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The pan has a really nice spell.
The others for 3 keys EA
super cheap
1 scrap, or 2 common items (dota 2), 2 normal craft able weapons (tf2)
1 key = 8 ref

Hotline Miami 2 keys
L4D2 2 keys
L4D2 4-pack 5 keys + 1 tod

if you add me write it here pls !
Send me a trade offer. I can sell on demand !

I am looking for some kits or weapons with Mandarin FIre Horns, Stranges in preference
Type here what do you have and will see :)

**I ONLY WANT Manndarin Fire Horn

**I ONLY WANT Manndarin Fire Horn

**I ONLY WANT Manndarin Fire Horn
Selling this Specialized Killstreak Widowmaker for 1.2 Keys Add Me
1.55 ref or offers
no less than 6 on each of them. and thats for shitty ones
Team Shine Mania!

We all know how Rare Team Shine is combined with the best Killstreakers, so no need for me to go on about it :)

Professional Killstreak Rocket Launcher Kit - 3 Buds
Team Shine

Professional Killstreak Sniper Rifle Kit - 2 Buds + 12 Keys
Team Shine

Professional Killstreak Scattergun Kit - SOLD

Professional Killstreak Eyelander Kit - 1 Bud + 12 Keys
Team Shine
I accept TF2 keys. 8 ref = 1 key.

The ship 2 pack : 4 ref
Monaco : 1 key
Tropico 4 collectors Bundle : 1 key 4 ref
Sid Meier's Civilization V : 1 key 4 ref

Send me a offer DONT ADD me !

Url Trade: http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=83880945&token=-vhA-DMN
bp price or overpay in items
QUICKSELLING FOR 6 KEYS (goes for over $19 on steam market)
1 : 1

Send me a trade offer. if add me write a reply under this post pls.
2.77 ref or offers
Selling this set for Offers. this set will be Hard to get off me.

-25% = 2 scrap
-50% = 1 ref
-66% = 1 ref + 1 scap
-75% = 2 ref

Have much copies in inventory. Send a offer !

1 key = 8 ref
1 tod = 4 ref
90% fade blue tip 4 colors

can add a lot for a better fade

offer anything :)
Strange Professional Bread Bites: 7-8 Keys
Strange Professional Pretty Boys Pocket Pistol: 3-4 Keys
Strange Specialized Killstreak Overdose: 1 Key

Add me!