Here are two epic hats with epic and mid low craft numbers!

I consider the cockfighter #669 to be slightly themed (669=threesome=three horns on the head) :O
Overwhelmed by it aren't you?

Well now in addition to that im adding the #442 Cockfighter!

Looking for some offers on the set, might consider single offers too if they pique my interest.
Mostly prefer Promos over Unusuals or other Offers. Low crafts will have the lowest priority unless I collect or use the item OR you have current offers to back up your low crafts value.

Just a note but I've held on to the #669 for quite a while and will continue to do so if the right offer doesnt pass by.
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interested in a craft 99 cockfighter to add to the set?
not too much but if i am ill keep it in mind.
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Interested in a Craft #51 with Green paint?
nope sorry, not a collector here.
haha 5 months and 2 offers. Good luck with this one pal
oh joy, getting advice from the trader of the year. I dont think i ever asked for a little shits opinion?
You're not really gonna get crazy shit like vintage Bill's, just like +2 ref over the regular price.
I doubt I even mentioned a b.o anywhere but as seen id rather just keep em than sell em 2 ref over
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.