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Pyrotechnic Tote(Painted Color No. 216-190-216) - 3.33 Ref
Napper's Respite(Painted Noble Hatter's Violet) - 3.66 Ref
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Have a Delightful Day
Selling some killstreak weapons

Offer below or add me

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You can buy the product of my failed unbox for just 3 ref :D

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Selling some unboxed Killstreak Kits:

Shotgun- 1 Key
Ubersaw- 3 Ref
Axtuinguisher- 3 Ref

Key to Metal: 7.44 Ref
Any extra's I have or weapons I really hate
http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/18927458#latest (Other Trade) :3
Have a Delightful Day
Looking on offers on any items in TF2 for a Quicksale price


Unique - Offer me anything - I usually won't take things under 1 ref because there's very little potential but offer me if you want
Vintage - No odd level vintages
Genuine - Offer away
Unusual - Offer away - 30-50% off
Collector's - These are harder to buy/sell so I won't take them unless I can easily see it's quicksell
Haunted - Probably not going to buy - but offer away

Also note: Not buying - Craft Numbers, Special Levels, and Killstreaks

You can add me if you like!
Looking for 10-12 keys pure
2 bills
a low class unusual

Offer below or send a Trade offer
Have 1 Bud pure for csgo knife. Best offer wins
Would trade Unusual Rimmed Raincatcher for Unusual Offers, especially Killer's Kabuto, But I'm not in any rush to sell

Past Offers: None

Buy Outs:
-Unusual Killer Kabuto (Orbiting Fire)
-Unusual Samur-Eye (Orbiting Fire)
-1.2 Earbuds (1 earbuds + 4 Keys)
-24 Keys

Regular Killstreak:
Grenade Launcher Kit- 2 Keys

Specialized Killstreak:
Disciplinary Action Kit Fabricator- 1 Key
Flamethrower Kit Fabricator- 3 Refined
Iron Curtain Kit Fabricator- 3 Refined

Professional Killstreak:
Blutsauger Kit Fabricator- 2 Keys

Foppish Physician Strangifier Chemistry Set- 3 Refined

Offers are considered, Prices are to help you see my value of them
Selling Batman Arkham Origins:
4 Keys
CSGO + 1 Key
Goat Simulator

Add me!
2 scrap or any 4 tf2 craft weapons, add me for a quick trade.
Putting this extremely sexy kill-a-watt Company Man up for offers!

Feel free to offer any effects.

Not interested in kill streak stuff or robo hats.

Just throw offers here, don't add me!

Hide = polite no thanks
This hat is clean and i am only looking for 16 keys on it!
Pure Prices:
Deadly Daffodil Huo-Long-------- 4 Keys
Villainous Violet KGB------------- 3 Keys
Manndarin Spy-Cycle------------- 4 Keys
Mean Green GRU------------------ 3 Keys

Offer Below or send me a trade offer

Try to get around the listed prices, but feel free to offer whatever you feel is the actual price

Oh and BoA is 6 ref, send a trade offer please.
Looking to trade for a really nice medic hat, preferably scorching flames!

Just throw offers here unless you have a hat I'm after!

Hide = polite no thanks
S. Amby: 6.33 Ref
Desert: 1.33 Ref
Cross Comm: 3 Keys
Guard: 2.33 Ref
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We run ads to help cover the costs of running TF2 Outpost! Don't let us down!