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Buying any effect/tier of the unusual weapons listed above for the following prices:

Blue Mew Rocket Launcher ----------- 27 keys (+3 keys for Pro. Ks.)
Brain Candy Rocket Launcher ----------- 26 keys (+3 keys for Pro. Ks.)
Aqua Marine Rocket Launcher ----------- 25 keys (+3 keys for Pro. Ks.)

Spark of Life Medi Gun ----------- 26 keys (+3 keys for Pro. Ks.)
Corsair Medi Gun ----------- 25 keys (+3 keys for Pro. Ks.)
Wrapped Reviver Medi Gun ----------- 25 keys (+3 keys for Pro. Ks.)
Flower Power Medi Gun ----------- 23 keys (+3 keys for Pro. Ks.)
Blitzkrieg Medi Gun ----------- 23 keys (+3 keys for Pro. Ks.)
Masked Mender Medi Gun ----------- 22 keys (+3 keys for Pro. Ks.)

- I won't trade with scammers/alts/private-profiles.
- I'm also buying other unusuals, check them here:

Send a trade offer and i will respond as soon as possible. Have a nice day!
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Accepting WebMoney and Qiwi.

Prices look in my Steam profile.

About Me:
- 100+ level in Steam
- More than 400 games on account
- More than 40 000 exchanges
- More than 60 000 operations in community market
- Clean rep ( and https://rep...071005)
- Many comments in Steam.
- Personal Passport in WebMoney with BL 100+
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I am looking to quick-buy Collector's items

How much will I pay?
It all depends on what you're offering, If you are offering a very common chemistry set/Collector's item then I wont pay that much. However if you offer a very rare chemistry set/Collector's item then I will pay more. But please keep in mind that I am quick-buying.

Adding me
- If you need to add me please comment on my profile first

Side notes:
- I will not trade if you have escrow
- I will not trade with scammers
- I will not add much for killstreak,spec ks and pro ks
- I am not buying strange chemistry sets!
- you may send me an offer here instead of commenting if you wish:
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Hello and welcome to Iben's quick metal shop. (>‿◠)✌
Having trouble getting rid of an item? Looking for a place to sell it?
Get some quick metal here then!
In my shop, I am paying you 85% of your items value in pure (Keys&Ref).


There are few rules:

➀If I have fivecopies of your item, I will not buy it.
➁ I don't accept random people, so send me trade offers instead. Do only add me if necessary.
➂I don't pay extra for applied paint.
➃ I don't pay extra for Halloween effects.
➄ I am buying EVERY item you have in your backpack! And that mean's EVERY item you own! (For the right price of course)
If you haven't figured it out, this is how you calculate the value of your item:

Let's say your item is worth 10 Ref - 10 * 0,85 = 8,55 Ref

Long story short: I'm buying everything on this list, for 85% of their low-end backpack price. Even though your item doesn't appear on the list, I'm still buying it! :)

Do NOT add me. Only proceed to do so if necessary. ✔✔✔
Trade offers are preferred, so use the link below.

You can check my inventory here:
Trade offer link:

-It would be wise of you to BOOKMARK my trade!
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Buying backpacks via PayPal or Amazon.
You do not need any rep, however I will not be going first. One of the best repped and trusted traders, period. Please check out more information on my profile or trust if you'd like.

You can post your offer in here, or leave a comment on my profile and add me (PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT).

Backpacks only please. Not random unusuals.

Thank you!
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I am quite sure that the people who are reading this right now must have seen many many buying quicksell posts like these! And believe me I found it very hard to sell my hats. But, all I will say is welcome to the Unusual Trading game!
So, as per the Traditional buying quicksell adverts rule: - Not Paying your B/O - Have to be Good discount!
Looking for Unusual offers on the pure which I have, I certainly would not mind keeping my pure hidden in my BP from you folks, if I don't get a good deal. (Took a very long time to get)

Current Key Stock: 50!
(Edit 13/11/17)
Post Offer in the Comments / or type "ADDED" then add me plz! - If your lvl 0 permanent ban!
P.S - This trade FREQUENTLY Opens and Closes! Bookmark for future use!
Check out my other trades here! -
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2:1 for a better effect.

Antlers clean.

Super Clean Searing Exe (Fresh unbox)

1 of 1 in Strange.
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Buying Craftable hats for 1.11 ref!
1 ref for those with trade holds.
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Clean legendary Burning KE.

Interested in Pan's, Keys, Burning, Scorching, Sunbeams KE, Antler and other All-Class God Tier Hats / Misc's with Burning / Scorching Flames & Sunbeams. -> Hats well over 1000+ Keys worth. (Taking duped hats too, of course.)

No Vintage, Collector's, Craft's#, Taunt's also no CS:GO items of any kind.
Also no Unusual Weapons!

No reason to sell it for cheap. No rush to sell it.

Offer here or send a trade offer. (No joke offers pls, had enough of 'em)

Notable offers so far:
- Scorching KE (Duped, ~2500) + Scorching TC (Duped, ~1500) + Gold Pan (Clean, 2000+) [To low but nice items] https://img.../Dcwmf
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Strange Part: Point-Blank Kills (1.5 keys)

Strange Part: Spies Killed (2 keys)

Australium Grenade Launcher (13 keys)

Professional Killstreak Splendid Screen Kit (4 keys)

Collector's Warrior's Spirit (4 keys)

Collector's Equalizer 4.5 keys)

Bonk Boy #26 (10 keys)

Strange Part: Player Hits ( 3 keys)

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Looking for pure offers mainly or a decent overpay in items
10% off if in cash

Burning Pyromancer - 420 keys
c9- Hazmatten - 30 keys
Captain Space Mann - 80 keys
Scorching Veil - 500 Keys
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Looking for pure offers mainly or a decent overpay in items
10% off if in cash

Skill gotten gains Conga - 100 keys
Grail Rock Paper - 140
72 Skullcracker - 90
Screaming tiger Zoom - 170
Grail Burstchester - 80 keys
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90 keys pure or unusual overpay

all class first gen clean hat.
500 keys pure or unsual overpay

Use trade offers pls.

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2:3 End of the Line Keys
1:1 All other keys

I have 500 keys. Please add me on Steam if you need more than 300 keys.
***!.!.!- Buying All Dem Hams -!.!.!***
@.44 each! (can buy in bulk)

. . . Send me all your HAMS man! c:
Please send me a trade offer, and if your going to add me. Please read my profile for instructions!
| Send Trade Offer!~ | (Online Frequently) |

~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ -
!*!*!*!Please Try Not To Add Me! If You Absolutely Must Add Me For Some Reason Please Read/Comment On My Profile. Even if you want to offer in items please send me a trade offer and i will respond/counter accordingly. A decline = thank you, but no thank you ^_^. Trade offers will be looked at first!*!*!*!
~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ -
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I unboxed this a few days ago (and applied the unusifier) and want to sell it in the future. but it's not yet tradable, so just leave offers in the comments if you'd like to buy it in the future

don't add me

I'm buying most of these for 1.33 ref except the Hero Hachimaki hat for Soldier i'll buy that for 1.44 ref

Hit me up with the trade offer here!
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Send trade offer don't add me:
Selling this heavy hat for 16 keys and 20 ref.
I'm taking Unusual overpay
1:1 if the unusual is the same price and a sniper hat
no unusual taunts
Also willing to see other offers
Austrailiums are considered pure
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18 keys pure for the wrench
Might be accepting some Unusual overpay