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2 keys less, first gen, clean not duped, white painted. overpay in unusuals not less then 26 keys
Hey there, I'm looking to sell this rather nice Haunted Ghosts Slick Cut!

- Clean
- 1st gen effect
- 1 of 8 in existence
- Only 3 for sale

Now at a DISCOUNT PRICE! 29 in keys/Australiums (7 keys off!), 35+ in mixed and unusual offers.

Everything from scout offers to all-class offers are welcome, along with most effects. However, I'm not looking for unpriced unusuals, unusual weapons or unusual taunts.

Post your offer below, add me, or send me a trade offer if you're interested!

I also have a Holy Grail Second Rate Sorcery, which is currently being brokered for me.

Thanks for reading, and have a nice day!
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Good day outpost.
Looking to sell all of these items for the following prices:
> Searing Plasma Big Country (Broker) - 22 Keys
> Blizzardy Storm Dapper Topper - SOLD
> Sulphorus Swag-mans Swatter (Broker) - 50 Keys
> Pyro The Flamedeer - 1 key, 11 Refined
> Strange Spec Ks Bread Bites - SOLD

I'm mainly looking for pure for these, but feel free to offer in Unusual/Items in the comments.
Add me if interested, low balls will be ignored.

Have a good one.
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Purple Confetti Hustler's Hallmark: 30 Keys/Overpay in Unusuals/items.

Power Surge Virtual Reality Headset: 50 Keys/Overpay in Unusuals/items. -- 1/1 on market.

Time Warp Specialized Killstreak Nanobalaclava: 100 Keys/Overpay in Unusuals/items. -- 1/1 on market.

I'm not interested in duped items.
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Taking offers! All offers are very welcome, including yourself :) (no I don't buy souls or take slavery as payment). I can discount for pure! Just send me a trade or add me! Thanks, have a good day!
Fountain of Delight Pool Party!
It's a *really* nice taunt. :) Hearts spill onto floor!

Some absolutely terrible screenshots. But at least you get an idea of what it looks like :P

Looking for offers! Feel free to offer! All offers are very welcome!!! Thank you and have a nice day!! :)
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Morning Glory Sleeveless In Siberia

- Unusual shirt. Extremely rare. Unusual shirts could be unboxed in the EOTL crates for a short period of time following the EOTL update. (Coldfront Curbstompers, Hunter Heavy, Sleeveless in Siberia). Valve removed them shortly after in the immediate update, as they weren't meant to be unboxed. Only very few of these kind of items exist. This is the only Morning Glory body region unusual.

Looking for 750 keys pure. Not really interested in offers. Don't mind hanging onto this forever.

All offers are very welcome. I enjoy offers! Feel free to send a trade offer or comment your offer below! Even if I decline your offer, I still thank you for offering!
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Pocket Villains: 1 Key 22 Refined(1.85 Keys)/Overpay in Unusuals/items.

The Head Prize: 4 Keys/Overpay in Unusuals/items.

Collector's Professional Killstreak Overdose: 6 Keys/Overpay in Unusuals/items.

Flip-Flops: 10 Keys/Overpay in Unusuals/items.

I'm not interested in duped items.
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Cloud 9 Madame Dixie: 50 Keys/Overpay in Unusuals/items.

Green Energy Madame Dixie: 55 Keys/Overpay in Unusuals/items.

Purple Energy Madame Dixie: 65 Keys/Overpay in Unusuals/items.

All of these are 1/1 on the market, most of them are owned by collectors who will not sell.
I am not in a rush to sell so don't bother giving me terrible offers.

I'm not interested in duped items.
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Circling Peace Sign Honcho Headgear - 24.5 keys pure / 26 keys in offers
Trade offer only please
Selling nice nice Solider hat

Strange Tesla Coil Tyrantium Helmet

B/O - None! Offer me

Post below or add me

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Hello everyone! I´m Quickselling This Cool Hat for 10 Keys or 13 in (nice) Unusuals :)
Add me or trade me:
Hey! I´m Buying QUICKSELLS!
Looking to Buy Almost Any Hat for 30% Discount (Multiply price by 0.7)
Send Me a Trade Offer or Add Me to Discuss.
Trade Link:

Selling this awesome Demo unusual! Morning Glory Pirates Bandana!


B/O 54 PURE / 60 ITEMS


Add me or post below to offer

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Hi! Need Refined Metal fast? I am buying these items:

Villain's Veil - 5.33 ref
Anger - 4.66 ref
The Last Breath - 5.66 ref
Fancy Fedora - 9.44 ref
Dead of Night - 19.11 ref
Team Captain - 5.66 ref
Kringle Collection - 4cref
Bearded Bombardier - 5 ref

► Don't add me.
► I am not paying more for paint/parts/killstreaks.
► If my items are unavailable for trade, try to send the offer to me again.
► No trade holds please. ^_^

Why Don't You Check My Other Trades?

My Steam Profile:

My Backpack:

//================================Thanks for Trading!============================================\\
||Trade Offer Link: ||
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Valuable parts.Some with spells!
prices are indicated with #
Im interested in pure offers
Please offer accordingly thx.