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Have some low crafts right here and looking for some offers

Your hat price [ 10 keys ] -> ( i pay ) [ 8 keys ]
11 -> 8.5 keys
12 - 9 keys
13 - 9.5 keys
14 - 10 keys
15 - 10.5 keys
16 - 11 keys
17 - 11.5 keys
18 - 12.5 keys
19 - 13.5 keys
20 - 14 keys
21 - 14,5 keys
22 - 15 keys
23 - 15.5 keys
24 - 16 keys
25 - 16.5 keys
26 - 17 keys
27 - 18 keys
28 - 19 keys
29 - 20 keys
30 - 21 keys
30-35 ~ 22-24 keys
35-40 ~ 24-27 keys




Trade Offer:
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► WELCOME TO AUTOBOT!     ► Buy Keys - 32.22 Ref      ► Current stock: 247.22 Ref
► Please, don't add Main Account, add the Bot: or Fast add steam://fri...864950
Or send a Trade Offer
► Trade with Bot very Easy: ⋁

- Add Bot to friends.
- Type in chat "sell #" (where # amount of Keys).
- Accept Trade Offer.

Note: Your Inventory must be Public!
You can send manually Trade Offer and Bot automatically accept it!
You can use chat commands: sell, stock, my stock, price, help, commands, rules.

                                         BOT Online 24/7

                                       Happy trading!
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Don't mind if I end up keeping these; be prepared to give me your best offer.

26/10/17: Claidheamh Mòr sold for 24 keys
21/12/17: C/O of 50 keys for the phlog
25/01/18: Gunboats sold for 40 keys
Selling these unusuals for break (or) pure

Eerie Orbiting Fire Waxy Wayfinder B/O; 75 keys
Buy it on https://mar...073019

Circling Heart Vintage Merryweather B/O; 50 keys
Buy it on https://mar...132390

Circling Peace Sign Powdered Practitioner B/O: 37.5 keys
Buy it on https://mar...315860

Dead Presidents Killer Exclusive B/O: 55 keys
Buy it on https://mar...315860

Stormy Storm Brown Bomber B/O: 40 keys
Buy it on https://mar...345659

Death at Dusk Minnesota Slick B/O: 63 keys
Buy it on https://mar...185211

Circling Peace Sign Bruce's Bonnet B/O: 69 keys
Buy it on https://mar...;5;u18

Electrostatic Hottie's Hoodie B/O; 32 keys
Buy it on https://mar...;5;u67

Add me or post below
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looking for overpay in items
feel free to offer below/send a trade offer/add me
Buying and of these items for quicksell prices. I am not payin regular prices. I am not interested in overpay for paints,parts,levels or someting like that but if you have a really good deal with paint(like gooc paints with low cost) I can think about it. I am payin pure metal and keys. I can change the offer if i dont like yours. Just use trade offers and dont add or right to me on here unless you got a huge deal.

I can also buy backpacks with good discount,unusuals(listed on my outpost),promos,cosmectis,botkillers,festives,vintages,stranges,tools,paints,tickets and trading cards.

Just use trade offers.
Looking for offers on this cute pyro set

unusual is clean and the weapons are all professional killstreak
i decided i'm gonna keep the pool party so it is no longer part of the set

b/o: 30 keys pure
c/o: none yet

if you want to buy any of the items individually i'd like massive overpay

send me a trade offer, i will probably not answer or take a long time to answer otherwise

i really don't like any of the halloween 2014, summer (except cloud9), or robo effects so unless the offer is godly please refrain from offering any.
class tokens shown are the classes i enjoy playing the most and would like offers of. (all class works too)


i may consider csgo offers
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I am buying any and all hats awarded from the Summer Adventure Pack.
I am currently the largest collector for SAS items.
These items have "Rewarded for participating in the 2014 Summer Adventure." in the description.

Offers will vary based on the cosmetic. Feel free to send a trade offer with your price or leave a comment here with your item and price. We can work from there.

Trade offers work best.

