Hey there!
Welcome to the deluxe trading experience, crafted just for you.
if u got an AUSTRALIUM scatter gun and medi gun
i can give u this unusual taunt its worth 6 buds
u can watch at backpack. tf at my inventory
add if u r interested
Or u pay 4 buds thats also ok :3
Buying Robo and Genuine Hats for 1 ref each.

No Companion Cubes please.

Add me for fast trade.

Check BP for Metal Stock.
bp.tf price http://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198073515220
send steam offer
Not quicksell!!!!!
not add me
you checked my inventory?
1 scrap each , i have multis of most, add me

Ellis Caps and Manniversary Paper Hats for 1 ref each.

Add me for fast trade.

Check BP for Metal Stock.

Some Random dude:

Never tell your password to anyone.
[DRL~CL] Luciferio: Hi
[DRL~CL] Luciferio: How may I help you?
теремок ): hi
You have accepted the trade request from теремок ).
теремок ): no 1 66
[DRL~CL] Luciferio: ??
теремок ): 1 = 1 66
теремок ): 1 66
теремок ): go
теремок ): 1 no
теремок ): no
теремок ): 1 66
[DRL~CL] Luciferio: ... I wrote in my trade 1 REF
[DRL~CL] Luciferio: And its firm
теремок ): bb
теремок ) is now Offline.

Same guy added me again:

[DRL~CL] Luciferio: Why are you readding me?
теремок ): 1 66 a ne 1ref no 1 66 go
теремок ): bb
Hello everyone!

Strange Festive Killstreak Amabassador ( w/ headshot kills) - 6 keys and 1 ref
Strange Festive Amabssador (w/ headshot kills) - 5 keys and 2 ref

Also interested in a strange buff banner maybe....

Add me, post here or send me a trade offer.
1 scrap each , i have multis of most, add me
4 ref for any of these.
Buying Quicksells!

1st Gen -30-35%

2nd Gen - 35-45%

3rdgen/Robo/2013/Halloween - 55-80%

Stock 1 Bud and 20 keys and a professional killstreak classic kit

Offer here

DON'T ADD me , if add me your offer must be good@
Buying CRAFT Hats (NON Robo or Genuine) for 1.11 ref each.

(execpt Ellis Cap and Mannivesary Hat for 1 ref each.)

Add me for fast trade

Check BP for Metal Stock.


Greatest Craft achievement so far:

The Chronomancer (traded it away by accident -.-)
The Anger
The Dark Age Defender
The Weight Room Warmer
The Shogun's Shoulder Guard
The Cool Breeze
The Apparition Aspect
The Delinquent's Down Vest
The Half-Pipe Hurdler
The Brainiac Hairpiece +Set misc piece
The Charmer's Chapeau
The Made Man
The Dog Fighter
The Southie Shinobi
The Mutton Mann CRAFT 18181
The Hero's Hachimaki
Looking to buy some quicksales all class hats and soldier unusuals.

Post here or add me.

Like pink effects, orbiting fire.
Buyinng Buying any of these for 1 key each

Add me or send me a trade offer:

Happy trading.
Hello everyone!

I currently have 2 buds and 2 keys in stock,

I am looking for quicksells, dont care how big they are, just post here.

NO robo hats/summer effects/robo effects.
1 scrap each , i have multis of most, add me
0.22 for fortified compound(not going any lower)
0.11 for the hitman

add me
2.33 ref each


add me for fast trade or send me a trade offer
Looking for a Nuts' n Bolts Team Captain


I want it to be as dirty as possible meaning gifted and/or duped so at a reduced price.

Why? I'm planning to wear it instead of selling it off

Also accepting Team Captain quicksells depending on the price
1 Keys Each

(TF2 or Any CSGO Key except Capsule)

All games are ROW. Prices are firm. I may accept overpay in items but prepare to pay 1.5x the price unless using Bills, Buds, Etc.

The best way to trade is to send me a trade offer: http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=10889595&token=qoy407Q9

You can add me as well.
Hey Guys!

The Freddie Mecury Set Is finally back on market!

Offer Up!