• Completed
can you add buds to it? i will offer my orbit fire noble
I'm afraid not, sorry
well my orbit fire noble for: your stout + 2 fyring pans + gen. company man + +private eye + festive wrench+ 3 x series9 crates (idk whas your think but its really good offer ^^ )
Hmm, I don't know, add me and we'll talk in about 3 hours
ok i will add you :)
  • mri
Scorching sola topi + a white bills
searing stove pipe?
interested in searing plasma fez ( 1 of 1 on the market )
heya i would like to trade you my conquistador if your still up for it
If you'd still like to we can trade tomorrow? In about 12 hours time anyway
i will have to see if im about