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Welcome to the deluxe trading experience, crafted just for you.
pure only

brotherhood of arms- 9 ref
black terrorizer- 1 key or 17ref or a team spirit crones dome
purple tooth kickers- 6 ref

send offer here
thank you and have a nice day
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The Awper Hand for 3 ref
Scout set :)
Looking for pure or unusual offers
Selling as a set but if you're buying individually, there must be big overpay
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selling weapons for one scrap! weapons include
-sun on a stick
-frontier justice
-candy cane
-dead ringer
-family business
-quick fix
-scottice resistance
-righteous bison
Taking offers on couple nice Miscs

Killstreak Reserve Shooter Kit for 8 ref.
Doesn't have to be in pure. No overpay require for items.
Warriors spirit for 1 ref
Scorch shot for 1 ref
(Killstreak) Axtinguisher for 6 ref
(renamed with revenges part) Bonesaw for 4 ref
Shovel for .33
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seliing these items for pure ref ONLY
prices will be posted below and they are non negotiable

purple marauder- 5 ref
fancy dress- 3 ref
216-190-216 cowl- 5 ref
team spirit bird man- 12 ref

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thank you and have a nice day
Pristine Parts: 3 rec to 2 parts
Battle-Worns: 3 rec to 4 parts
Reinforced Parts: 1 rec to 4 parts
Pristine Parts: 2 rec each
Battle-Worns: 1 rec each
Reinforced Parts: 1 scrap each
Doesn't have to be in pure, although you'll have to overpay in items
Current Stock:
Pristine Robot Brainstorm Bulb: 0
Battle-Worn Robot Money Furnace: 0
Battle-Worn Robot KB-808: 0
Battle-Worn Robot Taunt Proccessor: 0
Reinforced Robot Bomb Stabilizer: 1
Reinforced Robot Humor Suppression Pump: 6
Reinforced Robot Emotion Detector: 1
Selling some of last year's Smissmas weapons for 1 scrap each or 2 other weapons.
Current Stock:
Panic Attack: 1
Quickiebomb Launcher: 4
Iron Bomber: 3
Hello! Selling the unpainted hats for 1 scrap under their bp.tf value!

For the painted cosmetics:

Pom-Pommed: 5 ref

Football Helm: 3 ref

Mair Mask: 5 ref

Inventor: 11 ref

Feel free to offer items on the painted cosmetics. :D
offer anything
$10.50 each through paypal. Must have decent rep!

Stock: 18

Leave a comment here before adding me, thanks.
Paying 1 ref for ANY craftable soldier cosmetic.
(I can't pay for paints/spells :L)

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Don't like my prices? I don't care ;P
themed blizzardy storm hot dogger, "The Chilly Dog"
20 keys/4 buds
Selling PAINTED cosmetics!


Toque: 8.33

Mutton Pipe: 6.33

Duffel Bag: 11.33

Dead of Night: 1 key (Orange Paint, Orange Footprint Spell)

Gatsby: 1 key + 3 ref (TS Paint + TS footprint spell)

Collar: 1 key + 4 ref

Fast Learner: 1 key + 2 ref

You can offer if you want to.

Pure or item overpay, add or send a trade offer
Paying 1 scrap (or 2 random unique weps) for any Vintage Weapons that I don't have already.

Please use trade offers so you can check my backpack for weps I already have, and it's easier for me to accept.