My Collection thus far: 212
Full collection can be viewed here: http://www...mmer14

Western Wear
The Winter Wonderland Wrap
Prairie Heel Biters
Burning Bongos
Pirate Bandana
Powdered Practitioner
Beep Boy
Gas Guzzler
Villain's Veil
Toy Soldier
Medic's Mountain Cap
Golden Garment
Helmet Without A Home
Rebel Rouser
Seeing Double....................Sold to Solaris32
Texas Ten Gallon
Pom-Pommed Provocateur
Bruiser's Bandanna
The Borscht Belt
The Geisha Boy
The Front Runner
Gaelic Golf Bag
Sober Stuntman
Li'l Snaggletooth....................Sold with the Ol' Snaggletooth to Mild_Zombie
Ol' Snaggletooth....................Sold with the Li'l Snaggletooth to Mild_Zombie
Buckaroos Hat
Gentleman's Gatsby
Security Shades
The Baronial Badge
The Hive Minder
The Egghead's Overalls
Blighted Beak
The One-Man Army
Large Luchadore
The Mann of Reason
The Bone Dome
Ritzy Rick's Hair Fixative..............................Traded to Hatrix
The Itsy-Bitsy Spyer
Respectless Rubber Glove
The Trail Blazer (Second one).............................Traded for a Summer Hotrod
Little Bear
The Gym Rat
The Heavy-Weight Champ
The Hermes
Grimm Hatte
Scotsman's Stove Pipe
Respectless Rubber Glove (Second one)
Carouser's Capotain
The Company Man
The Lonesome Loafers
Clan Pride
The Backpack Broiler
L'homme Burglerre...............................Traded to Mild_Zombie
Ze Goggles
The Geisha Boy (Second One)
The Geisha Boy (Third One)
Coffin Kit
The Federal Casemaker
The Hermes (Second One)
Scotsman's Stovepipe (Second One)
Surgeon's Side Satchel
Marshall's Mutton Chops
Valley Forge
Horrific Headsplitter
Das Naggencatcher
The Moonman Backpack
Lil' Snaggletooth (Second One)(Different from above)
Ol' Snaggletooth (Second One)(Different from above)
The Janissary Ketche
The Triggerman's Tacticals
Praire Heel Biters
The Koala Compact
The Gaelic Golf Bag.........................................................Sold to Mild_Zombie
The Voodoo JuJu (Slight Return).......................................Sold to Mild_Zombie
L'homme Burglerre (Same as Above)
The Tyurtlenek
Shooter's Sola Topi
The Captain's Cocktails
Dark Age Defender
The Hotrod
The Hetman's Headpiece
Brim-Full Of Bullets
The Joe-on-the-Go
The Gabe Glasses
Medic's Mountain Cap
Ze Übermensch
The Janissary Ketche (Second One)
Sober Stuntman (Second One)
Six Pack Abs
The Flared Frontiersman
The Frickin' Sweet Ninja Hood
Highland High Heels
The Egghead's Overalls
The Lucky Shot
The Sandvich Safe
The Milkman
Pugilist's Protector
Brim-Full of Bullets
Larrikin Robin
Coupe D'isaster
The Gilded Guard
Baseball Bill's Sports Shine
The Gabe Glasses
The Baronial Badge
Frenchman's Beret
The El Jefe
The Dead Cone
The Voodoo Juju (Slight Return)
The Danger
Honcho's Headgear
Jumper's Jeepcap
The Black Watch
Coupe D'isaster
The Aviator Assassin
The Deus Specs
The Little Drummer Mann
Magistrate's Mullet.............................................................Sold to Solaris32
Le Party Phantom
The Blizzard Breather
The Extra Layer
The Noh Mercy
The Boston Boom-Bringer
The Fruit Shoot
The Rump-o'-Lantern
Berliner's Bucket Helm
Defiant Spartan
Brain Bucket
L'homme Burglerre
Respectless Rubber Glove
Respectless Rubber Glove
The Geisha Boy
The Little Drummer Man
Tough Stuff Muffs
The Business Casual
The Gaelic Garb
The Blood Banker
Highland High Heels
The Mair Mask
Das Metalmeatencasen
The Flapjack
Kiss King
A Rather Festive Tree
The Executioner
Lord Cockswain's Pith Helmet
The Marxman
Flipped Trilby
The Texas Half-Pants
The Polar Pullover
Dr. Whoa
Strange Outback Intellectual
Doctor's Sack
The Track Terrorizer
The Sneaky Spats of Sneaking
The Toy Soldier
The Baronial Badge
Neckwear Headwear
Scotch Bonnet
The Special Eyes
The One-Man Army
Engineer's Cap
The Colonial Clogs
Baron von Havenaplane
The Crocodile Smile
Copper's Hard Top
The Air Raider
Coupe D'isaster
Sober Stuntman
Clan Pride
Whiskered Gentleman
The Angel of Death
Strange Toss-Proof Towel
Strange Sandvich Safe
L'homme Burglerre
The Bone Dome
Chieftain's Challenge
The Helmet Without a Home
Brain Bucket
The Deus Specs
The Extra Layer
Weight Room Warmer
The Bearded Bombardier
The Flamboyant Flamenco
Prairie Heel Biters
The Slo-Poke
Cotton Head
Lieutenant Bites
The Borscht Belt
Professor's Peculiarity
The Lonesome Loafers
The Snapped Pupil
Seeing Double
Heavy's Hockey Hair
Ye Olde Baker Boy
The HazMat Headcase
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Wanna purchase Unusual for real money.
I highly prefer 1st gen effect, i wont buy in any case robot hats or hat with robot effects on it.I higly prefer low-medium tier unusuals.
I take third gen hats if discounted enough.
Im Paypal verified, as you can see from my other real money trading i have experience in money trading and ill be happy to help you during the transaction if you are new.
My steam rep its clean --->
And i have 9 rep pages on Sourceop --->
I WONT trade with scammers, hijacker or similiar person.Dont bother to add me if you are marked on Steamrep or your profile seems suspicious (E.G 30 hours of game, 1 month on Steam and backpack with buds and unusual), i wont deal with you.
I wont go first atleast you have a better rep than me.Im very open to use a middleman if you want it.
I wont pay the full price on the hat.
Hide=not interested.
Thread is on autobump.
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Coldsnap : 120 keys
Brainiac : 65 keys
Tower : 30 keys
Whirly : 24 keys
Robin : 16 keys
Elf : 16 keys
Boonie : 15 keys

