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The Walking Dead Season 2 --------- 2 keys + 6 Ref

Stock: 8

Send me a trade offer or add me.

Dead Ringer - 1 key
Doublecross - 2 keys 3 ref
Skullcracker - 5.66 ref
Ambassador - 5 ref
RPS taunt - 1 key 3.66 ref
Tape recorder - 2.33
Trinket - 2 ref
Pants - 2.33

Taking CSGO keys as 7.55
Tf2 keys as 7.22
im buying cheap quicksell miscs.

atleast 33% off
stock: 100 keys
i dont want new effects

offer here
Buying cheap scorching and burning hat
BUYING any steam trading cards for 1scrap each.
Selling this rare level flare gun for less than 1/4 the price! Crate included! Lucky You!
For Sale

Last Breath 4.77 ref
Danger 3 ref
Exquisite Rack 4 ref
Hotrod 1.55 ref
Ol' Snaggletooth 1.55 ref

Pure metal only please, trade offers preferred.
Selling it for 2ref in pure or big overpay in items.
B/O: 11 Buds
Favorite effect on my favorite class gonna be damn hard to get this away from me
1/3 in the world 1/1 on OP
Past Offers: 7 Pure (meh)
Vivid Rack(meh)
RA Lid twice (meh)
Burning Tricorne+Blizz Hallmark(meh)
CV Caribbean(meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh)
PURE ONLY!!!!!!!

rocket: 4 keys
minigun: 5 keys
scattergun: 6 keys
shotgun: 1 keys
degreaser: 1 key
BFB tornado mandarin: 10 keys

you can offer if you like: hide nty
Buying for:
Triggerman's Tacticals: 5.66 ref
Anger: 2.66 ref
Team Captian: 3.66 ref
Kringle Collection: 3.66 ref
Chronomancer: 4.66 ref
Snow Scoper: 4.66 ref
Last Breath: 4 ref
Cold Killer: 1.11 ref.

Add me to trade.
I don't pay extra for paint, level, or craft number.
I am looking for Pryos items Add me if u wanna trade :3 <3
selling for 1.55 ref

add me to buy
Tropico 4 Collectors bundle- 1 key
Red Faction: Armagedon+Path to war (DLC)- 2 key

Buying at these prices:
Villain's Veil: 3.33 ref.
Kringle Collection: 3.66 ref.
Dread Hiding Hood: 2.66 ref.
Criminal Cloak: 1.33 ref.
Chronomancer: 4.66 ref.
Deus Specs: 1.11 ref.
Last Breath: 4 ref.
Mers's Muffler: 3.66 ref.
Add me to trade. Stock: 28.11 ref
Leaving tf2, Cashing out, looking for PURE ONLY, offer me pure and you will get a very nice discount (not giving them for free though).

- Cloud Nine Team Captain (Clean, 1/3 on market, high mutlticlass hat, sexy effect combined with Circling heart misc)
-It's a Secret to everybody Little Buddy : (1/3 in the world, clean, god tier hat, high tier halloween effect)
-Stormy 13th Hour Hustler's Hallmark (1/2 in the world, , clean, only 1 on market, sexiest demo hat imo)
-Cloud 9 Large Luchadore (1/5 in the world,clean, heavy misc)

All hats are clean.

Thanks for reading, have fun!