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paying 1 key and 3 ref
Selling this very sexy Bayonet | Safari Mesh FT, looks MW
B/o 3 Buds
C/o Sunbeams Western Wear (somewhat low, idk yet)
Ghosts batters (meh)
Don't add me, offer here please.
Buying Low Tier Quicksells
If you want to sell a hat post it like this
Quicksell price:
I don't value New/robo effects so high so dont even bother to offer them if its not a RESONABLE price.
scrap banking
they are all 1 scrap each
add me on steam to buy them
Vintage Sammich - 0.22 ref
Bat outta hell - 0.22 ref
robo-parts - 1 scrap each
Schadenfreude (laugh taunt) - 4.33 ref
futankhamun - 0.11 ref

Add me or send me trade offer :3
Selling these weapons 1 scrap each

Add me or send me trade offer :3
Selling Siberian Sophisticate for 2.66 refined.

Feel free to add me.
My current status: Online.
Selling my Unusual Disco Beat Down Gatsby!

Looking for pure - unusual - mixed.

B/O - 3.5 pure / 4.5 in unusual.

Leave an offer below or add me on steam to discuss.

Thanks :3
Looking for offers on the specialized killstreak tomislav!

Sheen: Deadly Daffodil
Hello there. Lord shako here seeking your aid to increase my collection.

I have managed to get lvl 1-100.
I have managed to get a uncraft and a untradable.
I have managed to get 4 unusuals.

But now I have my eyes on colored stout shakos.
So if you have a good offer for a painted shako I might be interested in taking it.

I already have:
Team Spirit
Australium gold
Noble Hatter's violet
An extraordinary abundance of tinge
Buying these crates for Keys, metal and csgo skins

Offer below
Earbud for 20 Keys each, Add me or trade offer me! ty
Taking offers on Stormy Storm Shooter's Tin Topi!
B/o 15 Keys | More in Unusual
C/o None, so offer!

Don't add me, post here
I have an extra australium gold shako that I'm looking to trade for another color that I don't already have.
Selling Blighted Beak for 2 refined.

Feel free to add me.
My current status: Online.
Selling Sight for Sore Eyes for 3 refined.

Feel free to add me.
My current status: Online.
FaN: 1 REF
Sandman: 2 REF
send trade offer
Why so low?
I see alot on the market that no ones buying at because they're so damn high
and also i mostly only play scout its pretty much my favorite class so I'm not reselling these I'm gonna keep them till TF2 dies completely (when ever that happens)
Selling this Super $exy BURNING FLAMES Handle!

You can clip other hats with it like Person in the Iron Mask!
B/o 3 Pure | More in Unusuals
C/o Terror-watt Luch
Don't add me, post here, thanks
Old effects > Robo effects
I use Autobump, if I'm offline, do not add me. Send an offer.

Selling a couple of items, mainly for metal or keys. Offers are welcome, please keep in mind that I'm not primarily after items and I'll atleast need a bit of a good deal to convince me to take your item(s).

Festive Minigun: 1 key 6 refined
Strange Minigun: 1 key 3.66 refined
Shotgun Airborne Enemy kills: 2 keys 3 refined
Botkiller Minigun Robots Destroyed: 2 keys
Strange Family business: 2 refined
Natascha: 3 refined
Brass beast: 4 refined
Tomislav Robots Destroyed: 1 key 3.66 refined

Have a very large stock of all of them

Key = 7.33 refined

Add me or offer if interested. http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=107073613&token=VFt7pUe0
Selling > 1 key 6 ref
Painted Aged moustache grey.
Add for a quick trade
Overpay in items. (Must be worth atleast 2 keys!)
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We run ads to help cover the costs of running TF2 Outpost! Don't let us down!