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Looking for 4.55 ref.
for Hamlet stick ;)
add me
compund: .33ref
pan: .33ref
headshot: 1key +2ref
tools: 3ref
sammy: 2.33ref
pure or overpay in items
pomson strangifier: 2key
foppish: 1key + 4ref
drill: 1key + 1.33ref
crone: 1key + 3.66ref
Black Box + Parts: 3keys
pure or overpay in items
Offer here

The S. KGB is Killstreak
Selling this Birdman of Australiacatraz for 3.66 ref pure or item offers! Add me if paying in pure, offer below if paying in items, or send me a trade offer for either! Thanks for reading, and have a nice day! :)
Looking for something good :D offer me down below
Taking offers on this full 2011,2012, and 2013 festive sets
not selling individuals

Noble offers:
Smoking Private Eye
Holiday Headcase if I add 6-7 keys

Times i've been asked for just 1-2 festives: too many
medi gun: 3ref
salty: 1.66
pure or overpay in items
Selling taunt for 1key + 5ref
pure or overpay in items
Looking to buy the majority of your Collector's Weapons for 2 keys ea.
Add me to trade :D

People who think they're special and think I need to pay more! :
1. B.Keys<I like me

*Send me a trade offer if I am offline or away!*
Danger: 1key
All: 6ref
assassin: 7ref
Three chin: 1key
coif: 1key
down vest: 4ref
Tuxxy: 3ref
Cone: 1.33ref
Buying these items for these firm prices :
Stock : 0
People who they're special : 3

Buck Turners : 1 Key, 1 Ref - Bought : 9
Ebenezer : 1 Key
Doublecross : Not Buying - Bought : 8
Essential A. : 2 Keys - Bought : 5
Lucky No. 42 (Uncraft) : Not Buying
Strange Original 4 keys
Bill's Hat : 5 Keys ; Painted White or Black : 5 Keys + 3 Ref
Service Medal : 5 keys Not Buying

Add me or send me a trade offer~!
Effects I like :
- Scorching
- Burning
- Antifreeze
- Roboactive
- Energies
- Ghosts
- C. Heart

- 100% Clean
- God Tier Effect
- Decent Soldier Unusual

c/o : C9 Pencil Pusher + C. Heart Buckaroo

Please leave all offers down below, do not add me unless I tell you so.
Also feel free to send a trade offer!
Thanks for reading!

~ sHeep ~
selling this double nuts set for around 3.7~
add me for 3 buds and 14 keys pure
Looking for :

Neckwear : 1 Key
Aperture : 3.66 - Sold
Front Runner 3.66 - Sold
Soot Suit : 1 key

Add me if interested.
Send me a trade offer if I am ever offline, or away!
1 bud for this sniper set (sheen matches the hat color)
So here I'm looking to sell this bad boy Sultan's Ceremonial with Searing Plasma! Nice, clean, and very sexy! Of course, pure is king, and OVERPAY unusual offers are welcome as well! Feel free to offer on it as much as you want below, and happy trading!

B/O: 1.5 bud
C/O: None
Looking for 1st Gens
GTA 4 Complete - 4 keys
Ace of Spades - 1 key
Outlast - 3 keys
Killing floor - 2 keys
Fallout New Vegas - 3 keys
Fallout New Vegas Ultimate - 4 keys
King's Arthur Gold 4-pack - 6 keys
Banished - 6 keys

Or overpay in TF\CS:GO items
If you have item offer - use Trade offer link, don't add me
All games are ROW.

Send me Trade Offer by this link: http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=75156610&token=89GgUuWG
Please do not add me, send a trade offer instead.