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Just pure please

Do not add me
Just offer

Dont add me
I'm selling this sniper rifle with strange parts for 1.85 keys and I also did the math for you, 1 key and 17 ref or 37 ref I consider a key worth 20 ref. price is firm add me for trade thanks. by the way PURE ONLY
I'm Buying Taunt: I See You

Paying 1,33 Refined Each.

NOTE: Try to not Put the first Refs you see in my backpack in the Trade Offer
I Get more than One Trade offer and the Refineds Might be Sold Out.

Send me Trade Offer Here:
Buying haunted souls 0.33 ref each

can buy more than 1 of each

Do not add me, send steam trade offer

you can also buy from bot for quick trade at here: http://bazaar.tf/profiles/76561198081776882

my trade offer link: http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=121511154&token=71IAsuxi
Rare Level 100 Stranges - 1 Key each

>>> TRADE OFFER LINK >>>https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=16636459&token=O8EnAtJD
Keys / Cash only
Cash from reputable players only. i value keys at $1.75 x (buyout) for cash offers.

buds will not be considered. exchange them for keys instead.

All of the items here are CLEAN

HKC and Toque are fresh unboxes from MARCH 30TH, 2015 from me as well.

Toque: 80 keys or $140 - gifted to a friend
HKC: 450 Keys or $787.5 - lets round it to $780
Haipiece: 1000 keys each or $1750 each.

remember these are just buyouts. and ive alrdy been offered 40 buds pure which is like 200 - 240 keys. i considered that a lowball n denied it (on last trade i posted for it)

do not add me. wish to make it private? send a trade offer
Well, after about a year and a half of searching, I've finally got 2 of my dream hats.

What we have here are 3 clean first-gen Crone's Domes, 2 of which are 1/1 in existence, all of which are 1/1 on the market.

If I'm not mistaken, it's been almost 2 years since the TF Logo Crone's has been seen.

I paid a ton for each of these and I bought them as a start to a collection, so I'm probably going to keep them until I finally cash out. However, I'll look at offers to see if anyone wants them more than I do.

Pretty much only looking for keys, but if you want to offer unusuals I won't take anything other than first gens.
Also looking for a Golden Pan if someone wants to work out a deal for one.
Paypal accepted only from people with great rep.
I would prefer you didn't add me unless you have a ridiculous offer.

G Fetti (1/3, 1/1 on the market): 350 Keys / $615

Peace Sign (1/1): 450 Keys / $780

TF Logo (1/1): 550 Keys / $970
24/7 BOT: Selling Heavy Items!

* Strange Professional Killstreak Brass Beast with Robots Destroyed, Robot Spies Destroyed and Unusual-Wearing Player Kills * Strange Parts (5 keys)
* Strange Killstreak Blood Botkiller Minigun Mk.I (3 keys)
* Genuine Specialized Killstreak Apoco-Fists (2 keys)
* Strange Eliminators Safeguard with Fires Survived Strange Part (2 keys)
* Strange Specialized Killstreak Festive Gloves of Running Urgently (1 key + 5 ref)
* Strange Killstreak Minigun (1 key)
* Strange Holiday Punch with Taunt Kills Strange Part (1 key + 10 ref)
* Strange Holiday Punch (16 ref)

Send me trade offers on the link below (accepted automatically by a trade offer BOT)

This Purple Energy Brown Bomber has a nice clean, and short history.

I'm going to keep this until an offer good enough comes along, if you want a high chance of selling this, I'm more interested in:

- 1:1,2 Unusuals + a Bundle of Keys
- Won't say no to a full pure offer either
- Don't offer new effects, at all. (EoTL, New Halloween, 3rd Gen, Not Interested AT ALL)

You can check my past offers in my old trade(s) I'm not letting this go cheap so i will wait for an offer good enough, not listing any offers as c/o or anything

B/O: 350 Keys // 400 Keys in first gens

Do not add me or I will conjure demons from hell to rip your face off and make your relatives eat it!

B/O: 32 keys
Selling my Scorching Flames Le Party Phantom.
150 keys pure or unusual spy hats. Very interested in downgrading my hat and getting some keys. I have little interest in buds.
Send me a trade offer or post offers below. DO NOT ADD ME.
Don't waste my time with lowballs.

