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Cross-Game Trading

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Pure / Overpay

Molten Mallard Brainiac Hairpiece - 65 keys
Stormy Storm Attendant - 18 keys
Nuts & Bolts Triboniophorus Tyrannus - 14 keys
Stormy Storm Pugilist's Protector - 10 keys

Offer/add me:
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Quickselling for pure ! ( both clean )

Circling Heart Executioner - 120 keys ( all class )
Time Warp Company Man - 120 keys ( all class )
Quickselling for pure ! ( all clean )

Something Burning This Way Comes Frontier Djustice ( 1 of 1 ! ) - 80 keys
Sunbeams Cosa Nostra Cap - 100 keys
Sunbeams Belgian Detective - 100 keys

Cloudy Moon Pirate Bandana - 80 keys
Cloudy Moon Backwards Ballcap - 80 keys
Burning Flames Waxy Wayfinder - 100 keys
Burning Flames Brain-Warming Wear - 40 keys
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Clean god tier all-class!
Very short history:

I can discount this for pure if needed(300 on
Interested in upgrades or mixed offers but I'll consider anything if you post your offer below.
Leave a comment or send a trade offer before adding me.

Trade link:
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Selling this strange burning Noble Amassment for 140 keys. Willing to discount for pure. Also accept money if you are willing to follow my instructions to prevent scams.
Well this is a beautiful unusual...

Burning Flames Vive la France

-1 of 1 on the market
-3 man history
-God tier Effect
-God tier All-class

Looking for 700 keys in mixed offers OR 800 in Good first gens.
Any and all offers will be revised.
Send me a Trade offer or just go ahead and add me.

Been getting offers around 600-750
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Feels good to be back.

Blizzardy Storm Mercs Mohawk - 100 keys / 110 in items
Ooze Front runner - 90 keys / 100 in items

Brokering these sexy unusuals for some sexy people.
Send me a trade offer or add me.
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These unusuals are currently on!, if you wish to make an item offer add me please.

Taking pure and item offers on these hats!
Prices are rough guidelines, however if you pay in pure the price can be discounted.

Add me below:
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professional killstreak weapons

my bot is auto accepting correct pure offers:

rocket launcher: 5 keys
knife: 6 keys
festive scattergun: 7 keys
festive minigun: 6 keys

sharp dresser: 3 keys
festive eyelander: 4 keys
eureka effect: 1 key 15 ref
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my bot is auto accepting correct pure offers:

high roller minimal wear: 22 ref
high roller well worn: 5 ref
corasir minimal wear: 5 ref
corsair well worn: 3 ref

blue mew knife: 5 ref
airwolf knife: 10 ref

butcher bird minigun: 3 ref
mister cuddles minigun: 10 ref
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Looking for a downgrade, 1 for 1, australiums, marketplace or whatever you come to me with. Friend me on Steam or send me a trade offer
B/O: 60 keys
Offer up

Not quickselling
Welcome to my trade

Item prices:
Neutron Star Electric Escorter - 14 Keys
Strange Sleeveless in Siberia - 1 Key
Strange Dead'er Alive - 3 Keys + 9 Ref
Pocket Villains - 1 Key + 4 ref
Genuine Audio File - 6 Keys
Vintage Professional Killstreak Force-A-Nature - 2 Keys + 10 Ref
Professional Killstreak Pistol - 4 Keys
Plumber's Cap - 3 Keys + 22 Ref

I accept pure offers instantly 24/7
I also accept item/unu overpay so send me a trade offer
Feel free to add me

Trade offer link:

Have a nice day
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Welcome to my trade

Item prices:
Bubbling Noble Nickel Amassment of Hats - 21 Keys
Blizzardy Storm Barnstormer - 20 Keys
Orbiting Fire Bolted Birdcage - 12 Keys
Vintage Professional Killstreak Fan O'War - 13 keys
Summer Hat - 25 Keys
Corona Australis - 12 Keys + 11 Ref
Professional Killstreak Festive Knife - 14 Keys
Flip-Flops - 12 Keys

I accept pure offers instantly 24/7
I also accept item/unu overpay so send me a trade offer
Feel free to add me

Trade offer link:

Have a nice day
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Hello! I'm looking to sell these very nice unusuals!

Prices here:

I'm mainly looking for pure/downgrade offers. I'm not interested in upgrading/1:1 unless it's a huge overpay/hat I like.

Don't offer me Halloween 2016 effects/unusual taunts/weapons, please.

I have more unusuals for sale! Check the links down below!

I'm buying quicksells and backpacks aswell!
Check this trades for more info;

I'm doing brokering for FREE!
Interested? Read my custom info box located on my steam profile for more info!

Read more/add me here:

Have a nice day
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Selling these items for pure or overpay in items

1) Strange Silver Botkiller Stickybomb Launcher MK.I : 6 ref
2) Spec KS gunslinger: 19 ref
3) Strange KS masked mender : 12 ref
4) Strange KS sniper rifle : 13 ref
5) Strange KS frontier justice : 10 ref
6) KS flare gun : 3.55 ref

Add me to negotiate or send trade offer
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Selling craft #555 Weapons

Asking 4 keys or item easy resellable at this amount Each

Send me a Trade directly ill counter if anything wrong

Thanks for Reading :)
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Hello! I'm looking for offers on this amazing god-tier unusual!

Buyout: No B/O, just up for offers.

Notable offers;

This all-class hat is going to be 1:1 forever. Keep in mind that the Haunted Phantasm JR is in a private bp, and that makes my hat incredibly rare.
As stated above, I don't really have a B/O atm. When offering, keep in mind that the HKC is my favourite hat in the game, so I won't let it go too easy. Full pure offers is negotiable and I'm very interested in downgrade offers. Nothing less than 450 keys in unusuals will be considered at the moment.
Interested in: Miscs, high-tier effects, downgrades, pure, australiums, other Cones.
Not interested in: Taunts, 2016 halloween effects, unusual weapons, 1:1 offers.

Add me, comment down below or send me a offer.

Have a nice day
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