added for a key :)
I will have 5,44 ref soon
added for 2 keys
Added for 1 key
Added for 1 key
Works Gr8 ... good job dude :)
are you selling name and description tag or buying?
that makes no sense at all. this bot is nice to have
Worked fine the first time I tried him; the second time though he just keeps telling me to "stop messing around" if I'm unable to add 5 ref 1 rec 2 scrap within a nanosecond of each other. Maybe give us slowpokes a little more time?
Sorry about that, I'm still new to programming and misplaced a brace causing the bot reject all metal. I'd like to thank you for being the first person to alert me to this problem and give your key free, I'm adding you on my main account now! :D
the bot is telling us 2.33 a ticket, but your post says 2 ref per ticket.

also could you please add options to or tell us the key names to tell the bot what we want to buy.
I'm buying Tickets at 2.00 Refined, and selling them at 2.33. As for telling the bot what you want to buy, everything I have listed on TF2Outpost is what I'm selling. As of right now I only sell 5 things, Keys, Backpack Expanders, Tour of Duty Tickets, Lime Paint, and Pink Paint.
my mistakem your buying at the price, but what i mean is i can say ticket and it will switch to ticket, but i dont know the keyword to buy expanders and name tags.
Just type in what you would believe them to be, for example Backpack Expanders by if the message were to contain the word backpack, expander or bp it would switch, the key words for ToD Tickets are tour, duty, ticket, tod. If you're unsure of what to type, most of the time whatever you call it buy will suffice for the bot. :D
added for a key
Bot told me 2.67 refs for a key. Other than that, it works lovely. Great!
add me i will buy 1 key
Your bot do not take name tags :P
buy for 5.44 ref
5.77 ><
Added for keys.. worked well enough:) thanks for trade
This bot is so useful when there aren't keys in and when others are charging 6 ref. Thank you
He says he's out of keys, not sure if that's a bug or this post hasn't been updated. :o
Added I need 3 keys, and i sell a nametag
added for key
added i have name tags
added to sell name tag