Oh man!
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wait so $41 dollars for how many buds?
only 1
i guess
5 buds for $205
added for 1 bud.
sorry, I actually read everything (except the 'post here'). I'd like to buy some buds. let me know when you're free
Add me whenever.
I am interested in buying 29keys through paypal.
Trustworthy trader. Traded right when he received the money +rep
added :DDD
Reserve UNO bud pleez.
Looking for 3 buds
added you, want to buy one buds
add me if you want :D
May i please buy 2 buds?, I have only one paypal trade ever done. http://steamrep.com/profiles/76561198055680218
y u ignore me
Because sleep time
you can tell me ubnub :p
Hey, i'm looking to buy a bud.
I'm adding you to buy 16 keys. :)
126$ for 3 buds?
First time trading, not sure what this rep stuff is. I have verified paypal, looking to buy 10 keys or so. I don't own TF2, looking to get them as a gift for my gf.
Added you as I'm looking to buy a couple of buds.
added for keys
I'm interested in buying ~15-20 keys.

I don't believe I have much rep however.
ill get 10 keys. ill trade you in like 35 min
How much ref do you have
Add me
I might want to buy 2 buds
He man I would like to buy 11 keys, although I've never done a paypal trade :/. So idk if you would be able to.
added for a bud. dont have rep, can link you to a guy ive bought from already, 1000+ hours in TF2, 3+ years on steam.
i have a prepaid card is that good?

btw added as well
I find it cute how people think gifting is the safest way to do trades. For one in paypal doesn't have any insurance on gifts, it isn't regulated in any way. The reason gifting is free is because they don't really care to provide customer service on it. The charged method is the only thing they back. Also it states in paypal that digital goods are not backed by paypal.
I got buds add me mang
hey dude we're already friends on steam from ozfort, looking to buy 3 buds

still waiting for you to be online :)
hey i'm looking to buy some keys i've never done paypal trading in tf2 so no rep yet, but i do have 2261 hours of tf2 played C: i'll have more of an idea of how many keys i want tomorrow :)
added to buy 5 keys
Add me please, I need 14 keys
hey there :D add me ill be buying a bud
Hello there, I've added you to get some buds. I'll contact you tomorrow as i have to sleep now. Hope to do business with you :)
I will buy 2 buds here is my profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/MR_ALA/
Hey can i buy 65 Keys for 100$ USD? add me if u want ill go first! and i send as gift i pay fees.
>_> Read
Too long = Too lazy
Hey I would like to buy 19 Keys. I dont have any rep but i can go first.
Hey, I'm looking to buy a bud. You don't seem to be online - so feel free to add me if you're willing. =)
To buy keys.
Hi. I'm looking to buy 50 keys.
Steam Profile is http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198006879017/
OVer 700 hours TF2 on my profile, 100+ games, a few key/bud trades for money. Havn't used steamrep yet but my profile is clean. Obviously I can go first. Just let me know if it's ok and I'll add you when I can :)
Forgot to add my Steamrep link http://steamrep.com/profiles/76561198006879017
No I want your steamrep link on the paypal notes lol
I know yeah, just thought I'd send you them to check out to decide if you were happy to trade or not.
All good man feel free to add me whenever
added ya for 2 buds
added 1 ref!
Do you accept Moneypak?
No sorry
added for 1 bud
Added for 1 bud. I have no rep because I've never done a large trade before, hope that's alright.
Added for 1 bud
Added for 2 Buds
Added for 6 buds.
added for 3 buds
Let me know if there is a discount on multiple bud buys, and how much you have left unless you're very dilligent about the updating. I may be purchasing 5 if at the right price
Sorry it's firm, and I have around 80-90 earbuds
hello. i would like to buy 2 of the $40 earbuds and 9 of the $1.85 keys. i do not have any cash trading rep yet because no one will sell me anything due to me not having any rep:/ please respond yay or nay. and if not, what you would sell me. thanks
Probably only sell you 7 keys
oh, ok. every little bit counts: ) when could you do it?
I would like to buy 1 bud and perhaps 4-5 keys on Saturday or Sunday.
hey could i buy 5 keys from you? i go first
added for 10+ keys
added to get 1 bud $40
Bookmarked,soi can comeback to ure bp and fap
Added for a bud
Added AGAIN for 2 more
How many ref u give for 0,80 USD?
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added, i buy buds for paypal
ill buy your 5 keys in stock im new to paypal
pls resond
I read your entire topic, Id' like to buy 10 keys please! <3
I kind of wanna do a unboxing and buy some spy weapons and that
I'm paypal ready and that!
Read everything there, I don't have any SourceOP rep or Steamrep unfortunately, you can check out my profile for yourself.