If you have offers, post them here
If you have keys, you can add me
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1 key each

Feel free to offer but please don't add me

I can swap for other painted items but I won't accept anything. Sweets can help.

More painted hats here : (type paint in search)
Not for trade : black big mann on campus, lime rogue's col roule, team spirit cowl, lime trilby, lime luchadore
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1 key each

Feel free to offer but please don't add me

I can swap for other painted items but I won't accept anything. Sweets can help.

More painted hats here : (type paint in search)
Not for trade : black big mann on campus, lime rogue's col roule, team spirit cowl, lime trilby, lime luchadore
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Pickel : 22 keys
Spartan : 19 keys
Minigun : 30 keys each
Silver Cyclone Fubar Fanfare Taunt for 5 Keys
Purple Energy Punk's Pomp 60 keys
Stormy Storm Head Warmer 17 keys
Stormy Storm Puffy Polar Cap 12 keys

Looking for pure, mixed, or unusual offers. All are currently on, so please add me or comment here to offer. Check the listings or listings for histories.
Selling unusual medic's Taunt: Surgeon's Squeezebox - Mega Strike

(currently on my bot

21 keys + 16 ref pure or 26+ in unusual offers

Add me or send trade offer

My trade offer link:
Steam profile:
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Mann Co. Store Package - 3.33 refs

3x for 1 tod
6x for 1 key/ 2 tod

Just send trade offer dont add me
Read more --- ALL THE PRICES HERE. ( you can use 0.33 REF OFF price )
YOU CAN PAY SAME PRICE IN ITEMS! ---------->( Im not paying for paints / parts ) KS weaps only for bots prices

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Trade offer
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Looking to sell this unusuals for tf2/csgo offers.
Prices here:
Other stuff that im selling in outpost:
Feel free to Offer! Consider Every Offer.
Pure keys > Aussies >PUBG items >Unusual miscs> Unusual hats > Csgo knives & Skins > Unusual Weapons> Unusual Taunts.
My overpay rate depends on the items that u offer. I usually ask small overpay if i like ur items, but i may ask huge overpay if i disagree with the price of ur items or i dislike them.
I can sell my items on the Steam Community Market, if you cover the necessary fees.
Paypal isn`t working in my country, so u should buy keys before buying my items.
Check the history before offering if u care about it.

I don`t trade with private bp and scammers!
Thanks for visiting my trade.
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