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Buying robo parts
Interested in buying in bulk
Leave your offers here if you're selling lots, or send me a trade offer if you're selling less than 20
By offers I mean tell me your items, and the price
Do not expect me to pay full backpack.tf prices for them.
Robot Parts Bought:~400
Selling scopers smoke with a .33 discount than the bp tf price!
Add me!
Backpack.tf prices
Half paint prices if it applies
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Buying quicksells(30% or more)
Not paying extra for Paints(white/black excluded, will add depending on the item)Killstreaks(Except for professional), Strange Parts
Post your offers below, or send an offer
classified coif: 3.33 ref
point and shoot: 8 ref
antlers: 3.33 ref
flair: 1.33 ref
g. marxman: 4 ref
lumbricus lid:4.33 ref
three rune blade: 1.88 ref
vampiric vesture: 2.33 ref

add or send me trade offer
Strange Professional Killstreak Tribalman's Shiv
Team Shine
Cerebral Discharge
3 key pure only, use trade offers
Selling these hats!
Bone dome,pencil pusher for 1.22 each
Hotrod ,yellow belt,and defiant spartan for 1.44 each
Bushman's boonie and liquor locker for 1.66 each
and Bonk boy for 2.11

Add me or Steam Offer if Interested!
Texas ten gallon: 1.88 ref
Texas half pants: 1.88 ref
Chronoscarf: 2.33 ref
Merc pride scarf(dirty): 3.33 ref
Classified coif: 3.33 ref
Antlers: 3.33 ref
Kringle collection: 6 ref
Bat outta hell: 3 ref

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StatTrack Scar-20 Cyrex with 3 stickers
2 keys
2 keys
StatTrack Aug Torque
1 key+extras
Awp Redline with 2 stickers
4 keys
1 key
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bonk boy 1.33
Demo hAT 2.66
Selling a cheap unusual! add me on steam or send me a trade offer
37 TF2 Keys For 36 CS:GO Keys, Add Me for trade
Vivid Plasma Furious Fukaamigasa
C/O: -
B/O: 40 keys or equivalent nice CSGO skins.

★ M9 Bayonet | Urban Masked (Exterior: Battle-Scarred)
Looks like the vanilla ★ M9 Bayonet.
C/O: -
B/O: 42 keys

Feel free to offer though. If it is a nice deal I will most likely take the offer.
Must overpay if wanting to trade Unusual hats.
I am not really interested in Gut Knife, Flip Knife, or Huntsman.
Mostly interested in CSGO keys. Slight overpay if TF2 keys.
Buying keys for 12 ref

Stock:142 ref

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Offers on these 2 nice items
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Backpack.tf prices
Half paint prices if it applies
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So apparently the update on October 15, 2014 forced the game to not run if you have an edited items_game file, which is necessary for making a fully colored clan pride or photo badge. As far as I know they can't be created anymore so I suppose I'll put this up for offers.

Picture that's applied on the badge can be seen in my backpack here http://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198066216975 Don't know why it won't load on Tf2OP for me.
It's a key that was a 2014 late summer key and is now a normal key. I'll sell it for a little higher then the average price or regular keys since some people like to collect these.

Here's proof I'm not lying http://backpack.tf/item/3040816422 and one way to make sure it's the right one in my backpack or when trading me is that it will be uncraftable.
Looking for offers worth around 7 buds on this all class unusual. don't be afraid to offer as the worst that can happen is me saying no. The hat is clean and keys are only for adding.
Third gens are alright as long as they aren't cancerous looking.
C/O None yet

B/O 7 Buds
Backpack.tf prices
Half paint prices if it applies
Add me for a fast trade!