Would like to buy:

1 bud for $37
7 keys at $1.85 each

Add me.
I have done Paypal before, but not fluent with it. I bought 28 keys.
Ummm you can add me whenever and we can discuss
Added to buy keys/ref.
Added you
-rep very rude
Yeah because reading trade post is hard hurrrr durrrrr.
yea have a cry who seriously sells one key on paypal, u shud remove it from the trade
Mann Co. Supply Crate Key: $1.85 0x
I only just got a key
Again I stand by when I said autism.
see what i mean so rude, just cos i add u get so pissed off what is so harmful of adding? And anyone can be confused by the tiny writing it shows in the big trade no one would expect 1 key in stock
I'm not going to change the stock to "1" because it'll just be pointless and would rather wait until I stock up a bit more. And so what if i'm rude? Not my fault you couldn't read so don't blame your ignorance on me.
And lol me having a cry, yeah I cry so hard that I had to put -rep on my trade post. Good one buddy!
u say I have autism? And u take that literally, i am so tempted so say stuff to u but u seem like the type of guy who would report me for saying a word like fool, when I say go have a cry u dont take that literally that shows ur intellectual capacity. And u just said ''what if I am rude? Not my fault'' thats the whole reason I said -rep so I dont understand ur point im not blaming my ignorance on u im just saying that u r a rude guy which u admitted. Understand sarcasm
Alright i'm in the wrong I just cbf replying to tird anymore to even care anymore.
lol ok
well ...i m interested in some keys....i checked your backpack and i saw u got some ...are those for sale?
tf2op was down for me yesterday so I couldn't change the stock levels. So yes there are for sale.
added to discuss
  • kp
3 keys for 2 buds?
Reporting you cunt.
  • kp
added for 2 buds.. ill give you a rare mann co crate.
Reporting you cunt.
Heya, I'd like to purchase 4 keys.
USD AUD? if its oz dollars i will buy keys soon
Added to buy 13 keys
added for 6 keys
added for 3 earbuds
Added for 2 earbuds, don't have family or friends option tho.
Added for 5 pairs of buds. I do have a small sourceop rep, it does have some history to it.
+Rep, I went first. SMOOTH.
One bud
  • Kel
Added for a bud.
added for bud
added to buy 5?
Wow good for you for commenting!
added for a bud brah
can i add you to discuss?
I have read everything listed above and I believe I can try leave you with an offer. I would like to buy bulk buds via paypal. Thanks.
i would like to buy 40 bud for 1480 USD paypal
Added for bud(s)
I'm new to trading (started getting into the tf2 economy literally just this week, I've just played the game on and off before that), so my sourceOP is still being approved or whatever it is that you have to wait for when you first sign up. So I wouldn't be able to prove myself from sourceOP. I am willing to go first however and leave a note on the Paypal gift. And if you look into my history, you'll see I'm VAC banned, but it's from MW2 and it was 1484 days ago. Here's proof if you think I'm sketchy http://puu...03.jpg
Jesus Christ I'm retarded, I forgot to tell you what I was interested in. On Sunday I'll be getting paid, so I'd like to buy a pair of buds please (Birthday money :3)
Added for 2 buds.
I would like to buy earbuds. added you
I'm just getting back into TF2 after a long hiatus and am wanting to buy buds. I have 393 hours as of righting this, a +rep on tf2-trader from someone I recently bought 30 keys from (10 in one trade and then 20 more a couple days after), and I joined Steam January 23, 2010. I also have 3,048 hours in gmod and have about 40 games. I understand you won't sell me much, but I'd interested in what you think, thank you.
Sure no worries just ad me whenever
added for a pair of buds
Hi, Buds? :D
Added for buds
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Added, i have been trying to find a reputable trader to buy 2 buds and have been having some serious trouble so if you could add me to discuss that would be great!
  • zz
This would also be my first time using paypal to buy items
  • zz
and i do not quite fit in your fair amount of reputation category boop
Added for keys.
Looking to purchase 1 bud + 5 keys.
i'm interested in buying a bud + 9 keys
Do you take neverwinter AD? I have 720k.
added for buds
Added for buds, again :)
$1 for 1 bud
300$ for 9?
  • Kel
I've posted before, but I'll post again. WTB buds!
I'll buy 3.
I'll buy 1 pair of buds
i would like to buy some stuff
i would like to buy about 30 - 40 ref

