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Selling these weapons

-Send me a trade offer.
-I prefer pure over anything else

Reclaimed Reanimator (WW) - .55 ref
Cardboard Boxed Bazaar Bargain (FT) - 3.55 ref
Aqua Marine Rocket Launcher (MW) - 2.11 ref
Coffin Nail Rocket Launcher (FT) - 2 ref
Flower Power Shotgun (1.11 ref)
Blue Mew SMG (FT) - 1.55 ref
Low Profile SMG (MW) - 2 ref
Woodsy Widowmaker SMG (FT) - 1.77 ref
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looking for offers on these halloween spells with highly desirable footprint and paint changing spells. .
Taking offers on these nice hats :) feel free to send a trade offer or go ahead and add me to discuss, cheers

*If the hat isn't in my bp it's either on the scm or on mptf, feel free to add me to discuss an offer!*
I SELL ROBOT PARTS, I DON'T BUY THEM. I honestly don't even know why you are considering buying these parts from me instead of using Guess you like to have "social contact" with other people (aka. me saying "ty" to you).
Anyway, here's the usual info.

- Trade offers only.
- Pay the price or eat some rice (?). Anyway you get what I mean, don't lowball the monkeys out of me. I love my monkeys.

Prices (aka the part where I get rich)
Pristine Robot Currency Digester: 0.77 ref
Reinforced Robot Emotion Detector: 0.11 ref
Reinforced Robot Bomb Stabilizer: 0.11 ref
Reinforced Robot Humor Suppression Pump: 0.11 ref
Battle-Worn Robot Taunt Processor: 0.55 ref
Battle-Worn Robot Mon(k)ey Furnace: 0.55 ref
Battle-Worn KB-808: 0.55 ref
If you want to know how many I have left of each, you can check my backpack.

EDIT: Turns out more people want "social contact" than I originally anticipated. Give me some time to waste my money on MvM tickets and I'll be right back with more. Might open / close this trade a few times. Gonna be a long running one.
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Looking for those all class miscs. Can pay with cash, items, keys, unusuals, etc. Check my backpack.

Unlike others, I'm buying these items for keeps, not for reselling. So I can pay more than everyone else.

Trade offer:
Steam profile: profile:
Others unusuals and stuff: &
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Selling these awesome looking Blizzardy Storm Hats/Miscs!

BS Hot Dogger: 20 Keys (Footprints Spell) [Sold]
BS Das Gutenkutteharen: 26 Keys
BS Berlin Brain Bowl: 29 Keys [Sold]
BS Flipped Tribly: 17 Keys

+30%-40% in unusual overpay
+50% in item overpay
+0%-10% in australiums, so OFFER away!

If you're interested or wanted to offer and or chat, please state below in the comment section or on my profile
Not interested in unusual taunts, except for massive overpay (x5)

Trade offer >
Read more prices. Pure only. Send a trade offer is the easiest way to trade with me, but add me if you need to.
feel free to offer
feel free to offer
Hey, there. I buy Crates at roughly 10 a Scrap
I'm not stingy, and am happy to round up

Everything that constitutes a Crate is valid (it requires a key to open), and I will purchase as many (as many) as you offer

Hit me up!:
If you hate Crates, think of it as a Backpack Expander :P

Brief FAQ
Q: For what purpose?
A: Just to collect Crates. The closest thing to any kind of "endgame" I have is to set a world record at some point in the future

Q: Do you buy specific ones for more?
A: I don't, the price is standard. I'll do my best to notify you if you're trading any expensive ones, but it isn't always obvious (#83, for instance, which looks exactly like all the other Munition Crates)

Q: I accidentally traded you some expensive ones. Halp!
A: Don't worry, hit me up and you can have them back

Q: How many have you purchased?
A: As of making this post, roughly 90,000

Q: How do you store all those?
A: Many, many accounts
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B/O : 30 keys

Not interested in U. Taunts
2 refined each - pure only.

Please send it as a trade offer which I will accept as fast as possible.
Carbine: 2 ref
Foppish: 12 ref
Anger: 2 Keys
Chief: 8 ref
Scarf: 8 Ref
1.22 Per Hat

Hey there! :D Looking to Buy your Spelled items, im paying price for the hat + An amount in pure depending on the spell (Not buying unusuals tho, unless its like 30% off)
For Chromatic/Spectral Spectrum im offering hat's Price + 13 ref (Best price on the market)
For Any Footprints im offering ur hat's Price plus 20 ref
For Sinister staining/putrescent pigmentation/Die job, im offering ur hat's price + 7 ref
You can send me a trade offer here or even add me if u want :D
Taking offers on this sexy & clean (to my knowledge) cloudy gibus :) just taking offers for now. Just fyi the last sale used to price this was based on a b/o, the sale was actually ~500 keys, just capped at 390.. so do your research! The hat speaks for itself I think, feel free to add me up to discuss or leave your offer below, thanks for looking and have a good one

*If the hat isn't in my bp it's either on the scm or on mptf, feel free to add me to discuss an offer!*
Send me a trade offer or offer below

Looking for overpay in items
Send me a trade offer/offer below!

Looking for overpay in items!
Selling these unusuals for keys (or) cash

Infernal Flames Taunt: Fresh Brewed Victory B/O: 39.5 keys

Poisoned Shadows One-Man Army B/O: 70 keys

Strange Infernal Flames Taunt: Burstchester B/O: 60 keys

Infernal Flames Taunt: Bucking Bronco B/O: 50 keys

Hellish Inferno Shred Alert B/O: 80 keys

Kill-a-Watt Das Hazmattenhatten B/O: 40 keys

Infernal Flames Taunt: The Schadenfreude B/O: 78.5 keys

Screaming Tiger Taunt: Rock, Paper, Scissors B/O: 150 keys

All unusuals available on

Pure or unusual overpay!
Add me or post below
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Selling these unusuals for break (or) pure

Misty Skull Frenchman's Beret B/O: 75 keys
Buy it on https://mar...315860

Kill-a-Watt Dark Falkirk Helm B/O: 69.5 keys
Buy it on https://mar...;5;u56

Green Confetti Hat With No Name B/O; 45 keys
Buy it on https://mar...1;5;u6

Haunted Ghosts Cloud Crasher B/O; 60 keys
Buy it on https://mar...1;5;u8

Nuts n' Bolts Mining Light B/O; 36 keys
Buy it on https://mar...;5;u31

Neutron Star Bot Dogger B/O: 36 keys
Buy it on https://mar...5;u107

Kill-a-Watt Tipped Lid B/O; 66 keys
Buy it on https://mar...185211

Cauldron Bubbles Prince Tavish's Crown B/O: 38 keys
Buy it on https://mar...329330

Add me or post below
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