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Cross-Game Trading

Trade items between multiple games in the Steam Economy with zero hassle.

Trading EVERYTHING for PURE METAL ONLY. EVERYTHING MUST GOOOO!!!!!! Please check bp before trading. Friending is also authorized.
Brokering for Ramen
All clean & cheapest on market
Fro 18 keys
rimmed 26 keys
shanter 10 keys
cannonball 1 of 1 for sale 117 keys
Strange codex spacemann 80 keys
Strange abduction head full of hot air 24 keys
Do not add either of us
offer here or send me a trade offer
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Both clean & cheapest on market
28 for tyrant 1 of 1 for sale
15 for glove
Please offer below or send me a trade offer
Some nice spelled items
spectral spectrum outback 2 keys
strange spectral anger with voices from below and 4 keys in parts 4 keys
chromatic corruption thirstblood 2 keys
spectral voices tuefort tooth kickers 3 keys
spectral spectrum team spirit footprints ke keep offers above 10
pumpkin bomb weps 1 key each
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halloween spell gangreen footprints
pure only
don't add please and thank you
Mobile Authenticator on. Pure or Items overpay (30% in items, 20% in items and pure)

Link to trade:

55 key
Selling for 15 ref in pure/mixed/items
Cheapest on the outpost/ market
Trade me to negotiate.
clean all class Smoking Horrific Headsplitter 26 keys / 30+ in offers, lowest on market
Looking to sell this Specialized Killstreak Max's Severed Head for 27 keys pure or 35 keys in items or unusuals.
Only interested in TF2 items
Trade Offers preferred but feel free to add me
Looking for offers on these stranges with parts/killstreaks
8 keys 22 ref
Strange Killstreak Rocket Launcher
Part Attached
Demomen Killed
Price: 23 Ref

Strange Killstreak Sniper Rifle
Part Attached
Headshot Kills
Price: 1 Key

Villain's Veil
Paint: The Value of Teamwork
Price 8 Ref

Strange Specialized Killstreak Ambassador
Sheen: Team Shine
Price 1 Key

The Doublecross-Comm
Paint: Australium Gold
Price 22 Ref

The Chill Chullo
Paint: A Distinctive Lack of Hue
Price 10 Ref

The Waxy Wayfinder
Paint: After Eight
Price 5 Ref

Killstreak Festive Shotgun
Price 15 Ref

Send me a trade offer for fast trade
Trade offer link
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-Mistaken Movember Paint: Aged Moustache Grey- 4.33 refs
-Genuine Brütal Bouffant - Paint: Team Spirit -12.33 refs
- Surgeon's Stahlhelm - Paint: Muskelmannbraun - 1.66 refs
-The Spectre's Spectacles - 1.33
-Apparatchik's Apparel- 1.44
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Siberian Facehugger @ 9.66 ref
Hunter Heavy @ 6.66 ref
Snowwing @ 7 ref
Pyro's Beanie @ 7 ref
Batter's Helmet @ 7 ref
The Mishap Mercenary @ 10 ref
Stealthy Scarf @ 11 ref
Shin Shredders @ 9.33 ref

Any extentions to the cosmetics will not effect the prices.(paints, spells, killstreak, etc)

Send me a trade offer! -->
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3.22 ; 5.33 ; 0.77 pure - more in items
Buying any discounted items!

Put a comment with your item.