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No pure offers, don't add me. I like butts.

No terra wat or killa wat.
B/O 1buds
Sheen: Hot Rod
Killstreaker: Tornado
Need for chem set
Post before add
Dethkapp~1.5 keys
Rogues~1 key
BoA~2 keys
Concierge~4 ref
Kringle~1 key
Veil~2 keys
Trophy~1.3 keys
Kabuto~2.5 keys
Add me, pure only
V.tossle cap that is pink as hell.

hat is 2 keys paint is 1 key but my price is 1key 5 ref.

i can accept a hat but then the hat should be priced 3 keys if hat offer in comments
4.5 or offers

got keys to upgrade
Marauder~ 1 key
Swagmans~1 key
Blizzard~1.2 keys
Rail Spike~1 key
Graybanns~2 keys
El Jefe~1 key
CS Baggies~1 key
Slouch~2.22 ref
Add me, pure only
Zepheniah's Greed Shooter's Sola Topi for 2.44 add me
Revolver~1 ref
Frontier~4 keys
Schaden~1 key
EA~5 keys
Flapjack~2 keys
Muacho~5 ref
YWN~4 ref
Rifleman~1.5 keys
Add me, pure only





luv u
2.5 or offers

got keys to upgrade
LVL 100 Lucha~1 key
Yellow Belt~1.5 keys
Mask~4 keys
V.Belt~1.3 keys
Ushanka~1 key
Towel~1.2 keys
KS Reserve~3 keys
LVL 100 Locher~2 keys
Add me, pure only
S.Nade~3 ref
F.Launcher~2.8 keys
F.Amby~3 ref
G.Tartan~3.33 ref
Black G.Heros Tail~2.5 keys
Black Baggies~1.5 keys
Black Campus~1.7 keys
Black Anger~1.7 keys
Add me, pure only
Gold BK Launcher with Dom part~5 keys
Carbanado Scatter With robots and pyros~3 keys
Cream S.Banker #464~3 keys
Black S.Banker~4 keys
Stock Snipers~1 key
"run until its too late"6 ref
"boomstick" 1 key
Pure only, add me or send a trade offer
Aces High Tough Guy's Toque
unboxed by me at 2013/12/31 !
B/O : 2 buds , 30 Keys , 2.5 in unusual/items

C/O : Not yet

Cloud 9 Whoopee Cap
B/O : 4 buds , 75 Keys , 4.5 in unusual/items

C/O : Not yet

Kill-a-Watt Well-Rounded Rifleman
B/O : 4.5 buds , 80 Keys , 5 in unusual/items

C/O : Not yet

Professional Killstreak Rocket Launcher
B/O : 1.5 buds , 20 Keys , 2 in unusual

C/O : Not yet

Killstreaker: Incinerator
Sheen : hot rod

Offer here now !
Don't ADD ME
No phishing links and links
Buying almost all unusuals (doesn't matter if gifted or duped) for 8 pure keys. Add me or send me trade offer for this deal. Price firm.
Quick sell unusual for 1.2 pure in bud.

Will not accept offers under 1 bud, will negotiate price if necessary.
Strange Rocket launcher with strange part critical kills + kills while explosive jumping + revenge - 2 keys
price is firm
only pure!

please use my trade offer

Rocket launcher's with other parts:

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We run ads to help cover the costs of running TF2 Outpost! Don't let us down!