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🎁-🎁-🎁-🎁-🎁-🎁-🎁- Mr. FestiveBacon's Unusual Shoppeβ„’ -🎁-🎁-🎁-🎁-🎁-🎁-🎁-

Looking to buy discounted/quicksell unusuals? Don't want to wait? No worries! My automated friend, Baconator [⇄] INSTANT, has you covered. It is online 24/7 to provide you with the smoothest trades. It only accepts pure, promos, and metal. For unusual/australium offers, you will have to add me.

✨ Blizzardy Storm Killer Exclusive - 60 keys
β–Ί 68 mixed/77 in unusual(s)
πŸ’³ - $137

✨ Kill-a-Watt Specialized Killstreak Crone's Dome - 70 keys
β–Ί 80 mixed/90 in unusual(s)
πŸ’³ - $160

✨Sunbeams Western Wear - 42 keys
β–Ί 48 mixed/55 in unusual(s)
πŸ’³ - $96

✨ Stormy Storm Tyrant's Helm - 21 keys
β–Ί 25 mixed/28 in unusual(s)
πŸ’³ - $48

✨ Miami Nights Tyrant's Helm - 29 keys
β–Ί 34 mixed/38 in unusual(s)
πŸ’³ - $66

✨ Miami Nights Team Captain - 70 keys
β–Ί 85 mixed/90 in unusual(s)
πŸ’³ - $160

✨ Uncle Dane's Signature Hat - 95 keys
β–Ί 110 mixed/125 in unusual(s)
πŸ’³ - $228

✨ Disco Beat Down Your Worst Nightmare - 28 keys
β–Ί 32 mixed/37 in unusual(s)
πŸ’³ - $62

All unusual purchases made with debit/credit cards, Paypal, Bitcoin, etc. will be carried out using The buyer does not have to pay for any fees.

Promo Values
❇ Keys = 26.44 refined
❇ Earbuds = 1 key 21.77 refined
❇ Bill's Hat = 1 key 17.66 refined
❇ Max's Severed Head = 18 keys 3 refined

Please send all of your trade offers to:
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Buying Frying Pans for one scrap each. Send me a trade offer:

Selling some items


Send me a trade offer to buy
Don't add me
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Selling some items


Send me a trade offer to buy
Don't add me
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Buying ANY Unlocked crate for 1 key.

Prefer trade offers.
Clean 1st gen god tier hat!

Scorching Tippler's Tricone - 62 keys
God tier effects + clean

Also open to offers!
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Trade offer is best:

Selling +600 Unusuals! Everything is for sale. Pure keys or overpay or CS:GO Items.

Prices & All Items:
(Use search section, you can also use filters. Take a look to my inventory, you might like some of other my items too!)


Bitcoin is accepted! %10 off for CS:GO Keys

Feel free to offer. Please send me trade offer instead of offering here.
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🎁-🎁-🎁-🎁-🎁-🎁-🎁- Mr. FestiveBacon's Cosmetic Shoppeβ„’ -🎁-🎁-🎁-🎁-🎁-🎁-🎁-

Looking to buy cosmetics? Don't want to wait? No worries! My automated friend, πŸŒ„ Sunriseβ„’, has you covered. It is online 24/7 to provide you with the smoothest trades. It only accepts pure, promos, and metal. For unusual offers, you will have to add me.

✨ Terror-Watt FR-0 - 11 keys
✨ Strange Mo'Horn - 16 refined
✨ Strange Elf Esteem - 2.33 refined
✨ Strange Strange Nasty Norsemann - 6 refined
✨ Strange Strange Woolen Warmer - 14.55 refined
✨ Strange Sweet Smissmas Sweater - 7 refined
✨ Strange Thrilling Tracksuit - 20.66 refined
✨ Strange Heavy Tourism - 20.66 refined

If you wish to purchase any of the stranges with paypal, bitcoin, etc. add me so we can make out a deal. (Stranges will be sent using

Promo Values
❇ Keys = 26.77 refined

Please send all of your trade offers to:
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lv 69 rubber glove - offers
lv 0 dead ringer - offers

please stop sending me stupid offers, these are not normal leveled vintage items
Welcome To My Limited Cosmetic Trade! Use trade offers, adds will be ignored.

