Since I apparently can't hide shitposts by moderators, I'll just copy this from another trade instead: "Nothing's going to sort it out short of Valve banning my account. Sure, anybody (more like everybody apparently) can hurrrrrbotsdurrrr because they know it is so. Yet there is one single person who actually knows but obviously it doesn't matter what he says, because everybody else knows better. That said, I feel it would be unwise to hold your breath while waiting for my account to get banned."
can you be more selfish?
It breaks my heart to see that the most prestigious of all Crafted Caffeine Coolers, an item which we spent much effort on, has been obtained in an unjust way. Please, just delete it and put it out of it's misery, others would have been more than grateful to have this, but only exists as a "currency", as you have sold bountiful craft #1's before which you obtained via the same method.
"You may not use Cheats, automation software (bots), mods, hacks, or any other unauthorized third-party software, to modify or automate any Subscription Marketplace process." There is a reddit thread for you as well lol. Think without a doubt you'll be banned and the crafts whiped like that other guy. Good job.
Oh yea, I read the Reddit thread. I found the "he's not denying it therefore he is admitting it" part hilarious. I hereby officially and totally like seriously deny using bots to craft times. There, happy? Didn't think so. The only so called proof is this one dude playing with the item ids and going on how they can't be that close unless a bot was used. I have it on good authority that a mouse was used to craft the items. The gentleman in question fails to take into account the fact that new item ids are created at an extremely reduced rate just after the item server coming back up, for obvious reasons. Yadayada, nothing changed.
Just delete the Caffeine Cooler #1, would rather have it out of existence rather than experiencing it become a very damned item. You've already crafted plenty with your scripts, I bet you wouldn't really care.
You do realise the last guy that used a bot and got his things wiped steam looked at the ids and the other crap they got and deemed that it was a bot then implemented a ban and wipe right? We dont need to look for proof, people just report and steam looks into it :l
So, it's safe to assume I've been reported for "botting" and probably more than once. Hell, I'd be surprised if this update was the first time I got reported, I've pulled off some wicked crafts before. Still here. Don't expect to go anywhere. Pretty sure Valve doesn't shoot people without proof and it's hard to prove what didn't happen. We'll see.
John. Get up from your computer and look into a mirror long and hard. Preferably, a minute or two. When you have done that, tell us what you saw in your reflection.
It's pretty Obvious you used a bot. No one just magically just crafts 11 Craft #1's that fast.
I don't know, so I'll use a metaphor/analogy. Imagine you print money illegally, and you're too lazy to change the serial codes every note. If the law enforcement gets a warrant and inspects your counterfeit money, they'll notice that the IDs are all the same. Even if they don't find the printer, there's enough proof that you have obtained money from illegal means and they would have you arrested on the spot. The amount of number 1s obtained so quickly with such close Item IDs are the unchanged serial numbers from the example. There might not be enough proof but deep down, everyone knows that without a bot or other kind of illegal software, it would have been impossible to obtain all of these number 1s.
Seriously, next time the item server goes down for an update, stick around. And right after it's up, start crafting something simple to do as fast as you can. Slap together some scrap into rec. Then realize you are now a bot because your item ids are so close to eachother. The reason for slow creation of new ids is obvious if you stop and think about it for a while. The item server was just down, nobody's trading, maybe the first couple of people are starting to craft. And in that greatly reduced stream of new numbers the numbers you create respresent a larger than normal amount of the total numbers. Of course it looks superhumanly fast if you use the normal id/sec rate to look at it. Seriously, don't take my word for it, try it yourself. But we all know you'll just keep going "yeabutbotsderp"
You're a fucking dipshit.
As much as it is distasteful to have people trading items that are ill-gotten and break the TOS, we can only predict item generation times accurately to a resolution of one hour. Since banning 'apparent botted lowcrafts' would just make them make it less obvious, it is currently the lesser of two evils to let them exist.
Please shut the hell up. All of you. You are getting nowhere with this argument. He crafted it with a bot. Whoop-dee-doo. What's done is done and there's nothing you can do about it.
then hide your post
You guys shouldn't even be trashing this guys trades, I mean seriously theres no solid evidence that he's using a bot, all I've seen you guys go on is "He's had so many craft 1's, must be a bot!" and the "Item IDs are so similar to each other!".
Glub, ik this is a bit of an overreaction, but its kinda fishy when he crafted a buttload of #1/2/3's when there was nothing wrong with the schema and was even teased in advance.
