Hey there!
Welcome to the deluxe trading experience, crafted just for you.
This is "The Strange Emporium and more!"
Fair Backpack.tf Prices! No overpricing here.
If there are outdated/incorrect prices, please tell me.
NEW RULE: Pure, unless it's 10% overpay.

Selling some decent valued stuff for Backpack.tf Price,
From low to high, I got it all! Well, a decent amount.
But still! Oh, and Keys are 8.66.

Don't forget Strange parts!
Look at this awesome box. Took like 10 minutes.
|-----------Vintage Killstreak Axtingusher-----------| Offers only (KS are hard to price)
|--Strange Specialized Killstreak SMG (Hotrod)-| Offers only (KS are hard to price)
|--------------------Vintage Flare Gun-----------------| 0.22 Ref
|---------------------Strange Fire Axe------------------| 0.22 Ref
|-----------------------Strange Kukri---------------------| 0.33 Ref
|--------------------Strange Enforcer-------------------| 0.55-0.66 Ref (Negotiable)
|-----------------Strange Shortstop x2-----------------| 1 Ref
|--------Strange BFB w/Uber Medics killed--------| 1.66 Ref
|-----------------Unique Sharp Dresser---------------| 2 Ref
|----------Strange Hitman's Heatmaker x2---------| 2 Ref
|------------------Unique Snack Attack----------------| 2 Ref
|-----S. Hitman's Heatmaker w/ Burning kills-----| 2.55 Ref
|------Strange Botkiller Mk. ii Flamethrower------| 2.66 Ref
|-------------Strange Botkiller Mk.ii Knife------------| 3 Ref
|----S. Flame Thrower w/ Allies extinguished----|3.55 Ref
|------S. Hitman's Heatmaker w/ Medic kills------| 4 Ref
|----S. Scotsman Skullcutter w/ Scouts killed----| 4.55 Ref
|----Strange Force A Nature w/ Scouts killed-----| 5.66 Ref
|---S. BK Mk.i Sniper Rifle w/ Headshot Part----| 8 Ref
|------------------Strange Dead Ringer----------------| 1 Key
|------------Strange Scattergun w/ Crit kills---------|12.22, or 1 Key and 3.33 Ref.
|-----------Strange Axtinguisher w/ Crit kills--------| 12.55 Ref, or 1 Key and 3.66 Ref.
|------Strange Rocket Launcher w/ Crit kills-------| 13.11 Ref, or 1 Key and 4.22 Ref.
(Note to self: Get a better name)
100 views and 1 bookmark in the first hour, clearly someone wants it :P

Relative gets on my steam while I'm out doing irl stuff (its really my fault for having a life)

comes back to bunch of gud shtuff missing from bp and this in its place. so. yup. offer the fuck away i guess

hella clean in case your horny for history

Yu liek screenies little boi. of course you do, everyone does: https://i.i...9J.jpg
Selling every objector in my bp thats full colored for 2decal tools + an objector or 2.33ref each

pay me 1decal + objector (+2 ref or another 2 decal tool)
ill make a objector with a pic "YOU" want

only objectors from pg 28 are for sale/trade ^.^ (over time slowly making moar)

if i'm missing an objector I had earlier ill make a new one (if you remind me)

old trade- http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/19449672#latest
older trade xD - http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/19221308#latest

add me to trade or if have any questions (notes might be confusing as fuck)

sold around ~10ish maybe ? (stop counting/caring :3)
14 TF2/13 D2 keys for DayZ







Earbuds Pay - 13 keys Summer

Unusual add for Discution

add for quick trade.

Only Pure Keys / dont take my time with metals.
This is "The Random Hat Trade!"
Fair Backpack.tf Prices! No overpricing here.
If there are outdated/incorrect prices, please tell me.
NEW RULE: Pure, unless it's 10% overpay.

Selling some randomly valued hats for Backpack.tf Price,
From low to high, I only have a few...But still!
Oh, and Keys are 8.66.
|---------------------The Merc Medal--------------------| 1-1.33 (Negotiable)
|-----------------------The Escapist----------------------| 1.33 Ref
|----------------------Pencil Pusher----------------------| 1.66 Ref
|--------Ye Oiled Baker w/ Drab Tinture Paint-----| 2 Ref
|--G. Distinguished Rogue w/ Australium Paint--| 3.22 Ref
|----------Red Socks w/ Australium Paint-----------| 4 Ref
|-----G. Grizzled Growth w/ Australium Paint-----| 5.55 Ref
|-----Backwards Ball Cap w/ After Eight Paint----| 6.77-7.66 Ref (Negotiate)
b/o 10buds
tyro was a bitch to get (and overpayed to get it)
don't mind keeping, so don't low ball .-.

crappy screenie - http://puu...c6.jpg
ingame - http://puu...81.jpg
sfm by Bleh - http://i.i...nG.png

past offers-
burning trircorn
miami gibus
electrostatic gibus
thirst blood TW + bubbling ushanka

hide= kind noty
hide + reply 'FUCK YOU" = lowball

I'm buying any and all robo themed items!

All hats and miscs will be bought for 1 ref

Thanks and have a good one :3
i know what its worth, alot of people seem to think all pro streakers are the same, in reality, they arent, if you dont believe me go try to trade your emerald singularity wep for a team shine fire horns version, it just doesnt happen. so please try to think of these as little cheap unusuals, you cant say "somone is selling a nuts ke for this much, so burning will be the same" it just doesnt work like dat :3

if you read that you deserve a cookie. well done. anyway, high tier sheen and streaker, dont care what the singularity or incinerator ones are going for, this is literally the best streaker with a meh, not bad sheen on a multi class wep, offer accordingly! :D
Selling this specialized killstreak kit :

Sheen : Mandarin
B/O : 1 key
Selling this amazing Unusual!

-1st gen. effect
-Super short history
-Effect and hat look amazing together
-Hat is painted
-Cheapest on the market!
-Only 2 on the market

C/O - L'Inspecter Cloud 9
B/O - 33 keys

Don't lowball :c

Offer Below Do NOT Add me!

Screenshot: http://cloud-4.steampowered.com/ugc/546382882978410301/DEA17FF0EB0D34FE44BD0CDD73E7542F4808BEF5/

Offer Away! :D
I'll take anything for this, don't need it. Any items or Steam stuff.

No scrap please.

Looking for some cash in exchange for a few of my better items. Make an offer. Check my inventory if you want anything else too.

if using bp.tf, note the unpriced pro killstreak stuff, the spec stuff doesnt matter.

sold about $300 worth of junk so far between my 2 accounts and this is all i have left, offer away bic boi
bp.tf prices
add me, but please say you have done so below

thank you
trade re-opened

b/o: 1 bud
Buying clean craft hats for 1.22

Send a trade offer or add me.

Bought so far: 2

Steam trade link:

No, I will NOT pay 11 keys for your hat that bp.tf says is worth 11-14 Keys...
If you are trying to phish me, you can freely move your mouse away from the "+Add" Button...

Mainly looking for %33-%44 Off of unusuals, %66-%77 For gifted/Duped ones.

Add me and we can negotiate a good,fair price for both of us.

I get your unusual, you get my keys...

Add me
Buying back pack expander for 3.11

Add me on steam or send me a trade

Trade link:
bp.tf prices
add me, but please say you have done so below

thank you