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Selling this Green Confetti Hat With No Name
Multi-Class Hat (Soldier, Demoman, Engineer, and Sniper)
1st Gen
Clean/Short History
- Lowest Price on Market

Pure: Since you're offering pure, ill give you a 5 key discount off value(45) making it 40keys!

Unusuals: Looking for around 15% overpay in 1st/2nd Gen and around 25% overpay in 3rdGen/Robo
Not Interested in 2016 Halloween Effects

Items: Not Accepting except for Aussies and Max's Heads (which I value as 1 key less than current price)

I'm Open To Negotiation So Feel Free To Add Me or Offer Below And I Will Get Back To You As Soon As Possible
My Backpack:
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[ALWAYS OPEN] Selling every non strange (Not including my frying pan and conscientious objectors) from my inventory for 1 scrap each. Check my inventory first for the weapon.
Send me an offer, fast accept when online. No holds.
Selling keys for hat overpay. Send me a trade offer. DO NOT ADD ME
Selling for 45 keys pure or item overpay. Hats with rare effects or soldier/multiclass hats catch my eye. I can give some discount for pure offers. The hat is clean. No trade holds, feel free to send me a trade offer or add me to discuss.
Selling this Pro KS, Strange Gunslinger for 25 keys, or 30 in item overpay!

Send me an offer if interested.
Looking for offers for this rancho taunt with Hellish Inferno effect.

Send me an offer if interested.
Selling random crafted cosmetics for price!
Clean scorching nano: 50 keys

This is what I sold my last one for:

Trade offers preferred!

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Unusual Shred Alert Taunts. Some of the first generation effects go really well with the Shred Alert's built in visual effects. Showstopper in particular is really special. All taunts have had one owner. Buyouts are listed below. Also looking for OFFERS (try me), Paypal, Bitcoin, or a Pan.

Fountain of Delight - 300k - http://i.i...Wc.jpg
Infernal Smoke - Offers - http://i.i...4K.jpg
Showstopper - 400k - http://i.i...Dn.jpg
Skill Gotten Gains - Offers - http://i.i...nJ.jpg

Please do not add me unless you also add a comment. I do not accept random adds. Thanks.

See all of my listings here -
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►Selling these two Demoman Cosmetics
►Conjurer's Cowl painted a Deep Commitment to Purple sold for 3.66 refined
►Double Dynamite painted a Color Similar to Slate for 4.33 refined
►More in Item Overpay
►Offer Below or send Trade offer!
Can't trade for 1 week

Taking offers till then

Quickselling Pool Party on for 799 usd ( more than 50% off !)
These are the mixed prices. Pure gets a discount. If offering only unusuals, I will most likely require overpay.
All hats are clean.

Smoking Bloke: 11 keys.
O. Planets Ketche: 10 keys.
Bubbling Tin Capo: 10 keys.
Orbiting Fire Sultan: 11.5 keys. - Free Rotten Orange Footprints!
TF Logo Capo: 13 keys. - Free Spectral Spectrum!
Kill a Watt Sultan: 12.5 keys.
C.Heart Tyrolean: 77 keys.

Remember, these are the mixed prices. Pure will get a discount!

If you're adding me to trade, COMMENT WHY.
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Lucky to unbox this
Selling for 95 keys pure or unusual overpay
I'm buying strange weapons for the following prices:

Strange Pomson 6000 --> 15.00 ref.
Strange Holiday Punch --> 15.66 ref.
Strange Ubersaw --> 11.33 ref.
Strange Crusader's Crossbow --> 11.00 ref.
Strange Quickfix --> 9.66 ref.
Strange Blackbox --> 8.33 ref.
Strange Soda Popper --> 8.00 ref.
Strange Fan O'War --> 6.33 ref.

Please post here before adding or simply send me a trade offer:

Have a nice day!
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35 keys Pure (aussies count as pure) or 37+ keys in Unusual/Item overpay Send a trade offer or Add me and I'll get back to you asap
►Discounting/Quick Selling this Unusual Letch's LED for 19 Keys Pure or 28+ in unusual Overpay
►Mostly looking for pure but I am firm on it being 19 keys
►Duped and gifted unusuals will require more overpay
►Offer Below or send Trade offer!
I'm buying Strange Parts:

Giant Robots Destroyed --> 10.00 ref.
Halloween Kills --> 10.00 ref.
Revenge Kills --> 9.33 ref.
Full Health Kills --> 9.33 ref.
Underwater Kills --> 9.33 ref.
Kilstreaks Ended --> 9.00 ref.
Kills During Victory Time --> 9.33 ref.
Defender Kills --> 9.33 ref.

