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Cross-Game Trading

Trade items between multiple games in the Steam Economy with zero hassle.

Selling these unusuals for Pure or decent split value

Wrapped: 630 keys

Phono: 332 keys

Patriot: 1100 keys

Send a trade offer or add me
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try to avoid adds pls, use trade-offers or comment here
Buying TF2 keys via PayPal $1.70 USD

You will go first.
If there are any fees, I will cover them.
I reserve the right to refuse to buy your keys if I feel uncomfortable with doing so.
After a successful trade, we will rep each other on our respective trust pages.

Solid cash reputation:
Backpack value of ~$10000 USD
Verified PayPal Account
6+ years old Steam Account
Level 103 Steam Account
6000+ trades made & 4200+ hours on TF2


My Backpack:
My Steam Profile:
CS:GO key buying trade:
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All of those items have halloween spells on them, therefore the price is high. If you don't like that price - move along, I wont sell it to you for 2 ref...
Send a trade offer please.
DO NOT add me !
Trade Offers link:

The Executioner (+spells) = 2 keys
The Mair Mask (+spells) = 2 keys
The Huntsman's Essentials (+spells) = 2 keys
The Idea Tube (+spells) = 2 keys
The Teufort Tooth Kicker (+spells) = 8 keys
The Bonedolier (+spells) = 3 keys
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Use Trade Offer

Buying the following hat for Quicksell price!!

I ignore a lot of friend request, Use Trade Offer. My Trade Offer Below

Tough Guy's Toque:

Bubbling - 9
Dead Presidents - 9 Keys + 15 Ref
Green Confetti - 12
Nuts n' Bolts - 8 Keys + 10 Ref
Orbiting Fire - 10
Orbiting Planets - 10
Overclocked - 10
Smoking - 10
Steaming - 10
Stormy Storm - 10 Keys + 10 Ref

One-Man Army:

Aces High - 11
Blizzardy Storm - 10 Keys + 13 Ref
Bubbling - 8 Keys + 19 Ref
Nuts n' Bolts - 8 Keys + 10 Ref
Orbiting Fire - 9 Keys + 7 Ref
Orbiting Planets - 9 Keys + 7 Ref
Smoking - 9 Keys + 10 Ref
Steaming - 9
Stormy Storm - 12


Aces High - 8 Keys + 1 Ref
Blizzardy Storm - 11
Bubbling - 9
Cloud 9 - 9 Keys + 15 Ref
Dead Presidents - 8 Keys + 17 Ref
Miami Nights - 12
Nuts n' Bolts - 8 Keys + 1 Ref
Orbiting Fire - 8 Keys + 19 Ref
Orbiting Planets - 8 Keys + 14 Ref
Smoking - 8 Keys + 14 Ref
Steaming - 8 Keys + 16 Ref
Stormy Storm - 9 Keys + 18 Ref

Capo's Capper:

Aces High - 11
Blizzardy Storm - 9 Keys + 18 Ref
Bubbling - 8 Keys + 16 Ref
Circling Peace Sign - 12
Dead Presidents - 10 Keys + 19 Ref
Nuts n' Bolts - 8 Keys + 19 Ref
Orbiting Fire - 9 Keys + 18 Ref
Orbiting Planets - 9 Keys + 18 Ref
Purple Confetti - 13
Smoking - 9 Keys + 16 Ref
Steaming - 9 Keys + 16 Ref
Smoking - 11
Steaming - 11
Stormy Storm - 10 Keys + 16 Ref

Dragonborn Helmet:

Bubbling - 9 Keys + 4 Ref
Cloud 9 - 11 Keys + 13 Ref
Nuts n' Bolts - 9
Orbiting Planets - 9 Keys + 16 Ref
Smoking - 10 Keys + 4 Ref
Steaming - 10
Stormy Storm - 12

Grimm Hatte:

Aces High - 11 Keys + 4 Ref
Bubbling - 11
Dead President - 10 Keys + 15 Ref
Nuts n' Bolts - 9
Orbiting Fire - 11 Keys + 19 Ref
Orbiting Planets - 11 Keys + 19 Ref
Smoking - 11 Keys + 19 Ref
Steaming - 11 Keys + 19 Ref
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Stare From Beyond Magnificent Mongolian - 28 keys

Pure, Australiums or overpay in unusuals,items
Phosphorous Dead Cone - 23 keys

Cloud 9 Scotch Bonnet - 19 keys
Massed Flies Mining Light - 20 keys

Pure, Australiums or overpay in unusuals,items
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buying any painted items send trade offers
try to avoid adds pls, use trade-offers or comment here
~Apollo's Awesome Headwear Boutique!~
God Tier All Class

Green Energy Crones Dome
I'm looking for 750 keys, or more in offers :)

I've honestly declined so many offers, please don't ask me what kind of offers I've gotten, it has gotten to hard to remember, and I don't really care about them once I've declined them.
Most of them have been between ~800-850 in Unusuals.

