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Welcome to the deluxe trading experience, crafted just for you.
Accepting keys / metall / items no painted (20% overpaying) (1 key = 6.33 ref):

PRICES: http://backpack.tf/id/76561198028402302

Send me a trade offer (if you aren't on my friends list):
add me http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198028402302/

p.s. selling another items at BP too, let me know if you will be interested at any other item!
Selling a clean retired Ghosts Batters;

Awesome hat; cool effect;

B/O : 3.5 buds.
Selling a Blizz Bonk Boy.
B/O : 4 buds/4+ in unus.
Got this really nice clean Logo Baker. Perfectly happy with keeping it if necessary, as this is a hat I SPECIFICALLY went out to buy. Very visible effect, not too expensive.

B/O: 2.5 buds PURE. 5+ buds in Unusuals. I am 100% fine with keeping this.

Highest Pure Offer: 2 buds

Leave offers here, or send me a trade offer (by clicking the arrows in the top right corner) if you must. Thanks.
Send me a Trade Offer,Click here ⇆ button _______________________________________________ (HERE↑↑↑↑) ->

4 keys each

add me
Buying any and all trading cards for 1 scrap each

No more, No less and No Haggling

Bought: 176
Buying any and all trading cards for 1 scrap each

No more, No less and No Haggling

Bought: 176
offers please

!i dont use jsheet (blogspot) and jsheet2 (backpack.sh*t)!

normal, genuine and vintage hats
normal, vintage, odd leveled vintage and strange weapons
name and desc tags, paints

not want halloween items, strange weapons and dota 2

Selling 1-23 pages from my backpack (except robot parts)

auto bump

selling stranges: http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/14499432
selling vintages: http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/4783185

old: http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/14925042
I am selling a bit of items in my rares collection, pure + rare trades preferred.

I have...

2x Uncraftable Cowls: These items are extremely rare (mine being the only on the market) and are unavailable currently.

2 buds each

3x Manniversary: These are very rare as well. The item was available to craft for less than an hour making it very cool, collectable, and rare. One other seller and he only wants buds.

3 buds each

Beta Quick-Fix: In beta, there was a craftable beta quick fix which was level 5 when crafted. This is the only on the market, there is another level 5 but it is from the MVM glitch.

Offers, love this item

Pink Pencil Pusher: Another favorite of mine, this item was paintable after an hour or so of release. Only a few are for sale making it VERY rare.

2 buds

Clean Wanga Prick: All are uncraftable or crafted making mine very rare, I like it a bit, only one on the market.

3 buds each

2x Clean Unarmed's: Same as the Wanga Prick but a little less rare, still pretty rare + cool

2 buds each

2x HHHH: Another pretty rare item, few on the market but still quite rare and cool.

30 Keys ea

Clean Last Breath: It is a very rare last breath, only one or two others on the market. It has a history of "traded" rather than timed drop etc. It came from a steam glitch a while back. http://backpack.tf/stats/570/6/0 traded is practically nonexistant on the chart. Very cool but most common of the 3, still uber rare lol.

2 buds

Clean Infernal Impaler: Another very rare clean haloween hat. Same thing as Last Breath basically. http://backpack.tf/stats/575/6/0 again, very few originated from trading, or the glitch. Not sure how many on the market, pretty sure very few if any.

3 buds

Clean Apparition: Same as Last Breath/Infernal Impaler, again very few originated from this glitch. http://backpack.tf/stats/571/6/0

3 buds

Clean Koto Noisemaker: Most noisemakers are uncraftable, making this pretty rare. Full noises too :D

2 buds

Clean Spine Tingling Skull: Rare and crafted with a clean metal. Very few in existence, 1 of 2 on the market.

4 buds

Clean Spine Twisting Skull: Another Rare and crafted item with the clean metal. As well very few in existence, 1 of 2 on market.

4 buds
Buying any ★ Knife of CS:GO for 1 Earbuds

you can send me TRADE OFFER which i can accept WITHOUT ADDING FRIENDS:

Just click on the "Send Trade Offer", select one earbuds EXCEPT level 100 and put your knife.
This is very useful when im offline

Add me direct
Buying for:

The Color of Gentlemans Business Pants1.66 refined
Noble Hatter's Violet1.66 refined
Zepheniah's Greed1.66 refined

Ye Olde Rustic Colour0.66 refined
Peculiarly Drab Tincture1 refined
Radigan Conagher Brown1.66 refined
Muskelmannbraun0.66 refined

I can use keys to replace 7.66 refined.
You can add me on steam or send me a trade offer.
Looking to swap my level 40 haunted exectioner for a level 45 one, adding nothing.

By doing this you'd brighten my day up.

Birth-year vintages, more in my other trades

I also have a lvl 94 DR as well
selling some haunted hats...thanks....

soul= 2ref

heavy, soldier,scout,spy sold out!!!!!!!!!


juju= 4ref

crow= 4ref

other offer? thanks...
I'm making a new trade for my craft # 17 collection. Old trade here: http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/7115080

The craft #17s for sale:

#17 Fed Fighting Fedora (Painted TS) [Sold for 10 Dota2 keys]
#17 Hot Dogger
#17 Planeswalker Goggles (Painted TS) [Sold for 16 keys]
#17 Track Terrorizer (Painted TS) [Sold for 20 keys]

#17 War Pig (Painted TS) [SOLD for 13 keys.]
#17 Kringle Collection [Sold for 18 keys]
#17 Beggars Bazooka [SOLD for + 10 keys for 1 bud!]

#17 The Tavish Degroot Experience
#17 The Bearded Bombardier [Sold for 16 keys]
#17 That '70s Chapeau [Untradeable/Gifted] [SOLD for 5 keys+wrap]

#17 The Dragonborn Helmet
#17 The Soviet Gentleman

#17 Western Wear
#17 The Brainiac Hairpiece

#17 The Doublecross-Comm (Painted TS) [SOLD for 18 keys + laugh taunt]
#17 The Koala Compact [Gifted/Untradeable] [SOLD for 6 keys + wrap]

#17 The Sneaky Spats of Sneaking (Painted Gold) [SOLD for 16 keys]

#17 Power-up Canteen [SOLD for 14 keys]
#17 The Mark of the Saint [SOLD for 10 keys]

My Prices for the remaining 17s:
I've received offers higher than some of my listed prices in the past, but I wasn't ready to sell them for that price at the time, I have less interest in TF2 now and would rather have the money, hence while I'm looking for lower now. You can find some of these offers in my past trade, but a significant number of them were over steam chat.

Hat name ______________________________-Price
#17 Hot Dogger__________________________- ~8 keys
#17 The Tavish Degroot Experience__________- ~10 keys (Last offer @10 I believe)
#17 The Dragonborn Helmet________________- ~15 keys (Last offer @11 keys)
#17 The Soviet Gentleman_________________- ~10 keys
#17 Western Wear________________________- ~8 keys (C/O at 8 on 10/11)
#17 The Brainiac Hairpiece_________________- ~15 keys (C/O at 13.5

Prices are always somewhat negotiable, feel free to add me if you want to discuss prices or make an offer, I don't bite.

That being said however, I'm in no way interested in ANY TF2 items that I'd have to resell.

I'm not interested in offers of higher value, please do not give me them

4 keys = Payday 2

no other offer, please !!!
add me,only if you accept my offer.
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We run ads to help cover the costs of running TF2 Outpost! Don't let us down!