Hey there!
Welcome to the deluxe trading experience, crafted just for you.
Selling these items for my listed price!
-Genuine Companion Cube Pin - 1 Ref
-Festive Eyelander - 1 Ref
-Vintage Huntsman - .33 Ref
-Vintage Gunboats - 1 Ref
-Vintage Buff Banner - .33 Ref
-Vintage Sandvich - .33 Ref
-Vintage Homewrecker - .22 Ref
-Vintage Dead Ringer - .33 Ref
Selling this GBH guad for 5 buds.
6 buds pure or 180 USD paypal.
or offers.
do not add me without specifying here.

- TF2 Keys for PayPal money
Price: 2$ each

- You go first
- You must have rep
- You must have verified PayPay account
- Payment must be sent as Gift (to family and friends)
- You pay fees (if needed)

My Rep: http://bazaar.tf/thread/5575
The Champ Stamp : 2 Refined Metal
Chucklenuts : 2 Refined Metal
Ellis` Cap : 2 Refined Metal
Do not add me, only offline offer:
Trading backgrounds and emocons for trading cards or 1 scrap each
Trading trading cards for 2 trading cards or 2 scrap.
Backpack.tf price
Hey guys.

It's come that time where i have to sell my backpack for pure :c

I am getting rid of EVERYTHING except my scout stranges(and unique weps).

Feel free to offer below, PURE ONLY!!!

Enjoy your day!
Tour of Duty tickets = 3.66 ref

S. Jarate = 0.55 ref

S. Grenade Launcher = 2 ref

S. Jag = 3 ref

S. Rescue Ranger = 0.55 ref

S. Hitman's Heatmaker = 2 ref

S. Shotgun = 7.66 - 8 ref

Selling these "Tools". Prices are firm.

Name tag - 2.88

High five Taunt - 4.11

Pyro Class Token - .11

Lime paint - 8.00 or 1 key

Salmon Paint - 1.00

Ye old Rustic Color - 1.00

Slate - 2.55

Pure only or High Item Overpay (This Doesnt include norma weapons)
Add me on Steam!

Phisers will be blocked
Selling a lovely Blizzardy Storm Sultan's Ceremonial for 1 bud pure or slight unusual overpay, feel free to add me or leave an offer below!
Selling spy cosmetics

Aviator's assasin: 2.66
Sky Captain: 3.00

Whole Set: 7 Refined

add me or send me a trade offer
overpay on item offers
looking for offers
don't offer me 4 bud hats, this hat was 4 buds before it became a misc

C/O: 5.5 buds
Genuine Killer Exclusive@4.33 each
looking to sell this sexy ass spy set of mine, item offers must have significant (1-2) bud over pay, im not letting the set go too cheap, make your offers, anyone that adds me without asking will be ignored, both weapons are australium, all items are clean and none are available seperately
Buying unusual quicksales.

Not offering prices on my own thread.

Rather not get added.
Looking for offers!
Looking for offers!
Buying buds for 17 keys each.
Firm price.
Do not add me, leave offers here