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Selling this hat for 1.5 buds pure at least. More in unusual.

Only taking keys, promos, or unusual offers.

B/O 2 buds

Effects i like
-scorching flames
-burning flames
-Any new effects

Effect im not too fond of but can take to some extent
-stormy storm
-blizz storm
-Orbiting planets
- steaming

Effects that i hate
- flies
- bolts ( engies cool with it tho)
-tf2 logo
- peace sign
-Orbiting fire

But if you have any offers be sure to well, offer them

Have a nice day in trading! :D
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what unusual offers do you expect if you hate every effect in your price range?
Wow can u not read? I can take the top and middle ones. People these days
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orbiting fire prince tavish's crown?
Hmmm dont like the effect plus dont like the hat :/ gonna have to pass unless u add sweets
k, thank you for your time
Yellow master belt stormy storm? 1:1
I cant do a 1:1 but i like that hat. Do u think u can add?
I dunno
Tell me what you like backpack.tf/id/76561198028905620
could u add the festive minigun or 2-3 keys?
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.