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-use trade offer button or add me-

!i dont use jsheet (blogspot) and jsheet2 (backpack........)!
don't cry, just hide your post!

Selling 1-27 pages from my backpack (except robot parts, keys, etc)


Check my other trades!

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Hey there, looking to sell a few things. You can find the price of the item here:
If you pay in ITEMS you must overpay.
This account has mobile authentication enabled.
Offer here or send me an offer!
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Strange Part: Kills While Explosive Jumping - 1 key
Napoleon Complex - 1 key + 7 refined
Caped Crusader - 2 keys + 7.55 refined
Bill's Hat - 2 keys + 12 refined
Strange Part: Medics Killed - 3 keys
Mann of the Seven Sees - 2 keys + 9 refined
Strange Part: Projectiles Reflected - 3 keys + 9 refined

Don't add me. Send me a trade offer:
Trade offers paying the listed price will automatically be accepted 24/7, even when I'm offline.
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Berlin Brain Bowl black - 12 ref
graybanns gold - 12 ref
villain veil black - 16 ref
Essential accessories team spirit - 1 key + 1 ref
Essential accessories black - 1 key + 2 ref
double cross lime - 2 key
essential accessories pink - 1 key + 4 ref
summer shades - 17 ref
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4 keys
Please use link below to send trade offer:
40 keys
Offer. :D
Hi traders !

Selling these items and many other in my bp (about 1200 !!)

ONLY bptf prices ! ONLY need pure !

Send me a trade offer if interested.

Add me for more informations.

Check my bp as well ;)


EDIT: For the stuff painted, with strange parts or kill streak: You have to add to the price of the item, half the price of the parts/paints/killstreak.
Description tag and name tag doesn't count ;)
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Hi traders !

Selling these items and many other in my bp (about 1200 !!)

ONLY bptf prices ! ONLY need pure !

Send me a trade offer if interested.

Add me for more informations.

Check my bp as well ;)


EDIT: For the stuff painted, with strange parts or kill streak: You have to add to the price of the item, half the price of the parts/paints/killstreak.
Description tag and name tag doesn't count ;)
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Pro KS Rocket Launcher - 13 keys 10 ref
KS Original - 7 keys 12 ref
Strange Festive Spec KS Grenade - 3 keys 10 ref
Strange Spec KS Flamethrower - 4 keys 10 ref
Festive Killer Bee - 4 keys

Send me a trade offer or offer below
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Unusual Midnight Results are In - 22 keys
Unusual Midnight Battin - 22 keys
Unusual Taunt Battin a Thousand 72 - 31 keys
Unusual Taunt I see You 72 - 33 keys
Unusual Scattergun Hot -50 keys
Unusual Sniper Rifle Hot - 48 keys

because it is simple send trades/offers or leave offers on the site
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3 refined for a Strange Conniver's Kunai

I don't accept friend requests, use trade offer
aussie FaN - 13 keys
pro ks aussie ax - 9 keys
g. quacken - 1 key+6 ref

add me or send me a trade offer:)
Selling these items for keys & metal but also taking item offer overpay


vintage physician's procedure mask (bruised purple footprints, voices from below): 5 keys
vintage troublemaker's tossle cap (rotten orange footprints): 5 keys
genuine brütal bouffant (rotten orange footprints, chromatic corruption): 4 keys
chronomancer (rotten orange footprints): 3 keys
essential accessories (gangreen footprints, team spirit): 4 keys
sengoku scorcher (gangreen footprints, sinister staining): 3 keys
killer exclusive (corpse gray footprints): 3 keys

dont add me, send a trade offer if interested!
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FN Grenade Launcher - 5.5 keys

MW Grenade Launcher - 4 keys

Professional Killstreak Kit - 2.5 keys

MW Rainbow Flame Thrower - 4.5 keys

Items are listed in Steam Market, therefore they wont appear in my inventory.
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Steaming Respectless Rubber Glove : 15 keys
Green Confetti Connoisseur's Cap : 20 keys
Circling Heart Vintage Merryweather : 65 keys
Eerie Orbiting Fire Hottie's Hoodie : 60 keys
Molten Mallard Waxy Wayfinder : 40 keys
Subatomic A Head Full of Hot Air : 30 keys
Stormy 13th Hour Vintage Merryweather : 120 keys
Miami Nights Wraith Wrap : 35 keys

Unusual offers are welcomed. But you might need to overpay. The overpay amount depends on the unusual(s) you give me. Just send me a trade offer to figure out if I like your offer.

