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Daddy Manatee
Taking offers on this nice demo hat!
One of one on the market!

FOR CLARIFICATION: btf117 | Randomactsoftf2 (my brother) Gave me permission to sell this hat if I wanted too, I am not looking to sell it unless It is a really good deal, for I love the way the hat looks and that he gave it to me for free. I am doing what is similar to people who bought their dream unusuals, where they put it up on OP and collect offers and do not take them unless they are too good to resist. In the old trade he said himself:

"ATTENTION EVERYONE! I will post this on the end of every single hate thread that's gone around this post. I am the one who gave this unusual to Bio. And yes, I am aware and have no problem selling it. You can think that he is being ungrateful, but he, in fact, told me that he didn't want me to sell it. I told him that I have no problem with him selling it. He loves the hat, and so I then suggested that he should just put it on Outpost and collect some offers. He simply did just that. I really don't care what all you think about him, because most/some of you think that he's just being an asshole/prick doing this for his own gain. As I say in all my raffles on my subreddit, the items I give away are no longer mine. I have no control over them anymore, they can do as they please. However, in this case, I am going to be watching this trade very carefully, and the one after this (because it's probably gonna get closed) and see if there is any offers worth the time and effort I put in finding it.

I hope you all have a good day, but just know that, I know, I don't mind, and, in reality, you shouldn't really mind either. I gave it as a gift and I have no problem with him potentially trading up so something nicer than it currently is."

He said it himself, and I reiterate, I will not sell this unless I get an offer I cannot resist.


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12 pure keys to start
Daddy Manatee
I'm only lookin for too good to resist offers, got this as my birthday present
Red Warrior
well if your askin me the price in this unusual is pretty low so dont expect very high offers , if I were you i'd keep it and rename it
Red Warrior
but meh if your lookin to trade it my 12 key offer is right here
This post was hidden by the trade owner. + Meet the Medic Taunt + Purity Fist. If no, I understand. Thanks for your time.
idk why people got so butthurt over this. if i gave an unusual to my friend i dont care at all what he does with it. sell it for 123128321 buds, keep it, craft it. who cares? your hat c: its a nice gift btw i hope you thanked your bro :P
Daddy Manatee
Thanks! It didn't phase me what some people said, and my brother said himself that I could do whatever I wanted with it, yet people ignored what he said and continued to be butthurt. Going back and reading some of these comments is quite a form of entertainment now :D
ikr XD tbh i, personally, wouldn't sell it. That said, I don't judge you for selling it. While it is a gift it is YOUR hat c:
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.