The deluxe trading experience.

Cross-Game Trading

Trade items between multiple games in the Steam Economy with zero hassle.

Offers here or trade offers only.

No tentative 'adding to discuss' - waste of time imo.
Only after pure or solid 1st gens.

I'm not online much but I do check offers.
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Got a shit ton of crates. Want to get rid of em for a few weapons. Quick and hassle free.

92 Winter Crates Left.
Looking to sell these goods ONLY for TF2 Keys/Refined. The prices are as follows:

Villain's Veil (Painted Team Spirit): 12 Ref
Haunted Voodoo-Cursed Sniper Soul: 4 Ref
Strange Blutsauger: 6 Ref
Strange Southern Hospitality (w/ Sappers Removed, Engineers Killed): 1 Key
Strange Mantreads: 12 Ref

Make a trade offer here: since I am not consistently online.

I am selling my entire backpack (besides keys and refined), feel free to check out any of my other trades: or make an offer on an item in my backpack (My expectations for prices are any from, the link to my backpack is here:
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Buying keys for paypal!

paying 1.6 usd each! looking for : 250+ keys

About me:
- My cash trading rep:, have made a few giant sales/buys on there, and many medium sized trades
-Closing in on 6 years on steam, 2000+ tf2 hours
-my profile: https://rep...615020
-Donator on, premium on outpost

1) You go first, exceptions to this will be made at my own discretion.
2) You pay the fees, if any.
3) If I feel anything about you is shady i.e: low hours, pending reports, etc assume I wont trade
4) Rep is required, i will decide how many keys im willing to sell based on how trustworthy i think your account is

Now, granted all that if you are interested in buying any keys please, post below!
I'll get back to you asap after I check on your rep, history and account.

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Selling Some Skins

Prices Aren't Negotiable. Though, Considering Item Overpay Offers.
Send A Trade Offer Or Add Me If Interested.

1. Strange Specialized Killstreak Turbine Torcher Flame Thrower (Battle Scarred) for 5 Keys
Sheen: Deadly Daffodil (W/ SP: Allies Extinguished)

2. Strange Blitzkrieg Revolver (Well-Worn) for 1 Key

3. Dressed to Kill Pistol (Factory New) for 15 Ref

4.Blasted Bombardier Stickybomb Launcher (Factory New) for 10 Ref

5. Carpet Bomber Stickybomb Launcher (Minimal Wear) for 8 Ref

6. Brain Candy Knife (Minimal Wear) for 8 Ref

7. Brick House Minigun (Minimal Wear) for 5 Ref

8. Mayor Revolver (Factory New) for 5 Ref
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Selling for prices. Just send me an offer instead of adding me.
Hello Everyone! Selling some Lovely Items!




I am Happy to Negotiate but only in STEAM TRADE OFFERS Not Here!

Thanks Very Much for Your Coorperation!

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The Pocket Horsemann painted Mann Co Orange - 7.33 ref
Strange Roboot - 7.33 ref
Iron Lung - 6.33 ref
Scoped Spartan - 6 ref
El Caballero - 5.66 ref
Death Racer's Helmet - 5 ref
Strange A Head Full of Hot Air - 4 ref
Courtly Cuirass - 3.33 ref
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I sam selling my Professional Killstreak Kritzkrieg.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Agonizing Emerald + Fire Horns.

I am looking for 8 keys pure. Regardless, feel free to offer whatever you please, the worst I can do is say no.

Send me a trade offer here: Alternatively, add me.

Thanks for reading.
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Selling these for PURE or Paypal
Post here offers or add me prices if price exists.

Also Im CASHING OUT, that means I sell everything that i have for cash or pure except stranges with high numer of kills.
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Selling these for PURE or Paypal
Post here offers or add me prices if price exists.

Also Im CASHING OUT, that means I sell everything that i have for cash or pure except stranges with high numer of kills.
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>>>>>>> NO TRADEHOLD <<<<<<<
>>>>>>> PRICES ARE FIRM <<<<<<
>>>>>>>>> ONLY PURE <<<<<<<<<

>>>>>> DONT ADD ME <<<<<
>>>>>> DONT ADD ME <<<<<
3 ways to send trade offer:
1. Push "Send this user a trade offer via Steam..." under main post
2. Follow this link =>
3. Go to my Steam profile and push SEND TRADE OFFER button