Effects I like:
Chiroptera Venenata
Poisoned Shadows
Something Burning This Way Comes
Death at Dusk
Morning Glory
Clean Scorching Gibus (lvl 42 if you care)

Miscs listed and pure preferred.
I have: 65 pure 55 pure ~48 pure 35 pure 15 pure As much pure as I need to buy, clean Haunted Phantasm jr Viewfinder, Haunted Phantasm High 5 taunt MG Hat of Cards, burning & beams phantom, other nice high tier 1st gens, s festive spec rocket launcher

I want: Sunbeams unusual offers, or really any unusual offer wouldn't hurt, although beams unusuals are a massive priority to me. Don't be afraid to offer, the worst I can do is hide your post, but please keep in mind offers including my view and taunt take a much higher priority.

You can see offers on my set with these unusuals, and offers on individual parts (like 15 pure for the taunt etc) on the old set trade. Also, the view is 1:2 of any phantasm/ghastly all class misc, including polar & antlers. Please do not add me, leave offers below or if you have a private offer, feel free to send a trade offer. Thanks for looking and have a good one
Buying these items for keys/refined metal

Strange Bullet Buzz: 10 ref

Combat Slacks: 2.33 ref
Strange Combat Slacks: 1 key + 8 ref

Genuine Cold War Luchador: 1.66 ref

Genuine Dragonborn Helmet: 12 ref
Dragonborn Helmet: 1 ref

Strange Eliminators Safeguard: 10 ref
Eliminators Safeguard: 1 ref

Strange Gone Commando: 15 ref
Unique Gone Commando: 1.33 ref

Heavy Lifter: 3 ref
Strange Heavy Lifter: 1 key + 7 ref

Vintage Heavy Duty Rag: 4 ref

add me or send a trade offer if interested!
Buying these items for keys/refined metal

Point and Shoot: 6 ref
Genuine Point and Shoot: 1 key

Genuine Wingstick: 1.22 ref

Strange Texas Ten Gallon: 1 key + 2 ref
Genuine Texas Ten Gallon: 9 ref
Vintage Texas Ten Gallon: 7 ref
Texas Ten Gallon: 1.44 ref

Big Chief (craftable): 1.33 ref
Strange Big Chief: 2 ref

Aqua Flops: 1.33 ref

Der Maschinensoldaten-Helm: 1.33 ref
Genuine Der Maschinensoldaten-Helm: 2.66 ref

Die Regime-Panzerung: 4 ref
Genuine Die Regime-Panzerung: 4.66 ref

Cuban Bristle Crisis: 1.33 ref

add me or send a trade offer if interested!
If you add me I will infect your loved ones with a highly mutated form of HIV.

The Tyrant is signed by Lange
The Max Head is signed by Blaze

Please check out my other open trades http://www.tf2outpost.com/user/336508, I am open to combining items from all of these for a single trade.
Selling Essential Accessories

with Team Spirit paint - 1 keys 12 ref (2 keys + 4 ref in item overpay)
with Operator's Overall paint - 1 keys 12 ref (2 keys + 4 ref in item overpay)
with An Air of Debonair paint - 1 keys 12 ref (2 keys + 4 ref in item overpay)
with Pink as Hell paint - 1 keys 11 ref (2 keys + 3 ref in item overpay)
with Australium Gold paint - 1 keys 7 ref (2 keys in item overpay)
with Orange paint - 1 keys 7 ref (2 keys in item overpay)
with Peculiarly Drab Tincture paint - 1 keys 5 ref (1 key + 11 ref in item overpay)
with no paint - 1 keys 4 ref (1 key + 10 ref in item overpay)

Send me trade offers on the link below or post your offer in this thread.


This is automated trading bot which buying and selling almoust all strange weapons! Check my othere trades where you can see other items that bot buying and selling!

ADD BOT: steam://fri...243156

PRICE buy/sell:

Axtinguisher: 1.66 / 2
Phlogistinator: 1.33 / 2
Flame Thrower: 0.77 / 1
Flare Gun: 4 / 5
L'Etranger: 2.11 / 3
Jarate: 0.22 / 0.33
Wrench: 3.11 / 4
Equalizer: 0.11 / 0.22

Please first check bot stock here: http://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198146243156

If you want to sell item just add it in trade and bot will add proper amount of metal!
Use commands in trade chat to buy or remove item:
buy axtinguisher / remove axtinguisher
buy phlogistinator / remove phlogistinator
buy flame/ remove flame
buy flare / remove flare
buy letranger / remove letranger
buy jarate / remove jarate
buy wrench/ remove wrench
buy equalizer/ remove equalizer

To see how much you need to pay for item type "cost" in trade chat!