Item overpays are welcomed. I accept anything that can be sold through market(Australiums,Ks Weps,Stranges,etc.) But please consider the fees.

My priority in trading:

1-Checking Incoming Trade offers
2-Checking Pending Friend Requests
3-Checking the offers made on outpost(I do not check this very often, so even adding me is better than offering here)

So just send me a
trade offer to quickly see what i think about your offer. The other methods will only slow the progress. If you really want to add me and want a fast response, just comment on my profile then add me.

Here is a tip. You can also send me a trade offer then add me that means you are more serious :)


Here are my priorities when checking trade offfers:

FIRST PHASE: Accepting Decent offers or pure buyouts immediately.
Rejecting Bad offers immediately.

If I reject your offer immediately that means either the offer is really bad or you are banned or marked on somewhere(scam related)

SECOND PHASE: Checking the interesting offers.

These offers are not decent that i can immediately accept, they can also be bad but I cannot decide quickly. I can make you wait a little in those situations to check your hats/items a bit more to be fair enough. I might accept or decline depending on my final decision.

THIRD PHASE: Calculating how much more I want if your offer is close. Making those negotiable offers to be on hold.(If your offer is not negotiable please state that on your trade offer note, otherwise i will think it is.)

If the difference between us is low that is usually 5-10 keys(I do not negotiate for 1-2 keys), I'll keep hold of your trade offer. If you think i am holding your offer and you are willing to do more please add me to negotiate. That will fasten our trade.

I'll counter your trade offer right after i decided how much more i want. I can also add you to make all the negotiations easier. Like I said you can also add me. I will give you priority cause you already sent me a trade offer and i will know what you want from me.

There are some good reasons why i strongly prefer trade offers:

1-It is much easier for both of us.
2-That means you actually decided on something. You are not wasting my time. You are serious about your offer.
3-My first priority is checking my trade offers. And then I accept my friend requests. You can surely add me to discuss about things but you might get a slow response depending on my availability.
4-You can quickly learn what I actually think about your offer. You'll get the fastest response if I am available in that time.
5-I can check my trade offers on mobile while I am away from my PC. But I usually dont accept the friend requests or offers on outpost while I am not online.

Of course you can always add me to discuss or offer here instead. But like I said, trade offer means you are serious. If I dont have enough time in that period I only check trade offers.[/b]


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Selling the following Strange Parts for these prices:

Buildings Destroyed x4
- 1 key 12 ref each
Point-Blank Kills - 17 ref
Full Moon Kills - 10 ref

Send a trade offer if you agree:

Damage Dealt - 7 keys
Critical Kills - 4 keys 5 ref (Sold on SCM)
Medics Killed - 1 key 4 ref
Cosmetic: Fires Survived - 15 ref
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Isotope Brain Candy Minigun (Field-Tested) - 90 keys
Hot Killstreak Corsair Scattergun (Field-Tested) - 65 keys
Because untradable items can no longer be wrapped (but already wrapped untradable items can still be traded) that makes these very rare, no longer obtainable, and thus very valuable. Therefore I won't sell for their old prices.

Already wrapped lime dangeresque, too? demo misc! (looking for a minimum of 10 keys)
Already wrapped vintage untradable concheror! (old price for untradable was 35 keys. I expect more!)
Already wrapped vintage untradable fan o war! (old price for tradable was 20 keys. I expect more!)
S. KS Aussie Frontier Justice – 11Keys
Green Confetti Triboniophorus Tyrannus: 22 keys
Circling TF Logo Tippler's Tricorne: 16 keys
Searing Plasma Tippler's Tricorne: 17 keys
Bubbling Buccaneer's Bicorne: 14 keys

Orbiting Fire Plug-In Prospector: 16 keys
Orbiting Planets Jumper's Jeepcap: 16 keys
Terror-Watt Bear Necessities: 26 keys
Bubbling Larrikin's Robin: 14 keys
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