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Stogie - 3 ref

Overpay in items
Selling These Items:

1. 2 Ref

2. 10 Ref

3. 2 Ref

4. 4 Ref

5. 2.55 Ref

6. 1.33 Ref

7. 1.44 Ref

8.1.44 Ref

Pure Or Items Overpay!

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Buying all your shitty robo unusuals for the following prices:

3rd gens, nuts n bolts, bubbling, massed flies, O. planets: 6.5 keys

2nd gens not previously mentioned, green and purple confetti: 7 keys

1st gens not previously mentioned, 8 keys

Subtract 1 key if it's duped. Subtract 2 keys if it's gifted.

Feel free to add me

Selling some sweet cosmetics. Looking mostly for pure metal / keys but feel free to offer items as well.

Vintage Hustler's Hallmark ( Painted After Eight ): 1 key

The All-Father ( Painted A Deep Commitment to Purple ): 12 Ref

The Hair of the Dog: .22 Ref ( 2 scrap ) SOLD

The Federal Casemaker: 2 Ref SOLD

DO NOT ADD ME, send trade offer please.
Selling for 45 keys pure
Only interested in Solly, or Multi-class unusual offers

Leave offers below

Bought off unboxer
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Level 100 Blood Banker

Asking for 7 refined in pure
Overpay in items

Buying cheap soldier unusuals, keep all offers 20 keys or below or be auto-declined by me.

State your offer below, and if you don't say your price you're offer will just be hidden, simple as that. No need to add me, I will add you if I find your price to be fair. Also, no 3rd gens unless they are either c9 or dbd.

Unusuals sucsessfully bought: 1

Here I am selling these three All-Class Unusuals.

The first is the Bubbling Tipped Lid.

1/1 on the market, 1/3 in the world!

Link to old trade: http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/26288753

No more set price, I love having this hat and I've received some offers worth well more than this hat. It's going to take something special to have me part with this gorgeous item, feel free to keep offering though!


The second is the Bubbling Towering Pillar of Hats.

-20 keys

The third is the Circling Peace Sign Noble Amassment of Hats.

-25 keys SOLD

Anything you offer is fine by me but here are my preferences:

All-Class / Soldier > Everything else

First gen / Arcana > Old halloween > Second gen > Everything else

I'd highly prefer you offer here but you can add me or send a trade offer if need be.
Buying Professional and Specialized killstreak fabricators, and fabricators only.

Only buying for the following weapons:

Pistol (Pro only)
Rocket launcher
Black box
Flame thrower
Grenade launcher
Stickybomb launcher
Eyelander (Pro only)
Tomislav (Pro only)
Wrench (Pro only)
Medi gun
Sniper rifle
Machina (Pro only)
Ambassador (Pro only)
Pan (Pro only)
Ham shank (Pro only)

Thanks. Don't offer below if it isn't listed and isn't a fabricator of some sort.
Buying fabricator QUICKSELLS with pure keys and refined

-------> Leave below: Weapon, Price, Sheen, Killstreaker

-------> Only interested in STOCK primary and secondary weapons
-------> Leave below: Weapon, Price, Sheen
This mercpainted in induncerably green for 12.6 refs pure . Add me at friends or trade offer.
Gentleman's Gatsby = 30 Pure or Overpay / History = http://backpack.tf/item/3467969746
Australium Blutsauger = 16 Pure or Overpay / History = http://backpack.tf/item/2503282530

Offer Pls =)

Offer Link = https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=135542670&token=hu64xE0I
Steam Profil = http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198095808398
Selling for 20 keys pure
Overpay in unusuals (No dumb hats/effects)

Leave offers below
Buying all Discounted items for pure metal

Offers down here or Send a trade offer
Have a nice day

Selling for 45 keys pure, more in unusuals
c/o - 38 keys + sweets

Leave offers below
Please no stupid offers/hats

If you think Kill-a-watt is priced less than nuts n' bolts, then you're going to be joining the dunce list (below)

TPP | Mason
Hey Guys, I"m trading for black bill's yééy, :
TS Bill's + 1 Refines metal for Black bill's, add me :)
Buying Unique / Strange KS / Spec KS / Prof KS Weapons for pure

Add me to offer
Pristine Robot Brainstorm Bulb = 0.66 ref
Pristine Robot Currency Digester = 0.66 ref
Battle-Worn Robot KB-808 = 0.44 ref
Battle-Worn Robot Money Furnace = 0.44 ref
Battle-Worn Robot Taunt Processor = 0.44 ref
Reinforced Robot Bomb Stabilizer = 0.11 ref
Reinforced Robot Humor Suppression Pump = 0.11 ref
Reinforced Robot Emotion Detector = 0.11 ref

Send me trade offers, I accept them automatically, Don't add me

To see the full stock of items I am buying and selling, click here

You can also use 1 trading card as replacement of 1 scrap
You can also use 1 foil trading card as replacement of 1 reclaimed

You can also use 2 emoticon as replacement of 1 scrap
You can also use 2 background as replacement of 1 scrap
Buying All carft Hats --- 1.11 ref each

Send a trade offer -- fast trade
Add me --- to discussion