Oki so I'm getting back to collecting my lubbly grease buckets AGAIN! =D

Hoping to reach a whole new amount of pans, got a spare account just in case I go cheap and save money on BP Expanders AGAIN
Just asking the community for a small amount of help to help me reach my goal of 200+ pans. I will only stop creating a PANdemic once I reach my minimum goal of ... 200 PANS!

Lubbly donations are ALWAYS appreciated =D
All donators will be added to a small hall of fame and will be given this SPECIAL COLORED STAR

Check my backpack (PG's 3.4 and a bit of 5 maybe) since ill be BUYING the pans for TWO weapons each, you obviously get to choose, but only 1:1-ing with the following weapons:
- Sticky and Rocket Jumpers.
- Lollichops
- Huo Long Heaters
- UC Weapons

MadHans 2
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I can give you just the bow per frying pan?
BUYING not selling dude.
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Added for your eternal reward
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Hi, i wish to rade my "The Frying Pan" for your "Your Eternal Reward". Plz add me :)
aiite add me up
I'm sorry but someone responded first. I don't own a Frying pan anymore :(
no prob gl on your trades and all
My Spaghetti
can i give you a pan for the neon annihilator and the spy-cicle?
sure thing
Based Juice
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I got a pan ill take any 2 same class weapons.
I have one renamed "Chef's Choice" will you add anything for it?
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.