1 ref for pencil
add me
3.66 for ball kicking boots?
already sold)
Then take it off your list lol. How about a key for the wayfinder?
1 rec for uncraft demo fro?
my offer, 5 crates + 1 wep for any dirty hat, if you want.
Craft #17245 Cozy Camper PLUS S. Diamondback for Wayfinder?
How much more ya want?
a rec for cadavers.
1 key for waxy
0.44+1wep for cadavers
Glennary Bonnet For Fro
Uncraft Fedora + scrap for Demoman's Fro.
1 ref for the fro and cadaver?
strange bottle strange back scratcher and strange quick fix for the texas ten gallon with paint