I'm new to buying things with real world money, but I would like to buy 6 Keys for 11.40 USD.
Added to purchase some keys.
i would like to buy some keys if that fine i added you on steam
added you, i'd like to buy some keys, have rep and stuff :3
why delete ;_;
Did you even bother to read the first line? Unbelievable how some people don't even use common sense(90% of people who added) rofl...
I'll try and buy back my old scorching noble in a little while, i would probably want around 8 buds, since im short on cash it will probably be something like 1 bud now another in a few days etc. not all at once.
I just want to know if you're ok with that, so i can add you whenever i'm in the money.
glad to hear it, ill be adding you in a few days to buy the first bud
adding you
Hello, is it possible to buy you 20 TF2 keys please ?
Normal SR : http://steamrep.com/profiles/76561197999701089 and a verry small rep... : http://www.steamtrades.com/user/AlphaPix
but i'm not in the trades business, I just want to buy games.
Tell me if it is enough, because nobody want to sell to small reps like me. :)
i'd like to buy some keys
  • ...
yo i need 45 buds and ill go first
  • ...
my friend was being a dick srry
I added you to buy a pair of buds, if that is okay
Lmao bitches about people adding him without knowing stock, and doesn't even put key stock at top. 0/10 gg no re
Hello, i'm interested in your x2 ref's, can't add you :P your friendlist is full
Added to buy 10 buds, Here is my SR- http://steamrep.com/search?q=76561198061820203
I have 800 hours on tf2 and have made cash trades on Paypal before!
Hi, 5$ Amazon Gift Card for 2 TF2 Keys???
would like to buy 1 bud
here is my steamrep http://steamrep.com/search?q=dickshoeface I have 1300+ hours logged on tf2, added
Added for 1 bud :)
Added to buy about 3 buds.
added for 2 buds 7 keys
Hi, just wondering, I wanted to buy your 57 buds, but I was wondering if you could offer a bulk price?
looking for at-least 2 keys.

- I go first
- Verified on paypal
- 3-4 Rep pages.
I'd like to buy 2 buds. Don't have any rep but I am verified on Paypal. I have 783 hours in TF2.
Ey, I'd like to buy some buds. My rep, http://bazaar.tf/thread/5466
buying 7 keys, a bit of rep, done 3 deals on sourceop
have verified paypal and i'll go first
I'd like to buy some buds, please add?
Added to buy buds...
added for buds.
Interested in buying a few..... Added.
i would like to buy 4 buds add me
Added for 1 bud.
Added for 2
Hey i would like to buy 1-3 buds depending on how many you can sell me i shot you a friend request let me know :D
dunno if my add to you went through not best internet right now crossing the country on a bus :P
added for lots of keys
Added for 3 buds.
Addded 1 bills one bud
added to buy 2 buds
Interested in buying 4 buds. added you
2.5 keys for $5 Amazon?
May I buy that last Bill's Hat from you please?
Hey there IM looking to buy some buds. Contact me
id like to buy around 10 buds
Can I buy 1 bud?
Added to buy 1 bud + 10 keys
I've already replied in your trade on SourceOP, we'll trade when we meet online.
Added to buy 3 buds
Added to buy 5 buds, cheers
added to buy
Hi, added to buy a Bud