Trade Offer Link -

Click "Read More" For Prices

Unique Soldier's Stash -
- 21 Refined Metal

Unique Lone Survivor -
- 12 Refined Metal

Unique Mining Light -
- 10 Refined Metal

Unique Charred Chainmail -
- 14 Refined Metal

Unique Mountebank's Masque -
- 10 Refined Metal

Unique Torcher's Tabard -
- 14 Refined Metal

Unique Old Man Frost -
- 14 Refined Metal

Unique Trophy Belt -
- 10 Refined Metal
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Physician's Protector - 55 keys Clean

Lil' Bitey - 44 keys Clean

Tough Stuff Muffs - 50 keys Clean

Vive La France - 100 keys Clean

Winter Woodsman - 45 keys Clean

Dr's Dapper Topper - 45 keys Duped

Das Hazmattenhatten - 28 keys Clean

Turbine Torcher - 35 keys Clean

Overpay in unusuals

Don't be afraid to offer, I don't bite.
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Please Read Description

Selling These Collectible Level 100 Vintage Weapons for 1 Key each.

Prices Aren't Negotiable.
Though Considering Item Overpay Offers.
Send A Trade Offer Or Add Me If Interested.

More Level 100s for Trade c:
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Selling this extremely rare misc! Orbiting Planets Noh Mercy.

B/O - 350 or 450+ in unusuals. I can negotiate.
Currently 3 / 3 and 2 / 3 are in collector's backpack. The only recent sale for this was 325 mixed.
Check this link for all my prices + trade offer link! Trade offers are always prioritized, leave a comment before you add me.
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Dead Presidents Gilded Guard..................... ← ............... 20 Keys

Cloud 9 Ol' Snaggletooth.............................. ← ............... 15 Keys


β˜… Interested in only keys ; not looking for items / unusuals unless a decent overpay is involved.

β˜… Can change the name & description for FREE if requested. Add with a comment if interested.
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Basic Killstreak Kit: Sniper Rifle.

8 ref each.

Have 5 in stock atm.

Send an offer > Add me. Either one is okay though. Thanks! =)
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All prices are shown on my! Link below

Check pages 20-21 for most of my stock of Unusuals, Australiums and strange skins!

Offers are preferred but you can also leave a comment below or on my profile!
I will auto-accept all pure buyout offers followed by Australiums and item overpay!
Item overpay has to be over 40% for me to consider it!
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looking for overpay in items
feel free to offer below/send a trade offer/add me
Shiny Shiny Shiny! All these unusuals are Clean and priced to sell!

Counting all Australiums as pure! I will also count CSGO keys as pure and CSGO Skins as overpay at prices! (Note: I will check to make sure the prices are fair on the SCM and not counting stickers as overpay)

1- Cloud 9 Big chief-19 keys pure or 24 in mixed/unusual offers!
1 of 2 with the second being on!

2- Killawatt Aviator Assassin-25 keys pure or 30 in mixed/unusual offers!
1 of 2 on AND outpost! Comes with free themed paint!

3- Miami Nights Troublemaker's Tossle Cap-32 keys pure or 38 in mixed/unusual offers!
Cheapest currently on the market! Looks great with white pain with any style!

4- Scorching Flames Cyborg Stuntman-32 keys pure or 38 in mixed/unusual offers!
currently 1 of 1 on the market!

5- Midnight Whirlwind Square Dance-53 keys pure or 63 in mixed/unusual offers!
1 of 2 with this effect and easily the cheapest on the market! All class taunt for those that love to torture the spy XD

6- Molten Malard Smoking Skid Lid-55 keys pure or 66 in mixed/unusual offers!
1 of 5 in the world and with the shortest, cleanest history.

7- Terror Watt Blighted Beak-75 keys pure or 90 in mixed/unusual offers!
Clean, Painted and a high tier misc! What's not to love?
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