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Selling these hats for metal

Try not to add me, prices are firm. You can overpay with items

Trade Offer: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=93296706&token=iXcvbKhY

Charmer's Chapeau - 3.66 ref
Pyromancer's Mask - 3 ref
Hong Kong Cone - 3 ref
The Ward - 2.66 ref

Thank you and have a nice day :)
1 scrap lower than bp.tf prices.

Send a trade offer
Hey there, thanks for stoping by. Today I'm looking to sell my Alien Isolation promo, as a set (Not individually).
As of right now I'm taking offers so please leave an offer in the comments below. Or you can send me a trade offer and i can message you from there
Thanks again and have a nice day :)
selling all of these weps for a rec each just send a trade offer
Strange Non-Craftable Merc's Pride Scarf : 4keys & 2 ref
Strange Diamond Botkiller Minigun Mk.I : 3 keys & 3 ref

just send a trade offer
Offer in the comments..
Seven Seas: 2.66 ref
Braided: 3 ref

add me =)
Glengarry: 1.33 ref
Dual: 1 rec

add me =)
i am NOT selling the Heat of winter.
i am a #17 collector, and i am buying any and all craft #17s.
unfortuneatley, the only one i have is the heat of winter, so if you have any you are trying to sell, i will buy it for a pretty penny.
Add me to discuss or comment below to let me know whatcha got.

#17 Sengoku Scorcher
#17 Juggernaut Jacket
#17 Stylish Degroot
#17 Toowoomba Tunic
#17 Warmth Perserver
#17 Virtual Viewfinder
#17 Brown Bomber
#17 Dough Puncher
#17 Eggheads Overalls
#17 Bushi-Dou
#17 The Macho Mann
#17 The Mustachioed Mann
#17 The Napolean Complex
#17 The Gaiter Guards
#17 The Colonel's Coat
#17 The Fashionable Megalomaniac
#17 Nostromo Napalmer
#17 Alien Crainum
#17 Waxy Wayfinder
#17 Stormin Norman
Looking to sell these items for pure or item overpay

Miami Nights Gentlemans Ushanka:
It is clean with a 6 man history
B/O: 1.7 buds

Collectors Festive Jarate:
Made by myself and in time for the holidays!
B/O: 1 bud

Pro Killstreak Collectors Fortified Compound:
Its clean with a 4-5 man history
B/O: 15.5 Keys

#24 Lonesome Loafers
Got these for overpay. any offer above 2 keys can probably have it
B/O: 3 keys

Please only add me if im online, or just send a trade offer!
Thank you!
24 Keys, ez trade.
Selling Garry's Mod

Offer me at my trade offers.

Trade Offer Link: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=84323808&token=x7p8F0xb

Strange Blizzardy Bonk Boy.

Looking for offers, happy to throw in keys as sweets.

Preferably looking for pure offers however I'll accept unusual offers at a slight over pay.
1 rec each!


Bat outta hell:9
sold: 1
Frying Pans: 6
sold: 3
Objectors: 17
sold: 3
14 keys! Please leave a comment then add me! =D
21 keys or offers.
Only really want keys.
Buying trading cards for a scrap each! add me or send me a trade offer!

Bought: 12

Please leave a comment then add me! =D
Selling some neat stuff. yey
War Pig is painted Value of Teamwork and Halloween Spell: Team Spirit Footprints.

War Pig - 1 key
Angel of Death - 4.33 Ref
Brush with Death - 3.33 Ref
Friggin' Sweet Ninja Hood - 2.66 Ref
Black Watch - 2 Refined
Bearded Bombardier - 4 Refined
Deus Specs - 2 Refined
The Ward - 3 Refined

If offering in items, offer here please.
Offer here or send me a Steam Trade Offer! Thanks! :p
Level 42 cut throat concierge and level 100 safe'n'sound. Give me some offers i can't refuse.