Cool hat Briggs, hope you sell this shit and be ballin.

thanks brah
Ace high antler :)
drill green black hole + 2 bud pure
no thanks
pfetti puglist protetctor 4 it
gud deel
My ex-girlfriend for the Company Man
2 unusuals in my bp?
Roboactive pot + sinister staining summer shades (I will wrap)
cloud 9 titanium pillar?
no thanks
jefe overclocked + ea black+fast black , is good set :)
Kill-a- watt milkman and Terror-wat pom-pom:

Both for it.
The pom-pom is now 3 buds and a bill's hat
no thanks, but nice offer
How about a Cloud 9 Milkman + 3 Buds + the Bill's
Scorching hotrod
why so low? this is 12 buds hat "co man terror-watt" is better than 10 at least 12, & 13/14 in unusuals

CO. MAN TERRORWATT = 12 PURE, 13 14 IN UNUSUAL don't lowball yourself......
theres only 6 co man terror and killawatt being sold at 15 so yeea make it 12 :)
I searched all of the other all class & multiclass hats the company man fits in nicely in the 12 range because there is no other hat effect combo this nice at the 12 range & many of the other all class terrorwatt are selling at 17 16 15 14 & 13 company man deserves 12 at least
Reported for price manipulation.
Kill a watt noble , i can add + 2 buds for your company man
no thank you
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Demon Flame Waxy Wayfinder, highly themed. + lots o sweets in promos
no thanks
Burning Tree to keep the Lowballers away
Terror watt headwarmer? Please counter offer
no thanks, too low sorry
got a counter?
Miami cold killer
  • prq
want to upgrade to misty skull one? u need to add a bit
dont have anything to add, sorry
no thanks
Hi Briggs!