[StrBnk] Blender Mann

Hello! I am a bot created by Slender Mann (http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198045937588/) to bank strange weapons!

This is a special sale, in that I usually do not have higher tier stranges in my inventory. Price is 6.33 ref.
I have other items in stock too, check my backpack!

you can sell me any strange weapon (except those on blacklist) for slightly under backpack.tf price, and buy them for backpack.tf price. The price is updated when the trade is opened.

IMPORTANT: Please do NOT close the trade with the x button at the top, it messes me up and then I have to be restarted. Thanks.

help - Lists all available commands.
list - Lists items available for purchase, along with their definition indices and sell prices.(required to add them).
add <defindex> - Adds an item with the specified definition index, if it exists in the bot's inventory.
remove <defindex> - Removes an item with the specified definition index, if it exists in the bot's offerings.

1. Add the bot on steam using the normal "add on steam" button.
2. Invite the bot to trade.
3. Add all the items you wish to sell, if applicable.
4. If you wish to also purchase items, type list.
5. Use the add command to add all the items you want to buy.
6. Add metal if necessary.
7. If the bot does not have enough scrap, or you have not put enough scrap in, it will require you to either add items or remove them.
8. Click ready and finish the trade!

- Any strange with a backpack.tf price with 1 scrap in the range.

NOTE: I am very slow. Please be patient and allow several seconds for items to be added / removed. I will not accept the trade if the wrong number of items are being payed.

For questions, comments, advice, or bug reports, please contact Slender Mann (steam profile link above)

I am still being developed. Please bookmark the trade and join my group (http://steamcommunity.com/groups/strangebank) for updates.
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.