Obviously, harassment is not allowed on TF2O, and neither do we have any solid evidence, but it is understandable that people would think these lowcrafts are botted.
Actually it was pretty much proven on reddit. He crafted 7 low craft numbers IN TEN SECONDS. Not only that but he did it multiple times, pretty much. No human reflexes could do that that fast, plus he's on TF2 for dozens of hours per day, and the update was at 5am his time. Bullshit.
Naw dawg, let's ignore all the proof and selectively agree to things that prove our point. He clearly didn't bot, It's not like people cheat at this game, right?
Well, I guess we all are going to have to wait and see what will happen next. A ton of people have reported him, so valve is bound to take a look into the issue. Now it is a waiting game. If he is innocent, he has nothing to worry. But if not, it must suck to know that you are now on your final days of gaming on this account before the ban hammer comes. But whatever happens, I will say this. One single person should not be in control of such a degree of low craft number items, legit or not.
Leuphe, how did he get those timings? I don't know of any craft time predictor that can be accurate to even 10 seconds.
im guessing he did it like geel did it? the #1 tuxxy that is.
Its nice to know that when i crafted my #3 heavy artillery cap, i didnt even have a chance to craft #1 because he had already snatched it up
if you don't like john, the best thing to do is to not buy these things. anything "crafted by john3" should simply be treated like a cancer.
The way I see it, John has been crafting for a while now, and seeing as this is so high profile if Valve thought for a second that he was using bots then they would ban him in a second. Yet his account still stands, the way I see it is John is simply very well prepared, has amazing mouse control and a great internet connection, that's all there is too it.
Three50 your comment is just amazingly (excuse my language) idiotic. You do know how the craft numbers work right? Also in this case, don't hate the player, hate the game.
He's a lucky bastard. And I say this being jealous. Hell, 4 unusuals have been unboxed at once. Did you yell at them for hacking? Really people, please, fuck off of this guy. I mean, people have spent 100 ref on crafting and gotten 5 low #'s. Not like it isn't possible...
Valve has bugs. When you check all the times of all the new #'s crafted come back and tell me and I'll care.
Odds are TF2 didn't register. Kill logs in PS2 are sometimes off time, doesn't mean it's "impossible"
Excuse me for not being jealous. Likewise, time logs can, and are often fucked up. I actually lack faith in the majority of humanity, but that's a whole different story, and would spark comments I don't need to deal with. And it's a computer. They fuck up.
guys stop yelling at him he has the items and you cant do anything now just leave him alone yelling and being ruude will only make him want to do it more to spite you guys
This guy was just lucky.Whats with the hating?
And if everyone opened their eyes look hes got 9 years of service on him I dont think they are going to do anything about it because he been a very loyal customer.
not in 10 seconds...
and even if it was a bot who cares its pixels that are worth more to some and little to others.
I don't want to take a side on this, but to say "who cares?" if they were botting because it doesn't affect you is a tad bit closeminded. Like you said, the pixels are worth more to others.
Botted or not they are item we want to have in tf2 we all play for the love of the game we all trade for the love of the items let it go everyone even if they were botted you can still buy them or sell them.
jeez, how many of these posts are actual offers? lol
None. No one wants to buy cheated items
I'd love to buy them.
id buy them for a crate each
^ Now id take THAT deal
There sure is a lot of butthurt on this thread over some bots in an online game.
When it breaks the rules of steam itself, people are gonna get angry.l
Stop hatin', you can actually use to see what hats came in, for what class, and what craft # they're at. If you're fast enough you can craft #'s on those hats
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Why do people actually care about using bots? Congratulations on getting these :D
breaks the TOS, unfair advantage. why craft when you know you cant get a #1 because a bot has already crafted it? yeah
Shhh.... Sniff, let people rage -> It's a fun read :3
Yes, i have been reading from the beggining
Lvl.69 GBH Hoodie for the Hazmat + Cooler?
I'll remorsefully offer 2 earbuds which I'm buying soon for the Caffeine Cooler. Keep it safe for me.
Well I'll be damned, there was an actually offer hiding there. Noted, but Shablagoo had a 2 pure bid on it before and that's been topped by highfeather down there at the bottom. I should probably start keeping notes on the offers...
I'll nudge it up to 2.5 pure or $100, whichever pleases you more. All I need is time for Valve to send me the money.
Highest I can go is a SF Scatter. :/
Which is it, 2.5/$100 or the scatter?
