Hey there!
Welcome to the deluxe trading experience, crafted just for you.
44 keys pure or 54 item overpay. Unusuals/Australiums.
Quickselling for pure keys.
[Duped] Haunted Ghost Tree- 38keys Pure Cheapest on anywhere
[Clean] Harvest Moon Softcap- 55keyspure Only one for sale
[Clean] Purple Energy Beanie- 32keys pure Cheapest!
[Clean] Sulphorous Toe- 19keys pure Cheapest!
[Clean]Cloudy Moon Sultans-40keys pure Only one for sale
[Clean] Burning Steel toe- 26keys pure- Cheapest one anywhere
[Clean] Cloudy Moon Steel Toe- 20keys pure Cheapest one anywhere.
[Duped] Purple Energy Capotains- 22keys pure
My prices are firm. No negotiaton will take place; don't waste your time nor mine.
Send me a trade offer.
1 key or items
Specialized Killstreak Bushwacka Kit
Sheen: Hot Rod
buying australuims

Australium Axtinguisher 6 keys 10 ref
Spec KS------------------6 keys 13 ref
Pro KS--------------------8 keys

Australium Tomislav 7 keys 10 ref
Spec KS-----------------8 keys
Pro KS-------------------9 keys

Australium SMG 7 keys
Spec KS-----------------7 keys 3 ref
Pro KS-------------------9 keys

Australium Blutsauger 8 keys
Spec KS-----------------8 keys 5 ref
Pro KS-------------------10 keys

Australium Frontier Justice 8 keys
Spec KS-----------------8 keys 3 ref
Pro KS-------------------11 keys

Australium Force-A-Nature 10 keys
Spec KS-----------------10 keys 3 ref
Pro KS-------------------13 keys

Australium Stickybomb Launcher 13 keys
Spec KS------------------13 keys + 3 ref
Pro KS--------------------17 keys

Australium Ambassador 13 keys
Spec KS-----------------13 keys 5 ref
Pro KS-------------------16 keys
1 key

Add me or send a trade offer.
Powerhouse Case===4.33 ref

Wanga pick=======.33 ref

Holy mackerel=====5 ref
Best Revolver
Professional Killstreak L'Etranger Kit
Killstreaker: Fire Horns
Sheen: Team Shine

5 keys
Taking offers.

B/O: 144 keys

Add me, send a trade offer, or simply offer below!
15 Ref pure
Looking for 28keys pure.
Send me a trade offer.
Don't waste my time or your time with unusual offers. I'm not interested.
Looking for a professional killstreak Kritzkrieg Kit ,or fabricator, with Daffodil/Singularity.

Searched forever for one
Alright people, listen up! I'm looking to see what I could get for these items, I mainly want a Australium Wrench, Spec.-Pro. killstreak attached (Depending on how much I'm giving).
There's a big ol'chance that I might not even trade these, I just want to see what I could get. Leave offers bellow, DON'T ADD ME. Big trades like these I do not let people add me.
Anything else....hm...I guess I'll just say that I know the names are dumb, and you're more than welcome to wip them if we trade.
Kay? Kay. Cya~
UPDATE: I'll take 22 Keys pure for the Gunslinger, just an FYI.
Looking for some offers for this strange part.
Looking for 30 keys pure only or 35keys in australiums.
Send me a trade offer. Don't waste my time or yours with unusual offers.
6 Refined

Send me a trade offer
Selling Strange Black Box with Pumpkin Bombs and Exorcism spells for only 10 Ref

Send me a trade offer
Selling my lovely unusual engineer hat, it'll be tradeable July 29th.

Current offer 18 keys pure.
Im only able for B/O or better offer!
B/O : Australium Rocket Launcher

If not in inventory is on SCM !
Add me if you can offer.
Selling painted hats:

Yellow Belt (Team Spirit) - 7.00 Ref
Buckaroos Hat (Value of Teamwork) - 6.33 Ref
Firewall Helmet (Pink as Hell) - 5.00 Ref
Crocleather Slouch (After Eight) - 7.00 Ref
Tartan Spartan (Australium Gold) - 4.00 Ref

Send me a trade offer
Selling the Hero's Tail painted with Mann Co. Orange for around 10.33 refined.

Send me a trade offer here: http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=159178146&token=wV4wPCAJ

Payments in pure or in item overpay by 25% will be accepted almost immediately!