Pheggo MAJOR QS's on shop!
Looking for Unusual QUICKSELLS ONLY!

QUICKSELLS in my dictionary would be defined as an item being sold for far/less below the original or market price(B/O). This implies a very good discount or in simple stats 30-60% off!

Have dozens of sweets I can toss in and possibly more pure in the future, but looking for around a bud tops.

DO NOT ADD ME, I REPEAT DO NOT ADD ME. I see most people add me offer me their dozens of piles of unusuals and getting me all happy, just to let me down by either giving me straight b/o's or sometimes overly priced unusuals ...

SO DONT BE THAT GUY! and offer below, I will respond as soon as possible so be patient too!
blizzardy storm veil 2 bud 20 keys

sunbeams bloke's 2 buds 12 keys
Ink Stain
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Misty Skull Charmers Chapeau for 10 buds
Large luchadore 1 bud + 3 keys or 27 keys total
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If you're interested, add me
FAIL outipost. Bloody phishers
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1 bud for a smoking medics mountain cap
Thanks for the offer but ill pass.
Overclocked Charmer's Chapeau For 3.5
Gifted Blizzardy Luchadore 1.4 buds
gotten a regular blizz luch for 1.5 so not too great of a deal, but thanks for the offer.
El Teddy
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Unusual Charmer`s Chapeau
Effect: Misty Skull
Value 12 buds
Acept 10 buds pure
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charmers sulphurus 5 bud easy n.n have a nice day
2 bud for mi charmers?
QUICKSELL im not paying your b/o ... [RC]
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n&b tower 1 bud 15 keys
seen it go for a bud before and even lower. Your offer is the b/o in most places, so thanks for the offer but ill pass on that.
orbit fire mongolian + 9 keys 1 bud.
nope.avi thats way too close to b/o and to top it its a mongolian.
Flying Dutchman
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Like my name says, I've got a friend who wants to sell his O.F. & Smoking Luchadores for 3 buds.
If you're interested I can link you to his profile on steam.
Flying Dutchman
Sold them, I'll hide it.
nuts and bolts noble ammasment of hats for 1.2 buds
haha nope.avi
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Blizzardy Storm Modest Pile Of Hat?
4 Buds
yea not happening. Please try to read the notes on my trade. ONLY QUICKSELLS. Also youre overpricing your hat. Why would I ever in my right mind do this?
its not over priced its 4 buds worth ive checked :p
sigh hiding for space, please get the right idea of my trade and there are people on op selling it for 3.5
Good ol' gamer
smoking modest 3 buds
planets hazmat headcase 5 buds?
Unusual Bonk Boy
effect: Stormy Storm

price: 3 buds
🐪 Steecatsy 🐪
O.Fire Runner :: 1bud+14keys or 35keys
N&B Lucha :: 25 keys
Big Moist
1.5 buds for my Unusual Head warmer, effect: Massed flies

Its 1 out of the 3 existing known.
miami nights noble for 5 buds.
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Cloudy moon noble, 8 buds, price is firm
Stormy Storm Bonk Boy 3 buds?
noted but youre the second person to offer that price so not too keen.
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.