Hey there!
Welcome to the deluxe trading experience, crafted just for you.
Hello everyone,

I got this awesome collector kit for a soda popper. Didn't put any poppers in it, as that is the fun part for the collector :)
Just make an offer down here, or add me.

I would do a 1:1 for a postal pummeler one, I prefer the chem set in that case!

~ Thansk
1 key for Tinkbot

I'm buying these hats at the following price!
!Trade offers are the best! ^^

Officer Ushanka 1.22
Tough Guy's Toque 1.22
Capo's Capper 1.22
Aqua Flops 1.77
Viking Brider 3.33
Weight Room Warmer 3.00
Copper's Hard Top 1.00
Team Captain 6.00
1 bud or 19 keys

1 scrap each.
Add me if interested.
Selling vintage sandviches for 1 rec each!
I'm selling this sexy medic unusual

1 of 3 Das Maddendoktor
B/o: 8 Buds
5 buds in unusuals + sweets in painted hats
Disco Beat Down Cotton Head
Aces High Tossle Cap
Killawatt Ubersteman + Cloud 9 Capotain + Stormy Surgeon RETRACTED

I prefer overpay in unusuals.

Add me to offer or post down here.
I'm buying these hats at the following price!
!Trade offers are the best! ^^

Blighted Beak 1.66
Surgeon's Stahlhelm 1.22
Archimedes 2.66
Planeswalker Helm 1.00
Foppish Physician 2.44
6keys only.
only pure keys :)
Hi! Buying the following hats at the following price ^^

Killer's Kabuto 1.22
Sergeant's Drill Hat 1.00
Dr's Dapper Topper 1.11
Salty Dog 1.00
Ground Control 2.33
Chief Constable 1.00
Chieftain's Challenge 1.22
Defiant Spartan 1.00
Hello everyone,
Welcome to Blue Days's Mailbox store.

I'm buying Postal Pummeler's that are:

-Renamed with a Name tag or Description tag
-Uncraftable (ADD ME FOR DETAILS)
-ANY other level than level 10!

I'm PAYING PRETTY GOOD for these mailboxes, so don't be afraid to add me.
Ofcourse not one ref each, the metal shown in trade is just an example!

ADD ME! and Happy Trading.

Ps. I'll buy any Postal Plummer that's different from a lvl 10 unique one.

Donators<3 :
- Scoot's throbbing cock (1 gifted mailbox)
- Dragon Skunk (1 mailbox)

1 -> Add me to friends
2 -> Send trade request
3 -> Add keys or metals

4.66 each. add me
Specialized Killstreak Daffodile
w/ Robots Destroyed and Low-Health Kills
4 keys
sniper rifle with headshot part 2 keys
others 1.66 ref each
Buying these MvM parts:

Each Battle-worn part: 0,16 ref (1 scrap AND a weapon, 2 for 3 scrap ) (Money furnace, Kb-808, Taunt processor)
Every pristine part: 0,33 ref (Brainstorm bulb, Currency digest)
Every reinforced parts: 0,02 ref (4 for a scrap) (Emotion detector, Humor suppression pump, Bomb stabilizer)

ALSO a key for 48 battle-worn parts or 288 reinf. parts.

Can buy them all!*

(*may not always apply)

Add me or send me a trade offer =)
Buying those for pure:

Genuine Robo-Sandvich - 23 keys
B.M.O.C - 9 keys
Strange Kritzkrieg - 42 keys
Big Kill - 10 keys
We run ads to help cover the costs of running TF2 Outpost! Don't let us down!
We run ads to help cover the costs of running TF2 Outpost! Don't let us down!