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R.I.P TF2-T [K]
Offer me some items. Its 1:1 Stock and rare.
Steam assures that it will not be altered or deleted in anyway.

I would book mark to watch the item as you cant search it.

My first name has been blocked out of the picture:


Mods: Sneeza has allowed this trade seen here. http://i.i...pp.png

TIP: The above information is old I don't think Steam would change there minds but Sneeza might.
This hat has the origin : support granted. There for it will not turn back to normal like other stock weapons have been. There are a few other stock weapons that have popped up here and there being glitches and not granted. THese items will eventually be turned back once value investigates. This item however was GIVEN by valve so it will remain stock, the glitched stock items have the origin : timed drop

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I know this is low but a key to start ya off
R.I.P TF2-T [K]
c/o is 10 pure
Yeah i was thinking itd be like the black rose GL selling it
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How did u get it normal quality? Srry for spam :P
R.I.P TF2-T [K]
no idea think steam gave it to peope that bitched about there items not showing up XD
XD GL on selling this for a good price :)
R.I.P TF2-T [K]
fixed it its in the trade now :D
Nice,very rare,but cannot offer!
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.