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Everything is a tradable Steam gift ROW

A Story About My Uncle - 2.5 Keys
Drunken Robot Pornography - 2 Keys
Kinetic Void - 2 Keys
LOST PLANET® 3 - 4,5 Keys
The Walking Dead - 2.5 Keys
The Walking Dead 400 Days - 1 Keys
The Walking Dead: Season 2 - 4 Keys
Mount & Blade: Complete - 3,5 Keys

0.5 keys is 1 tour of duty ticket (1 max) or 4 ref. If you havent change dont worry i can give you change.

+ 275 Games for sale. Check my list on my Steam profile

Add me for fast trade: http://steamcommunity.com/id/nolD

I can't accept items or cd-keys.
Hello there bros!

-->Brotherhood of Arms 7.33 ref or 1 key
-->Defiant Spartan 1.33 ref
-->Helmet Without a Home 1.33 ref
-->Ellis' Cap 1.22 ref
-->Powdered Practitioner 1.33 ref
-->Das Hazmattenhatten 2 ref
-->Backbiter's Billycock1.33 ref
-->Titanium Tyrolean 1.33 ref

My other trades:

I accept only PURE

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Blizzardy Storm Pampered Pyro - 36 keys

feel free to make your offer

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vest - 1 key
EA - 3 key
Max - 65 keys/ 3 buds + 7 keys
veil - 1 key

i do not want unusual offers on my max's head.
Easy to sell item overpay is welcome, i do not value killstreaks or parts.
Unusual quicksell offers ~

I actually wonder how many idiots will post here trying to sell for their B/Os

Offering 3rd gen cancer? I expect 70% discounts or you may very well get off my trade.

Selling each of these fine hats for 1.33 ref.

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selling 2 buds for 19 keys pure each add me to trade

Sold: 5

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thanks :)
11 keys pure

simple, and cheapest on outpost

5-6 keys off

Spec Ops: The Line - 3 Key - Trade Bot:http://dispenser.tf/trade/128601/
Portal Bundle - 3 Key - Trade Bot:http://dispenser.tf/trade/128601/
Red Faction Collection - 3 Key - Trade Bot:http://dispenser.tf/trade/128601/
Tomb Raider - 3 Key - Trade Bot:http://dispenser.tf/trade/128601/
Sid Meier's Civilization V: Brave New World - 3 Key - Trade Bot:http://dispenser.tf/trade/128601/
Chivalry: Complete Pack- 3 Key - Trade Bot:http://dispenser.tf/trade/128601/

You can use my trade bot available 7/24 :

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-Choose trade
-Select which games would you like to buy and whislist method
-Click "Steam Purchase or Proceed"
-Bot will send you trade offer.

-If you have problem with accept trade offer. Try to accept trade offer with your browser, you can login http://steamcommunity.com/ and accept it there

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Selling buds for 19 TF2/CS:GO keys each!
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3 ref each
1.5 buds for smoking soldiers slope scotpers
2 buds for steaming brown bomber
offers are accepted

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bp.tf price add me
Quickbuying those.


Strange Rocket Launcher: 1,33 ref.

Strange Dead Ringer: 4 ref.

Strange Knife: 1 ref.

Strange Ambassador: 3 ref

Strange Shotgun: 4 ref.

Strange Flare: 1 ref

Strange Reserve Shooter: 3 ref.

Strange Scattergun: 1,33 ref.


s> these items:
strange knife - 1.88 ref

these prices are firm for pure metal / keys.
if offering items, overpay is needed.
feel free to trade offer or add me. whatever suits your fancy.
Grand Theft Auto IV - Complete Edition : 5 keys

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Selling Max Payne 3 Complete for 4 Keys each

All my games are guaranteed risk free or you get a full refund!

Use my dispenser here to buy my games 24 hours a day: http://dispenser.tf/trade/126166/

Send me a direct offer here if you are interested http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=87568742&token=evHjfCrT

I value a any key at 8 ref (or 7 if I am giving you change)
updated 30th August 2014
Hey there

selling ROW games

The Walking Dead: Season 2 = 3,5 keys

The Walking Dead = 2,5 keys

The Walking Dead: 400 Days = 1 key

0,5 keys = 4 ref

Prices are fixed
Give me hearts plox.
Hey! I'm a Emote Heart Collector! I don't care what the market says! I'm paying 1 Ref each for 1 heart. Easy 1:1.
Maybe I'll pay two ref for a extra lovey dovey heart. Add me and I'll see.