Hey there!
Welcome to the deluxe trading experience, crafted just for you.
Selling these Professional Killstreak weapons for Keys!

-Genuine Fortified Compound
Agonizing Emerald / Flames
= 7 Keys

-Strange Scottish Resistance
Deadly Daffodil / Fire Horns = 3.5 Keys

-Festive Axtinguisher
Mean Green / Incinerator = 3.5 Keys

-Festive Ubersaw
Manndarin / Incinerator = 3 Keys

If not in my bp, then the items are on the market. Message me if you have an offer, and if I accept the offer I'll remove it from the market.
Selling Any weapons in my backpack ( Expect the new weapons not for sale ) for a scrap

Please check my backpack before adding me :3

Add me if im online

If im offline use the trade offer link below

First gen effect, decent hat. Technically the cheapest on market as well.

B/O: 1.7 pure, or overpay
C/O: None

Hide is nty, but feel free to offer again if you like. No hard feelings!

Add if you want, but you won't be accepted if you're level 0/have a private profile. Leave me a message if you want to be accepted but are one of those~

Edit: Like most other people, I'd prefer no 3rd/summer effects. Sorry.
" Buying "--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------^^^

Maul for 2 ref
Three rune blade 2 ref

Apoco-fist for 1.66 ref
Sharp Dresser for 1.66 ref
Awper-hand for 1.66 ref

~~~~ Post here before adding me ~~~~
~~~~ Or send trade offer me up
^^^ there. ~~~~

Wow over 20k views and 160 bookmarked :D
Selling a bud for 20 keys pure

24 in items

Add me
Selling Items for Pure or Item Overpay!
Fist - 4.00
Brass - 3.00
Ze - 2.00
Scatter - 2.66
Cut - 3.00
Buff - 1.33
Robro - 1 Key
Tossle - 3.00
If im not online send me a trade offer!
Selling Gen. Hardy Laurel for 2.33, Gen. Hetman's for 1.33

add me!
Team Fortress 2 Trading Card -0.44 ref each

set ( 9 card ) - 4 ref

add me
Hey there, looking to swap Collector's Professional Killstreak Kritzkriegs. Mine has Deadly Daffodil/Tornado,

I may take offers aswell, but I am mainly looking for the Kritzkrieg.
Buying craft hats/ miscs for 1.11 each || add me!
accidentally closed my last trade somehow, so here's a new one!

selling a craft 29, signed (gifted by the workshop creator) trickster's turnout gear.

b/o: 10 keys/bmoc/15 keys in items

c/o: none

feel free to offer or add me, i don't mind (obviously no lowballs please!).
Selling for 1 scrap each || add me!

I am looking for to sell this gorgeous reggae for 7 buds or mix offers ( demo default australium and pure)

Offer here
Please don't add me
Thank you and good day
Selling Items for Pure or Item Overpay!
Beggar - .66
Cleaner - .66
Conch - .66
Charge - 1.66
Evic - .22
Hitman - 2.00
Kunai - 1.33
Brass - 2.00
If im not online send me a trade offer!
0.66 ref or 12 weap each card

add me
I love this hat.
Offer accordingly.

Mainly looking for pure or another PE demo unusual.

- NO 2013 stuff please. (Stuff includes robo hats, new hats,summer, robo and 2013 halloween effects .)
- NO Unusual Taunts please.
- NO Killstreak kits, low crafts, collector´s, odd vintages or glitched weapons please.

Don't add me, offer below.
Buying HAUNTED Spooky Sleeves = 3 ref (BP.TF price)

Add me or Send me a trade offer.

Thank you :)
4 buds, add me or send offer.
natascha - 1.66

slight overpay in items i guess
Buying Every game's card for 1 scrap each----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------^^^

~~~~ Post here before adding me ~~~~
~~~~ Or send trade offer me up
^^^ there. ~~~~