• Ali
I offer the location to waldo + a quickie in the bathroom? I can add 2 keys.
You're gonna need to include the location to Carmen Sandiego
  • Ali
Hm, thinking on it
  • Ali
You'd have to add a bills.
bubbling brain slug + ghosts tricorne
Sorry, no thank you
updated to bubbling slug + flaming lantern big elfin deal
Sorry, doesn't really interest me.
bubbling TC
Sorry, no thank you
That's a nice looking hat, can't afford it though, good luck selling it. Also, did you happen to play Brick Force once upon a time?
Thank you :) And unfortunately, I've never heard of that game until now.
Hmm nevermind then, you have the same name as someone who I knew. Anyways, once again, great hat.
It's a Calvin & Hobbes reverence heh. Thanks, and have a nice day.
Vintage lid
Sorry, I don't like to deal with vintages; it just seems like a huge pain to sell. Thank you for the offer though.
smoking veil