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Looking to sell this sexy set for pure / unusual overpay / item offers!

Orbiting Planets Pyromancer's Mask + Stormy Storm Brigade Helm - 5 buds / 85 keys



Hello again, outpost.

Clean Sunbeams Team Captain - price removed for now due to the 540 bud burning TC sale. No buyout for now.

Pure buds or first gen unusuals only.

Nothing else will be accepted

Hat's history - http://backpack.tf/item/1888505605
I would buy each crate 60 for 5,55 refs
add me or send me offers here:
Thanks :)
Selling this nice unusual for 22 keys
I can accept overpay in items or unusual offers :)
I am no biting so you can leave your offers here:
or add me to haggle :)
and please no scam like add my other account becouse it is boring and annoying for me....
I know all methods of scamming and you only wasting my and yours time :)
Selling this for 1.3 keys
Soldier's Stash - 2 keys

Graybanns - 1.4 keys SOLD FOR 13 REF!
Have X SUPERBOX (This includes 6 games - X3 Terran Conflict, X3 Albion Prelude, X3 Reunion, X:Beyond the Frontier, X:tension, X2: The Threat)!

Want 7 keys please.
SWAP for (Albion Prelude + 6 keys)
SWAP for 2 (two) copies of Space Engineers
SWAP for 2 (two) copies of ARMA II CO or Complete.

Send offer here please => http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=59038975&token=HOoq_mtX

Buying Factory new or Minimal wear csgo skins

Have about 13 ref
Strange Silver Botkiller Minigun Mk.I with 3 parts (Critical Kills, Kills While Invuln ÜberCharged, Robots Destroyed) - 3 keys
The Red Solstice - 3 keys
The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind® Game of the Year Edition - 3 keys
The LEGO® Movie - Videogame + Wild West Pack DLC - 3 keys
LEGO Lord of the Rings - 3 keys
State of Decay - 3 keys

(TF2 or CSGO or Dota 2 keys)
or 4 keys in tf2 items

I can accept metal: 1 key = 9 ref

add me or send trade offer

Strange Specialised Killstreak Jag (Deadly Daffodil Sheen)
With Strange Part: Sappers Removed

Strange Specialised Killstreak Medi Gun (Deadly Daffodil Sheen)

Strange Specialised Killstreak Quick-Fix ( Deadly Daffodil Sheen)
With Strange Part: Allied Healing Done

Specialised Killstreak Gunslinger (Hot Rod Sheen)

Specialised Killstreak Kritzkrieg (Team Shine)

Taking Offers for these items (if paying items then overpay)
Post Below Your Offers (hide=declined)

NO lowballing (i ve already received a stupid amount of dumb offers)
DO NOT add unless the offer is really good
Looking for pure / unusual overpay / item offers!

Steaming Milkman - 1.3 buds / 21 keys

Unshaved Bear 1.33
Stately Steel Toe 1.33
Strange Detonator: 0.66
Black Pyromancer's: 2 Keys
Frymaster: 1.55
Stealth Steeler: 1.33
Ward: 3 ref
Heavy Soul: 0.33

I will also accept robo parts except bomb stabilizers at the current rate, and keys.

Please use trade offers:
Buying for more than backpack.tf price! Offer below!
The Ship - 2 Pack Gift - 1 key
The Binding of Isaac - 1 key
Obulis - 1 key
Fireburst - 1 key
Contraption Maker - 1 key
Defy Gravity Extended - 1 key
Roogoo - 1 key
Starvoid - 1 key

(TF2 or CSGO or Dota 2 keys)
or 1.5 keys in tf2 (or Dota 2) items

I can accept metal: 1 key = 9.33 ref

add me or send trade offer
Hello again, outpost.

Clean Circling Heart Killer Exclusive. 75 Pure earbuds or 80+ in first gen unusuals.

Nothing else will be accepted.

Hat's history- http://backpack.tf/item/1609041647
Bonnet 25 key
dapper-45 key
boa-162 key

also inerested csgo stuff
Buying the Following Items (most for bp.tf prices):

Buck Turner All Stars - 2 keys
Area 451 - 2 Refs
Trinket - 4 Refs
Duckling - 2.66 Refs
Marxman - 4.66 Refs
Cockfighter - 5.66 Refs

Also, buying any other discounted genuine or vintage cosmetics - i do not pay extra for paints, name tags, etc.

Send trade offer or add me for a quick trade
I will buy this item and pay in pure.

You'll get 7 pieces of refined metal. Value concludes item with or without paint.


You may send offer:

Leave comment before adding, with proper reason.
Hi there

Selling ROW games

Total War: SHOGUN 2 - Dragon War Battle Pack = 5 refs

prices are fixed

i dont accept ítems


kind regards