Hey there!
Welcome to the deluxe trading experience, crafted just for you.
ONLY SELLING AS A SET! I WILL BLOCK IF ITS NOT FOR THE SET (people that didn't read that 2)
Selling this full 2011 haunted set
Don't have a b/o but don't be afraid to offer
Note the buzz killer is lvl 31
Add me or comment below to offer
Brigade ~ 30 keys (cheapest on market)
G energy hetman ~ 2 buds (cheapest on market)
Nuts glen ~13 keys (cheapest on market) SOLD for b/o
Blizzrady Hetman 13 keys (cheapest on market)

All hats are clean and non duped. Feel free to add me to discuss/trade.
Random stuffs. :/

Uncraftable Sir Hootsalot - 1.33 ref
Gifted Pink Big Mann - 6+ ref in items
Australium Ornament Armement - Australium Mutton Chops
Buying ANY (absolutely any) Series 3 Strangifiers.

What I pay: 13 Steam Trading Cards (total worth of 4.33 Refined Metal).
Stock: http://bazaar.tf/trade/710077
You may pick from the cards shown in that trade.
Add me to discuss (I may add more cards depending on the Strangifier and how nice you are). Add me to trade. Send a trade offer if you want.
Professional Original Killstreak Kit

Sheen: Team Shine
Killstreaker: Hypno-Beam

B/O: 15keys pure

Please don't add me to offer.
Level 35, Short+Clean History

60keys pure
Feel free to add me if paying in pure but please post here first if your profile or backpack is private, since I tend to autoblock people who seem like phishers.

Don't add me to offer, post it here instead and I'll respond if I'm interested.

selling some random stuff for pure metal

spycicle: OFFERS! (one of slurgi's previous names was Nex- check his profile)
heavies killed part
signed by slurgi

shotgun: offers!
part point blank kills
specialized kill streak, team shine

backscatter: .33 ref

classic sniper rifle: .33 ref

strange festive sapper: 3 keys

vintage stockbrokers scarf: 1 ref
Quick and easy

13 keys is all i want
1 weapon each
Add me or offer

Only these backgrounds
Selling this Flap Jack for 7 ref, or 1 key to the generous! Thanks. add for quick trade or send trade offer if I'm offline. ;^)

PS: Hate phishers
Offer away!
Pure preferred, overpay in items.

B/O: 1 Bud, 1 key
C/O: -
how many buds is this worth?

does anyone know a website where I can accurately check the prices of unusuals?

ONLY SELLING AS A SET! I WILL BLOCK YOU IF ITS NOT FOR THE SET (people that didn't read that: 3)
Selling this full 2012 haunted set
Don't have a b/o but don't be afraid to offer
Add me or comment below to offer
Strange Carbonado Botkiller Minigun Mk.I
~Parts Attached~
Giant Robots Destroyed
Robots Destroyed


'The Boston Massacre'
Original name: Strange Scattergun
~Parts Attached~
Giant Robots Destroyed


3keys for both
Add me

Leave offers here
Hey guys,

unboxed a new cancer unusual? dont know what to do with it?

Well you've come to the right place. I will buy your cancer unusuals for 30% to 50% off backpack.tf price its that simple.

offer down below if your unsure if its the right discount or add me if your certain thats its a quicksale.

keys: 40
buds: 1
refined: 1
max heads:0
bill's hats:0

stock last updated 7th of June

people who CANT READ


if i am out of keys please dont add me to offer thanks. just post here and if i like ill collect for u

thanks guys and please dont offer your b/o's or backpack.tf price
0.11 each
Add me or offer
celebrial discharge, agonizing emerald pro AWPer hand kit

Selling for:
Crit-a-Cola: 1 ref
Gun Boats: 1 ref
Add me
hot rod- 4 keys