The Teufort Tooth Kicker painted Australium Gold (7 ref)
The Track Terrorizer painted Indubitably Green (7 ref)
The Smock Surgeon painted The Bitter Taste of Defeat and Lime (1 key)
Ground Control painted The Bitter Taste of Defeat and Lime (1 key + 2 ref)
Vintage Tyrolean painted Waterlogged Lab Coat (14 ref)
Marshall's Mutton Chops painted Pink as Hell (1 key + 2 ref)
The Cockfighter painted A Distinctive Lack of Hue (14 ref)
The Teufort Tooth Kicker painted A Deep Commitment to Purple (7 ref)

||||||||||||||||||||||||||| BUYING BACKPACKS |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Selling Keys PAYPAL / BITCOINS / BANK transfer ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
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It'd be the best option, if you could send me a trade offer instead of adding, since most of the time, I'm away or can't respond to your add. Use random metal from random places from my backpack, or else, there's a high chance, that I'll reject your trade, or it goes unavailable to trade..

Trade offer link. :

Hello, and welcome to my trade!
I'm buying Strange Botkillers listed below, and a lot more, check my trades here [ ].

Prices :
Silver Botkiller Rocket Launcher Mk. II : 4 ref
Silver Botkiller Sniper Rifle Mk. I : 4.33 ref
Silver Botkiller Sniper Rifle Mk. II : 4.33 ref
Carbonado Botkiller Rocket Launcher Mk. I : 4.33 ref
Silver Botkiller Minigun Mk. I : 4.33 ref
Rust Botkiller Scattergun Mk. I : 4.66 ref
Silver Botkiller Wrench Mk. I : 4.66 ref
Carbonado Botkiller Scattergun Mk. I : 6 ref

Prices are firm!

If you have items with killstreaks, take 50 % of their value to see, what I'm paying for it
I ONLY pay for spells and parts, IF : a) I have a unspelled counterpart (same wep, same parts, without spell) on the last sides of my bp or b) If the parts are Damage Dealt and/or Players Hit.
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Buying Tools!
Keys: /
ToD Ticket: 7.33 ref
Gift Wrap: 8 ref
Name Tag: 4.33 ref
Description Tag: 0.66 ref
Backpack Expander: 8 ref
send a trade offer:
commenting on my profile/adding me wont make me see your offer faster, please refrain from doing this unless it is really needed, thanks!
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Hello, i'm selling:

Description tags:
3 ref
each My 24/7 instant

Use my dispenser or send me a trade offer or add me :-)
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Just taking offers on my stuff in this trade. Preferably looking for cool unusuals/combos/mixed offers. Feel free to leave an offer below or send a trade offer, please do not add me. And yes the space mann is now a misc!

edit: looks like the space mann is under hold on marketplace, appears like it's been purchased! Will be taking it off this trade for now until that is finalized/cancelled/I have more information, thanks.
Sold for $2700! Feel free to still offer below on the dread hood, interested in mixed offers over 1000 keys. Thanks for looking and have a good one
I'm doing more brokering. These do not apply to my cashing out quicksell stuff.
I'm trustworthy, see.

Everything is clean, unusuals are 1/1 on the market
Amby: Offers
Uber: 130
Mmmph: 40.
Amby: 23 keys. 23 key offer ready to take on Friday May 6th
More or maybe not in non pure offers. Obv less in pure. If I don't have these they're sitting in somebody else's bp, and I can get them back whenever.
Add me or post here.
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EDIT: I really need keys so I'm quickselling these for an mentally unstable rate. At least the pistols and the scatter.
Isotope: 120
Energy Orb: 200
Scatter: 110?
Shotgun: 200

3 turned into 4. Cool
All are Strange Unusual Multiclass Weapons with minimal damage (hence the MW)
EDIT: The scatter is just a scatter. Not multiclass
Hit me up with any and all offers. I don't bite
All look FN, with minor scratches only. The scatter looks surprisingly nice for a FT
Get FN without paying PyroProtectMe's autistic prices.
Throw offers at my stupid fat face.
I am very interested in pure, I'm glad to go lower in Pure/Mixed
Or a deal with a pan. hee hee

Energy Orb:
Isotope Pistol:
Isotope Scatter:

Thanks for looking, and leave a heart on my profile to keep me out of depression

-Beams Tyrantium (Shotgun)
230 Pure(collecting)-Shotgun. I will take this when he is ready
-250 in items or something on the isotope pistol

EDIT; I have a current offer of 230 pure collecting on my shotgun but he's taking fucking forever and he's only halfway done(smh). So I'm getting rid of that too for cheap, I'm done waiting :{
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