- 14 Refined Metal

Strange Snack Attack -
- 3 Mann Co. Supply Crate Keys and 14 Refined Metal

Unique Snack Attack -
- 22 Refined Metal

Strange Self-Aware Beauty Mark -
- 2 Mann Co. Supply Crate Key

Unique Self-Aware Beauty Mark -
- 9 Refined Metal

Strange Mutated Milk -
- 2 Mann Co. Supply Crate Keys

Unique Mutated Milk -
- 11 Refined Metal
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Selling some killstreak kits/fabricators

Do not add me to offer, comment all offers below

Prof killstreak Objector fab: Up for offers(flames+agonizing emerald)
Only need 2 pristine part and 2 spec ks, rest is filled
Prof killstreak objector fab: nothing less than 4 keys pure(Singularity+team shine)
Prof killstreak rescue ranger: 1 key 20ref(Tornado+agonizing emerald )
spec killstreak iron bomber: 3 ref
spec killstreak freedom staff: 1 ref
spec killstreak shovel: 1 ref
Killstreak Sharpened Volcano Fragment Kit: 10 ref
Killstreak Minigun Kit: 24 ref
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Buying Keys for PayPal & Quicksell Golden Pans!

Only buying BULK KEYS (200 KEYS OR MORE)

No Limmit to how many keys or Pans.

Scammers go away. Anyone with shit hours / new account go away.

Bulk Keys = Bulk price. Post below how many and how much. I'm a quick guy to respond if the price is right.

Add me or message me on Steam or post below (Comment on profile )

It's not uncommon for me to find bulk keys cheep, I have more cash rep then 99.999% of users. (Well over $100,000 in cash rep)

You'll be going 1st.
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looking for overpay in items, offer up!
***STRANGE*** Tesla Coil Executioner for sale as combo with polar pullover!

It is the Only strange unusual Executioner on the market, currently on, can be taken down for offer

Also am selling with the Polar pullover, must be bought as set or be willing to pay a decent overpay

Currently one buyer offered $1000 USD for both through for the pair depending if they can get together the funds, until then, these are up on the market
said buyer backed out

Please comment offers or comment before you add, Thank you :D
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