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Putting up my Uncraftables for sale.

Only serious offers.

Do not add me. Send me trade offer: http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=98289159&token=1zWzNdUm

No longer looking at offers here.

Prices are firm.

Vivid Plasma Elfin-(60 keys)/($114.00)
Aces High Ballcap-(60 keys)/($114.00)
Chiroptera Venenata Bonk Leadwear-(100 keys)/($190.00)
Nuts and Bolts Helmet Without a Home-(13 keys)/($24.70)
Orbiting Planets Helmet Without a Home-(17 keys)/($32.30)
N&B Honcho-(20 keys)/($38.00)
Steaming Armored Authority-(20 keys)/($38.00)
N&B Tyrantium Helmet-(20 keys)/($38.00)
Smoking JeepCap-(23 keys)/($43.70)
Bubbling Sergeant's Drill Hat-(24 keys)/($45.60)

Just add me.

Check out my 120+ unusual trade here:
I do not accept unusual offers. period.
Selling some lvl 100's.

- Pure only
- No bp.tf prices

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Airborne Enemies Killed=1key
Kills while explosive jumping-=3.44ref
Demomen killed= 3 ref
Sappers destroyed= 5.66 ref
Unusual- Wearing players killed= 1.11 ref each
Allies extinguished= 1key each

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I am buying Collector's Soldier Weapons, offer here first


Don't be stupid with pricing. | Mainly looking for the Disciplinary action, preferred pro killstreak

Hide = Polite no thanks.

Thank you.
Offer on theses Unusuals
Looking for only Paypal money, Earbuds, Keys

C/o-Veil- 8 bud
Reinforced Robot Parts for 1 scrap each

Battle-Worn Robot Parts for 1 reclaimed each

add me: http://steamcommunity.com/id/vempajor
If weapon has parts attached, the parts have been priced at 50% off!
Metal taken at 8.66 refined per key.

S. Bazaar Bargain (Snipers Killed) - 1 key
S. Shortstop (Dominations, Kills while Low Health) - 1 key 1.33 ref
S. Black Box (Robots Destroyed, Gib Kills) - 2 keys 5 ref
S. Spy-cicle (Robots Destroyed) - 1 key 6 ref
S. Rocket Launcher (Robots Destroyed) - 2 keys
S. Rust Botkiller Rocket Launcher (Robots Destroyed, Defender Kills) - 2 keys
S. Beggars (Tanks Destroyed, Kills While Explosive-Jumping) - 2.33 ref
S. Grenade Launcher (Crit Kills part, attached) - 1 key 6 ref

Prices firm, or 1:1 for a SINGLE item worth +1 key in value.
Nothing else.

Add me or leave a trade offer(faster if i am on mobile), if paying my price.
3 keys each

AM I OFFLINE? USE MY BOT FOR TRADING 24 HOURS ONLINE http://dispenser.tf/trade/100925/

1. Select the game
2. Choose the keys you will use to pay.
3. Click "Purchase".
4. If dont work then try refresh page.

Pure is far preferred over anything else! Please don't offer unusuals unless you're overpaying so much even a blind man can see it. I want to sell these, not start the process all over with more! And no I'm not going to downgrade to a crappy robo-effect on a crappy robo-hat for my limited effects. Cash offers can be given but ONLY if you have a LOT of SOP rep.

Arcana Das Gutenkutteharen (1 of 1)
10 buds pure

Arcana Shooter's Tin Topi (1 of 1)
4 buds pure
CS GO = 5 keys each

Accepting 9.33 ref as 1 key

Feel free to send a trade via the TRADE OFFER function:

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Just add me up for a quick trade:
Left 4 Dead 2 - 4 Keys --> http://dispenser.tf/trade/128584/

Spore - 4 Keys --> http://dispenser.tf/trade/128584/

Fable: The Lost Chapters - 2 keys --> http://dispenser.tf/trade/129002/

Portal - 2 keys --> http://dispenser.tf/trade/129002/

Dragon Age: Origins - 2 Keys 3 refs

Dragon Age™: Origins Awakening - 2 Keys 3 refs


A few things:

- You can buy these games directly from me or via my dispenser bot. If there's no dispenser link behind the game you want, then you need to get it directly from me.

- If you want to buy it directly, you can either add me or send me a trade offer using the link bellow. If it's not in my BP, then you MUST add me.

Buying ALL cards from A Virus Named Tom for 1 scrap each.
If you wanna send me a trade offer, just follow this link:
Buying ALL the cards from Orion Dino Horde for 0.11 ref each.
If you wanna send me a trade offer, just follow this link:
Selling It For 1 Key
Add Me Quick Trade
2 keys each.

Accepting TF2/CS:GO keys.

Autobot 24/7 here if I am offline. : http://dispenser.tf/trade/88653/

Add me.
Looking for offers on these old untradeable without giftwrap #15 Sneaky Spats of Sneaking.

Last C/O I can remember was from quite a while ago, at a random 16 keys, but I suppose it isn't really anything to C/O atm so...

Craft #12 Frenchman's Formals

None set, yet atleast, no hurry. Would be glad to sell to a collector though!! :)
Scrap each !

Send me a offline trade offer please.

Take care and have fun.

sold: 15