i'll buy the strange part enemy killed please
Added for Robots Destroyed.
Added for Robots Destroyed
added for Critical Kills
added you for the robots destroyed
added for airborne enemies

will buy with a key and some metal back.
Can I get a robot destroyed for 1 key and 3 ref
added...looking for bot-killer set
added for critical kills
for robots destroyed
I'll buy a Robots Destroyed part for an S.ubersaw + S.zatoichi + S.fist of steel + 1.33 Ref.
Added for posthumous kills
hey i woud love to buy 3 class killed i need them for a fan O war what parts coud be good and i woud buy the parts from you :)

hope you can help me
  • fnt
added airborne, medics killed with full uber
added for r.launcher mid set
added to talk
added in my mysticalfox2 for critical kills
i add u
added to buy headshots and robots destroyed
trade for airborn
Added for robots destroyed
Added for projectiles reflected.