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Massed Flies
Unusual Ground Control
1 of 1
crystal clear
1 gen
b/o 5 buds pure

not interested in Unusual

do not add me if I do not agree with your offer
Thank you for your attention.
buying normal/eotl (eotl prefered ) keys for 14 ref PURE!
I can always restock on metal.
2 BASE jumpers for 1 rec!
Selling Strange Aussie Spec KS Scattergun for 40 keys or Max Head

Put Offers Down Below

Add me for trade
Dirty Pride Scarfs for 4 ref
Stock: 1
Trade offers only!
Selling all of these items for pure bp.tf price.

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offer me up son

Shoutout yeezy
Selling Ooze Caribbean Conquer
*1of1in world
*1of1 on outpost
B/O: 10 pure, more in unusuals
Offer below( im fairly reasonable with prices)
Signed by Tagg
eh, just seeing what you guys will offer,
not quite sure i want to sell it
Mainly looking for offers on these unusual hats.
Firm prices on topi

Terror Watt Shooter's Tin Topi: 16 keys

Offers on the other three hats.
(Not going on backpack.tf's price on the noble.)
Looking to trade cards from games on the left for cards from games on the right! 1:1
I'm also willing to buy cards for 1 scrap each from any game other than tf2.
Buying these items at the following prices!

Villain's Veil............................4
The Law.............................4.33
Toowoomba Tunic...............4.33

Trade offers only!
Strange Specialized Killstreak Axtinguisher; team shine: 1 key
Strange Killstreak Silver Botkiller Flame Thrower Mk.II: 1 key
Strange Festive Killstreak Black Box: 4.5 keys
Strange Specialized Killstreak Liberty Launcher; team shine: 1 key
Professional Killstreak Fabricator Kit - Liberty Launcher; Tornado, Manndarin: 9 refined
Specialized Wrench Killstreak Kit; team shine: 3 keys
1.5 keys on the haunted level 99 executioner (Sadly one digit off of a potential 6 key item. D:)

If in item overpay at least a 4 refined overpay for anything below 2 keys and 8 refined overpay for anything above 2 keys.
Toowoomba Tunics for 4.66 ref
Stock: 2
Trade offers only!
ADD ME OR SEND A TRADE OFFER(above the notes) or post below
Selling cards!
3 refine per set(All cards to make a badge)
.66 ref per card
Green nunhood for 5.33
Send a trade offer!
selling these items

v. yellow belt: 10 ref

v. trophy belt: 11 ref

v. panama: 2 ref

v. topi: 7 ref

s. veil: 4 keys 5 ref

s. outback: 1 key 5 ref

collectors danger shield: 5 keys 7 ref

fancy dress uniform: 1 key



Unusual Mining Light http://prn...4r8qpy http://prn...4xwn23 http://prn...4xwndg

slot misc engi
crystal clear
1 of 1 pure in the market
1 of 5 in TF once and forever

I accept only pure offers Unusual offerings only 1st gen offers and with a very large overpayment
C/O you may see the current offers below
B/O I'll sell it eternally until I see worthy offer

rejected trade offers http://prn...4n4ncv 4 buds pure : http://prn...3qshtj Darkblaze Powdered Practitioner : http://prn...4n4mvo Misty Skull Tavish DeGroot Experience backpack.tf: 4.5–6 buds : http://prn...4n4paj Flaming Lantern Large Luchadore backpack.tf: 6–6.5 buds : http://prn...4q2ukl Unusual Taunt: The Schadenfreude Skill Gotten Gains: http://prn...4rcif5 Galvanized Gibus with Electrostatic.

do not add me if I do not agree with your offer
Thank you for your attention.

private offer http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=94497794&token=ZH38pXqF