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Just got some more in-stock!
(Bookmark this trade for future reference!)

Welcome to my Key shop, I'm selling for $1.95 USD each
Stock: 483 (restocking currently, check back often!)
Sold: 12,354
CS:GO Keys:

My Rep/Information:
> Top 10 BPs on, Well known Noh-Mercy Collector
> 6+ Years on Steam, Over 3,000 Hours on TF2:
> SourceOP Rep Thread:
> PPM:
> Steam Rep:
> Paypal Verified

1) You go first, exceptions to this will be made at my own discretion.
2) You pay the fees, if any.
3) If I feel anything about you is shady i.e: low hours, pending reports, etc assume I wont trade you.
4) If for any reason I don't feel comfortable doing a trade, I may stop it at any time.
4.1) In the above case: If payment has already been made I will refund it.

Now, granted all that if you are interested in buying any keys please, post below!
I'll get back to you asap after I check on your rep, history and account.

Thanks for reading and happy trading!
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Looking for these items :)
I have rep for cash trades !
And can get keys too.
Add me directly or send me a trade offer <3!

RIP Brigade Dream.
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3 your tickets for 1 key

Send me trade offer

Thank you
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Always Actually Buying

Australium Flame Thrower - 13 keys & 10 refined
Professional - 24 keys & 10 refined

because it is most simple send direct trades/ offers
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Buying CLEAN Max's for one key less than price.
If you wanna send me a trade offer, just follow this link:
Looking to buy Max Head for cash: $30 USD
Will be paying less for duped.

• You will always go first, unless you have more rep.
• I will typically cover all fees, and if not it will be discussed upon transaction.
• I will not trade with Shady Accounts / Marked on Steamrep.


Rep Threads:
Sourceop Rep: Trust:

• TF2Shop Seller
• 3 Years on Steam
• Avid User of Sourceop / TF2Outpost

CS:GO Key Buying Thread:

Ref Buying Thread:

Tour of Duty Ticket Buying Thread:

BOOKMARK for further sales!
And feel free to add me :)
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Any of the weapons here for 1 scrap OR 1 weapon I don't already have in my backpack 1:1 (no duplicates please)
No private profilers and No Tradeholds
Send me an offer and add me if you like
I am in no rush whatsoever to sell these lovely pyro items, lowballs are not acceptable.

(These items CAN be bought individually, I'm not one of those obstinate people that insists on selling items as a set because they don't want the items to be broken up)

OF Flamboyant Flamenco
1 of 1 on market
4 person history (including me)
B/O 38 keys, offers must be considerably more

Strange Pro. KS Degreaser
Sheen: Manndarin
Effect: Fire Horns
B/O 19 keys
I'm even less likely to be accepting offers on this

Add me or send a trade offer:
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Unboxed by me.

I think this is 1 of 2 now.

- 150 keys
- Secret Moon Tyrolean, if I add
- 13th hour Kabuto
- Scorching Flames Stetson + some keys

BO: 190 keys

Either way, don't know how I'm gonna sell it whether it be for keys or Steam Market cash.
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Selling some pyro stuff

Cute Suit (Lv.100) - 2 keys
North Polar Fleece - 1 key

Pure only, price not negotiable
Not accepting offers

Add me or send a trade offer:
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Unboxed another one.

7th Unusual unbox in 10 days.

On the Steam Market for $150. Much cheaper than price (which is 89 keys). Not out for big profit, just wanna unbox more.
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Selling these items!
Brotherhood of Arms -- valued at 7.66 ref
Battery Canteens -- valued at 10 ref
Screamin' Eagles -- valued at 1.33 ref
Blood Banker -- valued at 3 ref
Gaelic Garb -- valued at 2.44 ref
Sky Captain -- valued at 1.33 ref
Backpack Broiler -- valued at 1.33 ref
Boston Boom Bringer -- valued at 2 ref
All prices are in pure / 25% item overpay ! If it's grayed out, it has already been sold

Act Now and Trade Me to get these cool items :3

[IMPORTANT!] Not counting parts, paints, killstreaks, spells or [RESKINS] on the items! [u\Mobile Authenticated Only Please
I am Mobile Authenticated = No escrow on trades if you are also authenticated. Bumped for less than an hour ? I am online!

Fast trades when I am online. If not, send a trade offer! I will see them as soon as I go back online.
Send me a trade offer or add me if you're interested.

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Hey there.

Medi Gun
- Factory New
- Specialized Killstreak

- Sheen Villainous Violet
- Festive
- Masked Mender Skin
- 2 Keys 10 ref Pure
- 3 Keys 10 ref in items
- Clean

- Haunted
- Painted Australium Gold
- 6.66 ref
- 8 in items

- Painted Pink as Hell
- 11 ref pure
- 13 in items

The Horrific Head of Hare

- Level 98
- 16 ref (Cheapest on the market)

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