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Selling a Genuine Specialized Killstreak Sharp Dresser for 5 keys
pure or overpay 1 key in items
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Selling Weapons for Scrap
Each weapon for 1 scrap.
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B/O - 28 keys or 1.5 buds
Really interested in other Soldier unusuals but Open to offers
Don't Add Me unless Payin B/O or Have an AMAZING offer
Selling Hats. Some of them are painted.

Tough Man's Toque - 2.77 Refined (Painted Deep Commitment to Purple)
Conjurer's Cowl - 3 Refined (Noble Hatter's Violet)
Fast Learner - 3.66 Refined (Noble Hatter's Violet)
Tipped Lid - 3.44 Refined
Tartan Shade - 2.44 Refined
Sole Mate - 1.33 Refined

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Selling this set for a key. Add me for a fast trade
Buying Strange Soda Popper = 3 ref
killstreak frying pan
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Paying 2.66 for Buy a Life taunt.
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Hello! Selling this All-Father for 1 key and 4.33 Ref! Pure or Overpay in item c:
Add me or Send me trade offer! http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=158686004&token=m6lepwHS
hi guys,i am selling this items for pure metal and keys only

lime robot gibus(painted lime):4.66 ref

The Bruiser's Bandanna:1.2 key

The Fast Learner:2.66 ref

The Virtual Viewfinder:4.33 ref

The Teufort Tooth Kicker(painted pink):5.33 ref

The Outback Intellectual:3.66 ref

Desert Marauder(painted pink):4.33 ref

The Quadwrangler:5 ref

add me on steam http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198096805696 (and have a nice day :) )
Hi everyone,

I'm selling these three Professional Killstreak Kits for various offers. I'm looking for pure but I will absolutely take a mix (with item overpay). They all have Villainous Violet as a sheen. I'm open to offers for these kits. I have included figures of what I'm looking for. Please reply to this posting with your offer and I'll contact you. Feel free to add me if I'm online as well. Thanks.

Professional Killstreak Sharp Dresser Kit - SOLD
Killstreaker: Incinerator
Sheen: Villainous Violet

Professional Killstreak Scottish Resistance Kit (~5.5keys):
Killstreaker: Singularity > http://cloud-4.steampowered.com/ugc/469795115027538793/8D4EE891D08DBDB94C0F5494C49120FED62F4CE1/
Sheen: Villainous Violet

Professional Killstreak Direct Hit Kit - SOLD
Killstreaker: Singularity
Sheen: Villainous Violet
teddy = 1.66
cannon ball = 1.44
ellis cap = 1.11
ye old = 1.33
ks silver bk sniper rifle with snipers killed part
2 keys or overpay in items
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Buying Australium weapons at the following prices:

Ambassador = 16 keys
Axtinguisher = 9 keys
Black Box = 19 keys
Blutsauger = 8 keys
Eyelander = 29 keys
FaN = 11 keys
Flame Thrower = 17 keys
Frontier Justice = 9 keys
Grenade Launcher = 19 keys
Knife = 20 keys
Medi Gun = 27 keys
Minigun = 28 keys
Rocket Launcher = 46 keys
Scattergun = 38 keys
Sniper Rifle = 44 keys
Stickybomb = 20 keys
Tomislav = 9 keys
Wrench = 19 keys

Add me or send a trade offer http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=12184419&token=cm0mKCMi
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I'm just gonna leave this here until you know what happens.

The only ROBOACTIVE mirror/lamp on the market ~

Offers. No B/O

Don't add me

Offer below or use trade offer

Trade offer link: http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=114487014&token=S2MAN-JS

Pure > 1st gen > everything else

Hey guys!!!
I'm buying these STRANGE hats/miscs

STRANGE All-Father ( craft one ) = 4 keys / uncraftable one = 1 key + 7 refs
STRANGE Antarctic Researcher =2 key + 4 refs
STRANGE Archimede = 7 keys
STRANGE Backstabber's Boomslang = 1 key + 7 refs
STRANGE Blood Banker = 1 key
STRANGE Bonk Boy = 2 keys + 7 refs ( craft one ) / 2 keys ( uncraftable one )
STRANGE Bushi-Dou = 2.5 keys
STRANGE Deep Cover Operator = 1 key + 4 refs

Feel free to add me or send me trade offer

Have a nice day :DDD