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Selling this lovely hat to the left for offers. offers that I am taking are promos, keys, metal, or unusual offers.

1 of 10 on outpost

favorite classes

favorite effects
-any storms
- any energy
- anything above energy

But remember, any hats or effects are fine with me unless they are under 1 bud

Have a nice day!
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im giving enverything ive ever got for an unusual. My offer is 6 keys, 1 genuie apeture hard hat, 2 strange medi guns, 1 strange pain train, 1 strange spycicle,3 strange parts, 2 rec, batters helm (not craftable), ballonicorn , tux, builders bluprints, winter wondeland wrap, exquisite rack, 13 craftable weps and about 100 crates if this is still not enough I will throw in 3 "dota 2 "copies, my noise maker-winter holiday (unlimited use) and my conscientious objector. to get a hold of me add me as a friend on steam my account name is trollston and my profile pic is
a black and white pyro- Thanks
no thanks, only looking for keys, metal, promos, or unusual offers
Blizz Stately Steel Toe? If not add me, i have another unusual and we will talk.
I dont realy like that hat. Would u trade your other unusual?
Maybe but i think mine is one bud more.
If your lookin on backpack.tf its wrong...
Lol im lookin on market prices xD
Hmm ok, i can only do a 1for1 but if you want this hat then add me
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Lol thats 10 keys at most
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.