Depends if somebody offers higher than 2.5, I price SF Scatters at 3
Highfeather did hit 2+16 which is about 2.7 buds. I have a little problem with calling the the SF Scatter higher than 2.7 at least right at this very moment, seeing there's one on classifieds at 56 keys and another one at 2.7 buds.
And Shab's back with a 3 pure bid, I'll prefer that over the scat anyway.
Shab's out, 3+16 from Highfeather. Last call.
Aaaand it's gone, Shablagoo tempted me with an offer and I couldn't resist :(
That's fine and all, but just to ask... did any of these items get sold on this trade? Seems like everyone here is just bidding against eachother only to have every item being bought by someone on your friendslist/someone who adds you without everybody knowing what the exact offer is. :c
Good question. On this particular trade I do think it's indeed been mostly various collectors I've had on my list for a while coming to me asking what my c/os are, making their offersand me going "meh, why not" as long as it's good enough. Can't really blame them for coming straight to the source with the amount of shit to sift through on this trade :)
Well fuck me, that's gonna sting. Didn't even think of checking steamrep.
its all coming up milhouse for you mate
I could care less if he used bots to craft these. But, trading them to a marked scammer that will most likely keep them forever is just sad. I would rather see these sold for less than what they're worth to someone good then see these end up in the wrong hands. This is going to bite you in the a**.
Sounds like the previously "Mr. Legal but immoral" has gone to "Mr. Illegal and Immoral"...the downfall, it's coming.
When it rains it motherfucking pours for sure.
If I were you I would try to cash out, just saying.
"I would rather see these sold for less than what they're worth to someone good then see these end up in the wrong hands." Well obviously you would, you aren't the one selling it...
Yeah, thats why I said it.......?
The same guy added me for my #1s and I wouldn't have thought to check either. Any clue what exactly he did? The steamrep page is lacking details.
Well they're getting sold anyway and the items exist now anyway, so I'll offer 1 bud + 29 keys on the Cooler.

I do also have unusuals to work with, so if you'd like to discuss feel free to.
Noted, top offer on it so far.
Meanwhile on Steam chat: 17:20 - Shablagoo #RIPCoffin: ill be back later 17:21 - Shablagoo #RIPCoffin: and probably bid again
I know I'll probably be bidding (and losing) against him since I'll have to bid in unusuals if it gets much higher. ;.;
2 Buds and 16 Keys to try and edge out to other offer. :/
Keep up the good work :)
I will, though it doesn't feel quite right to bid against the creator of the item. Oh well, I'm sure Shablagoo will join in soon anyway.
Speak of the devil...
3 Buds + 6 keys. e.e
22:30 - Shablagoo: can go to 3.5
3 buds + 16 keys. *Sigh*
Well, that broke Shab's back. Checking with rabscootle just in case, but this might be it.
If I get it I can already start collecting pure for another #1 again. Oh boy, it's been quite a spending spree. :P
Offer will still stand of course, but if Rabscootle manages to equal my offer he can have it. Still kind of annoyed I can't continue offering on the other #1 now, but I digress. >_>
Huh, I'll be fine with 4 pure hehe, once again, I need to contact Valve for the moneys
Did not see that coming. Enjoy it then, because 4 would have been the most I was willing to go from the start. '._.
But keep your offer up ^, you never know when I'll be getting payed. :P
I'll probably have to change my offer to a 'collecting' one. With you (technically) beating my offer I'll go for the other item I was after first. After that I should still get the 3 + 16 keys back pretty quickly though, but I have to prioritize now.
Same here, hopefully John has patience for both our offers.
I'd keep the 3 + 16 keys offer up, but I'd rather not hang on to almost 4 buds hoping John will get impatient and choose my offer instead of waiting on your payment. .-.
Definitely, hence my previous comment.
I'm fine with waiting as long as there's some action. Don't bid unless you're committing to that bid and while I like big numbers, I like making the trade within my lifetime better so don't go crazy beyond your ability to collect within a reasonable timeframe :)

Just kidding. Nice crafts. Hope everything gets sorted out!
The HWNN for the bib only then
Noted, pretty much I prefer it over 3 pure at this point but we'll see.
Alrighty, add me if ya want
There's two other gents involved dancing around not wanting to step on eachothers toes, I'll keep you updated.
Any news?
G.E bonk helm for the cooler?
Can't see that beating 3.7 pure.
2 buds and maybe 4 keys for biker?