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Selling a can of Hue paint and 3 Keys.
ONLY accepting paypal cash. You will most probably be going first unless you have over 50 games and over 2 pages on your SOP rep thread. HAVING A SOP REP THREAD IS A MUST.!?highlight= (My rep thread)

Prices id like to stick to unless you have counter offer for all the items above.
Keys (3): $1.85 EACH
Black Paint: $3.70 EACH

NO other excuses and no other discussions will be made.
Add me up for a quick trade but make sure you're not marked since a background check will be conducted. Anyone with private backpacks will not be dealt with and if you have VERY FEW hours on tf2 you will probably be a new account and therefore I will not deal with any chance of scams.

Instructions are all provided on my rep thread above. Thanks and have a nice day!
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This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.