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Selling these low-craft numbered items.

Third degree has a new quality and moved to a new trade: http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/25078124#latest

don't be afraid,shoot me an offer on here,or send a trade offer
I'm no no rush to sell them, so im not selling them for QS statues

only thing i don't want: other craft numbers

don't add me saying you will buy it for 2 ref
I will block you with in 2 seconds.

Don't like/get craft numbers? Please don't comment.

Sold items:
#155 brawling buccaneer sold for 6 ref
#33, and #37 brainiacs sold for 8 keys each
#136 ham shank sold for 4 ref
#22 sammy sold for 4 keys
Last Trade: http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/22938834#latest
backpack.tf price
backpack.tf price
Hats 'n Miscs

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Coffin Kit - 1.11 ref
Sir Hootsaloot- 1.66 ref
[u]Purity Fist-1.66 ref[/u]
Spooky Shoes- 1 ref
Horrific Headspliiter- 1.33 ref
Pip-Boy- 1.55 ref

Headsplitter plus Coffin kit for just 2 refined
Spooky Shoes plus Coffin Kit plus Headsplitter for just 3 refined
Any 4 cosmetics for 1 reclaimed off
LF Scout , Soldier , Pyro Cosmetics.

Paying a little under beneath the price on backpack.tf
Add me or send me a trade offer.

For a list of cosmetic's i am looking for,
http://bazaar.tf/trade/1253335 (This list will always be updated.)
backpack.tf price
12 buds pure / Unusual offers 14 +
2 buds 10 keys in pure or first gen / 3 buds and 5 keys second gen +
What's this? The cheapest on tf2outpost? No way!!!
selling this items for pure.
1. Practitioner's Processing Mask -> 5.66 ref
2. The Hurt Locher -> 1.66 ref
3. Dillinger's Duffel -> 2 ref
4. The Sammy Cap -> 2 ref
5. The Killer Exclusive(with 2 spells) -> 3.66 ref
Send me a trade offer => https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=141340650&token=vjsysX8n
Heya! Looking for sell my Black painted Max's Severed Head for 35 keys / 3 buds + 6 keys.

If you have a nice unusual quicksell to offer, I may take that aswell

Offer here, don't add me

In case you didn't know, Max's Head is now a MISC that you can wear with other hats
Selling this bruiser's bandannas as a SET ONLY.
Offer below>Don't add me.
Quick Selling

Unusual Frickin' Sweet Ninja Hood
Effect : Miami Nights
Painted: An Extraordinary Abundance of Tinge

Unusual Allbrero
Effect: Kill-a-Watt

Strange Australium Eyelander

Earbuds ( Bruised Purple Footprints )

Normal earbud X2
B/O:8keys each

Two unusual for 11.5earbud/85key
All for 150key/20bud
All are cheapest on outpost

Send me trade offer only
Please don't add me
Unless you are going to buy my thing for pure
Dark items

Backstabber's boomslang- 1 Key
Painted after eight

TRADE OFFER LINK (use it!!!)
Strange, strange part, pink, and halloween spell
Haunted Ghosts Scotch Bonnet
One of 2 on the market, looking for around 3 buds.

Disco beat down FR-O (2 buds)+ extra

Post your offer below!
Bushi-Dou - 6 ref
Ground Control - 3 ref
The Angel of Death - 3.66 ref

Overpay in items!
Selling this stuff for metal or keys