Hey there!
Welcome to the deluxe trading experience, crafted just for you.

I am selling this beatiful ham shank.

For a refined metal.

Price is FIRM.

Add me, or use trade offer if i'm offline.

Happy Trading.
1key and 1 ref for my TS Aperture Labs Hard Hat
Add me!
1 scrap each
2 weapons

Add me if you agree!
Buying this festives for:

Festive Knife 1 Key + 1 Ref
Festive Medi Gun 1 Key + 2 Ref
Festive Minigun 1 Key + 3 Ref

Add me or send a trade offer ->> http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=32359920&token=e0rgWyFg
In this trade I'm selling and taking offers for:
Villain's Veil Phosphorous for 13.5 buds
Anger Roboactive for 12.5 buds
Modest Metal Pile of Scrap Overclocked for 7 buds
Full Metal Drill Hat Overclocked for 4 buds
Lucky Shot Purple Energy SOLD
Ze Goggles Green Black Hole for 5.5 buds
Steel Shako Phosphorous for 4.3 buds
Its just a price range not B/O

Mainly looking for pure (keys, buds, max's etc.) if You offer unusuals i expect extremely overpay :)

You can check to My other trades where I'm selling:
http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/17408781 lvl 100 Vintage Vintage Tyrolean and lvl 100 Vintage Vintage Merryweather
http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/19269756 Bonk Boy Eerie Orbiting, Cadaver's Cranium Darkblaze, Pyro's Boron Beanie Demonflame, A Rather Festive Tree Blizzardy Storm, Brown Bomber Smoking, Ye Oiled Baker Boy Disco Beat Down, Respectless Robo-Glove Miami Nights, Gridiron Guardian Kill-a-Watt
1.4 buds or unusual overpay. add me or write below :)
4 buds

Soldier, demo, all class>medic, sniper>anything else

But any class, will take multiple unusuals

Comment below with offers

Screenshot: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=241969118

If you add me without commenting first, make your offer 5

Other unusual trades:
Buying SF ubersaw for 4 keys pure

Add me if you agree !
If im online send me a trade request :)
7 ref or 1 key for all together. add me :)
Welcome to my shop!
Bots are always online
Rocket Launcher - 4.66:
Market Gardener - 1.66:
Quick Fix with
Allied Healing Done - 6.33:
Sniper Rifle - 4 ref
Kunai - 1.66 ref

If you donĀ“t want to use bazaar.tf just add me. But you need to wait till I am online.

How to use bazaar.tf
1. Click on the link
2. Click "Sign in through Steam"
3. Click "Buy Now"
4. Wait till the bot added you
5. Now you can trade with the bot
Selling stuff from crate #82

Cleaner's Carbine - 2.33 ref
Pocket Pistol - 3 ref
Phloginstinator - 7 ref
Private Eye - 1 key
Big Chief - 1 key

Strange Parts:
Headshot Kills - 1 key 1 ref
Full Health Kills - 1 ref
Kills (Cosmetic) - 1 key

Trade offers are highly preferred.
Items should have at least 10% overpay (bp.tf prices).

Thank you.
Selling this very nice heavy unusual (yes, heavy unusuals CAN be nice)

3 buds

Why you should buy this hat:
1. Its a retired hat, can no longer be unboxed
2. one of the best effects out there

Offer below, please do not add me.

No new effect offers

If you add me without commenting first, make your offer 4 buds!

Other unusual trades:
Buying any steam card for 1 scrap each, add me !

General trends I want you guys to realize:

1. I will pay less for new effects (robo and newer).
2. Backpack.tf can be right, and it can be wrong. Don't do any silly "BUT I TOOK X OFF OF MY UNUSUAL'S LOWEST PRICE." Prices can be outdated or not an accurate reflection due to the nature of buds. This doesn't, however, mean I'll completely disregard bp.tf.
3. If it isn't a quicksell, please don't offer it.
4. If you're going to add me, please state it. I may or may not respond to a random add.
5. If unusual is duped i will offer a little lower then youre quicksell price.
6. Well i am mostly interested in first generation effect ( but thet don''t mean i woun't buy any other effect's,hats )
So just offer me here!
Just wana some unusual to look cooler when playing mvm xD
P.S.= Mr.Deer is my secretary(kinda) so if i am playing/busy he will anwser :3

Buds in stock : 0
refs in stock : 4~
keys stock: 23

Douchbags : 1

DON'T OFFER ME GIFTED UNUSUALS! (I will price them - 60 % off the lowest bp.tf price)
If you like the name and desc, 3 ref and add me ( not cheap to name and desc these days alright! )
Looking offers for this amazing bat-genie 1 of 2 in the whole world hat!
Only one in market!

Mainly looking to get 6 pure from this
7.5 in unusuals
and 7 mixed ( tho the offer must have atleast 3 bud pure )

Post below for offers!
We run ads to help cover the costs of running TF2 Outpost! Don't let us down!
We run ads to help cover the costs of running TF2 Outpost! Don't let us down!