Currier Bell
Level 0 Razorback for trade. Looking for about 6-8 keys worth on this, pure keys take priority.

Rarest level in the game and nice for collecting.

As for items, I love vintage hats and hate stranges (festive stranges are cool though)

I won't BS you on with the "C/O" stuff, I'll respond to your offer within 24 hours with an accept/reject.
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Vintage level 69 Football Helmet.
Currier Bell
No thanks, level 69 means nothing to me.
It does to other people though ;) and that's how you make profit
Haha, not gonna be a pushy person. Good luck with selling this :p
I have 5 pure keys awaiting some more level 0's.. perhaps this one could be my next?
Currier Bell
Not going to be picky and you seem to have level 0's already, so I can trade you this one for the 5 keys. Just add me whenever if you still want to.
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.