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Selling a VERY rare and collectible LVL100 Vintage Ubersaw!
Taking all kinds of offers but pure keys are preferred.

B/O: 8 Keys
Notable Offers:
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1 ref. level 100 doesn't make it 8 keys
gotten 8 keys before. Certainly WILL get it again. Why would i even sell it to someone like you who doesnt even know that levels on vintages are collected and valuable.
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lol, outpost has too many haters these days, good luck with selling this, i have nowhere near enough to buy it and id rather have a lvl 98
ikr. Worst thing is, these guys have NO knowledge whatsoever and come barging in to voice their "opinions". Sold a whole set of lvl100 medic vintages ~4 of them for a searing whoopee. I think I know whether im overpricing or not XD GL on selling the lvl98 =p
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theres 900 lvl 100 vintage ubersaws....
yet only 12 are for sale. Got an explanation for that eh? kinda getting sick of people with bullshit for trade experience coming and lecturing me on how I should be doing my trades.
Oh also nvm giving me an explanation, if you respond, you WILL be reported. Have a nice day.
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.