• Pure > Mixed > Unusual Overpay
• Not looking to add to Upgrade.
• Real World Cash has a few options.
> Bitcoin

Please comment either here or on my profile before adding me!
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Buying some items
Caribou: 30 keys
Strange Batsaber: 29 keys
Max: 16 keys (15 for level 1 or 7)
Diary: 16 keys
Bacon Grease: 14 keys
Robo-Sandvich: 12 keys
Potassium Bonnet: 8 keys
Pillar of Shades: 9 keys

prices are firm
dont add me please
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Selling for the below prices. Please do not add me, use trade offers instead. A trade bot will accept pure metal offers asap - no escrow on my side
Haunted Garlic Flank Stake: 10 ref
Haunted Blazing Bull: 1 key
Haunted Steel Pipes: 1 key
Haunted Griffin's Gog: 8 ref
Haunted Soviet Stitch-Up: 10 ref
Haunted Hair of the Dog: 1 keys
Haunted Scottish Snarl: 10 ref
Haunted Pickled Paws: 8 ref

I strongly recommend reading outpost's rules before making any price related comments.

thank you
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Taking offers on this Death at Dusk Dread Hiding Hood

Price: 180 keys

Send me a trade offer:
Just because these hats are low tier, doesn't mean I'm quickselling them.

Chieftan: 20
Ballcap: 22
Robin: 13
CM: 20
Med Cap: 14
Bucket: 15

CHECK IF A HAT IS DUPED BEFORE OFFERING IF YOU CARE. I couldn't care less about low tier duping and DO NOT give discounts because of it.

Don't like my prices? DON'T OFFER. I know perfectly well what I can get for these.

If offering cash, take my price in keys and multiply by 1.80 USD. I only deal with paypal.

Unusual offers must be overpay.


If you add me and lowball, I'm just going to block you. I hate when people waste my time.

Do NOT offer me your killstreak/collector's/vintage/etc. cancer.

If I'm not online and you agree to my price, send a trade offer:

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Buying these unusuals:

Fancy Fedora

Unusual Scorching Flames Fancy Fedora: 96 Keys
Unusual Burning Flames Fancy Fedora: 88 Keys
Unusual Sunbeams Fancy Fedora: 74 Keys
Unusual Purple Energy Fancy Fedora: 49 Keys
Unusual Green Energy Fancy Fedora: 42 Keys
Unusual Vivid Plasma Fancy Fedora: 26 Keys
Unusual Searing Plasma Fancy Fedora: 23 Keys
Unusual Purple Confetti Fancy Fedora: 31 Keys
Unusual Green Confetti Fancy Fedora: 19 Keys

Troublemaker's Tossle Cap

Unusual Scorching Flames Troublemaker's Tossle Cap: 108 Keys
Unusual Burning Flames Troublemaker's Tossle Cap: 107 Keys
Unusual Sunbeams Troublemaker's Tossle Cap: 90 Keys
Unusual Purple Energy Troublemaker's Tossle Cap: 78 Keys
Unusual Green Energy Troublemaker's Tossle Cap: 60 Keys
Unusual Vivid Plasma Troublemaker's Tossle Cap: 32 Keys
Unusual Searing Plasma Troublemaker's Tossle Cap: 25 Keys
Unusual Purple Confetti Troublemaker's Tossle Cap: 22 Keys
Unusual Green Confetti Troublemaker's Tossle Cap: 20 Keys

Flamboyant Flamenco

Unusual Scorching Flames Flamboyant Flamenco: 111 Keys
Unusual Burning Flames Flamboyant Flamenco: 126 Keys
Unusual Sunbeams Flamboyant Flamenco: 90 Keys
Unusual Purple Energy Flamboyant Flamenco: 70 Keys
Unusual Green Energy Flamboyant Flamenco: 87 Keys
Unusual Vivid Plasma Flamboyant Flamenco: 43 Keys
Unusual Searing Plasma Flamboyant Flamenco: 49 Keys
Unusual Purple Confetti Flamboyant Flamenco: 19 Keys
Unusual Green Confetti Flamboyant Flamenco: 20 Keys


