Swiggity Swagger
Looking for a Black Hole or Time Warp Spartan

The Head Warmer is rare craft #130 which represents 130 degrees Faranheit, the melting temperature of something we all know and love.
Staff has exactly 3853 kills on it, even though its not strange
Aspect is rare craft 4047, only 1 in the world
Alien from area 285, timeless (Also if you add the craft # + lvl number you get 360, or in other words you go in a 360 degree circle, to be right back where you started again, WOW)
We all know the famous clown of 1992

I have other sweets like buds, but who needs those when you have these?

C/O -
Swiggity Swagger
ArrenTheAsianGuy this is for you :3
/) L I E N K I Y
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