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Selling Purple Energy Dread Knot

Open to all offers, unusual, pure etc.
My price i'm looking to get is 19 keys.
One of the cheapest Purple Energy hats around.

Any effect from any generation will be considered if it's within reason.

This is a nice first gen effect.
One of Two on the market.

I think this hat gets a bad rep but the default outpost picture does not do it any justice.
It looks no worse than a coupe in my opinion.
Check out that sweet screenshot I have attached.

This hat is clean and not duped.
For now I will use it's previous ID until its new one becomes available.

I will never hide any offer without responding first.
(If the trade is still up and the hat is not in my invintory it is currently on the steam market)
.66 each.

Add me or use a trade offer.
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------------------------------------ BURNING FLAMES TOUBLEMAKER'S TOSSLECAP -------------------------------------
Super Clean ✓  http://backpack.tf/item/62217212
 First Gen Effect ✓
 God Tier Hat ✓
 One of the best effects ✓ 
http://i.i...1 SFM
Cockfighter - 5.33 ref.
Strange Foppish Physician - 5.33 ref.
Frontier Justice Killstreak Kit - 1 ref.
Conjurer's Cowl - 2 ref.
Mishap Mercenary - 8 ref.
Beep Man - 5 ref
Zipperface - 1 scrap.
Hooded Haunter - 3 ref.

Comment first. Don't add me.
Bat - .22
B'Ankh - .11
Futank - .11
Snarl - .11
Paws - .11
Stompers - .11
UC Emerald - .33

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The Witcher: Enhanced Edition Director's Cut - 1 key
Witcher 2 - 2 keys

I can buy those 2 games listed above as many as u want as long as its on sale, and its region free

Send TRADE Offer . Do not add me...

keys and metal offers only....
*Not buying Reinforced parts currently*

Buying unwanted battle-worn parts for 1 scrap each.
Add me or use a trade offer.

I intend to use them and not for resale...check my BP for like the 30 fabricators I want to fill...

Bought at this price: Over 700. Lost track.
Fabricators completed: ~25 (All help is appreciated)
Track Terrorizer - SOLD
Marsupial Muzzle - 2 ref
Cranial Conspiracy - 1.33 ref
Nugget Noggin - 2 ref
Fowl Fists - 2 ref
Rancho Relaxo - SOLD
Square Dance - 6.33 ref.
Rock, Paper, Scissors - SOLD

Comment first. Don't add me.
Beggar's Bazooka - 0.66 rec.
Flamethrower (with airborne kills) - 1 key 0.66 rec.
Force-A-Nature (with airborne kills) - 1 key 1 ref.
Sniper Rifle (with long-distance kills) - 6 ref.
Fire Axe (with Coldfront kills) - 1 ref.
Bioshock cosmetics - 1.22 ref.
Hundkopf - SOLD
Vampiric Vesture - 2.66 ref.
Vampyro - 1.33 ref.
Ghoul Gibbin' Gear - 1.33 ref.
Kriegsmaschine-9000 - 1.33 ref.
Nightmare Hunter - 2 ref.
Shadowman's Shade - 2 ref.
Li'l Dutchman - 2.33 ref.

Comment first. Don't add me.
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     BUYING KEYS For 11.00 Ref.

- Add me to friends.
- Accept trade request, or send trade request when i'm not Busy.
- Add enough keys for sale.

You can use chat commands: stock, trade, price.

BOT Online 24/7

Happy trading!

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So here i have one very clean bud (only 2 owners including myself) and some keys. Main purpose here is to buy some quiksell unusuals. Just put your offers down below to attempt to tickle my fancy.

Currently have: Around 3 buds

Note: By quicksell I don't mean a measly 1 or 2 keys. Try to make the discount of the regular price around 50% off. Thanks
Medi-Gun (with allied healing done) - 1 key.
Flamethrower (with spies killed) - 5 ref.
Flamethrower (with projectiles reflected, scout kills, cloaked spies kills) - 3 keys 4 ref.
Brass Beast (with critical kills) - 2 keys 5 ref.
Force-A-Nature (with dominations, demomen kills, submerged kills) - 2 keys 3 ref.
Square Dance Taunt - 6.33.
Buying trading cards for various games. (From what is listed below)
*Currently buying*

Buying list:

1 Scrap
Binding Of Isaac
BoI: Rebirth
Bloody Trapland
Borderlands 2
Left 4 Dead 2
Portal 2
Post Apocalyptic Mayhem
Risk Of Rain
Sniper Elite V2
Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed

2 Scrap
Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition

1 Reclaimed

????? (Your Price)

Add me or use a trade offer.
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So here I'm looking to sell this bad boy BS Tyrannus! Nice, clean and very sexy! Of course, pure is king, and OVERPAY unusual offers are welcome as well! Feel free to offer on it as much as you want below, and happy trading!

B/O: 1.5 buds
C/O: None