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Physician's Procedure Mask for 4 ref
Noh Mercy for 4.66 ref
The Dashin' Hashshashin for 10 ref
Hustler's Hallmark for 1.66 ref
10 ref for Strange Boston Boom Bringer (can be craftable or not craftable)

Send a trade offer or add me

Trade offer link: http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=83602487&token=jcRdJcbx
Steam profile link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/matus_sk/
Selling this level 100 The Law

You send me an offer using this link: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=74997639&token=ThJFf1Ix
As this hat is open to offers, you may prefer to add me to make an offer and we can negotiate.
Significant Item overpay is accepted
If we complete a trade, I'd very much appreciate it if you leave me some rep.

Steam profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/nickshrike/
Backpack.tf: https://backpack.tf/trust/76561198035263367
Trade offer: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=74997639&token=ThJFf1Ix
Steamrep: https://steamrep.com/?id=76561198035263367

▣ Hi! Do you need fast pure? Well, this is the best place that you can find!


▣ We're BUYING these items at [Also we can pay with items or Mixed. (Cosmetics/Weapons/Tools/Etc)]

| 1.00 KEY + 14.66 REF | ♦ Collector's Axtinguisher
| 1.00 KEY + 14.66 REF | ♦ Collector's Natascha
| 1.00 KEY + 14.66 REF | ♦ Collector's Wrap Assasin
| 1.00 KEY + 14.66 REF | ♦ Collector's Crit-A-Cola
| 1.00 KEY + 14.66 REF | ♦ Collector's Family Business
| 1.00 KEY + 14.66 REF | ♦ Collector's Scorch Shot
| 1.00 KEY + 14.66 REF | ♦ Collector's Enforcer
| 1.00 KEY + 14.66 REF | ♦ Any Collector Weapon

▣ We could pay 1.00 REF extra if your item is painted Pink, Value of Teamwork, Lime, Team Spirit or Balaclavas Forever
▣ We could pay 2.00 REF extra if your item is painted An Extraordinary Abundance of Tinge or A Distinctive Lack of Hue
▣ We could pay 3.00 REF extra if your item is SPECIALIZED KILLSTREAK
▣ We could pay 1.00 KEY extra if your item is PROFESSIONAL KILLSTREAK

▣ Notes:
♦ When you see "[↯]" on our nickname we will accept your trade offer in a heartbeat
♦ We don't count strange part attached price.
♦ Don't add us when we are offline. You will be always ignored.
♦ Trade offer is always the best way to trade with us.
♦ Trade offers have priority.
♦ If steam says you that we can't receive trade offers or you can't send one comment below and we'll give you a solution as fast as we can.
♦ If you need to reach us and we are AFK, or not online, leave a comment on our profile!

▣ Info Links:
__.Trade Offer URL: http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=74135373&token=px6b34h4
__.Steam Inventory: http://steamcommunity.com/id/levels/inventory
........Steam Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/levels
.............Backpack: http://backpack.tf/id/levels
.............Rep Page: http://tf2...=28907

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▣ Thanks for read! Levelz & Dotty.
Quickselling basically everything as I'm cashing out.

If you're offering unusuals, you must be overpaying a huge amount. Again, cashing out.

Feel free to counter offer These prices are cheaper, relatively, than my prices before..which I've sold over $4000 of stuff for.

5% of all pure goes to the Southampton Hospital Charity. At the time of writing, I was up to $193 raised but an updated counter is on my profile.

Add me, comment here, or send a trade offer.

Prices are on their way.

Unusual Sammy Cap (Searing Plasma) - 40 keys (1/1, super shiny)
Unusual Tsarboosh (Cloud 9) - 14 keys
Unusual Big Country (Massed Flies) (Brown) - 20 keys
Unusual Industrial Festivizer (Bubbling) - 12 keys
Unusual Timeless Topper (Something Burning This Way Comes) (White) - 25 keys
Unusual Western Wear (Cauldron Bubbles) (Gifted) - 14 keys
Unusual Your Worst Nightmare (Memory Leak) - 21 keys
Unusual Familiar Fez (Orbiting Planets) - 11 keys
4 Keys each.

AUTOMATED BOT: http://bazaar.tf/trade/1269318
Bone Dome - 36 keys
Samur Eye - 32 keys
Bombing Run - 20 keys
Earbuds - 6 keys

Send me a trade offer if paying these EXACT prices.
Else offer here :)
Looking for Keys ONLY!

28 Keys Pure


Add me or Trade offer

If not paying in pure do expect some overpay. New effects are less interesting to me. Trading for smaller unusuals, pure or items is preferred. If an item is listed I still have it.

I am no longer using what backpack.tf says in pricing as the system has automatically downgraded most unusuals by 13 keys minimum or more due to bud price tanking. The unusual prices ARE NOT dictated by buds but by keys and the key is still very strong.

Offers were around 1500 keys before.

Keep around there.

If you're offering pure, feel free to go a bunch lower because I'm QSing.
Looking for offers in pure/overpay in unusual

Send me a trade offer
Looking for offers in pure/overpay in unusual

Send me a trade offer
Collector’s Collection Sale: Scout Edition


- Professional Killstreak Force of Nature - 11 keys
Team Shine
Halloween Spell: Exorcism

- Specialized Killstreak Baby Face’s Blaster - 5 keys
Agonizing Emerald

- Killstreak Winger - 5 keys [REDUCED PRICE]
Halloween Spell: Exorcism

- Killstreak Wrap Assassin - 2 keys
Halloween Spell: Exorcism

- Killstreak Holy Mackerel

- Killstreak Boston Basher - 3 keys

- Killstreak Fan o’ War - 3 keys

- Mad Milk - 5 keys
More than willing to take item offers on this trade. Just make it decent :)

Strange Specialized KS Rocket Launcher (Agonizing Emerald) with 8.5 keys worth of parts - 5 keys

Strange Speciallized KS Gold Botkiller Sticky Bomb Launcher Mk. 2 (Dedly Daffodil) with 6 keys worth of parts - 5 keys

Strange Specialized KS Gold Botkiller Knife Mk 2 (Team Shine with 4.5 keys worth of parts - 4 keys

Vintage KS Ubersaw - 3 ref

Send me a trade offer if paying these prices.

Else offer here :)
Use trade offers or Keep your offers here. Dont Add me. Thanks.

Important Note on Fetti: Unfortunately, The steam community market doesn't provide the profile link anymore to check who is the current owner of the item, which sucks. The history on this item says the previous owner is a marked Scammer. This item has been investigated by one of the senior admins of this site named Garry. Happy to provide info privately to others as well. Thank you!
Smoking Viewfinder : 175 keys
Molten Viewfinder : 333 keys
Demonflame BrownBomber : 220 keys

Unusual overpays are also accepted. No third gens preferred.

Accepting Killstreak Weapons or Kits as Payments if you overpay enough.

Accepting Australium Weapons or Strange Festives as payments if you overpay just a little.

Accepting Buds,Maxes and all other promos(check the cheapest seller on bp.tf)

Accepting cs go or dota weps if you overpay nicely. (Prices are decided through SCM Prices after 0,15% fee was reduced)

Also accepting any other item payments but you need to overpay well. (Prefer 1 key+ items and a nice overpay)

Offer here or add me to discuss.

Or send me trade offer: