The deluxe trading experience.

Cross-Game Trading

Trade items between multiple games in the Steam Economy with zero hassle.

dp rotation (40 pure keys or unusuals/items easy to resell for this amount)
gbh big country (40 pure keys or unusuals/items easy to resell for this amount)
logo dogger (40 pure keys or unusuals/items easy to resell for this amount)
time warp bonnet (38 pure keys or unusuals/items easy to resell for this amount)
heart glasgow (38 pure keys or unusuals/items easy to resell for this amount)

pure or item-offers

not too interested in:
games, money, duped items, killstreak-stuff, unusual taunts and skins, low craft-numbers or special levels, not really keen on robo hats too

preferably send me trade-offers or post your offers here

buds = 2.2 keys
clean max = 23 keys
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~Apollo's Awesome Headwear Boutique!~
Clean Cute All Classes

Purple Confetti Killer Exclusive - 300 keys

Circling Hearts Tough Stuff Muffs - 230 keys

• Pure > Mixed > Unusual Overpay
• Real World Cash has a few options.
> Bitcoin

Please comment either here or on my profile before adding me!
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with rotten orange footprint spell and clean

b/o - 100 keys

Pure, Australiums or overpay in unusuals,items
If you want to trade fast,send me a TRADE OFFER[⇄] please. I check the trade offers whenever i am available. Even if you see me offline. Trade offers are really important for me. Because that means you are serious about your offer and not wasting time.
The prices below are my buyout prices in pure TF2/CSGO Keys. They will be accepted without any hesitation.
Since I am an unusual trader I also take unusual overpays. Send me a trade offer to quickly see what I think about your offer. I'll counter or add you if I want to discuss. Add me after commenting on my profile to discuss if you dont want to send any offers.
You can also add items. Please do not offer items worth less than 1 key. I accept almost any items if you overpay well. Australiums/Stranges/Collectors/Killstreak Weapons/High Tier CSGO Skins/CSGO Knives/Taunts/... Shortly anything you can imagine. I count killstreaks but sadly I dont count parts/paints.
Do not hesitate sending me trade offers, you will never know if i accept them without sending me one. I wont block anyone even if it is really awful for me. But do not spam the same offers. Read my profile for more information.
Sadly, I dont check outpost offers very often. Please do not comment here if possible. Just add me if you want to offer anything. Thank you.

Harvest Moon Voodoo JuJu (Slight Return): 80 keys
Orbiting Fire Villain's Veil: 75 keys
Orbiting Planets Kiss King: 45 keys
Eerie Orbiting Fire Voodoo JuJu (Slight Return): 35 keys
Purple Energy Tartan Tyrolean: 60 keys
Kill-a-Watt Kiss King: 50 keys
Haunted Ghosts Tartan Tyrolean: 50 keys
Terror-Watt Scout Shako: 25 keys

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Buying a low tier SPARTAN for pure keys, looking for a small discount off suggested price.

Paying 8-12 keys

Send a trade offer thanks.
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Buying Taunt: Pool Party @ 3 Keys pure
Buying Taunt: Burstchester @ 3 Keys pure
Buying Taunt: The Balloonibouncer @ 1 Key + 14 Ref. pure
Buying Taunt: Zoomin' Broom @ 1 Key + 14 Ref. pure

Buying Taunt: Kazotsky Kick @ 1 Key + 4 Ref. pure
Buying Taunt: The Carlton @ 1 Key + 2 Ref. pure

Please send a TRADE OFFER [⇄]

TRADE OFFERS only, please. Dont add me, i am ignoring all friendrequests.
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              █▀▀█ █░░█ █▀▀█ █▀▀▄ █ █▀▀   █▀▀ █░░█ █▀▀█ █▀▀█
              █▄▄█ █▄▄█ █▄▄█ █▀▀▄ ░ ▀▀█   ▀▀█ █▀▀█ █░░█ █░░█
              ▀░░▀ ▄▄▄█ ▀░░▀ ▀▀▀░ ░ ▀▀▀   ▀▀▀ ▀░░▀ ▀▀▀▀ █▀▀▀



