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Selling Some killstreak sniper stuff :
Team Shine Incinerator Bazaar Bargain with Exorcism Spell - 4 keys 13 ref pure or 7 keys in item overpay
Hot Rod Diamond Botkiller Sniper Rifle with Headshot Kills Part - 2 keys pure or 3 keys in item overpay
Team Shine Hitman´s Heatmaker - 14 ref pure or 23 ref in item overpay
Conga s>16.66ref b>11.66ref
Deep Fried Desire s>5.66ref b>2.66ref
Oblooterated s>7ref b>4ref
Kazotsky Kick s>2key1ref b>1key12ref
Mannrobics s>1key8.66ref b>24ref
Pool Party s>3key13.33ref b>2key10.33ref
The Boston Breakdance s>24.66ref b>17.66ref
The Killer Solo s>1key0.66ref b>19.33ref
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Strange Professional Killstreak Brass Beast - 2.5 keys
Strange Professional Killstreak Winger - 2.5 keys
Professional Killstreak Wanga Prick - 2 keys
Strange Killstreak Stickybomb Launcher - 3.8 keys
Strange Specialized Killstreak Diamond Botkiller Sniper Rifle Mk.I - 2.5 keys
Strange Killstreak Carbonado Botkiller Rocket Launcher Mk.I - 2 keys
Strange Killstreak Silver Botkiller Scattergun Mk.II - 3 keys
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Buying any (no promo) unique craftable weapon / kit for 2 ref.
Buying with PURE any markatable items:
under 0.5 key with 15% off.
higher than 0.5 key with 20-25% off.
At unique,strange,genuine,vintage:
-I pay for paints,strange parts 10-20%.
-->Taking prices from
-KS items with 35-50%. (Depending on item market graph of sales/solds)

At unusual effects:
Prices may very depending on the hat and bought/sold history if unusual is very old priced
I'm not really interested to give for unusual more than 50 keys.
1st gen = 15-30%
2nd gen = 30-40%
3nd gen = 40-50%
Halloween = 25-35%
Robo = 25-40%
end of the line = 30-40%
any very low tier unusuals at 7-9 keys.
I will send you counteroffer if isn't ok.

Your all backpack with -40-50%.

extra if: duped,gifted,robo-hat
Prices are not firm, I may offer you more or less depending on your hat.
Hide/decline offer = nty.

Off topic:
- If I'm offline feel free to send me a trade offer, I'll check it a soon as a possible.
Selling almost everything in my inventory. I have over 1000 items. Check it.
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Buying Quicksell at a 30-40% price off discount with 40 keys pure
Add me to discuss or send me a trade offer.

Please Comment Your Offer Down Below.
Thanks and Have A Good Day.
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Most Wanted s>14.66ref b>10ref
The Box Trot s>24.33ref b>17.33ref
The Proletariat Posedown s>21.66ref b>15.33ref
Bucking Bronco s>1key4ref b>21.66ref
Burstchester s>3key13.66ref b>2key10.66ref
Bad Pipes s>20.33ref b>14.66ref
Zoomin' Broom s>1key25.33ref b>1key10.66ref
Soldier's Requiem s>1key4ref b>21.66ref
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Rock, Paper, Scissors s>13.66ref b>9.33ref
Skullcracker s>9.33ref b>5.66ref
Party Trick s>6ref b>2.66ref
Fresh Brewed Victory s>8.66ref b>5ref
Spent Well Spirits s>3.66ref b>1.33ref
Rancho Relaxo s>19ref b>13.33ref
I See You s>4ref b>1.66ref
Battin' a Thousand s>3.66ref b>1.33ref
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The High Five! s>17ref b>12ref
The Schadenfreude s>26.66ref b>19.66ref
The Meet the Medic s>5ref b>2.33ref
The Shred Alert s>24.33ref b>17.33ref
Square Dance s>11.33ref b>7ref
Flippin' Awesome s>11ref b>7ref
Buy A Life s>6.33ref b>3.33ref
Results Are In s>4ref b>1.66ref
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Looking to sell painted tems.

Brigade Helm - 1.1 keys
Strange Phobos Filter - 1.25 keys
The Ornament Armament - 1 key
The Black Watch - 1.1 keys
The Dogfighter - 1.3 keys
Non-Craftable Fast Learner - 1.15 keys
The Track Terrorizer - 1.15 keys
The Titanium Towel - 1 key

Also items overpay are welcome.
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Strange KS degreaser --- 3 keys
Strange Spec KS degreaser --- 4 keys
Strange Spec KS silver botkiller flamethrower ( 3 parts ) --- 3 keys
Vintage Spec KS backburner --- 2 keys + 5 ref
Strange rust botkiller ( DOUBLE SPELLS ) --- 3 keys

Some of them are having auction on

Send me a trade offer or add me if you want.
Have a good day
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Looking to sell painted tems.

Weight Room Warmer - 1.5 keys
The Breakneck Baggies - 1.5 keys
Bomber's Bucket Hat - 1.15 keys
Troublemaker's Tossle Cap - 1.25 keys
Brooklyn Booties - 1.2 keys
The Smoking Skid Lid - 1.2 keys
Double Dog Dare Demo Pants - 1.25 keys
The Fast Learner - 1.25 keys

Also items overpay are welcome.
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10 ref per one.
Strange Specialized Killstreak Sandman - 1 key
Strange Specialized Killstreak Axtinguisher - 10 ref
Strange Specialized Killstreak Silver Botkiller Flame Thrower Mk.II - 3 key + 17 ref
Strange Specialized Killstreak Flare Gun - 17 ref
Strange Specialized Killstreak Loch-n-Load - 17 ref
strange specialized tomislav - 3 keys
Strange Specialized Killstreak Revolver - 11 ref
Strange Specialized Killstreak Vaccinator - 15 ref
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