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Welcome to the deluxe trading experience, crafted just for you.
Selling all these stranges for bp.tf prices

Strange Fists of Steel
Strange Eviction Notice
Strange Concheror
Strange Killing Gloves of Boxing
Strange Fire Axe
Strange Cleaner's Carbine
Strange Frontier Justice
Strange Scotsman's Skullcutter
Strange Equalizer

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Strange Professional Killstreak Equalizer (Killstreaker: Cerebral Discharge, Sheen: Hot Rod) 4keys
Strange Equalizer 0.44ref

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Backpack.tf prices in pure

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2scrap for 1 Giftapult

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Dead island epidemic for 4.33 ref each

My other trade/s

Just cause collection

Looking for Offers!
Old Offers are in old trade; http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/16677476


Terra Watt Cone (Old Trade: http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/16342901 )
Miami Cones - 76561198106860929
Flies swagman
Burning noble + 10 pure
Terra viewfinder
Arcana headsplitter
P.S. Headsplitter
Sup Exe
10 pure
Killa Watt Exe - Lamebro1
Hellfire Headsplitter + Anti Freeze Fedora
C9 Shaman, i add my Bills - 76561198041178809

Cloud 9 Tuff Stuff Muffs
C/o -
Maimi Viewfinder
Smoking Hazmat - 76561198072266128
Sparkle Luger
Secret rack and 4 pure
H.O.U.W.A.R - 76561198071021102
Maimi modest
Terra Metal Modest + Memory Leak Ballcap + bud
Arcana cloud crasher + Spellbound Panama
Maimi Samureye/DBD Spartan + 2 buds - 76561197993888396
c9 festiviser + miami tricorne+ ling hearts bloke + c9 bootleg billy + p fetti toe + g energy prussian pickel
Fedora aces high + bloke bucket hat circling heart r + German gonzella circling heart + napper respite terror watt + western wear dead presidents
harvest moon softcap

Phantom (Old Trade: http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/16625299 )
C/o - Harvest JuJu- 76561198064995767
Burning Private Eye - 76561198050561646
Tf2 Logo Tyrant KaW Carribean + S.F Knife - 76561198083897108
Eerie Stahlem - 76561197999998871
Hellfire Ketche - 76561198096044051
Stormy Yellow Belt + Aces FFF - 76561198065997907
Terra Tartan Spartan - 76561198049497336
Lantern Drill + DBD Bloke - 76561198049497336
Killa Noble - 7656119806499576
Aces Lucha - 7656119806499576
Anti-Freeze Brusen Brave - 76561198080785994
Harvest Football Helm - 76561198056532714

KnifeStorm Bicorne
C/o - Demonflame Pot/Knifestorm Headwarmer - 76561198048804294
Disco Noble + Bills + sweets - 76561197994163065
C9 Rifleman + Sweets
Burning Throphy Belt - 76561198103566010
Aces-High Antlers

Ge Goggles (Old Trade: http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/15939172)
C/o - Bubbles Charmer + Bubbles Phantom + big kill - 76561198019191479/
Aces Cowl + sweets - 76561198060194143
Planets KE, i add
Plasma Head Warmer
DP Pardener + Smoking Ushanka + Sweets - 76561198035562105
Terror watt Ol' Geezer
Stormy Noble - 76561198078043277
Dead President Doc Sack + sweets - 76561198036615136
Killa a Watt Little Buddy

Buying keys for 7.55 pure each!

Highly prefer to buy in bulk!

Yeh yeh keys are hyped right now, come back when they're back to normal.

Send an offer here: http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=146067041&token=G5Q3E0Ba

Have a nice day!
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Portal Bundle (portal+portal 2) - 3 tf2 or treasure or CS GO keys

link to trade with the bot


1 key for the Sleeves!
3 ref for the BMOC!

Send a trade offer: http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=146067041&token=G5Q3E0Ba
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Have a nice day!
The time is come for me to finish trading :3
Looking to cash out

I got
Unusuals + Hats/Keys

The B/o would probably be $2500

C/os - $1625 - 76561197993271444

You will always go first, unless you have significant rep or we use a middle man

Another note. This will be my first few cash trade, hope that won't cause much problems!
My flamethrower (Look at the parts) for deus specs + random hat for Spy, Engineer, Scout, Heavy or Sniper.
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2 buds + 3 key or unsual offert add me for fast trade
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Taking offers!

Clean, Gifted!

Send an offer here: http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=146067041&token=G5Q3E0Ba

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Guess I'll tell past offers:
Kill a Watt Mining Light + Sweets

Have a nice day!

(Don't mind keeping it)
1:1 only swap

Selling other weapons as well, just look at my inventory

1 weapon for a scrap or 2 craftable weapons each
3 weapons for 2 scraps or 4 craftable weapons each

Just look through my bp and either...

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Have a nice day :3
Scrap each! Add me if you interested

Yes, yes, scrap each. If you wanna to insult me like "U NIGGER U MOTHER NIGGER FUCKER 0.55 EACH!1!!!oneone XDDD", just leave.
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1:1 my solemn gaben vow specialized kit for your diamondback specialized kit (diamondback and vow not included), i don't accept any metal, and i will not add you, send me a trade request
today only 5 bud (normally 10) pure only! do not add me, send trade request, price is firm