Please post here before adding or send me a trade offer:

Have a nice day!
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Mainly looking for Pure or Unusual Overpay :)

Nebula HFoHA - 90 Keys - Sold!
Sunbeams Bandana - 60 Keys
Burning Toe - 28 Keys - Sold!
Hearts Tree - 42 Keys
PE Whoopee - 50 Keys
GE Hat to Kill For - 50 Keys
GE Billycock - 23 Keys
GE Handle - 23 Keys - Sold!

Send a trade offer or offer below :D
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Hello, and welcome to my trade page, fellow wanderer! Without further ado, let us have a look at the gorgeous hats I am selling right here.
🎩 They are only to be placed on top of your head. Eating them, using them to lit a fire, or make your cat go inside them, is not recommended. If the instructions are unclear ... you know what to do. 🎩

Unusual The Fubar Fanfare
Effect: Hellish Inferno, 70 keys, or good item overpay.

Unusual Party Trick
Effect: Holy Grail, 67 keys, or good item overpay.

Unusual Deep Fried Desire
Effect: Midnight Whirlwind, 23 keys, or good item overpay.

- - - - - - - -

This is going to be long. It is absolutely not mandatory to read this, but I guess it would be nice for the both of us if you did.
I do not know how to talk in a brief manner. Sorry. Sorry, sorry sorry sorry (#mei is bae )

So, I have removed my « rules » from my profile, it is only fair I remove the other ones I had installed here. My goal with those was not to show some roughness or impossibility to deal in kind conditions. It was to set guidelines, something I found necessary after trading for a whole year.

But with some hindsight, I realize it may have made me appear extremely unwelcoming, or even cocky. I am probably more experienced than the majority of the traders out there, though that does not mean the input of anyone is any less valuable.
👍 If you believe my price is too high, explain me why. Provide arguments. I will listen to all of them. Heck, tell me my hat is worth 50 keys and not 100 : if you back that up, I'll happily follow on. 👍

On a side note, I would like to apologize to anyone who has been offering on my trades since I am in the unusual business, to whom I did not answer politely. Those people usually lowballed, or simply took me for a fool. But still, I am no better than them, if I become suddendly unbearably rude for those reasons. Took me quite some time to realize it, but later is better than never. The worst part is, it was sometimes misunderstandings, or simply me being wrong about my pricing.

💕 I am all for a healthy trading environnement. Everything goes better when everyone is kind and understanding. But you have to understand, this desired environment is not possible if you do not contact me with the best intentions. However, in any case, I will now always answer politely, the worst I can say is simply no. I will never hide your post on this page unless the discussion is clearly over. You will not be blocked, and will always be welcomed to add me. 💕

You can also add me simply for specific (I will link you to a page explaining how to make a perfect chocolate cake if your question is too broad) trading advices. I love helping out people. I mean, I would open a Youtube channel and do trading tutorials and that kind of things, were it not for my charisma of an oyster.

If you read all of that : thanks ! If you didn't, that's not a problem, I'm used to talking alone. I can handle it. Like yeah, pff, it's totally fine. Lies down and tries not to cry. Cries a lot.

📌 Please, do not hesitate to bookmark if you are haven't made up your mind yet. If I am to close this trade for any reason, do not assume all hats were sold, check my profile. 📌

Send me a trade offer, or add me. Peace! ☮

Disclaimer : I am not an actual oyster, and I will not actually make you the best chocolate cake maker worldwide.
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Selling some All Class Unusuals!

GE Woodsman - 320 Keys
Strange Puzzle Duck - 150 Keys - Sold!
Sulphurous Gibus - 120 Keys
Vivid Peak - 180 Keys
Shadows Pillar - 150 Keys
Cloudy Noble - 150 Keys
D@D Hot Dogger - 80Keys
Logo Bomber - 70 Keys

Send a trade offer or offer below :D
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