how much for bils? + 1 ref for the white paint?
7 keys but paid with hats for bills?
  • :)
all stars for white paint?
all-father + 2 ref for white paint?
private eye, strange tomislav and strange baby faces blaster
are u selling a non painted normal bills hat?
Surgeon Simulator 2013+ Dungeon Defenders (FOR MACS from the mac appstore) FOR Bill's. I go first with the games.
Added for white paint
  • KmK
Added for crate
added for crate 1
How much for the bills
painted double cross comm and gold mk2 rocket with 2 parts for bills?
can i buy the crate:)
Got a few games to trade, and a heck of items (Worth 1 keys and up), a couple of keys and metal for Bill's. If any of this tickles you, add me on Steam for discussion.
For white paint I would pay 2 keys and 3.33 ref.
a white bills and a festive rocket for your painted (what halloween paint?)
5 keys for da bills?
haunted mann eater, tuque or treat, quoth, membrain, bonney bonnet, maniac manacle all hainted for the white paint
added for crate #1
7 keys for white bills
Haunted/strange/items I don't want for bills
a strange degreaser (with allies extinguished) and a gold digger (craft number 351) for white paint <:
ill give you a black bonedolier, white dr.dappers cap, and a white genuine brutal bouffant for one white or black paint each
sell plz white paint 2k 3ref
Craft #36 Brown Bomber? Painted Mann's Mint. Very Nice all class hat to have.
That for the bills?
added for white paint
Added for crate #1
amby with crit kills and medic kills + a key for white
Silver Botkiller MK. 2 Sniper Renamed + Description
Parts: Snipers Killed,Scouts Killed,Pyros Killed
For White Paint?
White Cool Cat Cardigan for the White Paint?
Is Crate #1 still in stock?
I am interted in the bills hat
S.Festive Blackbox for Bill's hat
2 copys of nascar the game 2013 for bills hat
Hye add me @ yeezus ill give u like 20 hats for it
Hey... how about a little drummer painted pink, a strange bazaar bargain with headshots killed and a strange holiday punch for your bills?
Strange festive Sapper and strange festive crossbow for the bills