Unusual Scorching Flames Attendant: 82 Keys
Unusual Burning Flames Attendant: 73 Keys
Unusual Sunbeams Attendant: 78 Keys
Unusual Purple Energy Attendant: 54 Keys
Unusual Green Energy Attendant: 43 Keys
Unusual Vivid Plasma Attendant: 24 Keys
Unusual Searing Plasma Attendant: 30 Keys
Unusual Purple Confetti Attendant: 12 Keys
Unusual Green Confetti Attendant: 16 Keys

Conjurer's Cowl

Unusual Scorching Flames Conjurer's Cowl: 96 Keys
Unusual Burning Flames Conjurer's Cowl: 80 Keys
Unusual Sunbeams Conjurer's Cowl: 68 Keys
Unusual Purple Energy Conjurer's Cowl: 56 Keys
Unusual Green Energy Conjurer's Cowl: 59 Keys
Unusual Vivid Plasma Conjurer's Cowl: 35 Keys
Unusual Searing Plasma Conjurer's Cowl: 25 Keys
Unusual Purple Confetti Conjurer's Cowl: 16 Keys
Unusual Green Confetti Conjurer's Cowl: 13 Keys

Grimm Hatte

Unusual Scorching Flames Grimm Hatte: 100 Keys
Unusual Burning Flames Grimm Hatte: 94 Keys
Unusual Sunbeams Grimm Hatte: 60 Keys
Unusual Purple Energy Grimm Hatte: 58 Keys
Unusual Green Energy Grimm Hatte: 63 Keys
Unusual Vivid Plasma Grimm Hatte: 19 Keys
Unusual Searing Plasma Grimm Hatte: 20 Keys
Unusual Purple Confetti Grimm Hatte: 11 Keys
Unusual Green Confetti Grimm Hatte: 9 Keys

Private Eye

Unusual Scorching Flames Private Eye: 61 Keys
Unusual Burning Flames Private Eye: 56 Keys
Unusual Sunbeams Private Eye: 44 Keys
Unusual Purple Energy Private Eye: 42 Keys
Unusual Green Energy Private Eye: 35 Keys
Unusual Vivid Plasma Private Eye: 18 Keys
Unusual Searing Plasma Private Eye: 21 Keys
Unusual Purple Confetti Private Eye: 14 Keys
Unusual Green Confetti Private Eye: 10 Keys

Killer's Kabuto

Unusual Scorching Flames Killer's Kabuto: 144 Keys
Unusual Burning Flames Killer's Kabuto: 177 Keys
Unusual Sunbeams Killer's Kabuto: 121 Keys
Unusual Purple Energy Killer's Kabuto: 78 Keys
Unusual Green Energy Killer's Kabuto: 65 Keys
Unusual Vivid Plasma Killer's Kabuto: 46 Keys
Unusual Searing Plasma Killer's Kabuto: 29 Keys
Unusual Purple Confetti Killer's Kabuto: 17 Keys
Unusual Green Confetti Killer's Kabuto: 14 Keys

If you want to sell duped unusuals, I will pay 10% less than the prices above.

When you have other effects send me a trade offer or add me to get a price!

!!Quick Buying Service!! Send me a Trade offer For a fast trade || Dont pay more for strange parts! || Buying any item for 20-50% off the price
- exept paints/strange parts/spells ||

Prefer Trade Offers

Trade Offer Link -->
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cleanest on market. cheapest on market
475 or offers
all others want 540++
send trade offers
🔥 Unusual Trade! 🔥

[Open for offers]
Unusual Company Man [Burning Flames] Clean
B/O: 250 keys pure - 300 keys in unusuals

Unusual Bloke's Bucket Hat [Scorching Flames] Clean
B/O: 40 Keys pure - 50 keys in unusuals

[Given away]
Unusual Toy Soldier [Nuts n' Bolts] Clean
B/O: 20 keys pure - 25 keys in unusuals

Unusual Pro KS Woodsy Widowmaker SMG (Minimal Wear) [Isotope] Clean
B/O: 21 Keys pure

Effects I like!
Harvest Moon.
Stormy 13th Hour.
It's A Secret To Everybody.
Cloudy Moon
Burning Flames.
Scorching Flames.
Green Energy.
Haunted Ghosts.
Eerie Orbiting Fire

Just because I like these effects above, doesn't mean I won't be accepting anything else!

I will never accpet any ROBO effect or hat.
Not looking for unusual weapons.

If you do not agree with these prices, take it somewhere else.
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pro ks
pure only - send trade offers.