Looking for unusual QUACKSALES!
Preferred to be ~30%-60% NO MORE NO LESS.

Have Keys, Bills, Refined Metals and even craft hats(if you're one of those crafting maniacs) for all sorts of hats.
I also have the right to deny any offer where i find the hat detesting or the current of the hat (In some VERY common matters)

If you think you have a good deal with a hat I detest, feel free to add me (AFTER offering here) to convince me to buy your wonderful QUACKSALES! :D
Thats all folks!
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searing plasma handymans handle 26 keys?
thanks but no thanks, thats your b/o ONLY QUICKSELLS.
16 keys for Bubling AA
noted but not too interested in bubbling and not too great of a quicksale.
steaming Virus doctor worth 2.8 buds looking for 2 buds :D
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.