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selling for backpack price 2.66
Selling and Taking offers on this freshly unboxed Unusual Cold Lightning Bolt Shotgun!

Each shot is like a cold thunder blasting through your enemies like...bullets...through looks cool OK? (HAH! GET IT?!?! CAUSE I MADE A "COOL" JOKE!)
This baby is 1 of 1 on the community market, freshly unboxed, and is for a total of four classes (Soldier, Pyro, Heavy, and Engineer)

C/O: Unusual Field-Tested Hot Mercenary Forest Fire Flamethrower + 3 Keys Pure (34.4 - 48.00 Keys)
B/O: 50 Keys (55 keys In overpay) (Overpay can be in any form, so long none of the items are collector items or craft # items)

Making this absolutely clear, I don't accept collector items or craft # items (ALL OTHER ITEMS OFFERED ARE FINE BY ME, SO LONG THEY MEET UP THE PRICE, also if the collector item is able to become strange, example a collector's third degree, then I will consider and might take), and if you're sending me a trade offer through steam, I will not add any other items to match up offers larger than the B/O, expecting me to add extra (Most of my inventory is kind of personal to me, ya know?)
Feel free to comment below any offers, or send a trade offer through steam, you can add me if you'd like, but only if commenting or trade offering isn't working for you for some odd reason.

Also, I wish everyone a happy rest of their day! (Because the person that matters the you) :)

I would also like to give a little PSA announcement of scammers. If they do not do a trade with you and them for items, they can't be trusted. This user has attempted to scam me and rob me of my items, and thus I seek he shall face swift justice soon: By all means, DO NOT trade with him
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selling these items for pure - add me on steam i will try to get to you as fast as possible
or looking for any other offers with the hats - hat for a hat if i like it or else just pure metal
Or over pay in items :)

beggars -1.66

crit-a-cola 0.66

defiant spartan -2.33

gaelic golf bag - 2.33
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Prof. KS Batsaber: 12keys
Prof. KS unusual: Hot Revolver: 35key
OR! Unusual offers.
Selling this pass i dont need for 10ref or offer.
(got 3 passes)
1-2.00 Ref
2-2.66 Ref
3-6.00 Ref
4-7.00 Ref
5-2.33 Ref
6-3.33 Ref
Metal or Item Overpay Add Me
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15 Ref or Item Overpay

Add Me
Weight Room Warmer - 16 ref
The Cuban Bristle Crisis - 10 ref
Lurker's Leathers - 7 ref
Noh Mercy - 4 ref
Rusty reaper - 4 ref
Pyromancer's mask - 6 ref

Accept keys.

Looking for fast trade -
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1-9.00 Ref
2-15.66 Ref
3-3.66 Ref
4-3.66 Ref
5-2.00 Ref
6-8.00 Ref
Metal or Item Overpay
Add Me
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ROCKET 6keys pure
ALL father 1Keys pure
1) Haunted Ghosts Cloud Crasher55 keys
2) Massed Flies Gilded Guard30 keys
3) Orbiting Fire Berlin Brain Bowl35 keys
4) Purple Confetti Thirst Blood25 keys
5) Orbiting Planets Desert Marauder19 keys
6) Steaming Kiss King36 keys
7) Purple Energy Pyro's Beanie36 keys
8) Stormy Storm Le Party Phantom27 keys

Offer here, add me or send me trade offer.

[ ⇄ ] Trade offer:
[ + ] Add me: steam://fri...354273 (Steam must be turned on)
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1) Sunbeams Frenchman's Beret50 keys
2) Miami Nights Ye Olde Baker Boy29 keys
3) Sulphurous Connoisseur's Cap30 keys
4) Purple Energy Hotrod38 keys
5) Cloud 9 Valley Forge30 keys
6) It's a puzzle to me Hellmet41 keys
7) Overclocked Executioner58 keys
8) Cloud 9 Outta' Sight45 keys

Offer here, add me or send me trade offer.

[ ⇄ ] Trade offer:
[ + ] Add me: steam://fri...354273 (Steam must be turned on)
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1) Circling Heart Vintage Tyrolean90 keys
2) Circling Heart Runner's Warm-Up95 keys
3) Burning Flames Larrikin Robin63 keys
4) Purple Energy Neckwear Headwear255 keys
5) Scorching Flames Backbiter's Billycock80 keys
6) Circling TF Logo Company Man75 keys
7) Burning Flames Fortunate Son210 keys
8) Circling Peace Sign Bonk Boy50 keys

Offer here, add me or send me trade offer.

[ ⇄ ] Trade offer:
[ + ] Add me: steam://fri...354273 (Steam must be turned on)
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1) Bubbling Voodoo JuJu (Slight Return)14 keys
2) Aces High Hive Minder11 keys
3) Massed Flies Private Eye24 keys
4) Blizzardy Storm Scout Shako19 keys
5) Stormy Storm Otolaryngologist's Mirror17 keys
6) Massed Flies Outdoorsman16 keys
7) Orbiting Planets Rimmed Raincatcher12 keys
8) Aces High Samur-Eye19 keys

Offer here, add me or send me trade offer.

[ ⇄ ] Trade offer:
[ + ] Add me: steam://fri...354273 (Steam must be turned on)
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1) Strange Rust Botkiller Knife Mk.I (with Robots Destroyed, Kills While Low Health): 2 keys
2) Strange Silver Botkiller Rocket Launcher Mk.I (with Damage Dealt): 2 keys
3) Strange Medi Gun (with Allied Healing Done): 1 key + 9 ref
4) Strange Rocket Launcher (with Gib Kills, Cloaked Spies Killed): 1 key
5) Strange Beggar's Bazooka (with Gib Kills): 1 key
6) Strange Sniper Rifle (with Headshot Kills): 1 key

[ ⇄ ] Trade offer:
[ + ] Add me: steam://fri...354273
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All of them are clean :

Vivid Plasma Allbrero - 65 keys pure / 75 + in items

Isotope Specialized Killstreak Corsair Scattergun (Battle Scarred) - 65 keys / 75 + in items

Isotope Professional Killstreak King of the Jungle Minigun (Battle Scarred) - 55 keys pure / 65 + in items
Effect: Isotope
Killstreaker: Flames
Sheen: Mean Green

Circling TF Logo Bubble Pipe - 50 keys pure / 55 + in items

Strange Cloud 9 Sammy Cap - 57 keys pure / 61 + in items ( strange )

Memory Leak Engineer's Cap - 22 keys pure / 24 + in items

Cloud 9 Bombing Run - 16 keys pure / 18 + in items

Ancient Codex Phononaut - 63 keys pure / 70 + in items ( all class )
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Strange KILLSTREAK Direct Hit for:
8.66 Refined Metals

PURE (Metals/Keys) or Massive Overpay in Items
I do NOT value: Paint / Levels / Craft# / Parts / Spells if you are overpaying in items.


I can ϟAUTO-ACCEPT-TRADESϟ (if you paid the right price) during the following Hours:

Monday to Friday:
5:00 AM - 11:30 AM [UTC]

Saturday to Sunday:
12:30 AM - 12:30 PM [UTC]

(You can type 'UTC Clock' into Google and it will show you the time!)
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