Strange Mutated Milk 1 Key + 11.77 ref
Strange Splendid Screen 1 Key
Strange Sapper 1 Key + 2.11 ref
Strange Widowmaker 1 Key + 1.11 ref
Strange Self-Aware Beauty Mark 1 Key + 5.11 ref
Strange Bread Bite 1 Key + 6.33 ref
Strange Crossing-Guard 20 ref
Strange Snack Attack 3 Key + 5.77 ref

Professional Prices:-
Strange Splendid Screen 2 Key + 10.11 ref
Strange Widowmaker 3 key + 5.33 ref
Strange Bread Bite 2 Key + 10.11 ref

I do pay more for professional. I do offer change.
Few things to note:-
 ✔ Send a TRADE OFFER -
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s. pro ks scatter - 8 keys

add me or send me a trade offer:)
Selling all these hats for pure or overpay in unusuals/items!

Preferably looking for pure or overpay in hats, leave me an offer here please. DO NOT ADD ME!

PS: If this trade is open then I still have the items even if they're not in my inventory!
-use trade offer button or add me-

!i dont use jsheet (blogspot) and jsheet2 (backpack........)!
don't cry, just hide your post!

Selling 1-27 pages from my backpack (except robot parts, keys, etc)


Check my other trades!

auto bump

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1:1 Upgrade to Premium Gift
1:2 Surplus Voucher
1:3 Tour of Duty Ticket
1:3 Backpack Expander

2:1 Pink
2:1 Lime
1:3 Gold
1:3 Purple

White Paints in stock: 2000
Black Paints in stock: 2000
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Fast Learner painted Pink as Hell: 1 key + 2.66 ref
Fast Learner painted The Bitter Taste of Defeat and Lime: 1 key + 2.66 ref
Fast Learner painted Australium Gold: 6.33 ref
Track Terrorizer painted Pink as Hell: 1 key + 3 ref
Spooky Sleeves painted Pink as Hell: 1 key + 10 ref
El Jefe painted Australium Gold: 6.33 ref
Little Drummer Mann painted An Extraordinary Abundance of Tinge: 1 key + 3.33 ref
Runner's Warm-Up painted Australium Gold: 5.33 ref

prices are firm, pure only
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**Escrow-free account - if you enabled mobile auth and have trade confirmations on, there will be NO trade hold.

Buying for 21.66 ref

Don't add me (all friend requests will be declined) / no need to comment, it will just take up space. Please send a trade offer using the link below or the '' next to the 'add friend' button or the link from my steam profile (in case you cannot use steam offers in browsers)

Thank You
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Clubsy The Seal - 4,66 ref
Valhalla Helm - 5,33 ref
Wally Pocket - 5 ref
Pyromancer's Raiments - 13 ref
Black Knight's Bascinet - 5 ref
Cop Caller - 3,66 ref
Thermal Insulation Layer - 9 ref
Pocket Momma - 4,66 ref

add me
Or send a Trade Offer
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Stealthy Scarf - 7,33 ref
War on Smissmas Battle Hood - 6,33 ref
Thirst Blood- 9,66 ref
Charred Chainmail - 7 ref
Surgeon's Shako - 4,33ref
Torcher's Tabard - 8,66 ref
Portable Smissmas Dispenser - 2,33 ref
Bushman's Bristles - 9,66 ref

add me
Or send a Trade Offer
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Looking for offers on these low craft numbers! Pure only!

Do not add me!
Looking to sell this beautiful unusual!
-All class
-Nice 1st gen effect
-Nice looking hat
It can be yours for only 70 keys or item offers!
Please send me a trade offer or offer down below.
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Selling a Orb. Fire Fed-Fightin' Fedora - 20 keys
Feel free to also offer items/unusuals!
Strange Specialized Rocket Launcher Botkiller Gold Mk.l Sheen:Team Shine = 6 keys
Sweet Dream Grenade Launcher (FACTORY NEW) = 6 keys
*Overpay if items*
Mobile Only
Add me or send trade offer
I'm looking to buy discounted unusuals.

25-50% off price, depends.

Send me a trade offer with your price, I'd either accept or counter your offer.

If I decline your offer right away, that means I'm not interested in your hat at all.

Current stock: 207 keys
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