4keys for ebenger?
lol wtf it actually is 4 keys
Uh yeah...Id take the offer
I see people sell it for 3 keys all the time.
i guess you see dead people too...
For 1 B.M.O.C and 1 Ebenezer for a S/ Festive Launcher
No it was not fake. I just traded the launcher earlier, so don't assume, i posted this 4 hours ago.
How is that a fake offer? :P
Its cause i traded my Launcher after i posted this, he must have thought i never had it:P
Oh right, derpity derp. Anyway thanks for the offer :P
No problem man. You gotta be careful, lots of scammers out there:3
how about genuine maul + lots of sweets for the bmoc?
Nah, that stuff is hard to move
A After-8 bill?
For That B.M.O.C
+ a S.big earner+ V fancy Fedora
my c/os are pretty high atm, i'm not taking this :/ sorry
3 keys ebenezer 5 keys bmoc
You like it. Deal?
cool story bro
Whats that? A yes to the deal?
you agree or dont agree.. not sure with the thumbs up in the picture.
so its a yes?
Keep driving the price of hats, makes you look cool.
widowmaker for bmoc
I am the coolest.
strange mantread for bmoc
1 Frying Pan for BMOC.
1 Frying Pan and an Alien Swarm parasite.
1 Frying pan, 1 stout shako, 1 bounty hat, dangeresque too and a chargin targe for all. U Demopan Bro?
9 key bmoc
$40 Dead Space Pack (Includes Ds 1&2) for BMOC + EBENEZER (note: bills sell for $12-$15)
No thanks, that stuff goes on sale :o
Cogs for ebenezer
would you do pink bills 1:1 with pink BMOC
i can give you some sweets
Depends on your sweets tbh, I've gotten a variety of painted bills + sweets offers over the weekend
9 keys for b.m.o.c
white bills for Bmoc. c:
My BMOC not painted + 1.22 for yours?
what are you looking for, for the ebenzer?
a SF sticky for the BMOC
bills hat and a key for bmoc
10 keys straight for the bmoc
Have been offered 11
A whit bill for bmoc
Ok Here We Go

A Clean Texas Half Pants, 2 Strange Parts & The Game Portal 1

Thats Just Arround 12 Keys

Add Me If Yes
For B.M.O.C
No ty
2 S degreases(4 keys) + SF Knife with heavies killed(Will sell for 8 easy) + After 8 hotties hoodie(1 key) + 2 keys for ebenezer and BMOC.
Not really, thats 15 keys, when both these hats together are only 12.
Derpily derp
Bill's + 2 refined for the BMOC?
ill sell you a bills with ts paint
Dat bills
Pink as Hell Voodoo Juju for BMOC
or Sneaky Spats of Sneaking (craft # 11)
Not really interested in either
shiuldve ^ and ran
I got 15 keys for it haha
strange scatter for ebenezer
white bill's for bmoc
clean last breath + strange scattergun + a key for bmoc
8 keys for the bmoc?
no thanks!
pink bills for ur BMOC?
treasure hat if i provide gift wrap for bmoc?
bills for B.M.O.C
11 keys for B.M.O.C
white bills hat for b.m.o.c + dirty laugh taunt.
Black Bills + Surgeon's Stethoscope + S. Quickfix (lulz)
white bills and 2 ref for bmoc?
I buy your BMOC for a BILL'S hat painted white
Ebenezer for:
1 festive scattergun
1 clean laugh taunt
Aberture Labs hat painted of team spirit for the Ebenezer
7 ref Ebenezer?
Clean Balloonicorn for the Ebenezer
voodoo juju for both hats
voodoo juju for both hats
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We run ads to help cover the costs of running TF2 Outpost! Don't let us down!