#23 medal
considering. add me to talk?
crisis averted, lets talk again
I'm online a lot these days, I'll try to get you :p
Would you be interested in clean Burning Fuka?
not 1:1
I could add, how much you'd like to?
1-2 range
I could add 1 pure
Don't have more, just some small sweets, which aren't worth a lot.
ok, noted
YWN Dead Prez + Ghost Hallmark 2:1 for the drill
considering, a bit low though. love the hallmark
Srry sold the hats :/ any of my hats interest u?
potentially, shoot me an offer
PE western + Kabuto + 3pure
or my 3 unusuals + 1 pure
want to update your offer? seems you dont have those anymore
My 2 unusuals + 1 bud
the toques?
I posted this 2 weeks ago so it wasn't the toques but I won't add to them prolly won't 2:1 unless us add sweets srry
Time Warp Cold Killer for the Drill?
no chance at 1:1
Maybe Miami Tyrolean ?
you'd have to add, not interested in new effects that much
both my hats ?
maybe, trophy belt seems like hard sell
well thats my offer.
Are you interested in Burning Rack?
sure, you'd have to add obviously
burning yellow belt and a bud
Clean ghost modest if you add
add how much?
my all bp ?
Hey I've got a new offer!

Sunbeams Metal Drill Hat + Gifted Mint Summer Hat (dirty) + some small sweets
too low, sorry
I don't have any of it anymore :P But I did get a beams drill, if I ever get anything else to add I might hit you up. Would you be interested in downgrading, and I add? If so, how much?
not that interested in downgrading to beams, sorry
Knifestorm Tyrants
seems hard to sell? not a fan of the effect
Kill-A-Watt Samur-Eye
not a fan of the new effects, love the samur eye though
cloud-9 Cold killer or a Miami lights luchadore
pass on both. not a fan of new effects, definitely not 1:1 able
Secret consiquator
not too big on halloween, especially since theyre about to be rereleased. would you add?
Depends on how much u r looking at
2-3 ish
also, just realized you're the guy i bought the #25 doc sack from! haha
Green energy baker boy+Ghost honcho headgear
decent offer. considering. add me to talk?
Burning pot for drills?
you dont have it anymore
ge hallmark + blizz tossle
very tempted. add to talk
Burning pot with shortest history than Blinky :)
fair offer, not sure im looking to 1:1 really.
Added to tak
want to add sweets , add me on steam :)
will be home tonight
how long
add me on steam i'll leave trade :) its will be faster - i'll make 6-7 key in items.
no thank you on the sweets. home now, not that interested sorry
i'll add more . added to talk
scorch spartan+str gunslinger or spartan+sf sticky+sf gl.
spartain = 7, would take more man..also you do not have it?
I can get it
anyway, how much do I need to add?
what about spartan + s.f. sticky + s. gunslinger + s.f. grenade launcher?
actually a pretty decent offer, at 20 + 24 + 11 thats about 55 in sweets. 70 and ill trade
I can add BMOC
not sure if I'll go any higher
ok, add me to talk