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1 of 1 on the market not in a set

Dat Halloween level. (Not asking any extra for it, but it's certainly nice.)


I am unlikely to sell this for anything but pure since it is part of my endgame loadout on my main class!

B/O-None yet, will edit one in later. Apparently the person who owned this before the last person who owned this got offered 10 pure.


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Taking offers on these spooky unusuals :>
Dont add me but feel free to send me a trade offer.

On my last trade I had a collecting offer of 6 on the cauldron cosa
1st gen cosa nostras (+ a slug)
Dont add me, buut feel free to send me a trade offer
Easily one of the best Soldier hats in the game...buuuut I don't play Soldier that much :/

1 of 1, probably forever so. In no rush to sell.

Will 1:1 with a CLEAN Scorching Pyromancer's Mask since I really, really love that hat, but otherwise I'm looking for:

Price: 20 pure, 25 in stable first gen unusuals that aren't Brainiacs

Don't quote bp.tf price at me, it's based on an outlier sale and this is a highly desirable 1 of 1 hat, so my price is completely reasonable. I 100% guarantee you will not find a lower price for this hat :P


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pure or item overpay.
Strange Pretty Boy's Pocket Pistol-.44 ref
Haunted Bat Outta Hell-4 ref
The Void Monk Hair- 1.33 ref
The Hanger-On Hood-1.33 ref
The Superfan-2 ref
Strange Kukri-.33 ref
Strange Equalizer-.22 ref
Coldfront Curbstompers-3.66 ref
thanks add me :3
Good day ladies and gentlemen.

Today, I am looking to sell this fine Disco Beat Down Fed Fighting Fedora.


C/O: Miami Nights Warpig - 4.9 Buds
Rejected Offers: Miami Nights Cold Killer - 4.1 Buds
Taking offers on these awesome 1st gen unusuals.
Dont add me, but feel free to send me trade offers.
Don't add me! - but feel free to send me a trade offer.
Not a bad haul.

Don't add me.

B/O on #61-5 keys

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Taking offers on these summer effect unusuals.
Dont add me- but feel free to send me trade offers
Welcome to my god tier engie misc shop! Way better than Brainiacs and Mining Lights, these ACTUALLY fit with every hat, no clipping at all! Also, you can wear more than one of them at once!

DON'T ADD ME! (Fun fact: I bumped my trades once and immediately got 6 phisher adds, although the recent Outpost update seems to have gotten rid of most of those.)

I will take pure/mixed offers much quicker than I will take unusual offers, even if the pure offer is worth a bit less (not a ridiculous amount less of course though.)

Edit: C/O listing time!:

Other C/Os: None at the moment. I don't like to leave people waiting and usually just accept or reject offers.

Edit 2: Some info at the time of edit:

Secret to Everybody Pushers is 1 of 1 and very likely to forever be so, and neither of its Brainiac or Mining Light counterparts are for sale.

Antifreeze is 1 of 2 in existence, and people rarely unbox robocrates.

Cloudy Moon is 1 of 1 on the Market, and the others show little sign of coming on the market anytime soon

Edit 3: Going to start adding pure B/Os (all higher in unusuals depending on ease of sale):

Sunbeams SOLD!

Antifreeze B/O: 20 pure

Secret B/O: Priceless, just offer. Don't lowball under 28 (I value it more, but this is the minimum value I would not be offended if someone offered).

SBTWC SOLD! Sold for 173 keys and a duped Smoking Brainiac. ere some complications with the sale due to some untradable keys, but it all got sorted out fine in the end.

PE SOLD! Sold for Robactive Nickle, Phos Gatsby, 4 buds, and a Max's Head (Valued around 14 mixed)

GE SOLD!! Sold for 8 pure

Cloudy Moon B/O: 22 buds pure

Anything that is 1 of 1 of any kind, I'm not selling for anything but pure or mixed.

Edit 4: As of August 21 you can now wear MULTIPLE PENCIL PUSHERS AT THE SAME TIME! This is due to the equip region being changed to "None". This means you can now have triple engineer effects without having to resort to wearing that ugly Brainiacs Hairpiece! (Source: http://wiki.teamfortress.com/wiki/Pencil_Pusher)

This is my dream Disco Beat Down Nanobalaclava!

It's clean as a whistle.
Looks amazing in-game.
Painted black for more awesome.

B/O: 3 Buds pure/48 Keys pure.
6 Buds Unusual


Good day.

Selling this low craft Team Captain.

No buyout, just looking for offers.

(Bare in mind that I've sold 2 craft 600-630 Gilded Guards for 2.66 ref once. Not only is this a much more demanded hat, it is also a more expensive one and it has a way lower craft number)
buying all of those miscs for 2.66 ref each
if i run out of metal il pay in items with 0.33 ref overpay
i will pay 2.11 ref for the double dynamite or 2,33 in items
1 of 1

B/O: 8 buds

Highest offer: Lantern Flamenco and 3 buds


Thanks for reading and have a nice day :)
pure or item overpay
Strange Shortstop-1 ref
Killstreak Festive Force-A-Nature-1 key or 16 ref
Strange Baby Face's Blaster-1.33 ref
Strange Wrap Assassin-.33 ref
Three-Rune Blade-2.33 ref
Bonk Boy-2 ref
The Flapjack-7 ref
thanks add me :3
Good day ladies and gentlemen!

Today, I am here to buy your QUICKSELL unusuals for 26 KEYS!

I'm looking for about...
1ST GEN: 30%
2ND GEN: 40%
3RD GEN: 60%
Off the price!

Just send me a trade offer or post below!
Taking offers on these robo-effect hats.
Dont add me, but feel free to send me a trade offer.